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Beach, North Dakota
March 24, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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March 24, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER t Replace Orphange -.> :: / Villa Nazareth, new children's group care for approximately 40 home to replace the condemned Stchildren. At left is the circular .John's Orphanage, will he built this chapel with the new Catholic Wel- spring and summer on a site south fare Bureau building behind it. of Fargo. The home will provide Right are the duplex living quar- ters for the children, with the cen- * Presentation of the Blessed Virgin tral service area and a small con- vent at center. The home will be supervised by the Sisters of the O The proposed consolidation of the Blue Cross Commission in Chicagot md the Blue Cross Assn in New York City. has met with general ~greement {,f the Blue Cross Plans :n this area according to F. P. G Lattner. president of the Des Moines. Iowa Blue Cro~s Plan and chairman. of the Dislr~ct X Blue Cross Plans. ~North Dakota. Wisconsin. Minne- sota. Iowa. South Dakoia and Neb- raska.) Lattner ~aid "there is no imen- tion in the proposal that there be ,rely one national Blue Cross plan, but rather all plans cooperating in one national program. It is not proposed either to dis- associate from the American Hos- pital Assn but to strengthen that important relationship at the policy level." Lattner said. "it is hoped that a single national voice for Blue Cross will facilitate the educational pro- eess by which Blue Cross and the public influence each other. The ~trengthened partnership could pro- duce a feasible formula for hos- pital reimbursement that would be accepted nation-wide by the hos- pitals, by Blue Cross and by the public." Ronald A. Jydstrup, director of North Dakota Blue Cross. said that the proposed consolidation of the ~wo national organizations would be presented at the annual confer- ence of Blue Cross plans to be held m Los Angeles, April 3-7 and that Blue Cross plans in District X spear- headed the proposed reorganization. Jydstrup s a i d. "the proposal, which would streamline and clari- fy the relaiionship of Blue Cross plans to each other and to hospitals, is that there bc only one national STATE NATION GRID FOR VEHICLE CHECK Far the fifth consecutive year, Program iaut m bile and tire manufacturers are makb~g special field represent- Mary---currently operating St. John's I Orpha~nage, Construction cost is es- timated at $400.000. caused by unsafe vehicle condition inanities before the end of Mar. is not Mways known due to un- and ~Le goal for this year is at recognizable damages, lack of uni- least 60 participating cities. form accident reporting, and un- Upham has already contacted willingness of many drivers to ad- more than the hoped-for number mit maintenance neglect. However of towns asking cooperation when the best driver can b~come an ac- Biggs calls with the Vehicle Safe- cider~t statistic if his car is not tyaCheck program and, organima- tional kit. "If every public official. mechanically safe," cautions Char'- ~lice c~i~ef, and civic group re-. leSmanC.ofFree,the AutoSalt LakeIndustriesCity, chair-High. Isp nds to this urgen~ plea for vol- way Safety Committee. The 21 unwary help in holding a Vehicle f~eid repr~ar~taives of ~he Safety-Check program durino May and tula ~mam~faaturers work land June, North Dakota w il est- through the Auto Industries High-' ablish a record that will not be way Safety Commibtee in heir as-b~:Dl,en," Ut~am declared sig~ment io the differen states The size of the 9own i~ not a To accomplish the Vehicle Safe- deciding factor, the State Safety middle of March. State Safety Director Floyd J Upham disclosed this week that 21 nten have been assigned to the nat- ionwide Vehicle Safety-Check pro- gram for th three months of April, May amt June. Some. as in the case of Norlh Dakota and Sounth wlper~o rear view mirror, and Dakota. will have their re,resent- horn. ,~twes on hand abou~ two extra North Dakota's field representa- weeks, tire will be James A. Biggs. Biggs "The nun~ber uf traffic accidents will beghl calling on local con> (y-Check. special check lanes are I sct up on city streets, at military insgallations, on school and indust- rial parking lots. or in the service departmertt of partieipa.ting auto dealers, garages, and serv,ce sta- lions. The program, conducted annual- ly, is co-sponsored by the Auto In-- dustries Committee and Look Mag- azine, in cooperation with the As- sociation of State and Provincial Safety Coordinators. Items cheked are: brakes, front and rear lights, s~cring, tires~ ex- haust ~ystdm, glass, windshield CN'ficial stressed becausk xvery community wher?e cars can be found is fertile ground for a Veh- cile Safe,y-Check Last year North Dakota had 38 participei~ing comnlunities. This year tbJe goal is 60 and that goal is not high enough, " Upham con- eluded. Conse.rva~ion reserve acres m North Dakota. South Dakota m~,d Iv~innesota total ~bou~ seven per cent of total cropland of the area atives available to help state and !communities organize and conduct and It) carry on its national activi- ,aal'un ta,ry Vel~icle Sat eLy-Check ties.'" programs (luring May and June. Jystr*Jp added "" amon~ the no- The rept~%~mtative for ~Nortth t~onal activiiies for whietl Blue Dako,tta will begin work about tire Crt~ss l'eqllll'es an effective IT/ech- ~ anisnr for coordination are: service Lon~ :o n;~tiunal aeco~mts, liaison with other national organizations, rela- NONF OF YOU/~ ]--YOU kiLL MI~ 0,~ I'Ll tions with government, administra- ~I.]~/NE~, [ ,~MOW YOU.IP FATME~2 tion of certain national benefit pro- [ T~ ZO.6Z.~.---~----- grams such as N~ledicz~l'e. r ,search and relations with lhe national pub lie." "Most Blue Cross a c t i v ~ t i e s are not national," Jydstrup added. "but must tie in closely with the needs of each local community. Since each Blue Cross plan is lo- cally spor~sored, its structure repre- sents the community and reflects local patterns of hospital care, The proposed reorganization would en- courage and guarantee the continu- ance of this aspect of Blue Cross." "The licensing, annual approval of the Blue Cross plans, protection of the Blue Cross symbol and the educational program on hospital ~/,~',0~" W/I./. I C.AI~ W Tl#~ relations and Blu~ Cross would re- F/~D THe" LO~'E/~AN~E~.~ /4,' ::~D$ $Ob'7"M main a function of the American O~" 7~J4$V. Hospital Association," Jydstrup said. ~rhe national structure will add to the economy and efficiency with which national accounts are served, whether uniform national benefits or local benefits are desired. It ~s expected that the new or- ganization will support a channel ! for easier and more frequent com- $) munication between Blue Cross " plans, further' unitin;~ them in the implementation of better benefits and community programs that are ~AC, DOESN'T I~U~OW T~T',~ M.~N HIDe6 IN TI4~ CLOSGT in pace with growing needs o~ the OF HONEST" JONN'$ OFFIC1= - American people." Jydstrup con- organization to speak for Blue Cross eluded. Ten cows producing an average. of 10,239 pounds of milk each can give the same ~urn ~ver feed cost as 34 co~,s producing b~l~ pounds each in a year. Fran Strike DISINFI~'RIT" >'OL/ HAWA;IAN FLAG RAISED AT NORTH POLE- After cruising 2,T~4 miles under the Arctic ice pack in 14 days, 2! hours, the USS Sargo became the third U. S. submarine to visit the North Pole, surfacing there Feb. 9. T'de Hawaiian flag is being raised by Lt. Francis L. Wadsworth (left) and Harold Meyer, interior communication~ electrician, both native~ of Hawaii. (Department of Defense photo.) /#E21 ~ DI ~,W/./~n'E~ /F / F/2./ ~lV~ YOU ~OMOI.~ "TOTAL -mN ,~ANGF-~ I~ PEAP/ WHATCHA GONNA DO WITH IT, JOE?--Louis Deail (right), physics teacher at the high school In Normandy, Me Jok- ingly suggested to eenior Joseph B. Tate that he design and build a working cyclotron in the school basement as an entry in the upcoming St. Louis Science fair. Joe did, under De- airs supervision. Now Joe is wondering what to do with his $20,000 atom smasher after the fair. MAN INTENT ON MURDEI~--- TO TA/ /~ 7"O KI/J, R -- I~, STEALTHILY APPI:tO/~CHIN(} HIS CAMI~,