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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
January 28, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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January 28, 1960

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m Dk~kinson. The ,baby was g~v- l,~a+'n (~l~ers on Mond, ay. While Le:s Ttsor m Medora. en t~+e name of R,bc:t Ard,ur. t'here, 10a,~ ihad dental work ,Milford an4 Zhh-' v It Is Our knder.ons have 4 o imr d' e ,v -re Opinion That -- fildren. "l~h:. At~ve t~h,ases returned on Mrs. Margaret Rousseau is m Cou~r~ty Supt. Boat,riPe L, Thorn- 5~m,/ay f'~.Jm an eKtended ~aea- /'he hospi, tal at E smarck and was Don't Be Surprised! will aVtend a mec'~ti~ig at Co. tkm 'm-re'f6 lac*in, t,s sotCttt a~d east. visited by her grandd, augli~:er, Ar~ some of you farmers get- ~upta. and sc;hoo[ administrators K+ilv-a O~.~vt'am, t was a Beat% Mrs. Bud Andm'son on Monday, tmg paid storage for gram stored m Dismarek on Sun Men. and caller o~i Satur&ay afternoon, who rep,or~s her eottdit,ion as in yotlr bins on the fann? Well. 'Puesday. "l~e S~.pts office v ill Carol l~{"~ntm-tained soy- good. M~. Rottsseau is 99 yoai:q don'.t be suPpriscd if a movement ~'m Closed u~nti.1 ~he returns. ~ eva.~ l.adi.os at,c~in.'~gr at 'ker ncm~+, old. s~otrld develop to get ,that grain fire ~was reported to have oil Sttn~ty n~gth~. Don't forget Ihe second wifist PU,:~ied off lhe Iar,ns and se~: ~i~voyed the %urd~hou,se at t~e iMr. a~d M~ La~,Vanvi~ drove pretty of the series al the Medora to some stot-age terminal. ,~k~ard Moore ran d~ on Satur- to g~l'fidAd on &atu, rday and after sohool house on Saturday even- Vacant space is developing in +lay, along w~th many personal ~it~i,~ulg ~eir t)u~iness ,l~ad sup- ing, Jan. 30th a~ 7:30. Everyone the storage space owned ,by some Sales Trainee Salary, Expemes, Bonus. Age 20 to 36. Car required, Ou:t 5 days weekly No Experience Needed. Write 184 Bismarck, N. D: m0c] Radio Service I RCH, NO, DKL Emer n &Motorola Radms and TV. We back o ur Sets w th e repatr servic. BEN HUR ]~OZEN FOOD CHESTS I~$Y SPIN.DRIER WASHERS Fishing Supplies Record Pliers Records. I~IN, - MON. - T~ES. SAN. 31 'Pl~. 1-2 I'tHE STORY OF TOOAY'S ~I.NGRY YOUNG MODERNSI Paul Mowman WARNER BRO|. RUSH.ALEXIS SMITH" BRIAN KEITH ~a~lE BREWSTER. BIEU~ BURKE. JOHN ~t~ t THURS. - FRIDAY - SATURDAY FEB. 4-5-6 Wi~r Schedule of Shows. Sundays a! 2 and 7:30 p.m. &U Other Nights I~uding So! One Show A! 7:30 per w'3t~h M.r, ,and Mrs. I.~u Ham- walc0me. If you ean'.t a*btend them of our powerflli opg,anizabions %k. .; all come as often as you can. I and ,mey don"t Like i't. ~Dhey ~Mps. W. A. Mallory*and Mrs. A,t ,the fiirst party pl,ayed on would 1,ike very mu.~h "m see that I!]Hen Osterkhot~t v.iMlk~d /Mrs. ,[,an. 23, M+rs. Beaudoin of Dick- space fiqled w,i~th ,the ~ra-in now ~z~lis I~yce at Si~tinel But~t'e mson won first prize. Mrs. Rock- stored on the .farms. O~ course, GRARI VINCERI PRICE PEIER LORRE BAVII] NELSON gCB-E'R R0!LL0 on Surrey. I s~tad low for ~he ladies and Mrs, it will cost us more to store it l~,az~ Da~is, of Werner, ,N. D.[ ~ay, ne MNl,tory t~igh ar~ J. gar- at ,the terminals, ,but that doesnt[a eomest 4ev~loped between the sper, t ~y aft ~e Bud A~der- ol.d aohn~n low for the men. i seem to be of too mu h concern studer~ ~r~d ,alumi of tihe U~ni- son ~-mme in Med~r~. ito t',kose in el~arge of t~ose ,big vers~ty mud of the presen~ A:gvi- "Ittm wll~ist party, sponsored by MEDORA UN~ON ~smr~ge faeili,ties, l ct~tur~ ~lege. As a resu([t it the PT~ m~l heki ,at th, e school CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH i 'Many a fm;m,er increased his! became ,sO:'t of a slx~rtin, g event h~ on $a,tu,rd~y netted $13. Roy. C. Lee Bi.rdsall storage space because the govern-' like a fod~bM,1 game and ,l~he real 1~ e Pastor mer~ swrage pa, ymen,~s a~rould P vpose $or seel~r~g the am help to pay for it. These ,big or- al~a~ge W~ts corr~let@ly ove~- SU,NDAY lganizations 'know ,tl~,a,t ~A~ousands ~k~ " 10"30 am Worsl%p bervice of small, famners, are aepen~ng" E~tirely tee few people re- Theme:- f u,pon these ,governzner~t storage[a~ize t~at less ~a~ 18 /,:% of the ~ ~o 3400 studen~ enrolled ,'m ,tim AC Th'~s ~ ,the f~rst )n.a ser~es of the ground. Very 'H'kely ,fl~ey wi~ at Pargo ~e ,taMng work iw file verse DY verse scumes ot me College of Agrieu'l~ture. Ei~ty- - ' ',~ soon start a movemen, t ,m get Ngisfle of Paul to G'al'atmns'~fh'at grain ,taken,rom your bi~s two per corot of ~'te students Don'+t miss ~ny of them and ~i--ed ,t fare er~rol~l~t in the Er~g~ De- . ~ ) .:. ' 'ppo mem. l,z ~ar, a~ "lap women's pefl,OWSmlp W~lIl' a ]ou'd v 1 . :, de e olo be sure .t~, c.~p.~ partmen't, tthe C~llege of Arts meet v ith ,Mrs. 3ael~m An~ Sulnd~yI evez z after spen ,r g 4 weeksi in Kent, (~mn we~ere ~ey vis-J Red relal~es. ~ahiw~n Org~n and would like ~o try one ,i,n your h~ne?:JJ[ |~" ~ "vVNte for a ~ree home dora.n- -~m~um~m~m~mmmm~mm~m~m~H~m~mm~m~m~m~m~mu~lm~m~g~mu~ ~tra~ion, We imve a used Bald- NEW m m m mm m mm m, ra- m m - 4-eyl. water c~led engine in front end of ear A trunk in the rear end of the ear Genuine car design and well built Good leg and head room And does 30 to 35 miles per gallon RETML PRICE OF THIS CAR IS $2200 As an introductory offer on this mbdel only, the price will go down $100 per week until sold. $] 700 You are invited to see it and drive it at The seo~nd of the. series of games w~l ~e t~ld a~ @'to s~hool 'hou e this oomir~g Sat J&n. 30. JaSol ine ea,u,was l ken *.o ~ae ~q~l~i~,l in DicMnson on Sunday a~tenlo~n with severe pair, s in her t~ppor abdomen. 5the is ~ftl in the hospital under sur- 'P~y l.ti, tli~l~ri~tge i~ leaving for F~ ~l~Ilail, Mont. on Wed. to pick up Mrs. DiM~bridge wtho ~as .been vi~h~g the I-~r~. ld tin'sons fl'~ere, Ma~. Joan ~l~ite az~d dau,g~ter, Lym~e ~ll a mom~ny fl~e~a and visit a Cew c~ays bofore return- ing. T& .Ea~ Birlts nmved from Dhoe~ix, ~iz. mud ,are ct~rren~y ~iing a~t ~n. They will'-m be tih~e lk>r some time as ,Ben is in ~e ~tatl ~O'~eme, 3u~y Tisor; w~ho roaches at New Salem weekend ,~i~ ~aer parent Mr. ,er~l,Mr~. Win. W, Eiehhorst ttomct Nith offim tn " B ZL F.! I~ LD s~aTS T~ESD~ - THU'~DATIi FP, IDA OR: A a0t a gre~t sa,~mg. May be soem in ~ vicinRy. Write J. M. W~l~e I~ano Co ~k, t~. D. * 2~l-ltp HFA~ WANTED -- Want ~o make $20 or more a day in priest>ant ~Ute work? .an use n~ or For long ~e%m low interest rate Federal Land Bank Losns see your National, Farm Loan Association Dickinson, North Dskof8 * 51-24tc woman p~rt or full t~e. Wrige ~D~BY R~D, 1010 No. 16~ m i m I m m m ! I n m m~ m m m ! m +. --+, N m n m i m R m m m '~t Di~rrmr~k. N.D. 35-~p i i m m i m m m m m m w i i m m m m u m i m m m m m m m m m m m t t m m u m m ! m m m mm m m m m 1 ! m u I m m m 1 m m ! 1 m m m m m m m WE TRADE WE FINANCE I Ballard Bros prop. Beach, N. Dak. t -- = J @~ii~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~HM~m~i~H~i~i~iii~i~