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March 7, 1963     The Billings County Pioneer
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March 7, 1963

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THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1963 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, MEDORA, N. DAK. children. I have retired and in- , , ,,, ,,, I ity benefits. My wie Says that if I do this it will force her to take a reduction in her wife&apos;s benefit which she doesn't want. Would you please caarLC-y this for us? mMt, ..... ANSWHR: I your w&fe .iles DOGS SHOULDN'T RUN ":' ,l A'tA/L ' for her benefits ,ow they will: HOMES Ques 00ons be reduced. However, shedoesn't have to file an application simply 'By Bob Bart because you do so. She can wait Manager, FrlskledReHarchKennell until she is 65 and qualL for a There's many a dog In the fun onealf of your unreduced country today running hie home ,* ""''" *" amount. ,I sttggest aat you and and family, a Job he isn't qual- m,. k,..'iPuc,,.o-. A.o HLS .i *,*,,,,-,*-,'"" your wife call a your social ifled for. ..,.,' .,,*...-, With access to any Zumitte, .... r .., ..... . ; security odie for more detailed he usually picks the most com. -- ,. , information regarding the matter, fortable chair in the house and Readers are invited to submit : ' ' their questions to Social Security .dministration. P. O. Box 869, Bismarck, N. Dak. Questions will be answered in this column and an individual reply sent to each wrRer. Q'ION: How long can a man get disability payments under social security? : If his condition doesnt improve, he draws dis- aity insurance benefits until he's 65. At thee time he's switch- ed over to retirement payments. The amount of his check doesn't chamge, however. QUESTION: My sister is a widow. She gets social security for herself and her ree children on her husband s'- sociM security record. I ,knv the cildrens'- checks will stop as each reaches Billings County Pioneer A Continuation of , ;R wm my sister's check QUTON: Vv'hy has the con- .. :. vv...., trbution rate of social security stop too. i r se ............ ,* ^ taxes been scheduled to nc ea A:SVV: xes, ix sne lsnz v .... 1 9 . , perloalcal y. by the =th'ne the youngest child s .,m,. ,. ..... bet of older cnec- - smp, ne" r benefits will be "'':= ........... " . . suspended until she does reac l:Pl:hnefot he CeUrn%v erC=:s 62 ', i  I 6, . J  ! T,rc, T m ; nI ha are exoected to grow for many .^','-'.''.==..o",,*l'--'- years. Income frovn the gradually l ,,.,,,a ,,o,. ,lied for social increasing soneame oI ta es . ,,.. ._: , ...... . the lw wfl meet Fins e petted I 1 em Io ed or the ast 30 ears iumre rse in costs wmou "t Y: P Y P Y " " o .............. led Am I ruptmg the economy by np s- i ,.;.;. - .-,,., ,,,;ol ,ur;t Ing me wnole tax nee<leG o ' ' ,''s[ [t: "':__ '.,  _ support he )rograrn all at once. ! Dene,l.l,s ;.no or nlt . w t until, 65,?  I :!&WR: YO?ulfIneRbra RotlarA:,RaLOn? Mr and el ig.zbl fr your ......... s ,Mrs Clarence Satre of Sentinel now: ., your Ul..DILI.Iy 1 SO " . ..... ---* * reven *o -'ou from Butte s now takmg his basic " " " -s" n tramlng m the U S Air Forc a. ergaglng many zype o sup la -i ....... 2: " .. . , bacKlana A,ll, Tex. lie S a re- tlal work 'You should vst or call ........... . ...... cent graduate o enune ue: your soci security ome *m- t .............. , ,,:,to:,. ,v,.,.,, ....... :::-_ J InstRute at Minneapolis, Minn. ! snoula also alSCUSS wm mere .... e--f r induction  the possiilRy of qualifying for renFAepr:eed; O in Schen immediate reduced old-age bene- ............. *:i ..... f ectauy, w x, ann ns starer ana his 1endlng a determlnatmn o ,  . ".' ..... : '' '" " ";'" licati , nusvano, mr. ana 2rs. Jutmn your o.sUly aPp on. l. ' n _ ^ , .... Shields and family at Aubux , 'QUTqRON: I ,u, * ........ III. aged 68 and have always paid on softest touch, When time to "THE BADLANDS COWBOY" Established in 1883 BARNHART, naging Editor WALTER R. BRATTON Editor - Publisher Sttlscripti<m: $1.50 per year in advance Ettered in the Post Office at Medora, Billings County, North Dakota, Feb- Ty 15, 1934, as second class matter. under the Act of Marcia 3, 1879. tal Newspaper o the County o4 INnings, State of North Dakota, and printed at Beach, North Dakota. Wm. W. Eichhorst Attorney With offices in BELFIE LD SATURDAYS MONDAYS - WEDNESDAYS the maximum under social secur, i iT sixce farmers were first cover- : ed. Z ,operate my own ar. For the past two winters my wife and I hkVe spent a' month or two of he.winter in Florida. I wa9 re-I cerEy informed that my wife  a'nd I could get our social security i payments for the montl we spedd away from the arm. Is this correct? AlgSW: [t is prob@hly cor- rect ,,,+ vut you and your wfe must $fle, pplicaions to do So. Your applications can be retroactive for %S much as 12 months before .the,month in which they are filed'. You and your ,,ife shotfld --emd-- file:applications immedia;ely to TUESDAYS - THURSDAYS prevent fu!ther loss of benefits, FRIDAYS t : QLsrION: My rie and I 'had I M E D O R  [ an argament bout sociM scour- J .ji]-_//[ ity We' are ,both 64 an have no ] 1 LARRY'S I *, * ' |[ BLACKSMITH: :WELDING |1 Will Be Open Monday, March 11. Will Carry Stock of Bolts and Steel. Located 3Vz Blocks East Of Err Ueckert's on 2nd Street NE .in Beach LARRY JANDT $ $1 !1 i15111511151W$11111511115151111111111111155t I15il11151551151111111!$1WI11t$$15$151 SAL- OF OIL -D oAs LF--SES On the 27th dzy o March 1963, at 9:0 o'clock A.M., the Board of University and School Lands will sell at. public sale to the highest bidder, oil and gas leases on the lands hereinafter described: COUNTY OF BILLINGS turn in for the night arrives, he To Bismarck Clinic-= races to and from the bedroom R<)bert T. E. Jones took his wife until the family feels forced to to Bismarck this Monday where retire. she will have a checkup at the Most of these traits indicate clinic after being hospitalized at intelligence and affection and Golden Valley Co. Hospital Men-i are desirable when kept within day, Feb. 25. Her parents, the l reason. Dudley Fultons are caring for Since a dog can learn quickly the Jones baby. to take undue advantage of URANIUM LEASING NOTIClm Notice is hereby given that tl Manager of The Bank of North Dakota, as Trustee for the State of North Dakota, will offer for lease the undivided fifty percent (0%) of the uranium and asso- ciated fissionable minerals, ex- clusive of oil and gas, in or under- lying the hereinafter described lands at public auction to the highest bidder at the offices of said Bank in the City of Bismarck, N. Dak., on March 26, 1963, at the hour of 9:30 A. M. Any leases is- sued pursuant to said auction shall be for a primary term of five (5) years at an annual delay rental of one dollar ($1.09) per mineral acre in advance, sueh rental to be deductible ,from royalties paid year by year, and shall provide' for payment of statutory royal- ties, but not less than one-eighth (%th) of the gross value at the mine of all ores shipped or sold from any part of the leased prem- ises. The said lands are described: Tract I. Southeast Quarter (SE'A) of Section Ten (I0), Township One Hundred Thirty-seven (]37) North, of Range One Hundred (100) West Tract 2. North Half (N}z) of Sec- tion Eleven (11), Township One Hundred Thirty-seven (137) North, of Range One Hundred (100) West, all in Billings County, North Da- kota. All proceedings for lease will be in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 38-11 N.D.C.C., and the successful bidder will be required t,) pay an amount equal to the first year's rental plus the amount of bonus bid and costs of adver- tising at the time of leasing Member F.D.I.C. BEACH, N. DAK Tp. Range Section Description . . .37 402 14 13'/ 1{)2 1G 137 102 16 136 100 6 138 100 8 138 100 16 138 100 32 i138 1{)1 8 13"8 i(I 16 :1,8 101 28 138 102 6 138 102 16 138 10 26 138 102 34 ,138 102 36 139 200 19 139 100 2O 13@ 100 30 139 100 30 139 I00 31  100 32 139 100 32 39 101 16 130 101 36 139 102 22 139 102 26 139 102 28 139 102 28 139 40 31 339 102 34 34 36 EVz :, ..... i; W% , %; sw . NW% All W%NE%; ENW4 All E% . , , Lots 3, 4, 5, & 13 .., . All All N% All S E% , ESE% ' NE% SWA All ' All E'/ N'WA E'/2SV; Lots 3 & 4' . NW,%NE; NEASW% ' 320 1 ,lO2 NWSW,; S/SW'A; SWNWA; SW;,S; 2OO 139 102 All 640 MineralAcres The Bank of North Dakota re- ............ serves th? rlght to reject any and 88.60 all bids. 160 Dated at Bismarck, North Da- 30 242.28 160 64O 80 320 640 160 75.71 640 64O 64O 8O I@0' 4O 3O 8O 160 80 64O 64O 30"/.20 32O 32O 8O 77.18  ' TOTAL 9,350.9'/ The sale will be held in the hearing rom On the ground floor of the State Capitol Building at Bismarck. Leases will be issued for f.ive years at an annual rental of 25c per mineral acre: Bictding will be on the bonus, the minimum of which is $1.00 per rfineral' acre. The sucoesful bidder must pay for the eclats of publishing he notices of sale, and must pay one year's rental plus che bonus on the day of' "he sale in bankable funds. Dated at Bisrftarck, North Dakota, tbAs 21st day o rebrtmry, Itm. ALBERT SCHMALJERGER. Land Commissioner (March 7-14) HI OIL AND GAS I,EASE N0']P]C Notice is hereby given that the Manager ,f The Bank of .North Dakota, as Trustee for the State of North DaR0ta will offer for oil and gas leasing the five per centum (5) or'the fifty per centum (50%) of the oil and natural gas in or' underl'ylng the hereinafter described lands at public auction tn the hl'heSt bidder at the offices of the said Bank in the Clty of Blsmrek. North Dakota. on March 26. 1963, at the hour of nine-thirty A M ' Ahy ]easet issued ursuant to said auction shall be for a 'term of ft#e" ('') ,ears at an annual rental of twenty-five cent- (2,c) per are and hall provld for s royalty of one-eighth (th) of all otl'and  produced an shnll continue in effect as long as oi] or gas I, D'dueed thereunder in commercial quantities. Tb Manager reserve 'he right to reeet any and all offers and blds. The said lands are ldehtlfled and described as* follows: ' :' IN BILLINGS COUNTY. NORTH DAKOTA Mineral File No. Twp. Rge. See. Description, ' 'Aes 1 11222 138 100 2 Lots 1-2, SNE., ...... ....;. 80.05 2 1579 128 100 33 SEV4 .................... ..,.., .... $0 3 12252 15R 100 34 NEI/ ................ - ..... " ..... 0 4 7654 139 100 32 SE .......................... 80 All proceedings for lease shall be had in accordance with the provisions of Sections 15, 17, 1 and 20 of Chapter 28-09 N.D.C.C. and the successful bidder will be required to pay au amount equal to the first year'r rental plus the ammmt of bonub bid and costa of adver- ttslng at the time of leaslne" Dated at Bismarck. North Dakota. this 27th day of February, 1963. THE MANAGER O" THE BANK OF NORTH DAKOTA, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA. 700 MAIN AVENUE, BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA, humans, it's important that you take a firm stand when he's still young and not always give him his own way. And every- one in the family must agree on the prescribed do's and dent's, for it won't take long for him to find out who the weak sister is in the group. Feeding "rip: A necessary ad. junct to the food your pet gets i. the proper exercise. This will ]ielp reduce the danger of the dog becoming overly fat. A bal. (anced diet, like that lovided in a top quality prepared dog .(ood such as Friskies, and ex. ercise x'vill help keep your dog healthy. !ota, this 27th day of February, 1963. THE MANAGER OF THE BANK OF NORTH DAKOTA, AS TRUSTEE FOR THb: STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA, 700 MAIN AVENIE, BISMARCK. NOI{.TH DAKOTA. 3/8-15 n*vBone @&ealMh O IN NORTH DAKOTA BEER IS A NATURAL Brewed slowly, by a centuries-old natural process, beer is North Dakota's traditional beverage of moderation-- light, sparkling, delicious. And naturally, the Brewing Indusby IS proud of the con- tribution it makes to the North Dakota eoNlmJthrouh its purchase of premlum malting barley, through wages, advertising, rentals, Insurance, transportRtlon and utili- ties. Money made in North Dakota, lpent In North Dakota. In North Dakota, beer belongs, enjoy it. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. DAKOTAS DIVISION ALCW Plan Spring Convention The execuve board of the Dickinson Conference of the American Lutheran C h u r c h Women met in Dickinson at St. John's on Friday, March 1. Plans were made for a most interesting Spring Convention to  be held at Iettinger on April 26, congregations in the Dickinson Conference. Present at the planing meet- img were Mrs. W. E. Sol, berg, Bowman, :Dickinson Conference President; Mrs. Gilman Knutson, Dunn Center, vicepresident; ls. Kenn Hedman, Scranton; sec- retary; Mrs. Lee Hutchinson, Taylor, treasurer; Miss ERa Kan rath, Mott, education secrary and M.iss Mildred Monks, Dikin, beginning with coffee hour and son, stewardship secretary,. Also the convention wilt open at 9:30. present from our host church for The theme of the convention is, 'Do in the Name of I the convention were Mrs. Orville Lord Jesus." Those attending the, Seinerson and Mrs. Emil Geise comvention will .be from .the 38 of Hettinger.  i [ BROGAN & BROGAN, INC. l | , 1109 First Ave. N., | | Billings, Montana | i PhoneBillings 252-4159 i -_. or _. | BROGAN & BROGAN, INC. i | I| P.O. Box 607, | /| Beach, North Dakota | t| Phone 872-3224 | / ! We have an unlimited supply of cash for 1 /i first mortgage ranch loans, i l| Licensed and Bonded in Montana l /i and North Dakota i i Mr. F. M. Thrifty says . . . LADIES, IT DOESN'T TAKE LONG to bank-by-mail. 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