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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
March 17, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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March 17, 1960

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I-IE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. DAI THURSDAY, MARCH 17 1960 COINS and STAMPS gt!y s,t.t dyin~,~ the coin has jump- ;: e cc~:!.ccthm.< hoards, or Mos.t bureau statistics do not HOSPITALNOTES,BIRTHS: ed his tro'.iev bvL actuahly he accumulations will seldom ever take manu'faetmqng co,sls irate Mr. and Mrs, Chuck 1:; a w- ' read collector gel back into circulation again, accouter. They instead ~mw rev- GIeNERA'L AIXMI'S~IONS: ,boy. a d h~as ppicc, m:.ul:age and con- thus the Federal Government enus from seigni'orage---a fancy Gone Basaa, aba, Rudy S~auer, Mr.and Mrs. Keith dillon oi each date p retJty well will have to m,anu, new term mem~in,g the d,ifferen'ce be- Mrs. A,be Lemire, Kol~te Ku- boy. ]~tome, Dyk~ us, mem,orized. Some are colq'e~t~n,g coins to rep,lacc the ones Vhat tween the face value of new kowski, Leonard Be~glMey, Mrs. one ~f eaOh date and mir~t mark, are taken ou.t of circulatio,n and coins and the cost of the me~al b~rank K.nud'son, Mrs I~n Know- In Hospital -- some, ~ne of each type, others that's when ~he Govern, merit th,at wer~t into t~em. los, INane McDanold, J~mmie Ch,a~ie Oav.lson the If you have a question about try to get a roll ~f eac~h ~ate, starts, s~all we say 'co,in,lug qlhese figures clearly show ,that Aberne~Jhy, Do~ I o ~wt, Fayne Jah.nstone Mere. tlospi.~al for ,oms or statues or a ~mrticular ~tii'l others hoard pract~,ca~l~y a~l money' The ?:aragrap~ts that ~the bureau m,akes its b~ggt q coin, or stamp, write to this older ~aeed c~i~s, these are ac- follow expl, ad~ ,t~ profit the mint profi.t on pen, hies and nickels I~,nne~berg, Bill Kie~vowski, treMznen, t for a mild heart Coa- cohlmn, c/o News, Beach, N. cumul'aters as ~ey don~ p~y'ma'kes on coins i~t isssues:--- In 1958 i,t paid $3:,'666,9~4 f{~r $'a~e Duk~,t, Ceci'l Geary, Mrs. d~$ion, ,t~is Tues. moxr~ing, lie O~arence Dv,enson, M,rs. Daisy yeas pt~t under ap oxygen ~t, D: and we will try to furnish tOO muc~ a~ter~tion tO co~&ition "I~e bureau of ~he m.i~t is coppe~r, n, iokel, ti, n and ~i~sed Wassnmm% Mrs. Glenn L~Mnan, a~d was hre~i~g mu0h easier with an answer or direct Of ~e co'm, and there are ~ makir~g aIpney on its ~mmey- to m~l~e pen,nes and rgcke~S: ~at Mrs. M. D. Bushman. a s~o,t ti, me latetr, a,nd w~ rein- you to .nomeone who can. w.h~ buy and save all rolls ~f mak4~g oper~ti, ons. You cot~ld do operation nested unol~:'~m~ Over SUttGIgRY: ir~g omfovh~bl.y. H,is f.rien~ h~e ===. ~ .==.==~. uncircueated coins, that they can .l~te some. i you could leg~l!y $2q m~,l'i'on. ' Notice Roberts, Jerry M l,ler, t~t,he w~ill; raisin his, uII ~CO'N COLLECTORS --- get ah~Id oi; this is done most- n-~u.feoture 100 pe.n~ies fox 27e 'In 1958 the mine used]:abdut strength very soon. ~ r ----- ----Hdw ma~y people i.a t~is area ly fox" speculation purposes." ~ fox t~. d~lar; .w~rth of nickel for $35 mi:btion d01],ars worth of M1- Gilbert Etme . have you seen inspecting a coin WeU, anyway, whate,~r l~ind ju~; 12 cer~s, ver to, make col,us wovt~ over i~**r~tly? ~ome even use a small of collector you run ir~to,~h'6 i~ T~at's ihe ~l~td of profit the $68 mi~on. i . ---, iaoln --- l~,Ot "'m~.gnif-yil2g gq2a~s. "l~le doing you and all of us a f~vor, rmn~ts are ma.krr~g. WESTLUND WRITE- &rug' s~res are really sell- He is the on, iy person,w~m is The bureau made av,ai~ble . I~ -- ", ' ?/~ Z ] ~gq . ?~ . ~ . ! ing ~the~e th, ir~gs and were h~v-aetua, l, ly dee,'easing our tra ional a ',J~udy wl~ich sh,owed ttmt it A letter fxom .F.J. W ,e,e,e,e~tmd ,~ ~ ' ~. ~ ,/ '" ~ i~g~iro~ble keopir~g them in stock debt vg,lt~r~arHv, ot~s~de tff'il~e makes a profit of 73c on every of timnmve, v~no ts a mer~er o~ " a-waile back stump eal:leeto'.r, Wliose ~ol~by 100 pen,hies it man, ufactures, the Gate C:~ty Coin Club .fim~'e y~pi"this sure looks likethe wor .:; the same way. M, antffaetuvin'g costs come to 8c an4 the ecru anal s~amp ctu~ In " - ---- and me~al costs 19e. The rest is Beach, em tl~s column, states that' [orefi, t he i~ ve~'y in~er~ted in the, -"" " i-On lfic,kels, [t takes ontly 9.c project (W~tlun.d refers to ~t~i.'s ~.~ ~ [ worth o'f moba4 to nmke a do,lltar'~ column) and wl}l gl, ad, ly assist " ]i ~ ~o worth Manufacturing co~ts 3'c, wish the column in any w~ay he ~ =!i~!,leaving a profit of 88c. can. He goes on t,o say h.e is ~ "i~ The mint bu,siness is ~ prof- just a country boy m corr~par- ~ " '': Liable that some o~fici,a'ls wot~ld ison ~ some of .the collectors. z ~T ~" like to see con~re-~s drop the Well, cou, r~try boy' we 1,1 prob- practice oi malting art a,m~m! ~bly ask you to write pa~t ")f ': m t appro,pm, aWon lot t,he 'bureau. the eolu n 1 of these days. Mr., s,s ins4::~ts on ~rmk, in~g a Wes.tlund. a~so stated that .he /' #I token appro,m'ia~i~m, howevm', on ~s chckemrtg f~r an 1856 Fly~ng ,'~,the theory th'at this gives the leg- Eagle cent and hopes he gets it. i I~ |,isl.aters I' con,tral over t~he' That's pretty big Stttff you're In hhe 1957 fi.~cal year tat- ,est for wll, ic~t ~a,bU/,ation's are'Roy's Movie News--- avai.baMe the mint had a totalI -- ) i,n,come of n.early 94 mi"l~i:ion d:ol-i TItE ,Y. B. I. STORY tars A'bout h, alf of it was clear Here is a p~cture that every i profit, wh,ioh w~s turned over'man, w~man, and dhi'ld s~muld to the treasury's general fu'nd, see. It is a true story. ~t i's edu- ~ All this was do'n,e or au ap- catio,nal, as it ~h,ows w~a, at the t propviation of $3,650,000. IFBI is and wh, a,t it stands 15or. The mi~t even m,a,kes nmneyI "l~h,is is one o,f the first piotures ~ by the simple p~,0cess o,f buying~ ~h,at h~as ever been gvan~ted by ii silver bars. I,t pays about 91.e a the FBI to the motion picture ~:~ ~b. for silver buTl'ion, wh, iel~ is i,~dustry----to show its func~on- !!i then autom~atical'ly rewtlued at ~n,g, i,ts secrecy, and ies ed}fiei- t:~ $1.29 a l'b. is chine because ency. a l~o,und of silver is the m,o,n,e- "l'bis is t~e story of one of the [ RE~ULARLYAvYoO~ BANK/ ta.ry equiv~,Ic,~t of $1.29 wot, th of greatest men that has ever ---- security smt cer- tain m h~v~e a brilliant lash,ion career. Treasure the soft drew- maker l~ok . . . the ger~fly fi,~ted wais+.l,ine . . . the wrist level j~c~ket km,gth, i~-lhes lower for the new season, got~th~:r.a:flt says We fashion h~'tory in the n~ki~g, wMh the surprise of lustrous silk t~im f~r col~lav, tie and jew- e~led ~t c~. 100% v~orsted wool Re,pa:l~ae. Sizes 8-18. M,ade with A~MrO Cor~truotrion. $49.50 ) I To get rid of your barley and at the same time give you granary space for the crop coming upl From now until April 10th, we will pay $1 bushelfor barley weighing 46 ibs. or better per bushel, as a down payment on our good used =machinery and balance to be carried mtil fall ,J payments. We have several good used tractors - Model ffs, and Ninncap01is U's. ilii also applies to down payment on 630 and [::730new LP g~ r : I ' d presses, used '" new drills, , " I!'INANCIg 'i silver cei,t,i~ieates, v cmked for 'the ,PBI--Special In the 1,atest fiscal year, these A,gem ChipH, avdesty {James qu,}ek profits on s,i~ver btflMon Stew~a.~t). II.e has a wife ---- 3 [ came to neatqy 7 millon dd~ars, l~Ms.- mad r~ine lives --- and needs them all. If any of the following names mean an~ntlNir~g to you, then you ~ wll ce~tairflY war~t t see "The I I~~AI i 71) FBI S~ry" ;-~ J,ohn DiHd,~cr,} . T US(SS Pretty Boy l~yd, ~e Gun! KeEy, Ma Darker, a~d gabby Face[ Ne~. t 2~1,1 of ,th, is you can see in coG] or at the Bijou ~e~tve on Sun :N~on and Tues 1V~ 20, 21 arid 22. "Ilhis picture has made record ul~l over t~e cou, n~ta-y and ~;,~:;~ has smas~hed the Best Sel'ler Rec- "i ( ord. I,t h,as sold over 17,000,000 "copies here and abroad. l~The Pare ln~,/s magazine rated t~ as ~b~o~bir~g and ix~irir~g It l eceived the Blue IUDbon Award~ and the Special Meri.t Award, arid it received an exce,l,ler~t rat- ing as a rm ional award. Good Corn Silage FOR SALE-- Inquire ~Mr, Zinsli,at Beach Locker Pl, ant 27-2tp Writ. W. Eichhorm Attorney of |ices in BE LFI E LD SATURDAYS MONDAYS WEDNESDAY~ -- and -- TUESDAYS . TT~UI~SD,e,Y~ FRIDAYS MEDOR~ : -- -- I HER COMMISSIONING IN 1954. NUCLEAR POWERED SHIP EVER VOYAGE "UNDER THE TOP" OF THE WORLD. MORE THAN 320 FEET LONG, THE NAUTILUS CAN CRUISE ALMOS' INDEFINITELY ON ITS SMA[ ATOMIC "PILE" Did you ever watch a ripple make its ever widening circl $ when you drop a rock into the water? That's the way a new industry affects a community's ec dollar of income has a far reaching and ,e er' widening through the business channels of a community. Every new Agriculture is l 0rtli Dakota's main source of income, but it must be bal- anced wlth industry. ere are opportunities tO orien sma!l m, i dustrles basedupon agricultural commodities and on rural needs. ' " The North DakOta ment industry that will help you put more more job opl rtunitles to retain its reate t et--itsl ple. , ,'3 ,'1 .: