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February 25, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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February 25, 1960

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'HE HII,IANGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 95 1960 f'he Frybl z'g d'Vg :tus Weal ?Jeeting }2onu3 Sweetdever WmKLE AN roTES- Ma eso, :," d a TO Be Feb. 29 Project To End 'vahere 'he was mr~ployed in the i Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ir~gman llhey attended athe wed@ia~g of ~tkh ir son Lt, I.ow~ll Lofffelarm0h- Dr mm iri " were guests at the 5e,:h ann, Miss Lorraine Sc~w~nd~ ,and er of the U. S. Marines, tl-mg he u ~no, ~uperv t~r, ~vmn~ma be aar~ilabtle ~o eonai~ue fleas pro- Z~ ~ m. .e~mumtjr ~=alrs i banquet and baH sponsored by - ~ ~ ,: ~ wool ,~atmramry M.ont ~te ieet in 1960 w~s lnsmtrumer~al in or. a- ~Marvm rra~ ~ in me ~nuron a~' y. t e ~v, eu~eamne~n Colle"e. ' " " : '- - - rdzin the Farm g'a, the Dicl~.nson Image *No. 32, A. l~lev~. Mr. mad iM.vs. ~ .area w.l,m ~top~ a,t Rod, a, 'SLomn, . s ~ ! 'x~er~ ~:e .~e~m~ed. ~at Th.@~ =.o ~,~v,aoor ~ I F. & A. M. on S~turday evening, S~wir~ serv.ed ~mner %o me I~nd of Sardrn,m ,and Na~es .{m~ . rmat ,terns oi D.u~lness go~em ooset-~mei~ .s,i,ll ,s ,^y~n: . w~c~a. ne serves as sev: i. Feb. 20. guests t~t~en@mg me wed@intg, al~ Leg~aorn, I'baly. Lo'we$1 has ~m .lnemoe s eu~mg a aea~mme a'~. ~le for the ~ of ~r 'a r~umoer or years, lie} - been. an, hieil:~tir~g a visit wit~ ,~,or ~l~n up, .~.eeu,on of easters ~rwee~lover under ~tion ~n .me ~t~oarct of Sdhool Ok~rtet h,is ,siSter, Helen Mrs Tom Sac- and Vhe open.rag ors bids for sale Reserve contracts, bu~t without ~o. I0 ,as a~n,g as he ~ived on ~he obs~n ,and ~amrly v~ho are st,a- o~ ~the wool: t~e ad~ dol,l~r provided by ~az~ Mr. Wi,n:kleman w~ a t'i~ed in Gerrr~any b~l,l mern.0ers are encour~ged t~ae s~ate.; Informa,tS~m is husband, and e~a- ~VIr. and M'rs: Emrl Joulbe~, ~o ,a'~tend .as wel, l .as other in- able fro~ local ~ ottfi~es: 'seared himself %o l/he e~ti, re [--~N~ ~ a~ ~ terested persons Remember the,c~m~unity by his many kivtd and Mrs Verne K,im, Mr ~,~ cta,t~--Feb. 29, at 10 a.m.--Palace OPEN HOUSE I~B 118 ~m neig~boNy art% always walt- Han~coek, Mr. and Mrs. 'I-harold Care n W~baux. FOR R. JO}IINfTO~ . g ~o g~ ea helping hand. He Ode.rm,an and Mrs. Fred a~a}~n~n .Friends and retl~ti~es, axe ~- ~ras .a mermaer of the C~ri~ were am~-,~, "I " EASTER SEAL HEADS ,~i~ted to a'~ - -'" mn r'un~m'ner~l~l Clh,urc~ of Wi- .t,v'.u~ the nruz*y g'UesIs at- ta~, ~ tat~r,~ v. . utend all open house X-a ~ , ten'cling the wedding of Mis~ bat v~ ~.~. ***"-'-**~ti honoNn, g ,Mr. and. M:rs .~ona~ld u ux tar many years. Mi/to~- Keldy, 0hairman of the &lh *~ton on ~eir 251th or eHver - Mr. W inklem, an was preceded tie Gre~cwy a~d Ted HIe~b.ichuk 1960 Easter Seal Appeal for wedding amniversary to be heldrn death ,by his lpame,n, ts, ~v~o sis- on Stmd~ay p.m. Crippled Ohildren announced that Sur~ay, FOb. 28 at t~e@ ,farm ters and one tbmther. He ~eaves 'Mr. an:l !Mrs. James t'.:.k, v . . and san~ of a'lendive vis.;t~':.d" "a, 6 a~ ,im eetm,gs are. bemg held h~:~'ne norm off Beaeth, from 3 t0 to mourn 01is passing, his v idow, !*he Eirmr Fon*g home in Bel'.field m plan m~s year's stove. The one 5 p.m. M, artha Wi,nkleman, and 1 rfiece, ~r C-~lden gal,ley and Billings.= .-- 'Mrs. L. C. V, an Atta. of tP, aoi$ie on Sunday. ~Mrs. For~g w~h.o l~a.Iisades, Calif and a h~St oI teaches at Fryburg received Counties was ~held in DicMnson Visits In Dickinson -- treatmc,nit at t,he Diekins0n ,h0s- a~ ~e t~ay Hotel on Feb. 22. aim Mrs M C Tesdher of Sentinel. friends. pit:a;1 OVer t~he weekend. ~dern~bmfaUn, is the Coun,ty Sea] Bt~tte spen~t se~ero~ d~t, last t Mrs. Don Le Doux and c'hi'ld- week ,i.n Die~ xd~i~ng air ren of Glen&ire are spending a CHECKER CLUB ~he homes of her son~ A! and few days at the Ed Le Daux TO MEET FEB. 25 Tony Tesmher and families, i home.Mrs. Ellen Iohr~son's name was The local checker clu~ will Visits Sist~rr~ i NOTICE TO CREDITORS i meet ~is T~mrsd,ay, Feb. 25, at 'Mrs. Jim Tes~e,r &nw[t [MI~. TN TIlE MATTER OF THE ESTATE I unin ten, tiorml,ly o~bted among t!he guests at Vhe E, arl Jowbe>l the Dark Care, at 8 p.m. Four- Ma.t Te~aSher v~N[~d /d]~ Jim OF "WILLI.~M F. KING, Deceased. teen persons were present at the Teseher% sister,[Mrs Notice is hereby given by the un- and Ed LeDoux homes last week. last meetin.g, including 3 guests . V~loleL dersiffn,ed admtrdstra, tor of the esl, ate Carrigan and $an-~iljr in CAendive. of William F. King late of th.e vi- Mrs. J~nson is in excel.len% spir- from Medo~a, Louis Pe~lissier. on 'Saturday. its and is at~le to enjoy t~he vis- Vern Anderson and Leo Ray. cinity of Fryburg in the Coungy of its of her rrrany fNen,ds. W'ord has been recmved f~om To Bismarck --- Billings and State of N. D de0e~sed to the creditors of and all per.~,ons Mrs. F. K. MoCtttl'ouigh of Burns, NOTICE ~Mrs, E. C. Nel '~an. M.k"~ F~velyn having claims against said d~c.e~seed. Oregon llhat slhe h:~s recovered Several people have asked how Nelson Mrs. Rudy ~d, and to exh~bil, them with the neees~ry raicdy from her reee~.t surgery they can con~ri'bu, te to t.hc Mrs A,ice Ander, s~n ~par~i-vouvhers. will, in three montahs after and is able ~o do her housework March of Dimes. Checks may b9 ed Mrs. Clifff S~teeker to ~~ Bi's- the" first public's lion of this notice, again. During t'he she was made payable to the Marc,h ofl.R,Rrck (1,~ Stlnd,ay, Mrs. S~teeker to thee County CoLIri of Billings Coon* hospitalized, ,the big s'now st'arm Dimes and mailed to either Ca. then went an w, Nnpoleavrt w~ere ,y. Nerth Dak la in the Court tUmse h.~t Portland which caused a Jot Co-Ckmirman Pau~l A. Lebo. ~,r s, be attended a CO,P w~)rk'ghop m the ez~y of Medora in said Billing~ c,f 'confu'si~n ,and aceiden,ts. She Treesurer Wm. W. Eiehhorst a; on aM onday, witlh s'b: and Mrs. county N(mth reports "i't was almost 1.i~ke a Medora. Individuals can don.a~e Anderson returnin, g to Beach Dako%a. ~~t~ 'N. 'D. snow storm, a~tho not so also at any business place in the Mrmday ni,gh,t. Tthe o~er Mdies You are hereby further notified than Hen. Alme Lebo, Judge of the CounD ico~d." F. K. is manager of ,a lure- coun%y by deposi~Vin,g money il~ retrained in l~ismm-~1~, w~ere Court within and for the C~mn,ty o~ i.ber yard "m Burns Their many the lu,ng-type collectors placed Mrs. Nelson 'had a c~heekup at Billings, and Sta,te of North EXakota :~friends in llhis area send greet- conspieuous*ly by ~he ea.~h re~is-a the clinic. has by order fixed the ard day ot 'rags to ithem and lJheir families, learSy 7eChsue;wners to pla~t Wen ,fiber m~ved int~ /Beach, K,aren. fast weekend o visit ,the F~ank ~Mr. and Mrs. Dau,1 I .~ffel- .gram wi,ll 'be talks by .Dr. W. swee"mlover on S~I IM~R Land. w~,idh ~is ~ti~l:l their home. ,Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis and ~c~h.windt family. On Sunday, m~ner ha~e received word from W. ,Hawkins, Asst. Vetdl~ar an, However, the ~ ~t year . IMr." Wi,rtk.loman was e Wood i~or~t. State College, and g~mes was so gre~t ,th~ r~ m~aey will .~armer, energetic and pu~- Little Money Sheath and the little you spend buys so much fashion for a long sea- son of flattery. Linen-like rayon, outlined with contrast stitching around the shaped collar and self belt. 7-15. is based upon the following factors: 1. In the increase of popu]at/on 2. In the accumulation of capital 3. In the technological progress which enables us to produce-- a. more things In arr~ amlourmemen,t issued wise Sl:~ified. T~ lINE place for hearing and adjusting aD claims against the Estate of maid Feb. 9, 1960. tthe U. S. Dept. of KUKOWSK! RITES --- CORPS William K,ng, ~ceas -,leh Agrict~Itm~ dleared he~te0dh.l,or have been presented as here~r~before insecticide for contin.ued ~ on ,Continued From Pa~6 One)~U|I~S MEN[ provided, 'and all persons ir~LeresLeg corn, co, tr[~n, frui[', beFFieS and ces. preceded her in dea'Jh. -- in the estate are required then and SEE YOUR LOCAL there to show cause why the c~aim~ small grain crops. Mrs. Kukowsk, i was ,very ae- u.s. ~ARIN~ ~:RU.~. ,live in the life of this eommu,n,i-t should not be allowed. The latest USDA directive i,s ty ~1,2 durir~g ~he 39 years she~ Darted Februa}y 23, A. D 1960. 'timely in th, at farmers and gr~w- resit'led ~aere, servir~g as a mem- oTw,;lill2: ca~e~e~ti~, by~rso{ ~: ;~ah~hl b~i~l" f~ral2' Adm/nistrator o,f the es- mg the coming" growing ~ = ' ';' ' ,rYI,tate of Will,iam F. Kin@. -- ~. ~- -- a. - e- t~aeo on tale tcounty We'lcaeel ' FirstPublication on the 2.Sth day be IL~ILI pI'OUu'ce rile,tier more ,' -,-. 2,~. t nrofitable vield~ ' - ,~,r~, ann ,m m~**y um~z w~*y~t ./ -. ~*= j g~v~r~gmudh ~,f herself o aldl -~ l~--'~'d--~ of Feb. A. D 1960. t t (l~eb. 25 - Mar. 3-10) HEALTH DEPART~ ~ i an~zng wahi~ was for the I " ::: ' c --- ',betterment of rhe commumty, or SALE OF sT a~-~'O~IT5 3z~ ~'LU CASES ~ I ATE LAND n e - I WlIII~I1 WOUlOhelp an lnOAVla- z~olau*tas *rum aces1 'l'lea~rn ae- uM Slhe was me -- - ~ I The State of North Dakota will selt 'partments,Show588 cases of in-'u' a ;ruDer o~ i at public sale at 1:15 P. M. hV ST) on fluenza in N 'D for ~ ~oaen woman's cm D, 'lne ~each the 8th day of March, 1960, at the ' the last -' ~ front door of the Court t{otuse ill por, tir~, neriod ~hn,- ~ ,~ Homemakers Club, Beads Garden, Medora, North Dakota. the following }these were repor"t~l"*~;om~ ,n; Study Clu'b, St. A~ne's Guild, a~di described land: count- ~ of St J~ahn's Catholic cburVh i . i~gouthwest quarter (SW~4) of Sec- Y" t t " " ~ion Thirty six (36). T,>wnship One 7' rel~ort inelu, des ~ll on~ S{he and her ~husband a~td gaB- hundred'forty one /141) North. (,! , ~ Range N~inety eigh, (98) West, for the month of " ely resided on .t~en" farm, Joeated, ~,an. 2re cases - . - t (160 acres more or less according of A~ian flu were detected. ]u~ east err ,l~a~, uar~i/1 they[ to Government survey) tbt~t a ,new (h~rte in in Know how to call .1, oal. oil. na,u al gas, 1951. I ium, gravel, clay, and other Tin- ,Beoause of her sirmere inter- your fire erals on or underlying such, land i~ reserved by the State. Nat less than eat in people ~he made more' than 20% of the purchase price ii!ust be the u,s~,a'l number of friends, and~a, - paid at the time of the ~e. The n~hese ,and Iher ,many o~aer eb~n- [~ ~lm~g$|[l~l~.~ balance may be paid at any time ~hereafter wi~h minimumpayment merits v~i'~l serve a's a .perrpe~al nu ly. fa16% T~s thel urehase nri '~inc u-des interes-( a~t ~o~uvne~t ,*o her memory, rave of 4%. The purch,aser will D']Y ~ the cos~ts of the male. The State has an o~ffer of $5000.00. When final paymam has becn made, the Board of Ur~iversity and School Lands will iSSue to t,he purchaser. his heirs or ama~gns, a l~aten,t con- veying title ~x) such premAse~. The pr~Ises will be soldsubj~'~t to the ~re~ent existing lease JOHN PAUL JONES ~he P~ard reserves the right ~O ~eJec any and all l~ids. Dated at I~l~marck, Noz~h Dakota. this 10~h day of February, 1960. .A~'I2D,N J. S~HMIDT, GOmmiss~ner University & Sch~0,l Lands (Feb. 18-25 -- March 3) b. better:.things c. different thing d. or the same iJflngs cheaper North Dakota has b en losing populatmn and tSaerefore cannot grow In studying the problem, the North Dakota Economic Development Commis- sion learned that: 1. 42 of our 53 counties had population losses for 1940-50. 2. The state had a gain of 75,000 people from 19 0-56, yet-- a. 53,000 left our borders during that period. b. 66 per cent were tn the age group of 18-34. 3. In 192,%there were 75,970 farms in the state. In 1954 tl ere were only 61,943, 4: Obt ratlon from 1920.40 exceed- ed 240, 00 people. Plan for TRUE GROWTH now. Contact the North Dakota Economic De- velopment Commission. Billings County Pioneer A Contlmmtlon ~,~ "'THE BADLA2N-DS COW~OT'" E.~tabllahed tn 1883 ALICE L. LEBO, 1~an~glni~ Editor WALTE~ R. BRA'I~ON l~I/tor - Publisher ~ubseriptlon: $1.~ per year in advan~ ntl~-e~l in the Post Office at Medor~. ~tlllngs County, North Dakota. ~b- "uary 15, 19,31, as second class matter under the Ac~ of March 3, .~Y/9. ~ftt le~ NewspaDer of the County (~ d Irt ~h. North Dakot~ ,NS,rlON mD Wm. W. Eichhorsl GUIDING LIGHT OF ~ .AttorneT NAVT MEN EVER SINC~ THE Vlth offl ~ in same s .epaeEN saner I z z L D i;, /A4N-O-W,4~ ~ IN, MONDAYS . WEDNESD&TI 1779. OUT.GUNNeD AND Otff- -- Ind -- Nevee / ZSDA ,S Tem SDAn JOHNS I~IDATS MI~-DORA (