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February 18, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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February 18, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER i // i; ii ~ml msmm~mew MARCH OF DIMES III STATE CLEAN GRAIN PROGRAM mS UNIQUE North Dakota has the only federal grain sanitation program in the United States - a program aimed at eliminating rodent and bird con- tamination in stored grains. The project is a cooperative ef- fort between the state department of agriculture and labor "and the U. S. agricultural marketing service. Math Dahl, commissioner of agri- culture and labor, said this week the program had been completed in 31 North Dakota counties. Accordin.~ to Commissioner Dahl. approxi- mately 80 per cent of the grain is stored in farm storage bins dm'ing the winter. This is where Lhe mo~t rodent and bird contamination takes place, he said. Consequently, most of the gram sanitation project is directed at farm storage facilities. Emphasis ts also given to storage facilities at com- munity elevators and grain terrain- als. Contamiantion of grains, particul- arly cereal grains, by rodeuts or birds drastically reduces the value of grain, Wahl said. and whenever a carload is seized and conderamed for human consumption, the farmer loses money - - lots of it. The im- portance of clean grain to North Dakota farmers is immediately ob- vious, the commissioner noted. In conductin gthe statewide pro- gram, the department of agriculture and labor coperates with the various county commissioners and county agents in arrangingon-the-spot dem- onstrations and. through the county agent, conducts classes in rodent and bird control practices. During the past year. the depart- ment has staged 251 demonstrations and have baited 65 towns, 80 dumps and 38 elevators in county-wide pro-- grams. In addition, the control crew has given technical assistance at 266 farm building sites. 38 dumps and "Dr." Robert 8pears 'Dr." William l~urska FB! a~ts seareh for elues in the 8pears garage tn Dallas. DYNAMITE FOUND WITH SPEARS--kn b"BI vice i tightening on "Dr." l~bert V. Spears with finding of dynamite in his luggage In Phoenix, A ,dx where he was arrested on Up from another naturopath "doctor," William Tur~ka, who owns the motel where Spears hid out. Tur~ka said Spears called him long distance last November and suggested a visit. That was about the t/me the NaUonal airlines plans crashed in the Gulf of Mexico, killing all 42 aboard, includ- ing, It was thought, Spears. In Spears' place on the plane, it ts believed, was an old friend of his, William Alien Taylor. North Dakota' Greatest Farm Coverage --- Gets ResulIs BUYING SELLING Rates: ! 4c per word first insertion--no ad less than $2.80 12c per word each additional issue, $2.40 minimum SEND DIRECT TO: BISMARCK CAPITAL end ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS Main and Mandan Street BISMARCK, N. D. 13TH TRIP 1~) ALTAR---Tommy Manville, 65, and his newest hold up fingers in New York to illustrate he' his llth bride as they get a license for their Jan. 11 wedding. She's Christine Erdlen, 20-year-old German-born waitress. Actu- ally it's Manville's 13th wedding. He took a second crack at a couple of his misfires. 53 elevators. "It is of special significance, "Dahl said. "that in 1958 there were !3 car- loads of North Dakota grain con- demmed by the pure food and drug administration because of rodent contamination, yet in 1959 there ,vere only nine cars seized. CRIPPLED CHILDREN'S SCHOOL Jamestown, N. D. Enclosed find my check (or money I order) for $,for copies of "The Best of Dogs in Pe~ce I and War", at $2.00 per copy. N~O~'~ ~~ I Please mail this order to: (All profits~go to I Name,(Please Print) Crippled Children's I School, Jamestown. [ Address u in OFFERING 250,000 shares of common stock at $1.50 per share ($1.00 par value) to residents of North Dakota only. For Sale 8 Personal F'or .%~le: Two Pinto horses, 8 and CARE FOR UNMARRIED MOTHER~ 9 years old VCell I)rok,~. Four are Florence Crittenton Home Ill l~th .q, well broke to work. Albert R. Pfen- smith. Fargo, North Dakota. Wrl't ntn~r, Phone 5494 Hebron, N. Dak. superentendent for information All |r~. 32-33 qulrlee confidential. Farms For Sale 2 HELP FOR UNMARRIED MOT . e counsel and nurmlnx ear@. Wr~ts H,~,~ of Mercy. IB06 5th Avenue South. Fs~vo. eOrfarm.Sale:Large960-aerebarns,gTainall wovenand stOCkwire North Dakota. All Inqulrle~ eonfids~*~al fenced, $50.00 acre, Also many other farms. (7ontact Courtney Re:tl Estate i Oakes, N: Dak. 32.33[~ i l~rnlturs, clothing, applia~e{m, au~ affd accessories, farm ~lU'lp~ent, tools About 2 semi-trailer loads good up- hour war s, new products, lr~Dorts land hay. 75e 8. square bale or $25.00 [~ree details. Associated Wholesal~ p,~.r ton. (?all CO-58.q14. Cavalier, N.Box 2068-BN. SIOUX City 4, ][~lt~. {l~t Dak. 32-33LEARN AUCTIO:~EERING. Wanted To Buy 22 SOON Big Free Catalog 27 Worlds La rgeet School M~on C'lt~ 25. Iowa. 27-~7 Wanted to buy: Used row crop tractors IHC H's - M's John Deer A's Fords i~,(luiplnf!nt, State year condition and Driee. Phone or write: Phone Wood- land 2-3405 Joe Merkel, Fordyce, Nebr. Purebred Border Collies - English ~hepherds, heelers, watcl~ dogs, Males, ~10.O0; spayed fen~ales, $12.50 30 days apI)roval Charles Miller, Shick- ley, Nebr. 33-36 Livestock 7 For Sale: 55 ewes. Will begin lambing March 15. Contact Lester Lang, Lehr. N. Dak. Phone 7518. 33 For Sale: Registered Angus bulls, 2 years and younger. Reasonably pric- ed. l:~uy Your bull early while the choit.e is good. Goldberg Atl gtlS Farm. Box 584. Moorhead, Minn. 33-35 HEALTH PERSONNEL NEED IS BECOMING SERIOUS The need for more health per- sonnel to serve North Dakota and the nation is becoming serious ac- cording to a report from Willis Van Heuvelen, executive officer of the state health departrnnt. Van Heuvelen points out that m 1955 the United States had 133 phy- sicians per 100.000 population. North Dakota's ratio was 77 per 100,000 population. By 1959, this ratio had changed because 25 of these phy- sicians had retired. In all. North Dakota has 544 phy- sicians--25 are retired, 29 are work- ing in state institutions. 34 are fed- eral employees, and five are hospit- al residents. Excluding retired phy- sicmns and those in state and fed- eral employ, there are now 69~ physicians per 100.000 poI>ulation in North Dakota. Van Heuvelen also points out that the picture presented by the Den- tists of North Dakota sho:vs room for improvement. In 1955, on the national scale, there were 59.4 den- tists per 100.000 population. In 1958 the ratio was 57 per 100.000. For the same years, North Dakota has 29 per I00.000 in 1955 and 41 per I00,000 population in 1959. North Dakota's nurse ratio has gone up, however, as it has in all states. We had 174 nurses per 100, 000 population in 1955, Van Hueve- lea aid. Figures for 1959 are not available. Nationally, however the percent increase in graduate professional nurses has gone up 261 per cent, Van Heuvelen points out. Keep physical activit~ of hogs to a minimum during marketing. Ex- Acceptance Corporation citement and crowding increase shrink. Don't underload or overloa . Boqrd'of Directors Purpose FREDRICKSON Francis'Dahlberg, Parshall, The purpose of Dakota Ac- ORTHOPEDICS, INC President -'eptance Corporation is to pro-Artificial Limbs - Stamp So~k~ Milton G. Pepple, Fessenden,vide credit facilities for auto- Walkers - Wheel Clmlrs Vice President mobile, farm implement, truck Repairs of All makes of Llml~l Milton Fossum, Maxbass, and mobile home dealers in 144@ 4th Ave. N. ADams 5-5~4"/ 2nd Vice President North Dakota and, in the fu- Fargo, N. D. Albert N. Nelson, Keen . ture, in adjacent States By 3rd Vice President providing this credit through Kenneth L. Bergo, Bismarck. a North ~Dakota Institution, the -" i Secretary organizers feel t h a t profits For Sole - $2,600 for: 1954 M-H 4-5 Bottom Tractor, 1958 Oliver 4-Bottom Plow Excellent Condition. 1958 JD Pony Drill with Fert. Attach. ANDREW - GANGL Solon, N. D. Phone: GL 6-5136 What? Fashions, toe? Yes everything of intent to women is dis- cuss, ! on Martha Bohl- sen $ ' Kitchen Club." From fashions to family problems --- from cooking to interior decorating. No presently leaving the state in the credit field can be retained for North Dakota stockholders while at the same time, mak- ing additional credit services availableto North Dakota dealers. Dr. Arne Springan, Bismarck. Treasurer theodore Schultz, Mayville, AssL Treasurer Oscar Fossum, Mohall. Director Edwin H. Finke. Maxbass, Director William C. Mason Fessenden, Director Cliff Ukestad, Mayvill :. Director Reuben Olson, Keene, Director el Seltved, Harvey, Director Elmer Braasch. Minor, Director Earl Schwartz, Kenmarc. Director Advisory Boa l Milton L. Bergo, Bismarck David A. NeLson, Keene Waiter G. Schultz. Fessenden Francis Hoffelt, Grenora William C. Weisser. Grand Forks Edwin J. Feland, Sherwo~ d [ -- -3 Dakota Brokerage Co Inc. 1809 Highway 83 South I I Minor, N. D, I Please send me without obligation additional information I about Dakota Acceptance Corporation [ I Name I I a.ddress [ I other radio program like it. Tune in tomorrow. KFYR-RADIO - 550 Man thru Fri - 11:15 a.m. Complete Dispersion Sale- 45 red.tot- ed Suffolk ewes and lambs due to lamb March let. O. L. Adams, Steele, N. Dak. Phone F~trfax 7-6597 31-3| Sunny Klngman, Arizona. I~e! lots. $95, full price, $5 down, $S monthly, minimum 2 lots; near fishing, hunt- Ing. Box 4217 Annex. Las Vegas, Nevada. 31-$4 1958 Ford Ffi00 V8 2 ton Tractors. as big as we could build them. 5 Speed medium duty transmissions with heavy duty 2 speed rear ends, sliding 5th wheel. 60 gallon saddles, brake kit, teachometer, power steering, custom cabs, big generators, springs, engine. fan & etc. Good tires: ,~25 x 20 fronts & 900-20 rears. R. M. Stoudt. Inc Ford-Mercury, Jamestown, .'4. Dak 32- 33 Attention: We are taking order~ for calfhood vaccinated springer cows and heifers that are due to freshen soon. Mostly Holstein and ~uernsey and milking Shorthorns. All oth~r classes of livestock. Have been In dairy business for 25 years or more Floyd Anderson. Box 625. Pim~ City, Minn. Phone 245 32-83 Battery Reviver, $3.00 per dozen, pos~ paid for 12 batteries 6 or 12 volts. Guaranteed. McG'ee Products,~ree~ Forest, Ark. 32-~$ Male Help Wanted 25 Registered Pharmacists contact Larry Rrown. Eastgate Drug Co Inc Walla Walls, Washington 31-35 For Sale Or Trade b'oz' ~ale or Trade: Hardware business in best farming community in Red River Valley. IlIeadrum, Mitre. 28 miles North of Moorhead. will also trade for machinery. Ted Ziegler, Perley. Minn. 3t -2.~ Seed And Feed 5 For Sale: Surplus wheat straw Vol- ume prices $10 - $16 Northern" Stra- mit Co. Devils Laku, N. Dak.39-3~ Farm Equipment 4 For ~tle: One each Mel)eerlug WD-9 Diesel and W9 gas tractors. C~ condition. Make an offer. John Gin's- mann, Valley City. N. Dak, Phone 592 32-33 For Rent 34 For Rent: 48{) acres; 200 cropland; 100 soil conservation; 1,550 bales hay. 375 bales of hay for sale aL~o. 19~9 (lm.s gravel operation open to lease), 50 miles east of East Grand Forks, Minn. (Part Cash.) Write: Childs Company Box 267, Fairmont, Minn- esota, Phone 1070 33 North Dakota Newspaper Assn Bismarck, N. Dak. 1960 33 IA CAPP-HOME EXCLUSIVEI Simpla ~lerul with the (APP-HOME PURCHASE PLAN ZNANCING FOR EVIUI OIE 1 DIKIYEItED FREE AND CUSTOM MT ON YOUR tOT ANO FOUNDATION ANYWH~E Here's the home purchase plan with a heart! Popular with thousands It" Capp-Home owners. Low monthly payments t the same low simple interest by arrangement with load- g National Bank. Financ- ing. can include plumbi~, nearing and kitchen. Credit | Life insurance included. This purchase plan is just one of the ways for you to bAY Capp- Home. 1143 Dupont North, Dept. 7 Minneapolis 11, Minnesota YouP representative ~s L. W. Niel, sen. 1000 17th St N. W, Minot. Phone TE 5.322~ Joe Amundson 1901 7th, St. N Far. go, Phone Adams 2.2~4