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January 1, 1959     The Billings County Pioneer
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January 1, 1959

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The Coun00 Pioneer VOLUMN XXXIV MEDOIL4., BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA ..... THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1959 NUMBER 28 . . ! L ) i out Lar- Vote&apos;i Rep" & Mrs. Tes.cheriBucs [ lay Opening aJud00e Rules For Mrs. Brown Gives ,k31UIIIUtUJL ILJl,.tlUlll HI llltO  9 ... .. .. ... . . i Return From Trip I Game In Tourney i,= n I,, . . - All Issues ['ass ltv lilg lVlalorltv i Representative and Mrs. Matt Z The Beach 'Buccaneers have! [Ylrs. l/ousseau j Opinion on tontest 'Medora, . D, , ,.. ^. ..  by 33 votes in the recent Nov. Milwaukee, Wis., they visited1 The St. Mary ,=,,,,, ,=, ,. 1 "i n )ec. 20, 1958 e ec o . a 419 yes votes to 36 rib'S or a will be the architects, the three sons of Mi, ke Theisen, l. . ,,,, . . I -vlrs. ousseau comesea me guard Dwlle Zeren m undefeated l ..... -.- Dear Mr. Bratton, .02% majority. To increase the The letting of the contracts limit of indebtedness of the,Poach'will no doubt be completed witn- and their families. They spent L m cross  clrcms smce drop- . ....... In general I imagine there has -in  its o-ener to class "A" St lemcnn on grounds mat zwrs. .district from 5% to 10%. car- in the next three months and Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. l ......... 'tBrown was not qualified fog the been much inquiry as to what .b' S 1 J xied by a vote of 390 to 65 and!construction will start as soon Mike Theisen in Independence, mary's" or msmarcK..our of me tositio n under a law assed b- has transpired relative .to the the third ballot to transfer thcl as the paper work and plans are Wis., and visited a number of starters are veterans from last  ....... P__._  county superintendent's office in ......... ,r line slate legislature in lo( re- ,$36,000 now in the Special Re-iready. It is hoped that the other relatives on this trip. They _years team ana me m is IJoUg]quiring county superintendents Billings Co, therefore I am sub- weber, a hUSKy 'resnman serve Fund to the Building Fund I structure will be ready for oc- have rented an apartment in ..... : . ! of schools to possess a first grade mitting this article for your pub- lne tournament is jointly carried by a 361 yes vote to 81 cupancy by the beginning of the Bismarck, and on Jan. 1 or 2 . _ _ .  .. professional teaching certificate, lieation. sponsored Dy me owman Lmns against. chool year in 1960. The new they will be leaving for the state Sincerely, Club and the Bowman school. All Mrs. Brown does not have the Ann M. Brown. certificate, Obtained with a four- This is indeed a vote of confi-I building will be built on the i capital city, where Mr. Tescher donee in the Beach School Board present site of the Lincoln Grade l will start his second term in the proceeds, after expenses will go year college diploma. Dec. 17--1' am really signing and the entire school system, School building in an "L" shapl House of Representatives; he is to the participating schools. /Mu- Judge LMiller granted the judg- this stipulation on the contest Who have put in countless hours along the east and north sides[ a Democrat. sic will be furnished by the Bow- ment disqualifying Mrs. ,Brown for election much against my mteresting the voters of this dis-lof the grade school block. 1 man Bulldogs ,Band and the tro- and declaring the contest in fay- better judgment, as I feel the ' phy for the winning team will or of Mrs. [Rousseau. Mrs. Brown voters and myself are entitled J bil P1 "g E ly H" ) 0[ Beach Youth Hurt [ u ee amlm be donated by the Bowman did not appear at the hearing to to more consideration. The law ar Inter r Lions G p I p 6000 contest the judgment, on county superintendents as it In Sled Mishap rou ncor orate :M,s Brown, who formerly now stands, I believe most unjust, Md dA oss of C held the psitin fr 18 years' uncnstitutinal and undem" e ora an rea I Gary = a , son  a,a ontract had become a candidate for the cratic. If the ,N. ,D. E. A. are Mrs. Orval loss of the Seachl At the third meeting of the " office as a write-in nominee in fighting bhis case against me (Editor's note: This is the 2nd i rural community is convales Beach Golden Jubilee Celebration] ,,.ao ,A, part of a history of Modern and cing after surgery at the Bis Planning Committee held at thel/-lkqh|lZ; k.d][llUYYl !he June primary. She won outlindividually ' I have lost my re. m me genera election 3trJ voeslspect for the organization. I Little Missouri as prepared by marck hospital where he had courtrooms of the Golden Valley l Over 6000 acres of safflower to 272 for Mrs. Rousseau. I truly believe in increased and f r orre o Courthouse Monday afternoon oil J. A. Coleman, a lawyer now re- surgery Friday o c cti n of t ..... was contracted for at the Dec. Mrs. ousseau will take the thigher standards but not to the 1 n f e nls week the following deem siding in Hollyavood, Calif..Mr. a ruptured sp ee , su for d when , "I 18 meeting held in Beach by the hath of office on Jan. 5 when I extent of discriminating against ions were made oleman lived there from 1883 wo sleds collided at the oss " : I Pacific Vegetable Oilseeds, Inc. er present term expires, certain individuals for the bene- 1 t The three day celebration will] matel farm home Wednesday of as - " " a,nroxi ' v nhv  rr -- ]fit of a few who are afraid to week. include Friday, Saturday and /we-committ'eci'+x$'it'i contracts .!,,.# l+,milv All I face opposition in an election. ....... bunaay, Juiy 24, 25 and 26, 1959. " e drawn u la f i Gary, , came tnrougn me op- T ...... I'tob p ter or a iota .....  ...... " ,  On the other hand I do not ae group Will mcorporam un cr ration for removal of his in- d-r .......... -tof 6800 a es in our immediate Here For Christmas feel like spending money on jured spleen with flying colors, name o ileacns Gmaen]area, according to the local ex- uouee / ' n a ent I fighting a case when it appears and his mother remained with t .." _ .teasm g . xeen members of the Plan- . ........ I g agams a stone ..m at the hospital. Both. will nin Committee were -res _1 Farmers who have not mgned The Don Short family group, I am buckin " " wa comp,ete nero zor t;nnsmas, wall Then too takin - --- -" " . ' g th run be returning home this Satur- representin~ -ractical e p en'la contract but who are interest- with their daughter Connie here lo f it personally when it should day. .Gary was given first-aid . . . p.. .y very or-] ,a in ,m-owin saffl .... i, of from her teaching duties in have been followed un collect  ,h. ._,^  ..... {ganlzalon In tne cky of Beach I " F: ........... . ---- .................. vtemorlai ;HOS-/ .......... "[ iqly oDaln a contract by con- C:iIi., and theomSOni:Onollre- ively" I would rather spend-the rne esm, mmnmen or mx corn .... pital where Dr. Buh diagnosed ......... I t4etzng Hannes Hallgnmson at "n ng none . c :g.%! money on charity, feeding some mees was aumonzea-- l"uo- . the mishap correctly, but sug- licit Parade Finance - . I C+flbertson, Mont., or by leaving studies at Ames, Iowa, and their hungry children than to be oar Bested to the parents that they I Laiet 'I-Iistoric 1  '-Ener']wprd at the local county agent, married daughter and husband, ing for cost for a defeated can- ::f?(alG?rrY tth e theur::SmarHkel tivities. E,ch comitu3aa/aAs_[ WBeaal:h CI::rtStonuL OfflOe at the Mr. and Kendall Johnson didate who chooses this means agon g ry. ed a . " to meet and organize before was taken to Bismarck the fol- ]:'onductin the meet ........ of Dickinson and Grand Forks, to gain an end. . , . -he next meeting of the steerin :" o . :_, .... and their two small daughters ............ lowmg day m Dr. Bush s statmn co ....... gj nnes .Hallgrmson, field man The following day the Shorts, _1 must say . raKes au sor w mmltee on l'nurs., Jan. J.. 1  PVO and Dr '- '' ...... I ............................ a- there is much more than A surgeon on the staff at the Htm:taec3hmatteen: Nat Ad" sident of the com;:n '**u'"n' wih ....i, .ha ..n .,,.,...a o people ,o make up the ono ., , na Mrs. Sdort s mother, Irs. Blanche .......... e " aegree quanz,auons mat goes Bismarck hospital informe the ams ..... :" ",-n a recent issue of the Nev-s new home at +-'o-" mrz mt tne 4-mngs +o a gooa. on, ,ala ,runsvom. Wmr Saor, le.t to dr,v to .he,r , ..ZI= f _ J. A. (X:)EMAN ,+oss family that they had per- E ....... .... an article stated that 25,000 acres with Connie and Zefvi ;" f')n ta'r6r ifinistrator. Should aevmmmen tuo oyes, ' were signed up for, this means y g the total area, all of eastern there to Calif and Iowa Mr there not be some conscience or to 1886. An installment will ap- formed a half-dozen such opera- Howard Iardy. pear weekly until the historical tions recently, all on young boys Finance: Don Hathaway, J. T. Montana and western N. Dak., Short is this district's newly principle involved? Under the law contesting an article is completed.) who were injured laying on their Hudson. made possible this amount. The elected representative to the U. election, so say those that in- &bout a hundred yards off in stomachs on their sleds, when Parade: Monk Gilman, Carl 6,000 acres mentioned at the top S. Congress. the thicket was a small clearing hey were struck by other young- Davis. terpret the law, I am faced with of this news story is the acreage The Shorts new address is paying the cost for my opponent, : 'on which was erected about six ster's sleds. Sunday Activities: Esther Oietz contracted for only in Wibaux 6004 tKirby aoad. Bethesda, Md. which I do not intend to do, i i caffolds on top of which rest- and Cleone Douglas. and Golden Valley counties. Mr. Short took a moment from therefore to avoid this I am ,ed the wrapped bodies of six John Vierling Publicity: Don Brengle and his crowded schedule just before .FOROED to sign the stipulation indians, or what was left of the Walt Bratton. moving to leave a note at the In January about 75/, of the bodies after long exposure to Other citizens of Beach will Former Residents s office saying he hoped he county superintendents o1 the the elements. This was a sight-Succumbs In Cole :seeing spot that ,everyone and "be asked to act on committees In Feature Story would be hearing from the pub- state wili take their oath of of- ,every visitor in Little Missouri or sub-committees, lisher, Walt Bratton. when he rice, with the same and less visited from time to time. I John Vierling, 59, died sud- Mr. and Mrs. Glendon Gordon, [Short) did something either bad qualification as Ann M..Brown, never did find out what became denly last Friday of a heart at- Edd C apiewsid <)f the "Indian Graves" and all tack in Denver, Colo., where he Z former .Beachites, were featured oz" good! and that will be in agreement in a special story in the Des with our legislative committee I saw was the flat ground which has resided the past 15 years. He Sentinels Win Dies Dec 28th Moines Tribune on Wed., Dec. 'on Education-Do you plan to had been cleared of the Canton- lived in ',Beach several years, 24. The article was complete continue in this way? Voters ment buildings, * .Indian graves when he was a car salesman with a picture of the couple, " get on the ball. nd the grove of cherry trees for the Johnson Motor Company. 'Mr..Edd Czapiewski of the showing them holding their tic-Holiday Tourney , NOT fighting for an of- land everything else of what Funeral services were held rom city of Wibaux, /Mont., died at kets .to the Rose Bowl game to ,, rice, nor for the salary I would 'once was the gay litle town of the Phillipp Funeral I-Iome in the Johnstone ,Memorial hospi- see the State University of Iowa get, but for a principle I think Little Missouri and its environs. Denver on Wednesday, at 9:30 i tal in (Beach on Sunday morning, football team play; the Gor- A four team holiday tourna- that is right. ,Nuff said. thanks Through the cherry tree patch a.m.. with {Msgr. A. J. Kohler, Dec, 28, 2958, after being in poor dons have lived in Des Moines, merit was held at Sentinel Butte again friends and voters, better which I have mentioned a lane pastor of St. Mark's Catholic health for some time. Ie had Iowa for several years. Tuesday of this week with the was cut and grubbed for a dirt church, officiating. Interment entered the hospital on Dec. 7, The news story revealed that Sentinel Butte 'Sentinels defeat- luck next time. ing the Golva Tigers in the chore- Ann M. Brown :road leading down the river and was in St. Mark's cemetery. 1958. the Gordons had originally plan- pion&hip game. ' Mr. Vierling was born Oct. 30, Funeral services were conduct- ned to drive to Pasadena, Calif. in this vicinity, as I was told by In the first round of play the Mrs, Len Carlson ]persons who claimed to know 1899 in Shakopee where he re- ed this Wednesday, Dec. 31, at Ibecause Mrs. Gordon had nov- Sentinels defeated the Modern Dies In Calif. "the facts first hand, occured the ceived his education, later grad- 10 a.m., at the St. Philips Catho- I tragic encounter or ambush in uating from the q_inneaolis lic church, with Roy. F. . Schil-] er )een in an airplane. She took Longhorns and the Golva Tigers School of Business where he pro- owski officiating, a test ride a week ago Friday, downed the ,Ft':!/burg squad. Mrs. Leonard Carlson, who was which the [Marquis de Mores, E. and liked it so much she and her In the consolation game that .a resident of Beach many years, (L Paddock, and two or three pared for a career in lhe ac- Palibearers were Carl Gonsior, husband then decided to char- evening Fryburg took consola- died after a lengthy illness in counting field. He was active in Frank Efta, /Max Begger, Bill ter a private plane to make the tion honors when they defeated Los Angeles, Calif., on 'Friday ,COWboys were involved. I recall affairs of his church, and had .inda, and Ollie Zinda. ,Inter- trip. They left on Sunday and [he Modern quint, night, Dec. 26. that one of the victims, was bur- been cited for his work in spread- ment ollowed in the St. Philips will return home Jan. 5. We are sorry that we were She is survived by her hus- led on top of the ,bluff border- ing the Catholic faith, and had cemetery, where 'Mr. CzaPiewski Glendon's mother, Mrs. Leona unable to give the scores of band, known as "Swede", and ing the town of Little Missouri. a prized possession, a letter from was laid to rest beside his par- Gordon of each, will stay with these games as the score book three sons and two daughters. The facts and history of the long Bishop Fulton J. Sheen commend- ents. the two children of the couple, was not available at the time .Details of the funeral services Irawn out trial of the Marquis ing him for this. Mr. Czapiewski was a boche- Gayle, now 14, and Tommy, 11. of going to press, were unavailable at this time. nd .Paddock in the Dkota He is survived by his wife, and lor, and is ,believed to have some Glendon is an electrical cortrac- A large crowd attended the 'courts is undoubtedly well known 3 children, Iohn, ExceLsior, Mrs. surviving .relatives, however they tor in 'Des ,Moines, where he has first annual Christmas holiday KLI-NS TO R-PORT history to the survivors and des- Geraldine 'Paeheco, onolulu, do not live near, and were unab- built up a successful business, tournament which will ,be made TH1R ADDRESS-S cendants of the People who liv- and William, of Denver, and 7 le to attend the last rites. ed in ,ittle tMissouri or Medora grandchildren. The Pioneer wish- UNeMPLOYMeNT RKP. according to some of the officials the Immigration and Naturaliza- "an annual affair from now on, Robt. Woytych, dist. dir. of :at .that time. los to thank Ed Cook of Port- Implement Company m EaC ax. 9 of the tournament, tion Service in St. Paul, Minn., While visiting Medora recent- land, Ore., for the above infer- A representative of the N. D. ly I was very much pleased to' motion.) Changes Name l says that all aliens in the U. S. hear that one of the accused had ' will be required to report their 1 State E.mployment Serv. will MEDORA ' . , . o 0000-emted the m00.00quy in a iFrank Kukowski ' The Beach business firm known " Ltrmzmm00 cmmc. addresses to the Atty General, eathbed statement, inasmuch as as the Jones Fluipment Co., ty room of the Court Iouse in Pastor Lain, bert Locke- i soon. The Form 1-53 to make it supports the story as told to " me as to w ' I)les At Far o changed its name recently, and each 'om 10 a m to 3 p m WORSHP THI!LME this report is available at any .participants. ^, . W" :ukowsk, a. brother McCaskey Implement. John Me-l,t,wm,m* ....... or em  N?t A Ladder, Nor the Letter, durin the m -,, -, , ...... ho d the shootaxg g from now on will e known as ' " . " " ,, postoffme or lmml that. ended the life of one of the Frank e will take claims f . " "gration office fore we ,-,,- - ...... I U 'l)OlTllnlC L. KuKOWSKI, meacn, I Caskev the ,,,'oo- .... ,,,- a.' "-'-:*"" compensauon, anal sut me ,Lord" I g o ..... ,,. ..,,,,,,,. Snrins to th'"'t'*----um--m.iYl succumbed at 8 p.m., Monday, I'd artner wt'h''-'--i-,]wil. 1 take applications for workl Text: Rom. 3:19-22 [ I21#'to'--xrr,, --,----- = o - -..,*w***u,t In Dec "'" " ana oraers r at/31-l/b! Little (Missouri i t ........... . 29, 198, at a Fargo "hospi-I the',business s[nCe'l-','l'-'i . om employers seek- [ SUhrDAY. i_ _ , l' OTEM that the activities o  tePP$1en.t ,ae s a former resident of t hel ires and residents of" the C,o[denl mg worers. [ Sunday School 10:30 a.m. NEW A D_IISSIO.NS . ,,,;o a , .... ;_ ,^.._.,: .... , - ,,;a communRy, rtaving resiaectl Valley county ar,o -;,, ;,, ,,,h I _. : Worship service 11"30 a m - ,,,,% _unn WlZowsKi, Gary +','::,., : at''. .'..^:_, me nero from 1908 until 1921. Funer-] inr  M::'"'.*-I c2_ _m. _ ]TLTSIIAy " ' " Ioss, Mrs. Ed. Zinda, Chris Cad- ta :-,,,  ........ a w m m rooK-lot services will be held this Fri ] m,s a:-oo,--'-'''o "'o[- zr, and t. Ted WIurphy and[ League ibl, ',,,, O ,- ]well, Nick Schmit, Billy Keen- Lag. #tom our 1o 10 e on t , ---,.., .,o .,,., .,o , . o  o.. o a.,,,. - --_ ..... /g . _ neat 10 a.m., at the Catholic church/im-I .... + ,,,; .... ._. ,.;.[ amiD" entertained his parents.[ *g, Mrs. John Hanson, Jud Loh- ..........  . , ._ _ erl nGeorgetown, Minn. name now  ..and _rs.. Pat VIuzRshy of IgDORK NI man, Rudy Schauer, Darolyn Un- |  .,a a,zuu v,ew o z me 'rardc W. Kukowski was born l ......., 10n. ' and her ar-I CONRIvrt, ONerrm,ffi I derwd, Wm. Zinsli, Herb Len- I I -I .................. I b "" . .... , .......  ,,, , , Greenbush, mn. . 1 ..... Walter Fer- Rev " nit .the toW, O &Ie m cho of B " C. Lee Blvdsall ah + . + ...... ,..M+ t _ survived by hl wife,Mr. I IIO,IORED KT POWII elfleld, and also her Pa,bor B.THS_ . ___me r was +irst. e,ployd.m tl%e!Agnes Dennery KUkoVki of meven young ladies gathered hthe, Russeh ,Fereho of Den VIrs. Pete Wirtzfeld, boy. 12. "a _zctton o several buildinsl Georgetown .. , ,,,o 'at the I,-,-,-- m#,.,a.:o^.  ..... I vet, coin., at Chri**-- ........ "I SUNDAY 12- -" -- I  _aml, the s l+ugh +; :ho/lfle ad Franei+ and' Th*''*or's. -,-W --t-h-,i,Monday ev+"e'+"aa bm] z+r. Zt also I o.aooin s+ I M enard ,o ..... . . . tw bro - __ . . ed ..... rv,ce , ..k__, ...... i i P.aoKl_.. P_lan_. , the:,Mar-I.s, 'Domme and Bill;  three1 cosec party-plnk and blue show-Ir,.um+ n for the Fercho famill Wy 129"58. e, ,  he.  _ p..m_mo,. . aurmg_ rosters, Mrs. Vincent Volesky,] er nonoring /Mrs. .Don Kukowski, l:[ u. and Mrs. Murphy berg] 2:30 p.m. Women's Fellowship.[StGERY  thro,y; *ma  I}u.ualng .d ars;_ J.onn Jeresek and Mrs. wih Darolyn Madison as hos-[ e only .children of Mr. and I 4 p_m. Farewell supper in hen- I  am.ela _ :ittelson, Bradley :-..,,. me generoszty oz me, ri-v ump, and a step-mother tess. After an informal evenin, l mrs. walter Fercho I or or ar. and Mrs C W McLean cnmrz, Joe Cook ,: _ U,.was able to+build a}at Fargo. VIr. Ku, kowski farmed the honored guest opened herl- - ..... IAN. llth .... [DEATHS "  .mau.._oel _and ear Georgetown ince leaving many Useful gifts, and lunch l Work safely--live ]omzer; care.[ 3 p.m. Worship service and An-I. {Mr. Edd. Czapiewski, Wibaux, ttontmuea on ,'age k) I eacn.  , was served ,by iss Madison. t'essness can kill you! I nuai t:ongregational meeting. Iuont., 12-28-58.