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February 18, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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February 18, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER i .Juseelino Kubitsehek, .President of Brazil qEIRO AROUND THE WORLD RECORD--Milton Reynolds compares time with beret-topped Pan American airlines public rela- tions chief Robin Kinkead on landing in San Francisco after circling the world in 51 hours. 45 minutes, 22 seconds to set a new record for commercial travel. Reynolds, 60, retired bali point pen manufacturer, broke a record of 60 hours. 54 minutes, 58 seconds set by two Japanese newspaper men. Federated Women' Clubs Enter Community Contest Mrs. Einar SttmdaI, R~ay state ment contest is again co'-sponsored chairman of the 1959-60 community ]Fom~dation. There are five prizes achievement contest, announces that in each state ranging from $50 to J77 chtbs in tim North Dakota Fed- $300, Ten national prizes of $1,000 to eration of Women's Clubs have en- $i0,000 are to be awarded at the Iteled the c(mtest: CFWC connotation n Wa:~hington Sedecim Club, Park River; Steele ID' C. June 13-17, a total of $65,00(} Fine Arts, Steele: Washbm'n Study in contest awards, State awards wil! Club; Lb:t)on Sludv Club, Lisbon; be made at the Valley City state " leonvention May 11-12. Woman's Club, Lisbon; Manvel Me- men's Clue, Manvel: Mincrw~ CiuD, I "An incentive for increased ,:o- New Rockford; New Town Study loperatio~ among groups and organ- Club, New Town; The Fortnightlyizations;~mprovement of the corn- Club. Park River: Aneta Civic Ch{b, rnunity as a whole is the basic goal +~r:eta: Friday Club of Barlow;of this contest and all prize Evening Literary Club, Bowesmont; money won must be spent for the Devils t+'tke Woman's Club; Devils benefit of the community," say~ Lake: Round Table Club, Dickinson; IM:rs. Stuudal. h!gbon Motlmr"~ Clh~b; Woman',': In the second Community Ach- Literary Club, Hankinson: and Bow iuvemen~ contest 195rL.1958. Ray man Federation Civic and Study Study Club won first place honors I Ciub; Bowman. . in the state contest, receiving a The Third convnuanity achieve- prize of $300, and $2'000 as third ment cantest is again co-sponsored place winner in the national con- by the General Federation of we-test. Fish Houses Set Record } } +i Jorge Ale~ndri HodrJguez, President of Alberto F. Zubiria, Uruguay National Conncil President. I Dr. Arturo Frondizl, [] Argentine President. FLYING DOWN TO RIO President Eisenhower continues his travels, goodwilling, with visits to these four heads of state. Mrs. Eisenhower goes, too, on this one. (Central Press) NDAC CARNATIONS GET Bo LmoS.ile NATIONAL ACCLAMATION i North Dakota's three new hardy Arrnval Is carrot(ion varieties are becoming Rural Event ;ntion I000 The Nonpartisan League will hold its biennial endorsing convention No Fa arch and in fou n rm days ahead of the state convention. Date for the Democratic con- ver, tion has not yet been set. The NPL executive committee rejected a suggestion by the five- member committees of the League and Democratic party, that both Nonagricultural employment in Bismarck dropped 300 in December, 8OO rather widely known nationally in groups plan simultaneousstate putting the total employed work- a very short time. Released juslt last The State Library Commissmn has meetings. force at 8,340, the state employment summer, the three new rarities, A1- on file dozens of letters from North The League executive con~. ,t- service reported this week. This is 600 legro,' Andante and Rondo, haveDakota's rural citizens and library I~ee left to the convennon au diner 360 less than the 8,700 employed been featured in a national popular administrators regarding bookmo- Imatters previously discussed by the here a year ago. bile service. Here are some excerpts: !NPL and Democratic liaison corn- The service said t~mt "no great gardening magazine in its roundup " . . At one of our stops in Mc- mittee concerning cooperauon with fluctuation is expected within the of partieularIy ~oteworthy new Kenzie county, one man walks fivelthe Democratic state convention on next 60 days witl~ the March 1 to- things for 1960~ by a regional seed miles into town to meet the book-lendorsement of candidates, t%l forecast at 8,320." and nursery company in its catalog I mobile and he has only missed 1 The League executive conunittee, It reported that a 26 per cent in- and in other advertising, and have I onc~. when he was on a vacation. I at(hough it took no formal aclfion, crease in the number of Job seekers even had a writeul~ in the "New l apueared as individual. Re. .occurred during December, almost One little girl came with her sister " " s to see n York Times." which labeled them I for books, and was asked by her 1Quentin N. Burdick (D-ND) as the all of thin in t~e semi-skilled and "a tough ~'io." roster how many books sne wanted ^ ~oo ~r TT .~ s,~ All three varieties are hardy, IWe have been told by many teach-/~o st likely unskilled categories, making the current supply in these categories long-blooming fragrant double car- I ers (ha(there is a marked improve- "~ nations developed and deleased by |meat in the children's reading since li ~"t:l~a l'tePm~em~rth~eUl~s:n :~" six per cent larger than one year i sto,me . ago. Women job seekers comprise ~he tIorticulture Departmenl: of the they have lind accessto more ~,^,+, +~ .or ~ +*,o +^+~, mittee oetween ;ueague and Luemo- .~,v ~ t-~- -.- - -,+ -- ~ .v,-. North DaKota Agricultural ~ ~pem- DOCKS . crats and also on the Democratm Responsuble for the 360 drop m i. i!. ! +'+ :i i. + + i!ii+. !! iiiii!i i: i i cast( of salmon, and a shape sug-the books are very' much "needed. luraay "~o" plc~" a concertina" ~a~e "I Government. down i150't hwith~ u mostt sale o ~me~se~ ~ a.~u:" u~* ~.~,~':"u13 Bismarck's, future zoo already ha~nd ~ / " " " - air of tenants--a buffalo cow a r rl of the decline noted t t e c x all gesting a floribunda ose. It is p "- The children are especially happy[ ,- ~: ~ x~ -^n 1 this winter Apparenny anomer re- ,~ v mnrilv a heddinff and border ulant ,;+h +h,~ I ~me~ uu~ ~ u~ ~.~ ,~,~ ~u "lmenil el certain slam governmeu~ ' - - - .-, ~ bull nurcnasea at tilel:~lSl~aru~ --~" -'" "~ - - ' " h - cord will De set Deiore Will(el eJ~-.~ r . . . . ventlon will be to determine whtc programs . Livestock Comm~smon Co sales Don Hoag, assistant horhcultumst "While on vacation (during thel r~om,~ r~+; ~ t " . The rise in use of protective shel- . who developed the three varieties, harvest season of August) one of [~'~' "~' -.".~: ".~:i~',~'~ ~':.-2"~;~ i.'[ Only two industries, service ana ters parallels the increase in popu- ring. "~ b-' . . .~u ~,~-~;u~ w =,uv~= '~"~ ~="'finance, insurance" and real esmxe t r hln This has rne anlma~ were cuu~s,~, j explains that there is some confu- the patrons came into the office re-/ I larity of wm e fis g w o" Hettin"er, who ,~eague precmcz meemngs, to showed increases ~ver a year ago lit t~en ~remo sion over the name of the pink turning her books and said "this has~ [ "been due to theimproved qua' Y i ~ ~-"~"1o variety Rondo, as it has also been (been a terrible three weeks Weln.ame de.leg ales ~o co un~y c~3v.3~; ] Of the l~tter, D)surance snow~!a ~ne and quontity of winter fishing in Im~e~am3 ~asu b~oug~'~"~or' $410 listed as "Caprice." I was original- have had no new books to read. ]uons, wul ve ne a ~-ev. ~. + u ~ |largesz rise wnne-m me se rv t'e " North Dakota in recent years. Lal~e ! ~r+~+ r.~ ~:-.-- IY decided t~ narn~ %~ v~rlptv Ca- The bookmobile librarian exnlain-| conventions ~o elec~ delegates u,~ dustry, hiring ~or the medical per- ;-,~tl,mtionsrehabilitation of I oY-rrea and ~a~ ? ?. yy:--~-~ 6rice,-bu[ in-a;-~i~i ~-f~r--r~st~-led ~that we really needed this'time[elect de.legates to the state conven.] sonnel accoun~ed for the rise. f~s~ngareas, scientific stockin~ and I f +the sales pavlJ2On:h/~:~ya~ lion' of that name,-il~ wa- s'found (ha [ to serwce the bookmobile and take .~ n' wIu De nela ~wa~cn ~u-- t " " " ' "I The service said ~at the bade' creati n f new areas have made lvl mrs ~ ' Pl533(0 another flower varlet well konwni/a general inventory." Apparently there will be 159 dele-|aecounted for the biggest share of more good fishing areas available +~e in other sections of thy corm had --4::)-- gates to the NPL state convention,[labor demand, witjh most hiring [to more and more people each year. ] .~otn ouyers a~oueruln~~ ~ t' e try wn animals a~ t4z~ ~ "-- the same n~me, so the North I~- u.~r~,~,~ ,~,e ~o based on votes for t~e League-en-/ donef or replacement purposes. It [ The Use o fish houses has she [ . . + -" kota pink carnation was officially I"~'~' ~ ~'~ Idorsd governor candidates in 1958. ]said that the need for experiermd Ilocal anglers that they can fish in|z ts reauy, m + re~i ter d as Rondo, another musi- I A bttle roods, was seen near De- I The League executive committeet nrofessional and clerical help corn- 1 winter and stilt be c~mf~ tab e. I S e - . . , cal term. People who had known I~vils. Lake at ~e end of JanuaX~Ye ldesignated Joe Glaser of Btsmarc!~ lprised the current unfilled demands IHquses must be ~censed, I T~-t,e~a~o l~l~lq~a ~'~ the varietv bv its ori~zinal informal I~-~en w~nter one or two null moosh/to serve as assistant in NPL orgam- Iof, most tm.mloyers . ,/ ; . ~,-.--.'I fIVb ~ ,L1 U,I &~# name continued tO use that name, [wa~der into ~0x~ westerr~ Nort jza$onaI work cut of the LeaguesI The employment service esti- IWILDLIFE DISPLAY TO ]~. J[ . .~ ~ , DaKota ana sta~ ~or a couple oz w~l assist and before it could be correctedI t [state office here. He ;Imates exclude seN-employed, dO-[API'~AR IN SO~ERN N. I). [|'~%'~1~#~ |111 1 r1 everywhere, publicity had already i m n~ns-:~ne.y, a vy sta e lFrancis B. Daniel, secretary or zne Imestic service and unpaid ~ wfily [ ~h,~ mnhile wildlife display unit| %~U ~ ~~ ercial corn-'row m ~orm ~ "state NPL t ' -- been released by c.ol:nm .~ [ ~ ~.~ |worke~. /of the game and fish depart'men [ Five Judges have been ~ .f~ned to pany using the original name. J~YI --t .~-,--0-- |~n armear only in the southern,select North Dat~ota's outstanding either name--or both--, however, ] Light" is u,npormnz m ,Darns. Dan-- 1~ 1 ' '--1. I['11 ILAMB CREEP GRAIN / ~.o.~ ,~of~the state m 1960 according[ young man of 1959, according to oms seem set .gerous germs, fungi and paraslI~'$ I~]]rll~llrl[I . m arttn the fragrant pink bloss i JLJUlX~ U & U ~ I CHOI'CE IS VARI~D /tn .l~hn Hews(on, public relations[ State Chairman Sa Mson of " " a of all KINGS are mverre~ oy dark ,=, ,or a wide .acquaintance within i ~,~ . ~1 ~1 1 IfS desirable to provide suckling [chief. ~ Devils Lake.: . very snort time ,~- ram ration hlblt Judges Will De Lawrence ~cnnel ' ~ ~+ + ['~tD~ .~t~ ~][~[1 ]lambs with a creep fed g " ' In 1959 this educational ex " " . . " .L L~ta.'~,~a~ ~.~,~.~ land yOU have quite a bit o~ cb0tce thern half of the I tier, ~ismarc.z, director oz %ne econ. w " " " re o ain fed appearea m ~ *~ . . omic development commissioa; St. At the Denver Fat stock she ,Ira the kind or mixtu Igr 'o+~*o Oh,e,- 105000 nersons vlsited~ ~ " " ", te '"'~ ' r. u tiarnaas, ~neyenne, presloen~ ox the second place steer In the sum-lpretm-ninary NDAC trials mdiea +u.~ disrqav in 62 different towns [.:" . ~ . : . mer rlmg class conmgned y 136 bs [ yea In 'trials made this year, tam .This year it will tour counties soutb . ~+ ~ a ; + r ,o,o~ ,~ Edward Olson o~ Argusvlll were allotted at birth an}o of State Highway number 7. Rout- Fargo and director of the U. S. Dakota was ~re~ and raised .oy ~rouus as evenly as possi, ble ny ~,~, n tb,~ disnlav in each district [,- ~. ~,~ ^~ o ~m~ ~, w y. r~,~ a Burlel n~- "-- ~ ~ + ~,o,~. v v ~, - Lawrence Hopkins, g breeds birth ty,~ age of dam arid *--- "-'-"1' -~;o+ric+ war ] v,~ ;.T~,~ ,lrhill trtwn ' ~'-" %%r111 D~ Ut~tt'~ tajf *~.~ ~*~. ; " I snlnsKe,l)eVllSuaze elGl~or,and eo'nm~, ranc.= ~ ~ " mbs One Ix)Up "was glwen . . rare of la . g dens The schedule is being work- lAmes Martin, executive vice presl. stop near wing. ed ration consist~ing ox t~ " . u~-~ ~ ~ ~ -lacea pellet - .- - ed out at the present time and will ] dent of the Grand Forks Chamber ~"P~"~ "=" ~'"- " lfalfa and ~ parts ~"ri p~ ground a - be released as soon as available. I of Commerce. pen ot ten steers a~ me ~vx}zbqu.- ~,~ t,a~ ~-the secOn~ "was given Slope Feeder calf show and sale ~'." YT'ef' ~.:. ~ ~,~ held in October ~f l~'d8 Olson was crcmpea oarley, me uttx~ c,=~,~,~ the buyer, yellow corn, and the fourth a ration The steer which took second place made up of 50 parts of rolled oats, in the summer yearling class at34 parts of cracked corn. eight parts the Denver Fat Stock show this of bran and eight parts of linseed January was one of the ten steers oil meal. consigned by Hopkins. There was no great difference m ~ainshown among any of the rat- SIOUX RANCHI~S WANT ions used in the experiment, says FOX PROTE6~J~D Merle R+. Light, associate animal Several ranchers in Sioux coun-husband in charge of sheep research ty want foxes and coyol~s corn-for the North Dakota Agricultural pletely protected, according to game Experiment Station The pelleted and Fish Commissioner I. G. Rue. ration mtcl the cracked corn pro- A delegation of ranchers from duced very slightly greater, gains, t~at county recently vl~ted thebut the other rations may have been offices of the state game and fish a little more attractive to the lambs department to find oui~ how they if they had 'been ground a little could gv about getting large pred- more coarsely. ators completely protecfed. TheExperiments are now underway ranchers claim ~odents are becom- to find an ~mproved creep rahon ling too numerous on their part of for suckling lambs that will in- Ithc sta~e and that foxes and coy- crease gains beyond that of the rat- ions used in the experiment de- ~'~ [otes are not ab ~nL scribed. I The first sign of ~mperature ,d;~mage in frozen green vegetables Weight of a blanket is not always DIMES MARCHES ON--.Tane Baldasare, 24, of New York, l is loss of the characteristic bright a true indicatbr of warmth. Light has equipment checked before descending into a water. [green color. At 30 degrees F color weight blankets may be just asfilled tank in Pensacola, Fla aiming to break the world'l [ loss in green vegetables is 60 times warm or+ warmer than heavy, tight- record for living under water--all for benefit of the March as grea~as at zero. [ly woven felled ones. of Dimes. Record deadline Is 12:01 a.m. Jan. 24.