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January 7, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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January 7, 1960

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TR~L F'v'|yb'~#~ '~'g New~:',~ Iner h me n Sunday', Mrs.e ChristmasEmma KerrDay Ofat Diekinsonthe home andMile~,~e~eOrgeTheapprovcdfait wingKaarmas,for bi~l.~sa:arypayment:Wereand audited Baniaru oz i~. Oheadle and family ali of Beach. former Fairfield residents who the holidays at t'he home of P~r~nty.--tre-asu-rer, cashitems 'gS:~'~ Pr~sSentJou~rttheaPsU tr~Ser~r~arfl ~en'~%~- D.g,A, id ~ ~ -t Dfp - ~n~iladren N. 27 Christmas visitors at the Bill bought a ranch near Fishtail, his parents, ~Mr. and Mrs. L. O. c. A. Balmrast Company sen:. : : " ~. , Urban home were Messrs. Aug- ~v~ont. were weekend guests at havnvik. Polisher. and Supplies . ' 18310 Wa ter Yourk. appeared, before the. u ~.uDneUl.a wet~are~ge Assm.~oara ; ~ Za.ot ~. zu~ ust and ,Herman Urban Gus the L. O. fiavn ui~ home. I Jack Redvnond who is staying F m~el C~adehuk,Expenses 22.40 Board. asking for !:~I~lusrdon to m- ~ ~.~ r~.~a ~ ,~ Rem~n~ton Rand Supplies 196.44 stall two ear pass~ a~ his ~ ex- ~"b,~~,~'~.'~'= ~'=,~'~,'~ Philhps, Petroleum C,o Fuel 62.99 pense, one between the ~ corner D ai-~ t'-,n,~, r~.~.=.~ nn~ Meuse he and Terry Logan of! Einar Johnson accompanied by at the Verne King home spent . ' c a.e ~ a.a o. r~. the (Navy. l his mother, Mrs. ~Fred JohnSon Christmas and New Years at the R~.~keweh, Labor 10.00 f See. 18-.143-99 ,and ~ c~ of va~,b**** W=~.~r,~ ~.~.a ~ Steven Kessel Operating pa- Sec. 13-'143-100 one between the NW El" *'O*l'd a~**~'~ ~*~ "Phe Misses Susan, Barbara and and his aunt, ,Mrs. Albert Zas- home of kis ,parents, Mr. and trol . . 8n 21 corner of sw~ <>/ Section lt~,143-99 .4. ; ::. ?.:e,e. ~. "~""'" '"iJ "~ Dickinson motored to Mrs. ,Gene Redmond. Phillips Petroleum Corn- ~n~ion'~l*3 lgrln0~),r A fo~:n v~Vma~e ID,?u~ toe~ar%l~d al~r~L [ 33.0~t PatvisitedBarthu,lYgor a few f Laurel,days atM nt'the Sterling,t upilOfN. D. the''~ Thursday be- qhe PreSbyterian church set- ~aanYca~:~,~rFUelr~ r~ n .J"~" . 21843. bv ~oroo'~:' --n.awy- " an~- setmn(*ev." " ~ m~o-'" Social Welfare Bills NOS. 4658 t~ home of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wan- fore Christmas where they at.- vices Will 'be held at 11 o'clock ,~'n~" om~a as- ~ 9 th)n carried. 4668 incl. were also al~pr~v~t f~ ; : : .~ . 4. At 2 00 O'Clock the bids were op- payment as were 4711 to 4713 incL her. The gir, ls are friends of Mrs.~ tended ~he wedding of a niece, on Sunday, January 10th. The -raann s Aurora.ones bupp~Y, ened for Rental of e~ui,~men~ True- A motion was made by Kordo~aowy net, who'll be remembered Miss ,Marilyn Lang and Ro~er~ Rev. Wittmer of Wilton will "s~.aa/ertSv ~etalJ" company, m,va ~o%r1 andbiEqUiwP~tnt C:z,~:~ny w?~ :ih: and seconded by Joubert to approve WnasaMelrose Hellickson, daughter Shawelter ot 'Powe*i, Wyo. have charge. Sunday school wilt Repair:~ 59.90. ity "n " " the loner, vinE resolution: T~ ~ l :lla CD, 1 g" "e~ Doux mo- be*at 10 a.m. -,~, r Fi,kewski. Road 14 -- ' Be ~t ~esolved by a Majfyrity of ! of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Helliek- Work . . 514,0 ~ate~ll~ l~Ior %~raaer - 15v the Board ,~1' County Comrni~ic~ne~ Mr and Mrs. Ed Mr. and Mrs, Tony Wan~qci' ,~am l ,~,Raaz, Truck Driv- I-t p. die~! En~ll~,l:lenl~ IRate of Billings County, that airera~t ~,D- son, former rural Fryburg rest-tored to Glendive for Christmas. spent C~hrstmas Day at" the Steve ing . 34A'0~-4 0~ per hour. erators qualifying under the Tegu~ dents. ,hey enjoyed dinner at the Tractor & Equipment Corn- 6~ Caterolllm~ ~ral~r - ? - 9 yards- l ations established by the ~ame anti Mr. and Mrs. Pete Gawryluk home oi l'vh', and Mrs. Oscar Marsh home in Dickinson. puny, Repairs 137.31Rental rate - $2,00 Per hour. Fish Commissioner may hunt eoy- Einar Johnson celebrated his Stanley Adams, Labor 125.50~ nmt~m, wa~ made by Jou.bert ore and fox within the above tnen- R:uh~k Motor~, Repairs . 629.79 aud seeanded bYKordonowy t~ ap~ tioned emmty, excep~ that huntin~ and family, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Peterson. Other guests were Mr. birthday on Dec. 29th. His mo'~her ~,~m-rs Un~on Oil Corn- prove the same:Motion Carried. m~ ay be done on private }and in ~t . Brennan were Christmas guests and. Mrs. Don "Le Doux and. faro- at the Leonard Stockert home ily of Glendive and Robert LL- planned a little surprise party ,party, Fuel 60,55 At S.:00 O'Cl,~ek the bids were op- closed area upon request ,of tht" bUl i~inar was a little suspici- United "Auto Parts Corn- ened for lhe saleof one used motor al~do,v~ers. Motion carried. pany Repair~ 3~0 00 grader, S, erial No. 7Ta2S~, ~nd the A letter of Resignation of tlarul~ nea, Amidon. ju? 6; L ~,nite. ,- o.oer~ ~nd ifi pus. The guests, Alvin and Er- ^l,-' r* **iwa < rvi r~ Tractnr and Equipment ComDany Darson Fairfield N~)rtb Dakota who ~.e ~s ** . v~ ~ce as- "" has b ' na " en Dave Brennan and. sop. Jack father returned to ti~eir horn-' pestKlein, Mrs. Anna Lu, ptak, o' no ' ~ ~ was theonly b~d, in which the Trac- " ee m ~ber of the Wetfar~ of the U. S Navy spent Christ- her with .~vh's Le Doll" ic:i~ ali~ ~,~,u~M ~h~,~, ~he~'~ ~ t~)r andEquipment Company (~rer- Board of Billings County, was pr~ ,~,l~ m ed$4 10000 forthemactqne A me- " ~d to the Board, a morton ws~ mas at Beach with the Bill Camp-in-- }m a l"cw'days. " I Mrs.Mae Olson and Loretta and ,:~ ,'~: ~.~ . . ~ . . sent~ma " Bel LldPa~m Equtpmcnt~ " - bell favnily.Mrs. Camp;bell is ~ ~, . ~ ~. . ~. the Johnsons spent the evening . . . tmn w ~; made by K )rd mowyand mede and seconded to approvethe v**s ~usse~ ~uga, w~,u ~u - at t:he Ellen Johnson home w~here B~'rnard Wilson Labor 2400bid Motion earri d motion wa.smade by. Repairs 27.51seconded b'vJoubertlo ace r)t the sa the former ~Betty Brennan ' ' "h olle work at Dick Joube~ e " 'p.e~ca er c ge "-several games of canasta were Wheeler Lumb~,:r and Bridg': - ' e . and seconded by Kordonowy to sub- ~v~rs. ~nreo. ~v,a,t son, wno insonaccompanied her son, p!ayed. Dainty refreshments were S~po~lnY, "RBepa~a~,a Hmlin 5a5': bo'a';d~:~ o:C~nefU~her ~,u~anes~ the mit Mr. Laudie Burian's name an*t submitted to surgery at the Bis- T~ ~ < N to ealif where she r -- ~',~. ~ *' ,~ ~ervcd. . " "', z g,j d o meet on ~regular Amo i e' a " Searia 135; 50 meeting Octobera ~a s W k s n. me to tb, e Pubhe Wel- " * "*"" f r ' .marek ~osp~tal has eturned and will spend the winter months. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Hanvik, " ~ " a e Board of B~amarek North Da southlS convaiescin,gof town at her home .A new cou'nle~ a .Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Jack visited at 9he NorthwesternDaniel &Lab rIron 5,00 ],George(YnaiPmanKadrmas, kotamen, t" fOrof t~ethmr' r~onappr val~ho " 'and "oapp mt" " Werk% Renairs 127.g0 ATTEST: pe $ ~S ~ ser~t ," . ,~,Campbell arc, now occupying the Johnson homes one evening last 12:00 O'Clock the .P~ard adjourned Daniel Osadehuk, as a Board member of Public Wel- Laar:ana ~lrs. l~awrenee~.uzm- home vacated ~by the Austin faro-week. for dinner and reconvened at 1:00 P. Auditor $are Board ef Billings County i~ SKy, .t~oman ~UZalSKy OI Amlaon,ilv 'Mr Camr~bell will be era- M. to continue auditing bills, I place of Harold Larson wire recentl, remgned Motwn earrmd Mrs. Johanna Reul, Mavcella, { ' '~a "~ -' "he~" i t- "~ re' e Alex Ehrmantrout Haul- Medora aNrorth r~kota ' " " " " in Scoria ' 308,45 ' ctobe Reports of various officers wet,' a'ohn ana- Joe" lt"eul" were c'nns~-] P 'Mr Ye and Y ~Mrs tOnVerne ~ e.aKin~e mo-m. ~I~H~l~IlI[~II~I~RHU~I~W~I~u~R~I~RuI~III~i~I~I~I~I~ g O r u, ma9 a r ,1 , mas ,Day guests at the Frank.'-'t ,'~ rt "n k wl~ re'- ~ o~, Atex Ehrm'antrout, Operat- .10:00 (~'Clock A.M. P~t~%v~o. as follows: . torect 'O 1~0 rl"ec e mey .~onunis nets ~ iDr .Ca~, 283.50 The Board of 'County Commissioners Jul ~/'~ansfer Fees -.- Polenehuk home m Belfmld -" ~'"~:~'m-" ^t th~ "ome of ~l? George Schwindt Labor C~.00 met in re---'-r se r y .~.~ " Pr0c d - - .o. ,oow,o =m, -tfegi.tcr of Deeds ' Wllma l:J, ren ,clerk in t~,o gioners K,~dr ~ -" - ' mr. and ~VIrs. Steve Evasmk M "nd ~'rs 'Phil Tuss return .eent~ s o*f ' " 1000 ' " ma,~oroonow:v and July--Fees 'Collected 127~ *-* . a,lvl . ~ - Mm~rie-~ A ~211ina~nn R-al Joubert presenL 'County Judge and a children of .Denver, Colo. ing t~he following Monday. The ee rags a- t Uly Pees Collected 3,01~ ary & ex.pens~es 100.08 The minutes of the egular meet- ~.~--.*" . . - -- Tuss family are now livir~g in T. ,=, t a ~ ~ 1. ing of September 1 1959 and the ~lerK o1: ~our't ~,eo ne ,~ erson, ,~,~r, . - ' " ' July--FeesCollected no,n~ ~n Cn ,m c~f ~-an Specml meeting of~eptember 15,1959 - . ,~. the ,house that has been under ~[[~R~u~W~liI~Iu~R~j~i~l~I~i~I~;qi~ h~!'~ ~ ": "' i i -" "'~ were read and aPl~oved- as read, ~nernz Kmght Pr nt ngCo Sup- . ~ ^~ ~.~ a ~-~ July---Foes Collected I 11~ R,Ihna.~ I:mm~ construction for the past year. Medora, North Dakota D!ios 415 ~'~ " u . Sheriff -t 'n r'. H gh McGarvey ~tet w~th the ]Board ~ ~ -~,~ ~ u.u,j Larry 'Loffelmacher, student at September 1, 1959 Wes Plms Elect lc Co-op Jul---PersPror~Taxes Col- In~ El~tricitv~' 156.~ ,In regara o zn~ lnvesttgatmn oz ~ne y ~" lr~" Jamestown College seent ,part of 10:00 O'Clock A. ~M te ~, r~I ~ ~ "~a~ bulldmg of the dam north of Bel-i~c~ a 4gAit~ rloneer his vacation at the home of his The Board of County Commissioners Aumtor met in regularsessionwith Corn- . o. D~]ne Rousseau, Mtlo- . Au ---Transfer Fees ~'~ ~ ~ ~. ~ The followingResoluttonwas sub- "" al~e . v, ~ S S . " ' parents, ,Mr. and Mrs. PaulthereLO~-Joubertmisi nerSpresent.Kadrmas' Kordonowy and Ted Cornell, Mileage 2~80rIfi%t~t~I%Ra~?AdS mc~:dCof u~lt~tSoad~?2gs A~g.g~islet Cfol?ec~de ~ I~.~ i'elmacher. Other guests ~The ,Minutes of the Regular meet ',-'wp'h, Co~o Supp ies30,40 - " E~tablished In 188a were: Mr. and ~Irs. ~oswe 1 ing of August 4, 1959 and Special ~:'"~-s~ Co Pioneer Pub ia mterested m the Welfare of the County Judge li,~tl,m. ~9~ 38 remdents in the 0ounty an~ m the Aug.--Fees Collected 15 ALICl~, ~ I.dg~O, ~ar~glng EdiCt Loffelmacher and daughter Ter- Meeting August 11, 1959 were read ] ~. ~,~,~i~s ' 31 70 WHEREAS, the ~qorth Dakota Wat- Aug.---l~ees Collected 7.~/ WAL'I~RFAIltor R. ~ ry of In,verness, ~Mont, ~he lat- andTheapproved.Auditor was instructed to "~,~lf'~ Newu Publications' conservation ,of ~t.q resources; an(Clerk o~ Court - l~bIlslmv . '. " n i publish a notice in the Billings Social Welfare Bills Nos 4539 to er Commmsmn has made an ~i vest- ~heriff I~ul~cription: $1.50 per year in advancs ter had also VZslted Mrs. Lof- County Pioneer and the Belfield Sheriff 454g Incl an,i 4595 to 4597 Incl were gation of the Green River D&TI~ t-, - Au~.---Fees Collected l~lt~'~l In the Post Office at M~lorla fel, macher's :parentsMr. and News, directing all landowners in also app~,ov.ed ~or, payment. . jeer No. 647 located in sectloll 15, m Au" Per P-~" m~ ^~ ,~, County, North Dakota, Febo ~~ ' -- ~- Billings County regarding Chapter l-la~,ing no ~urtner nusdnet~s ~n.e township ,1~1 br~x~th of ]P,a~nge 98 . ~."-Z " ~t,v. .a~c.~ ~o** ruar~ 1@, 1934, as ~ecand class matta-~ ~vlrs, ,~lClSOn a~ T'laza, ~. u. 350 ol the 1955 Sessio~ns Laws of the Board ,adjourned *o meet at, 2:00 P. ,West~ North ~k-~a for the ~urpose ~ec~ea under t~e Act of March 3, 1879. Mr. and .Mrs. .Harry Coulter State of -a~Torth Dakota. (Cutting ,M. Sdptember 15, 1~, . "of .det~r~tniag:.~:the feasibility of The Board adjourned sine die. N~w~al~r of t~e ~t~ ~ and daughters and Miss 'Shirley : C~o.r~, Kadrllaas ieonstructin~g a ~arn in tha~ ~trea; C,~eorge Kadrmas. ,~tate.~ l~lortn Dakot~ en~ i " " and township highways.) ~I~ ~ ~t ~ North I~ko~. Ceper y ws~ted at the Tony ~q'an- weeds' and' grasses ~l~oining county chairman considering }he "possibilities of water Chairman ATTEST: conservation, ftood control, wildlife A'I~F.~T: )or Sr ly ut OT f" Si].LING SKIPPIES PANTIE OR 61RDLE RL . q.50 FOR OR tUlll -'(: .'i' 96 EACH A lop favorite for comfortable slimming nd shap;n~| Satin elastic front nd back panels stretch ~p nd down for s;tting eme, stay ~rm for flatten|~g I " 2~ ~ walstb nd trims w lstline ! Hylon powernet slims rid sh pes hips and Ihighs i~ gen e omf t! ~ washabb| SmaU, Medium, Large---Whltel Pantie Style No, 843--Girdb Style No, 943 g~ / refuge, irrigation and recreation ar- Daniel Osadchuk ca; and Auditor WHEREAS.- the county of ~iIIing=~ is interested in the promotion ,af all projects for the benefit ofits residents and all o~her persons; Now, therefore ~Be It Resolved By the Bll.lings County: ~Soard of Coun- tYT ~m~higsi~e~g' ~/::ert~ cD~slon of North Dakota "~ reques~ to NOTICE OF PUBLICATION make further inv~stl~tions and such~ STATE OF NORTH DAKOTJk ,:~ o.: re0ommen~ations for .the construction STATE INDUSTI~AL COMMII~D~ of the Green Rivem~Etam PToject N,I BISMARCK, NOHTH DAKOTA 647 located on Sectt.on 15 in Town-~ -. -. ship 14.1 North of, Range 96 West,The State o~ North Dakota by t~ North Dakota, eon~dering th,e~ war- Industrial Commission hereby gt~ er conservation, fl ~od control, irri- notlc~ pursuant to law and tire rtll~ gation, municipal water supply, wild and regulations of said Com'miv,~l~m life refuge and recreation ~rea: and promulgated thereunder of the fc~. Further that th,a Water C.r~mm~- lowing public I.eari~gs to be held sion make such further investigation~ the following dates, at such plaee~ land recorr~nend,ations t9 the United and in such manner as the Comml~. grates C~r~~ ",:~4 Engi.neers for such sion mav direct for the eonsiderataRl~ -~ }further rec01~t~ndati,onsfor the of the market demand for petroleum .con~rueti,0~/of ~ Green River Da~n oil and natural ffas produced in t~ ~roject No. 647. State of North Dakota and such ot~ . A 'Motion was made and seconded ~r matters as may come on ~or h~.* to ,approve the above r~s01utio~. Mo- in~ tion carried, STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA "lYe= I The following bills were audited All named parties and persons ha~- and approved for payment: ing an right, titl, e, interest or clai~ Alex Ehrmantrout. Hauling in the following cases and notlce t~ Seori,a 2~1.25 the public. Joseph C. Arr~brust. Ol~r- 3anuarv 20. February. 17. March I~ aline mucker & truck 42.70 April 10, May 17. June 16. July 1~ t Benjamin F. Volesky, Oper-August 17. September 20. October 1~ sting D-7 200,2;5 November 17, and December 20, 19~ . Joseph S. Karsky', Operat- STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ing Loader .'=:.:. i g2.25 STATE INT)D~,STRIAL COMMI~ Alex Ehrmantrout, Oper- $ION. ' ating Datrol . 232,50[ John E, "Davis &overnor. Elmer Elkins; Operating pa-,* Jan.7 ~rol . ~5.50 l Tractor & Eqmp;nent C3o NOTICE OF PUI~,LICA'RM~N D-6 Dozer and sc~per rent 450.00 aTATE OF NORTH DAKOTA [ Steven M. Kess~, Operat- '1'/8.50 aTATE IIIDUSTRIAL COMI~Ig~IOI~ ~g Patrol ~ BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA 1 George Kadrmas, F, alary and ~,e.age ~1~10The ~tate of ~ Dakol~ by it~ Peter Kordonowy, Salary Industrial Commissio~ hereby give~ and Milea,~e 187,20 notice pursuant to law and the rul~ Earl F. Joubert, ~lary and and regulations of ~aRl Commlssic~ Mileage 9"~6.'/5 promulgated thereunder ~ the SaP Ted Cornell, Mileage S20 lowtn,~ public hearing to be h~l~t Beatrice ~. Thqma~, Mile- at 9:30 a.m, J'anuary 20, 1960, J~ age 1 7~.00 the Heaxing Room, State Capitol, i~ Billings County Pioneer. ~Islrtarck, North Dakota. Pub)icati.ons 51.05 STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA TO: West Plains Electric Coop All l parties and pew.m~s Inc Electricity 15.90 havin~ any right, title, interest ca Billings ~2ounty ~easurer, claLm in the following cal~ al~ Cash Itea~s 67,13 notice to the public. ~ASE I~R~. ~$: Knight Printing Co SuD- On a motion of the Commission t~ plies 68.43 consider the market ~mand fo~ Globe-Gaz~tte Printing Coll elude oil to be produced in ~ state Su.pplies :17&66 of /N~rth Dakota during the mont~ State Highway I~partment~ of February 19~. County /@aps 12~90 N. D. Indtmtrial Commissi~ Medora Telephone Co Ser- John E. Davis Governor. vice for Aug. & Sept 19~A7 (lt) Mauriee ~A, Ellingson, Salary and Mileage 84.10 teri Wilrna Bren. Clerk in Co. Leave For Texas --- A~nt's Off 10.00 {Mr. and Mrs. (~Uy Brown el John Prociv. Common La- . bor 10.00 rural ,Beaoh left flais Wednesday William C. K]ym. Gravel 80,00 for points in Texas where they Bill Prociv, Common Labor 10.00 F~rmers Union Oil ,Co ~ttel plan to spend the remainder ol and Rennirs 1~.08 the winter. The Browns had tak- Be]field Farm Equipmen,en their trailer house to Amaril- Repairs 88.05 Dickinson Juppty In~ Re- 10, Texas, earlier finis winter, pairs 9,65 when the roads were still good, Th omnson Ha*~l~are, pairs 16.38 and will pick it up when they Thompson Hard v ve, get ere. pairs 5,78 Mobil Oil Corc~pany, Di~lfl Fuel ~ ~. :I~1.71 Falllily {~e~illg --- Unlted Auto Parts Co ~ ~344 The KnuteL,t~ ,'Farstveet home wa~ t pairs e I Schneider Chevrolet. Load- :-:th scene of a amfly gathering Iln : 'on" hrlstmas Day.' Present were I ShuRz Machinery Co 1R~ pairs x,their sons, Atf and Gax bot ,~ W elding 15215 Of Glendive, Iont Alvin ana i~0r dinner and re0onvene4 at 1:00 f~y Of .rural ~,e~ch, and Rex ~-~a' ~euoux, ~ /.~- -I ~, '7:':'- "W-;.~ '~'" "'.'~'" b~.r ' = . .a' :.: 5. I&01P, ~rt~ t3aelr h~ne m MllWaulfee, enry rrank, I W sc /but recently move ~or / L ' : : ~.00 "' -a '~',~ ~V Mtller, .Haulta aeor 34"/.50 Baker, ont, where he is Harry M. Coult Common t ployed wi, th the 'company Labor : 18.00 - tanlevAdmns. evmamon and their daughter and husband. llm.00 Mr. and ,Mrs. ,Dick Mosser,an@ family of ledora. Mr. and Atbet-t ii ci J.00 Rex Farst eet and daughter repent Work New Year's in Glasgow, Mont, ~av.m~.~, Union, Oil Co Die with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. sel F~el 67.35 Lee Rice. Tractor & F ~nipmen~ Co