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March 3, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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March 3, 1960

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I The B VOLUME XXXV 137 Pioneer IIEDORA. BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1960 NUMBER 40 ‘Valley Varieties MISS Gregory Is March 6 At Golva E‘Rhame Wins ‘ . Bride Hlebichuk ', nan. for no Vaney Vanehes, Dist. 16 Tourney Spemal Wristwatch a variety show to be presented; Miss Pattie Lynn Gregory, l , .Golva VFW Post it was decided‘ . «by the bolVa PTA were COMPW‘"; Last Thursday evening Medora; Jim Tescher, flamlouas cowboy to hold the Talent Show at a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jonn ed just recently This _ . Show upset the Gladstone Hornets 49' saddle lbronc rider, will be pre-ilatel‘ date than What was tenta‘ Gregory, Bel-held. and “lemme will be held at the Golva Town to 44, advancing them to, the, seated with .a handsome Wyiemivély planned. The Talent Show} Hdfibldhukz 5°“ at 1"m: and Mrs“! Hall on Sunday evening, Mam semiafinal round of play in. the Locafilex Sea—tarer wrustwatch Wm held on Sun. MaI‘Ch! corded Bert ‘L. Sperry at me Bob H'le‘bm'hukv Heme“ W?“ 6. The Show will include music. District 16 Class C 'roumomemwith a bandabooled leamer band ;27, at 001%. and will again 111-: Evangelical United Bremen mile“ in MN?“ ,Suma‘y' 1‘“?! comely, ~a one-act play and hold at Scott gym in man courtesy or Dan 'Bubvlitz, ownenclude age groups. church in Beadh, N. 1).,‘m1 Sat, mm at 3 p'm' m “.6 St' Peter S mellesndrama. Advance tickets 1.5m Thursday, Friday and Sat.'of the Beach Jewelry, and the; Anyone desu‘mg to take partt‘de. 27, 1960, at p.m.,_‘wflh Lumen“ dhu'rF‘h with Rev' M' were distributed at this meeting James Murray was the key Wyler‘Wa‘bdh Co. 11118 attractive in the show is asked to con— pastors ReV. Donald Morgan and Meuflei‘ mmmn‘g "1 me won‘ble; and many of The groups Wing man in this game, scoring 22I timepiece is On display in the‘tact James Kreitin-ger. ,Rev. C. Lee Birdsalll otfidai‘u'znc. “mg cerefmny- ipant are now busy rehearsmg to points, followed by Gary Bird, Show window of the Beach JeW- {Pallbearers included Luther Hod— 'llhe brrde eS'COI‘tf-‘d t0 lhe an“ .1 insure a fun-filled evening on who made 19, {elry Shop. gin, Philip Moore, Roy Robertson, 1 , o by his} digs. maci: MW)“ 6”“ t TAYLOR 69 M-EDORA 46 1k The appropriate, watch a DlSt. Tourney Ray Tosker, Dmald Mewau, and :y WNiIrs lilarold Oderman 'Ilhe‘ . 1 ’l he rasu breaking l‘aylor team £15911 fglr‘ Tesdhez‘ss :uttobtandrmgf ' u I ‘ 7‘ ‘jrac-nou up who Mccrora waghorns 1" 9‘0 a levemfifl P10 life 0 D M h 3_5 ' dress 2:; cignpmggzzggfizyl“; Belfleld Qulnt . .. uh apnoea .. m... w... ates arc ipa’m Sllgie carried a bou-‘é‘ 99 ia‘ssurec1 mywr or a chance to ‘0“. “*‘fiT'ucffm “We”, Wm “01" On Tuesday. Feb. 23. draw- ‘t of white carnations H61" B ‘P‘dl 1“ m“ “lampiom‘np game' 0.1 bib taking third m one pfings for the Dist. 15 Class "B" $235611. was a gold drain. with? v , as usual win and Murray of unel “dd.” 'b‘m‘l‘c “V‘e‘ms- Alvmj'l‘oumoment were set; they will 3 81112311 1d cross Her veil of‘ The Bewem «Bu team wonlMed'ora tumed in '4 good Per-1N? sfm’ Just Oi,” Oi tile my E‘be Mardh 3. 4 and 5, at Scott t “lluusigfn was held in placeiflh “Bu be m mummth hem iormance, scoring 1.9 and 11 ran} 51'1"“ 18 month's gem/ace] andgGym in Dickinson. :16 1 Sim/aim -e‘ 1? .d 19:13 3-‘-‘.IC‘UV1V€1)‘- EDean. Amstmng’ both, from: The Beach Bucs’ outlook. oyMa J k grown. d flonor gtéhe Bead gYm satin la). 6 .1 \ DU HEAR} OVER MEDORA Sentinel Butte, also participated lmumywise has brightened mm n5. lac g",mai o 1‘ ,' , ,c v v» z 1d EM. ii K I, Wore '3 lighty blue "ballerina The Beadh team defeated the! MN Paw “no” We“ .1” m’l‘hclq‘llvaevg gigolo, Will Trav-lsm'iiimmé m tile-L381: 15f“: geek? length gown of chiffon over tall: Sentinel (Butte {team 57 to 42 ml town new; on sutul'day L‘Vei’llllg' 01.. idea has added $2,200 t 0:1”i lgufjfily melllngb 11L 3&- ieba- The dress was made With “10 fil‘St game 0'f the (1857‘ HGCK‘i‘Hwn they dumped the. MEQOW Tcscher‘s earnings from Christ—i :me to stanzett 7 fmputzl 8'38 short sleeves, round n‘ecluline. aman of Beach scored 16 mmmeonghornis 60 to 34. 'llhis loaves mas to New Years, when hoigm‘ Hamid‘vafy 37m pfa?‘KMde.ér Ellie carried a bouquet oi carna— and Muuan of genitinel Butte was Medora m‘ fourtlh place in the‘came but mp may .m (the Wmfld ~Friiday at 7 pm.” watford nous. V ‘ éth'iglh with 20. Lou‘rnvamenl.‘ - SCH“ 01. Rod“)ng wme riding play the Winner of me Be]- MISS Roberta Gregory, a niece The second game 0f me tour- hour South Heart cagers end ‘ 2.1533131 the top 15 saddle ’bl‘Ol’lC field—0311113115 game, and the the groom was the bride's-iiney went to Bemmid when they ed up in uhe double ngure col. men on “he national Cumin. Beadh Bugs will meet the winner . , _ ' "VFW Talent Show .hm Tescher leenSunday, March 27:}, At a recent meeting of the -..c.,...,.._.,... Last “Elites For B. Sperry Feb. 27, Area Homesteadcr Memorial services were 38% BERT SPERRY v i 1 ' . w re a dress of azure . , umdh The were Jablonsky 17, Kudma _, . : b. ., V. _; ~ ‘Y’ Eli: vfigta (invade similar to the] giaéeihéiglggizeifpgfngm his}? 12, icosteiechy 11 and Chome loggeyaifieggff Elimfi (if $1.13?) Ham‘d‘ay“ml1deer game Jack Gwen. Interment was at i maid of honor‘s. she also carried comes; Bird and Murray of Medorai ., y R \a' . pm. who Beach Cemetery. Mr. Sperry , d 11 of uh t , Milling one GVEI‘Y year. Jlm W011 On Samrdsay alflternoon, start suceumifid 0n wmegdfiy Fab white cmatmns' i In me game f0? ‘flhnrd and “id 20 'an' ‘8 earns hop money, or all-Iaroumd oow- ing at 3:00, the losers of game-slag at hme of a heaéit am- The groom’s attendants were “EOUI‘E‘h Place Glendwe (18‘wa p’mts' ‘boy, at Omaha, New York City, 1 and will meet for consolation mg“, .t we a of 74 Bdb mmwuk’ bother of the gamma Bume 5'2 m 44- W WINS WA‘MPIONS‘HIPEChicago, Cheyenne [Phoenix (honors. Starting at 7:00 pm ’ a gab ‘ . i groom, Long «Beach, Calif. and}<in this game as in the Sentinels 'nhe mama Pirates won the and Ft. Womb As a’ four evmtlosem m [games 3 a mi 4 Honorary pall core-rs 11were. t Lowell Lindbo, cousin of t'hekufirsat game, Mullaan was «high puma: champion-ship by defeat- man he enters we bareback them”, for 3m and 4m mace me Ole. Qnfley, Nm‘mlaln Ne ammo, ‘ hide The gentlemen “’0” Wmte»‘Wim ma“ th 25- Knapp Of his 'l’alr‘lor no the “me Of 75'52' saddle. bmm, sbutll riding ’and Ivdlwrrmiondmp' game will get un-VW'I wagndeSeoanm’ Fmd' ; and dark trousers wvth’iGIendive made 18. . “he Reeder Rockets won can- fie Winks Emma dmy at 8:30 pm. wlgiunwrggm are mrggfie i te boutOnmeres and damp dfiflg ng algae .tmuibie Isolation honors from Scrantom. hull riding is the roughest, wlml' e The Belfield band will nil-aw Amie Wise Spam, Be’m i '5‘. wt a in»e amplme . it". ltexxper' ,-'Ilhursda,me®easclabandwi ,, ’, ~ new if: W: mm 4'5 °° ‘1 ~——— @3331?ch mm? on my, and an“: euro tie-.111 ecf .' .,’<‘59u'a 0 ‘3“ .' , «but it’sza ve’ mughWaIbfiondCitytbmmdwillplla on ,_ , ' med’mely f°“°“”"g' The hm” Md WWW .1501” 20 Of his Donate... «Wm mde'lbefiore i: loomed Saturday. Admission will be? 50c:1§mBe"‘Gmf§mMm, “If, we was centered With 5% foul”- team’s points while R. Kieitinger . “r ‘ to walk , at Ibis fiafiher, Matt for swam“: and $1 for adults atlLewisl' town Mom aid Miss tiered wedding cake. Miss V1~ of Beach hat the hoop «for 14. D' r w fragments much at Sam, [31mg loll evening games. Saturday af b m "of Wan Urban had charge of the The Beadh Letterman’s Club 0 lines are .. . , gtemwn mites Wm be 25c and NW“ 9, '3 599W ,Bmmk’ guest book: and Mrs. Mike Prociv and we Beam High School would . gwnddhlllldren, a motor, Mrs. assisted by Dillie Lindbo presid- ed at the gilt table. ' 'lhe groom is a 1957 gradu- like to Wank the teams who par- ticipated and the many specta— tors who turned out for the 'llhefollowimg aim” or in... JIi’lbUin‘I'l‘rS made“ by tihegwhool, .L»..dlrsn of Bll'ii‘inge‘ county" to i .50c only, JStanley Stevens, ‘ Trotters. two brothers, .Kyle Sperry, Trotters. ate of the Beliield high mm and is in the U.. 5. Navy station- it games. y World Day of Prayer ServicclEXamS 5-6 ' end a great many friends. He number of studtms donating is .was preceded in death by his 4.1,; 1:140 March of DimeszistheixPrayer 4, S iiandlw’mm spew 0f 98k, wnw I . . "I ‘1 1 that it prohibits p 'nlting, parents 1 sister and two bmmh- ed at San Diego, Calif. R o l & '7‘? 10113 ‘ i V . , me moms-s of the schools rid the; ,, , ens. i The bride’ a 1958 graduate Of [amoums collected in each 'is’ W“ be hem at “he Presbytema“ Exams for “‘9 State High Bert Louis «Sperry was born .‘LSled below. The officers of the; dhumh in Be‘miead 0“” Friday at‘SChoo‘l Equivalency diploma Will ,1 Kings‘ Coumy March of Dimes 2 p.111. The Bel-field Lutherantbe given at the state Teachers dmve wish m thank the sw-‘ic’llurch will asoist, with Mrs. EdlCoflege in Dickinson, Room 307" and isms, their parents and teachers Bry and Mrs‘ ‘Veme Km“ 35 thef‘m Fmd‘ay 'a‘n’d cently been employed at~ the -=, Elmer Ear-gens home. The couple leflt by for San Diego where Nov. 8, 1885 at Alexandria, Minn, the son of William and Carrie Sperry. he lived with his parents Tourney Schedule 3 l i i “the Belfield high Sdhlool has re i l i l i . Saturday, March' t Albemmombie N. n. and ~ 11‘ home for :tes of Mlle R ionall L ,3, ._ . z i 1'9 $23,112:: $331211 uhnionths. Stalin: basketball boufngamerius for for the interest shown in” the leigefie U fled gyms q I V 6- "m ..: i 1m:th 1909, When he , - the N 1). 95,3" high schools drive-- immon “en 8”: ex’ é‘c’tgfim .d’F‘adnsM? ‘be‘g‘m 3* 1.13-mmfillea‘on a homestead near Trot— __,A , ,.,...._,._L,,Aj,,ur', 8;. ,_,.&$.;w,...~y. . 15 are . below: WI. N30. 2 V¢‘___ u” - WOIHA!s db 3 “1 'a'y, 5. b? tel-s, N‘ D. Freedbm Ones RfiGION , LDemmes School No. 1 2535 par irrigate. m‘b awaysflh 9 Entermpted not 5:30 pm. on Fri-. On Feb. 18’ 19,13,119 was mar. Rites In Glendive mum. Man. '10, 11. ligmgggodgggg N10”2 ----- g-gg 22”}:ifisds‘wmfii’ésé‘“... $.32: 02" Silvia? 0.3... all: M aw,mgamfigm° .' ~. - ' I v '. _-__ . t. ,’ . ,’ .er,an‘eou-r nem- : W rites were held for pram gwtf‘gfimelrtp.w‘llgne;finfér Okenyk School No_ 4 W“ 4.20 temationlal darte line, and Will candidates have completed t‘he‘ ed above we“, ham to mm He .Mc .~ we nwwW. * ,,....,..,..,,M..waen.~a..ww..w. ’V H‘ WNW,” ,, ,. "an, . .m...w,.cmnwl.mwww . .. Vfirsthz-ld‘wur. x.» - sell seedr to earnk‘inoneysforl the dam Jones; fiormer Beaohite, at the Methodist dhurdh, in Gilenr irurmerup. 13 Winner vs. 14 mn- nermp. 16 winner vs. 15 runner- :‘Snmv school No. 1 ______ _- 2.37‘ li‘Bmii'on Sdhrool No. .... __ 8.50. not cease until the whole globe has been encircled and the final tests. The fee is $10. Anyone wishing -bo take the continued to farm and mndh ,in ilihe Trotters area 1949. ~ , , , filer-ed on St. 'Daw-‘exm>mum be on hand t . drve, Mont, on Feb. 1. 1960,! Jomt School No. ____ __ 4.33 max"? are 0., . . ‘ ,_ , when he moved to Beach flow- with Rev. Reagan officiating. Hall— “‘3‘ STATE TOURNNMW nrytburg Sdhzodl ________ -_ 1o.54:"°',‘}‘;em 19mm” m “he mimng ,Sea‘ ’3' “t 1 P-m-v “‘d‘ay' Mamh 5- ‘ever, he maintained his interests . ., I g. e some S‘el‘Vl-CC' hhru- . . bearers were L. “Ohms, Lew“ Minot, Mam 17.13-19. Regan ‘Kllym School ‘No. 2 ...... -u 4.26 out the worm they will expo-egg“ at the , ranch until the time 01 “Emma Lawmnce stark’ Fm}: 4 winner “5- Region 2 mime”??- Gu’ade rml NO" 3 ""—" 4‘30'11he longing of a world d‘ivided‘Beach this deaflh' I . Rudhey, Wm. Dean, and Owens winner “5. 1 rmerup. 1 Wm, Tester school No. 1 .... _- 2.56 ,by‘ mm‘ and bamboo curtains, V Mr. Sperry was noted 001' in: He was laid to rest in the American Legion Plot in fire Gleadive Cemetery. Mr. Jones used to reside in 363611, befiore hearfllfisw‘ife and sonleUby boOdlliflomia, at the throat W at- tributed as the cause of (loath. Mr. Jones is survived by his “fife, the flormer Mrs. Amy Lewis at Bealdh, and son Bobby, and faxing-en by a previous marriage. first wife succumbed in 1334, and he was married to Mrs.‘ in 1944. He lived recently mmevmley, Calli, where he was custodwnofuhehdigihodhool.‘ me died at flhe Naval Hospital Diego, Calif., on Jan. 23. an wheels of 1% years. 3;“ Jones was born in Back Riverllalls, Wisc, in 1895. lived in Gdendti've, Mont. flor 30 years. He mo veteman'flw "Gamer. 4r‘H. Meet- nei- vs. 3 runnemp. 2 winner vs. rwnnerup. Joanne :Schmitz Betrothal Noted Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sdhmi’az, Golva, have announced, tithe en- gagement and Willie mar hinge of ‘flheir daughter. We .19 (31m, son ,of Mr. and ’ JOANNE ‘sonmrz‘ ' V Rocky Ridge School No. 1- 4.80 ‘I'lairfield'rmd No. 1 __-~ 3.60 Pioneer School No. 1 4.40 Pioneer Solved} No. c"... 4.10 Trum‘oeiml ’No. 1 L--- 3.24 'Kemlfichool No. 3 _______ -_ 7.00 3 ___.. 3.50 1...--. Farm Meetings A series 010mm to 1969 is planned for Mardh 2, ’4 and 5. was to the discussed will, include the 1959 ACP rpm. Wheat allotments, the Great Helm ngnarm, Seed Standards Schedule LOcal. ~’ iii-sum agnicdltuml tor ' national boundsaried, race and‘ language dxififerences, class pre~ iodine and all other divisions tirat,,.3mman sin has produced. "Daiborem Together With God" is the theme, prepared this year by V we Women’s Irmter-(‘lhumh Council of Canada. public, both men and women, are urged to participate in this world-wide service on .Mardh 4 at 2 p.m. Beach Masters Bowman Cagers fine IBulldlogs and lime basketball play for the season, jump in each succeSsive mm c. 5809,15—13,’birttool<adecidod' Dies Saturday oi? the city of Beach fior four years, passed away on Saturday. Feb. 27,1960, of a heart ailment, lot the Jldlms‘tone 'Mmmviall Hospital at 1:00 p.m., aflter a three-week illness. zFu- neral services were held for 'her on Tuesday, March 1, at 10 am. at St. John’s Oa‘flholic dhumdh in Beadh, with Rev. Gerard Finne- gan oflfiic’iating. , Iléelllllheiarem; were Dennis Morc ris, Stanley WW, John Doe browskfi. Emilio Begger, John Bie- sik, and Francis Eflta. lntenment .Grandlview, Wm, James, Billings Mrs. Pauline Kiedrowski, al tire Macias led police . hospitality, and quiet demeanor. his friendly smile and sincerity always making his finiends feel very welcome. During hisifiona illness he put «the comfort and weflare of his fiaimll'y and friends ,above his own, displaying gum lpatienfce, and bearing discomforl 'wlthout complaint. Boys 1mm Area Burglaries 'I‘hree youtihs, from New Eng- land, Riharme and Amidon cor» fessed lastweelg. to recent burg lanes at Galvin ‘ and Sentinel Butte, ‘ and alsa to breakin‘s 81 stores in Fryburg, Belfield, and Scum Heart:- O'nly petty item: Were» stolen frorhlthe stores the _' boys broke“ into: hurl law offic- 1 ia'ls lilian pmbably the youth: were after fibrillsiutare amen the merchandise. Boot marks and to 1m “mm I , ., Goldenhyalleyngoumty Sherlfl Ray'Ziusli McLRaul, Popiel, Sent the Wine, 1:30 9-111 All Hardy book the game’s ' Butte policeman" We!“ ‘0 Diem“ ,., i , M 1 . , v Mm twanadMory Aim at Anchor; ' ' m W hem 31 Many. Am,w31-. , You are mmted to attend the mm; mm mm 25 50,. the r’ Hm ‘ , $0!) this Tuesdaygwm connectxm tags home Fab, 1811930,, MRS; WW 'Cv 0101158. 105.15“ meeting ‘_of your dboice. Free Bum Ken Kw;ng had 18 amdlage' 1‘9 gm". ' ’ with the case. youth's an ; so each member : can club.“ .» . The girls who are taking sew- ing ane‘bo have then-Skirts done by our next meeting. ‘Ilhe lesson on how to iron 3 skint “was given by Mary Ann Walter. "A delicious lunch was served ‘ by Mrs. Walter. Judy Gnafseaard,club reporter. Kunicks Still Vmfioning _. > Mr. and Mrs. Kmiick of I n dismmted __seedi .91. Sentinel: same. A wed ding. ~ lMiss infielunitz ' is presently in le-dbow, Calif" serving with the Manure Corps. ALBERT HAIISMAN DIES IN MINN. Arthur Walkman received a Fanibaullt, Minus, Sunday, even- ing, Feb. 28, 1960. Funeral ser- vices-were moucted cor him this Wednesday-«Mandi 2, at Fori‘bau‘lt. v telegram «this Monday telling of egg comics this fall show econ- tihe deaflh of his uncle, ‘Ailbert sidenable acreage Haijsman, {who passed away at where comm indicate a possible meeting Grasshopper Omtrdl Programs & (Show for 1960, :by Wayne Colberg, ex. entomologist. ThiSflhqfld be of special in~ term to many in the Sentinel Butte «as the gramme" in mhe 'area problem this coming your. Visiu ram L.— miemmm‘nflkes WW1: moo, camehoBeaah , _, (one meeting at Sentinel Butte machine Mr- mouse 18 mulmedeiu also include a dismission of Visit Dough!» -- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gardner re- turned to their home in Beach Saturday align aflter spending a week and a mu in Minot Visit- ing at the hmne of (their daugh- "oer md-‘husbandk Mr. and ‘Fre'd-VLeodlwrd. Mrs. waovavrecefit patient of the nu 'butxhos’r-cecovered now. PM ,‘ Victim Leonhard iflzeiter was i; patient at: airbase; «is: 4 mangrcrfloh'ildren, and one brother; Joseph I Poooisinvor xWfi'-| iboux. George and 4Am,died at the age of 2 and 9, respectively, and her parents and r 1 sister preceded her in death'i « Mus. Kiedmowslci was bonn on Feb. 9,1880, taut Winona, Minn, the damer of1.Mr. and Mrs. Woes Mold, and attended St. Stanislo“ ius School in Winma. being held for, hmings heron {juvenile authorities. The motile: 01“ one at boys said she blam Ed liar,,son's carrier the troubli he is now in. In Canth v. A. Hospital .— Rex-r left Beach 1an Wednesday ,‘m‘omimg, going t1 Fang-6,»; where he was met b: _Earnie“somnit. The men the: She.wasymm~fied*me to Fellxawem Ion‘mr'Wlimipeg. Mmmm , 1903. 1 “i9: mum mm. .J 1 so vim 'dmoh Oanadd;iwhere Rex Entered uh Vetevansémsdrnhiistwtion Hospi oal_.ttl1oé§g.jw§1ere he underg .W‘mceéve tree‘me fo ‘ u; my; stroke. "I'h was 84 years Sunday. m‘yvmt his mum, Nick for a Ia V A, “memo has: dawn He elder I when he wast'reateo g -. Phillip-’5 , £10,, an ' om mew a-,sf-M.«nm ~ . . whim; ~' oases It ‘ '