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March 3, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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March 3, 1960

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1 ,i BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER x JU~ING TO ~CORD--John Thomas, of Boston University, dears the bar to leap higher than any man in history. He set a world indoor record of 7 feet, one and one-half inches, in the Millrose Games in New York, which is one-half inch higher than the outdoor mark set by Yuri Stepanov ot Soviet Russia. I Scouting Passes Five Million In Membership Dtu'ing its 5{)th anniversary, observed Feb. 7 to 13, the Boy Scouts of America annonnced it had passed the five million mark in active membership, according (o word received by Glenn C. Van- tine. president of the Missouri Val- ley Council. Dr. Arthur A, Schuck, Chief Ex- ecutive of the Boy Scouts of Amer- ica, told local Scout officials that 1959 closed with 5,043,195 boys and adult leaders active in the move- ment, an all-time high in active membership. The boy membership shows 3. 686,763 registered a gain of 71,690 or 2.0 per cent during the year. Cub Scouts, a program for boys eight, nine, and ten years of age, total, 1,822,062, a gain of 7,558. There are 1,589,138 Boy Scout~, a gair~ of 46,090 or 3.0 per cent. Explorers in posts, ships, and squadrons total 275,563, a gain of 18,042 or 7.0 per cent. Dr. Schuck also said there arc 1,356,432 adult leaders in the move- meat, a gain of 20,620 or 1.5 per cent. On Dec. 31 last there were 129, 097 units, a gain of 4,538 over the previot#s year or 3.7 per cent. There are not 47,286 Cub Scout ~aeks, 60,505 Boy Scout troops, 21, 306 Explorer units. Since its founding fifty years ago Boy Scouts of America has ended each year with a gain in member-. ship Since 1910 there have been over 31.500,000 boys and leaders identifid with the Boy Scouts of Am.ert~a. The Missouri Valley council, Boy Scouts of America ended 1959 with 137 units, of which 57 are Cub Scout packs, 70 Boy Scout troops and l0 Explorer units. The Council leads the 17 councils in Region 10 in percentage of gain in Scouting ur~ts in 1959 and ranked fourth in percentage of gain in boy mem- bership. ---C]-- State Offers 1960 Edition of The new 1960 highway map of North Dakota, complete with new full-color scenic pictures and first- time designations, is now available for distribution Requests for the new map should be addressed to the State Highway Department, fourth Floor, State Capitol. Bismarck. In addition to the new photo- graphs, the Highway department has included scenes from the now- famous "Old Four Eyes" outdoor drama at the Burning Hills Amphi- ON THE RUN--Civilians dash through the street~ as troops held fire. The action came as insurgent of Algiers to crash through paratroop lines sur- leaders rejected what they said was a surrender rounding the insurgent barricades. Thousands of ultimatum from the army, calling it an insult, and the demonstrators managed to Join the "rebels" demanded overthrow of Gen. Charles de Gaulle. , - i State to Adopt , Accounting Book A new accounting manual will be developed by the Department of Public Instruction. Slate Superin- tendent M. F. Peterson said today. The purpose of the new accounting manual and procedures are in keep- ing with reeommendntions from U. S. Office of Education and in keep- ing with the needs of the state. Before developing the manual and making changes m the present sy- stem, Peterson said, the present methods must be evaluated. The State Superintendent has appointed Dr. A. L. Gray, University, Grand Forks: Hamilton Vasey, Superinten- dent. Fargo; T. E. Simle. Superin- tendent, Bismarck; Luba Johnson and Helen Sprouse, County Super- tendents, Rolla and Ellendale; El- mer Johnson, Superintendent and Clerk at Kenmare; and R. B. Lud- vigson, Clerk, Valley Ci,ty, to serve on the evaluation committee, The accounting manual committee includes Dr. Merritt Flynn, North Dakota Agricultural College; A. L. Hagen, Superintendent~ Dickinsom Harold Wakefield, Superintendent. LaMoure; Florence Rasmusson and @RONCHI |N MO$COW--ArrivinE at the airport in Moscow, Helen Jacobson. County Superm- Italian President Giovanni Grouch| (left) is welcomed by So- tendents. Grand Forks and Willis- -- ton" Dorothy Moses Clerk Bis theater near Medora and a scene viet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev. r, hroncnl s visit to trusses ', --, " cDaOdWs~dAIOM~er~THaEfteBrAtRh~CFAreD:cS;~en~tt~eg:nrkSevd~t am;~t ~ar:ii- ~r;arnma '~=:~tlnWgeS~en:?~ea~Untd trI has become the center of a sharp political controversy inItaly m~r~: tnv~ ~ceo=gnelttStersOUP1~e?::s-:n gi ', " Custer' ~- ~ ' ',' ~. said- will meet with tmernbers of dent Charles de Gaulle collapsed. The "rebels surrendered s Last Stand. l ~ ~:.~~!~ -. ' mt~l:lfp ~tit'~e ~airth ::rea fi:?:rgeftt: tt~he'a;ndY~U~de?rnaUlmti;" ~lTtmhe~F~al;'~a?I~: lwuS!Sn~an~ir~a~t~h4)e I t~i~~ ~!ii!iii!iii~i!!iiiii~ ii! Di!Ianr~nean~"i fU~g~ ~!!trraud" = = ~i::~::iiii'."i~!.~~i::i!!;!i~i~:~ tion is embarking on a program of t=anaman ooraer to 'L~rayton tinter .:::~i~:::;:. ======================= .":~.~:~::~:::.~ : :~::~:~ -/ ~! ::::::::::::::::: '.::: improving its statistical servmes ~ '.'<~'". " :,state 29) The proposed route for/ [~~ "~f~;~;~i~;~~~i:~:~:~:~:~:~ " |~~ ~~:~?"::':~:~:i~ oom m me couection and dissemina- mmm~,~~~ " - " ~ me remaining poruon oz oom ~ree- / |~~ ~~~iJ~.~ :::~: tion ~ ~: :~:!~!i~,'~ ! u, ~uct~ ana aata. ~':'~ ':- -- - - -- -- - ! ways ~s also rod,cared, t ~~ ~'~~~ ~ --~].-- Roadside rest areas are maintain-[ ~ 4-~EAR TRIAL SHOWS --~~.~ ed throughout the state by local[ ~~ ~~',~~l IRRIGATION BENEFITS ~~~%.~ communities and by the Highway[ ~~ ~~!/ l~rrI~a~ed lan " Department These areas are de-[ ~~ ~:!;~:~l ,o d v,u~ty~elded dry- " ~~- - --~ ~~~ land more than 2 to 1 in a 4~year sighted on the new map by picnic~ ~~[~l~ ~/iiii~ stud'- com-'~* ~~l~ tables--blue for locally maintain-| ~.::1 ~~'~i~ ~" p,~eu ~ yea, oy me Wllhsto Bra ~~:.:' -~ led and red for state maintained, l :~~i] ~l;~~ ' ' n nch Station of the Raidio and television stations are/ ~!1 ~~ NDAC Agricultural Experiment ~~.:.~ listed also, along with historical [ ~iJ ~-:: : -: Station. The report was made by sites and parks. Finally, speed laws ] ~il ~" : :- - an~'w ~,~or~Mer.aOlS n superintendent, license requirements and accident[ ~!il-:.- - --:-:- - -- = onomis ~: pusta, assistant agr- ee. - - : -- : -: ] L reporting procedures are given a [ ~ -~.~: "t, f Willisto;a, ~W-~l/ll~/1 [commanding spotE~" the back ] The dryland proauction was on' -- ~- "- . ' -- ~ ~~~ fallow land. therefore 2 acres LR ' ' i::i! :::~iii"'.:;:ii~::::i~iii~ '::: ' ~::~ ~~~ were required' for every" acre of Fay Brown io I crop produced, on an annual basis' : - - ~ ~ ~---. -- / i ~i!i~i~::!~i!i~ii~i~i!~ii!:!`!!~!~iiii~.~ii!i~i~!~ii:iiii~:~/!::ii!i~!ii!:~::~ ~!~: .:- - : "" When comparisons were m = : ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ade on I| |~"~'~$ ~ ~ ~!:;:!":~:~:~;~i:!i~;:!i~:i~:~i:!:~!!;~!~1 ~: ~- ---i---the bas~s of production per acre ,for ; IaIe bUY = duction is ore than ;o; " I [ A'bout the s " ,OUND IN BOWS HOME--Police Lt. Kenneth Layne holds part existed in thym:sP~fdt~Ctrin nirah [. North Dakota Repubhcans met [ of a Nazi uniform (right) which was found in the home of a v~h~ - "~ ~-~ " . . lage, [ ~e~:~P!i~nra:u~gZhdih! pf~zSmlP!!~ [ l:~l:~rs~dagKo~eSa. ~kC~t~t iM ~rYa wUitnhgabf;thth:ob?~b{~gr~t~a ~ihi:!~i:f~el!:~c!rit'ecoii~ ~ l~~ "= ~ - -~- l ' l say that from 40 to 80 high school boys were organized into a ~ ~,~+~ ~ . . ' , ~~ [and general, elections. [ **Nordic Reich," with one boy designated as the "Fuehrer" cro~,~ ~.t~er In s,~imulafing Tne par~ys statecentralcom- '-- "-"'~ . P proouctlonlS trle mos~: oDvi- I mittee approved both the budgot/S "" TO ONCER activities at the orth Dakota Win-[ous westo orth a ota ~~ ] and a revamping of county quotas [PRODLEMS OF AGING ]ter Show in Valley City March 7-[ General i, lig~der-textured and ] according to a formula of p~aula-[ 1960 will be a year devoted to18. ]~ell-.drained softs are best for Jr- |tion, Republican vote~ in 1958 and [ researe]h, study, and tact-finding[ Grain raised by FFA memhersinga~mn These are the soils which ~-'-~ :-:~- :-] [ county contributions to vartv ex-[effort on the problems of aging as part of their farmln ~o rams would probably demonstrate the -- :--~y-r ~ ]peases last year - - [Health, Welfare, and other govern-]in vocational agricultugrePwgl be lgreatest yield increases when ir- meat agencms as well as hundred~ [ State Re~ R Fa~, Br~wn "~ ~is [ " - [exhibited in the FFA division of Jr|gated. On the other hand, heavy [marck was"" designated"state*c~m.] f tat.crested citizen group~, will be [the state crops show Entries re-[textured soils with good water working owara zne ~m~ wm~e ce~vlng the blue ribbon award notamg capac~t are not wel END OF REBELLION--With the end of the Algerian rebellion at [ paign director by Brown only per- ]w "~ " r [ " ' ' [ " ' y I suited . ' ~r~ouse t~onxe ence on Aging sia~ea I will be entered automatmallyin for ~rmgatmn Som hand, a guard who had been on burr|cane auty in Aigmrs mr[ ou ptt~ up xor me JOb, will serve~for Janua-- 1961 ' ' " [. " " . e of these soils wRho I ry the o en classes nave ~ven many hour~ without sleep is helped away by comrades after[ " ut sa ary. [ ' [ P . ] g" higher yields on dry- he collapsed. So did the French colonial revolt against Presi-,A promise from Gov. Nelson[no~ V:~n~/ :p~t~m=~S :;sj::~,Future Farmers will take part in]land operation than when irrigat- dent de Gaulle as strongholds were deserted by the insurgents. [Rockefeller of New York to ap-I [the John Sheppard Livestock jud-le~. [pear in North Dakota to fill a[~. ~muzz, ~srnarcK: as execu~ive[ging contest March 7. Some will] All dryland plots except corn, T ~TI" ~with an except|onto recora ior em-]speaking engagement was re,~ortod[secretary or me ~zaze house t;on-lexhibit in the Juni-r F-'---i'-- ~'e lwere on " ~' : -- javcees n0n0r = ploying the physically handicspped/to the committee by Arley B. Bjella/~or~rn~e ~61A~gt m preparatio~ [state FFA crops ju~ging+Ucon~es+~s [ous year; 'tl~: :;r~ ;a~ ~P:tsPrT~e ,4g I was presenzea to me r~orm ~a~u~a/of Williston, stat~ chairman ~ . . e ~ouse t:on~er [March 8 The three members hav- /were ,qan+,~ " ' b Walt No date for Ro," enee. The steering committee, com. . . ~. ~=u u, p~vwea out aita- r[rl ~[F Ntff [HospitalServme Assn y [ . . ckefellers appear-[posed primaril-" of interde-art Ling the highest mdlwdual scores[Ira ground or on ground which /fU1 Yfl11TIf1' I 1 il ]Johnson, chairman of the Gover-lance has been set. I ~ ~. ~ :" [in the contest will receive an all- had followed alfalfa All 1an .~,~j~, a, ~,u,~ ~'"~'~1 I,~,~,~ ~,~,~i ~m,~nvment of, -r-L /menta~ persons, met ~wo-naay ~reo ~ ^ ~; ,: . [ p tings . . I ~--~s I ~-~ /D ~'n ~+ ,~.~.~ ~ ~ I~p~av ~lJ ~u ~.~ ~p~x~ u~/a~ Dotn sites were fertili~ to nrO- t~r~ ,~N [the Handicapped. Accepting thel~ . 1 ~ 1 1:- ~ ~ P-~ ~. p,~:-,~ u, [guest.@ ~)f the M~inneapolis Grain[vide adeoua*e :~-/~---,~ -~-:: op rarmer : atiW rr ePo tyoF .':lbenIl'al .xcnanae |ernor /).avis will announce th; [ xchange. J pi at, rrr zatto The North Dakota Junior Cham-[ Pr--- Blue Shield [ ~=tl ~lr~l= ~ [Governor s statewide Committee [ ~= ]water was applied on the irrigated her of Commerce honored Richard[ Bob Quandt, Fargo, state pres Irlans npelme ] %Al~tsngCa~nn~Ieuvelen, exeeutlveJ ~ [Pt'~e?ie~?~tained in this study a~rv~is~ilfi~umr, in~e~irdiiln~iy::~i[ ~~!~?~!!!~] ~i!i~!~h~.b~!~gi!~ili~!/~~ [Stoudt Jr Jamestown auto and im- dent, .presented a plaque given by The Farmers Union Ce d~rector o he ~~"- [~~shoul n " c.~,~::,~,o~ ,h,~ ,~,~ ~,As outstanding young farm "I to the Oil Basin pipeline which is,p a blessings, but that [ [however, that the prospect~ of |n- ed s~erv~ice~a~w'ard "as ou~t'st'an~in'g[ and Yeceived $2(}0 from the N. D.[ partly owned by th'-e Central Ex-[:ar eless a~.enflo.n to everyday sat-] [creasing er<)p yields by ~r@lgatio~ ~y precauuons ~s no~ one of them are ood in North Dak oun~, ~ man of the year, winnin~|, Rural Eleqtric Assn which was I, change, and which now transports. ~[ -4:3 ,J ] g ~. ota, this title over 18 other nominees[ presented by Eddie Kleven, Devils[ refined products from Laurel and [jmt ~ ~a ~,--::'----[,~ " of local chapters. Strand was nam-[ Lake, association director. Strand~ Billings, Mont. to Glendive. [D'I]R~'w~'I~--~ ],Spring is the ~est season for ed outstanding young farmer from]also earns a trip to Bakersfield,[ Minot would be the North Da-[ ~ore'~h'~ ~""~ ^~,~^~ . [ [oats germination and every effort among 20 contestants. [Calif for national awards compe-I kota distribution center for retail lct~i~e ~u~-Y~Y . ,~ :~ a~ agrz-[ [must be made to germlnate ~md A memt" award for the employer tit|on. JJ refinery products. /'"~'~-~ ~p~uu'~'~'^"~en~s ~a~ tutake par~'~n~tru ~ ~ln z'~'A [ ~klllfore aSmid.June.many crops as possible be-