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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
March 31, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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March 31, 1960

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THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 196(} THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIO?FEER. MEDORA. N. DAg I~]]~lmti$tl~mnll~ml~fi~M,~z~mm~j~ ny, service 77,77 for dinner and reeonvencwl at 1:00I : Victor Adding ~V~achine Co P. M. to e.~ntinuc auditing bills, m 'i Calculator 445.00 Wheeler Lumber Bridge & I | I .~|.~.~l~]~.r.~ } John s. Pl il,1, Carpenter t Supply Co Steel Posts 217.781 ~.~ia~J*JmvJ*~v~a~ Work 2.68.00 Miller's Supply, Repairs 19.i7 [ Dakota Indu(~trmlSupply I United Auto Parts Co Re- P di i 27.00 p~irs 24.87 Co Sut~ot ~s rocee ~i,hngs Ooun,ty Pione~r, Tractor & Equ~pmer~t Com- ~ I Publications 181.08~ party. Rental of Road Grader 280.00 NOTICE HEARING PETITION FOR H.~on Lu~nber Co Regair~ 52.36 Tractor & Equipment Corn- PROOF AND PROBATE OF WILL Illl[mlmlll~Jll~llltlllllll$~~~g~tll]m~ Stan 14~mg Co Office Sup* 'pany, Rental of D-6 Dozer & I IN COUNTY COURT 'plies 71.40 Scraper 170.00 STATEOF NORTH DAKOTA ~ ss Medora, North Dakota Olg~a Hleblehuk, ~ni~or Sup- Mobil Oil Company, Oil February 2, 19@0 pries : : 1.00 Tractor & Equipn~nt Corn- COUNTY OF BILLINGS ) pany, Repeurs IN THE MATTER OF TILE ESTATE Let sJrvice be made of this notice l ro, ,: ed law. HOSPITAL NOTES Dated March 18. 1960. BY THE COURT: I NEW ADMISSIONS Alice L.Lebo [ Orxille M0e, Tommy KU~OW- Judge of the County Court. l kS, M, ike Ob~eh, Bi'H Km'~oslvi, (March 24-31) Mrs. Joh,n Suligki, Mrs. Ridhard OF REAL ESTATE Bu-dhman, Mrs. C~air Ross, MaC- NOTICE is hereby g2ver~ that under ~ie qThomIAgorl, Mimn- Dakota, ~I F. Jotnbe~, BaBwy and plie~ L;t ,~ :. :~ J ~:.: 8,18~ n~n~t, as were 5097 to 5890 IneL ENTS: The said sale will be made on or leaving lhr~iagen, Tex w~h~re m, flee~e 90~ ,Ran~ ,:& ,t Wh~edmle ,1:45 P. M. The fol~owin~ blds for Y~u and each of ~0u aDe hereby after the (l~h day of April. 19@. " ~hey have si~e~t Rie~ ~era[ J@eeph C. Ar~brust, 'Oper- ['Supply Co Repei#/s 4.7~ Pr~pene ~s for the courthouse were]notified that e petition has been filed All bids must be in writing and ra s, itl be .t0 et~4$ l~tr~l 108.80 Belflel~ Grain & Feed Q0 opened: l in this court 'for ~he aI~Ix~h~tmen~ of ~mll be fried in the' office of the E~,r~r E. Elkins, Opemt- I ~.: 4~ M~racle Oas Co~y, Dlcklnson. Conrad Heiser as the executor o~ the Judge of me said CourRy Court at the t~l~h" ~a~m ,h~e ~ ,]~I~ in~ P~trO1 265.40 Lin~l~ ,S~r#lee Sta42on, Gas 4.90 ,N~.h Dal~ota, ~t .15 cents per gallon.[Eat~ of I<~%n 1%eul, deceased, and Courthouse in Medora, North Dal~. N. Dak. Water Usen As- I Quanrud, Brink & Riebold. Farmers Union Oil Com4~ny, ~ou are here~v no~ed ~J~at the Dated this lat~ day of March. IKO: F-O-~ ~-:--~---'~= ~ S~2~, M~ Dues 26.00 RePairs : 46.56 S~ut~ Heart, Nor~ Ik~koha, a~; A~5 ~e of said dee~ler~ a~ the Flank Ke~se], Leppm,t. ClerR in Guarddan ( Mar~n 24,31) Treas. Offto~ Medora Telephone Compa- Schult~ M~ehln~ery Co Re- cents @mr: ~alton. S time .o~ his death was the vicinity o~, 31.50 pairs .~ 806.39] A mot~n was m~de by Joubert and Fryburg, in the C~tmty of Billings 12:00 O'Clock the Board adjournedlSeeond~d by Kor~onov.'y to ~t and ~t~te of N~rth Dakota: that Wanl To iratflc 9eatb td Occu lR Railroad 'Vr~cyt~. S~e~tl~ad pon~es. EmiI Ktmiek, Sontiael Bt~%e. 30-3tp Crossing BRAKe, Mi~n. :rash ht Lives the bid of Miracle t~as ~n~pa.y, [ s~id DetiUon will be heard at the Dieklnson. Noi~th of the county judge at the court The Board adjourned to meet house in the VflZage of Meedona ,n February 3. 1960. the county of Billings and State of George Kadrmas, North Dalvota on the 12th day of Chairman April, 1960 at the hour ~f 10:00 Attest: o'ek)ck in the A M. of that day Daniel Osadchuk, or a,Z such subsequen~ time or other Auditor place to which said he~ring may be adjourned or transferred, az which SPECIAL I~EETING tzme or Dlaee you may be heard if Medora, North Dakota you wish. February 3, 1960 H O'clock A. M. The Board of County Commission- ers met pursuant to the Aajourn- men.l on February 2, 1960 with Kad- rindS, Kordonowy and Joubert pres- enL The following bids bo furnish Metal Culverts for the ensuing year were received: North Western Sheet & It,on Works, Wahpeton, N~,th D~kota. ARMCO Drainage & Metal Pro- duots, Inc Bismarck, North Dat~,~ta. North Dakota Metal Culvert Com- pany, Fargo. North Dakota. Farg~ Culvert Company, Fargo, North Dakota. Concrete Sectional Culvert Compa- ny. Fargo. North Dakota. North Dalcota Concrete Plx>duets Con~pany, Blsn~arck, North, Dak~yta. A motion was made by Ko~xi~n~wy dud seconded by Jot~bert to' accept ~t~ bid,;. .Yt',;tiorl carried. T 12:t)0 O'clock the Board adjourr ed for dinner and reconvene(l at 1 00' P.M. [ The following bids for scoriaing and] graveling of ~oads in Billings County were received : [ Chaska Brothers, Beach, North Da-] kota. Leo Tentis. Minor. North Dakota. Joszph E. Johnsgone. Beach North Dakota. THE NAilINE BUILOS NEH! SEE YOUR lOCAL U. S. MARINE RECRUITER FOR SALE--- Baldwin Spinet Piano-- SligJrtly used. May be seen i,n this vicirfity. Dis- cou,nt for quick sale. Terms avaihble. Will take uptight trade-in. Write or c~ll J. M. I Wylie Pi.a~o Co Bismarck, N. 'Dak. * :29-9tp TAKE NOTICE FARMERS - , To get rid of your barley and at the same time l 4 ,=' ave you granary . -space for the crop commg up! , Vrom now mltil April lOth, we will pay $1 per bushel for barley weighing 46 lbs. or better per vel@ment . - ~ .: :? 5 leLie~zI~n rr~B~r~njCr ksn Sti~r~:t.i ~anGd l:enNVr~:: bushel, as a down payment on our good used N.D. RnllLRoad Safely Council koIIADal~a.~'Schubert' Williston, North Da- machineu and balance to be carried Until fall .- . ' A motion was made by go.bert and Railroad crossings are becoming a critical spot ior motorls[s . seconded by Ko~xt~nowy ~0 accept the spat where you must watch ,or the modern |ast trains O| today, 'qlul lb:de~" exceMo~otn thc~aeriet~:at ar. not payments. :, Daring the Spring mo~ths, you must watch cut for tam 811ppary areas 2:00 O'clock the folllo,wing bids for 1 V Cmmeg advises you to follow the old erosskg nue~: STOP. uu~. ed. We have several g u-ooJ used tractors - w/n- 's, *:, LISTEN. The train crew Is watching far yeu . . . yee watch for them. siT~aCytOr an~r~.~utpment Company, DaJ~Ot%~h E. l~hn~tone. Beach North " " Model R's, and Minneapolis U's. ~ . ~. Leo Tentis. Minor North Dakota. ~ ~ .', : : @l~fkl~$e" and Gawel, M~,lora, Nbrth ~: T tl Albert Hlebichuk Belfield, North 4 ,| I| /P m~ |1~],T ~l~ield, ~o~ Dakota.'~ ~ Con~.-u~o ~o~o~ ~ This a]so applies to down payment on ~30 and !!, the Mon o, North tractors, used drill p ~r~ l'~ n " n P " " "~T O ~'~ Fred. Helm, Zap. North Dakota. ---- gas resses, used ~ I ~ ~ ~ ]l ~ ~- /I I J~[ ~ F ~~] Lindemann Construction, Golden ,~ I.t lJ~ /. 1~. ~kfl/" I l, k.fie '~IVaAlleYrr~tNJ:haDak~t~e by Kordonowy CCcultivators, used cars, new - ' ~] a~Idseconded by Joubertto accept O. We now have various t s of seed corn on hand. SOCIATION will give YOU and YOUR FAMILY u. ype . , A FREE FAMILY TICKET "-- DAKOTA FARM EOUIP. CO. ~ To Old Four Eyes . ~ man. wE T~E w~ ~~= I; , The Teddy Roosevelt drama playing its 3rd seaso Ballard Broa, prop. Beach, N,iDak. At Burning Hills Amphitheatre, Medora conquers ! Ticket will be good for general admission to any ; one of the 50 seheduhd performances between June [[[lnllllT [Ii 8 MEMBERSHIP MUST BE PURCHASED PRIOR " ~ i TICKET SPECIAL. ' ' TI ~" *'*~/ WHICH W~Y THE PATH? Membership will help the Assedation's coatmumg . ' program of development of smell%. Badh ls and ( . ! w,ern North Dakota into the to't attli~ll"" 7f /(/" W" mstorically small communities were established : deserves to be. Membership will signify your faith /]1 1[ as distribution centers serving large ruraipopu, : in North Dakota's and rant'in, tee't;" :/=,/h, ,merit of benefit to all North ]l lako * I lations which exchanged their!farrn products for : Boy Scouts, FFA, FHA, 4-H ami oth yeuth,: . goods and services, the town's btuinessel pro- ' larewu.operatin wRhthe liRlonby t ]. [ : memberships. If no su#h is,olkkg in your ][[ . . vided ' .' ,i community, you:may*reyour nlhet; Mp,clu l,' " i by flllin out the coupon below an " iaalli/tg it to: Aa d, eomo asy, man ~ OLD FOUR-EYES, BOX 67, ~P~, N. DAK~: ~[, wl. a~ onqu~' ~r: Basic trends indicate the ii~creased imp0rtance of industrial deVehPment to -- -- -- -- -- -- ~I ~ ~ .~ I " C0~~" L We must balaace our agricu!tural economy industrial development. Industrial &w. pmeat can be orientated tomarkets, natural ;' :,: " " " an~d ~w tmU~Z liv ENCLOSED' is $5 for my 1960 T e ore . oosevelt 1 -o workers, research and, desirableplace to: e ; National Memorial Park and Badlik/ids A,s0ciati0n Membership. I unde tand this membership provides,L I ~ ip FREE,general admission for my f~ly a~::~ny :~ ~ "~I' ~@,&~B~W North Dakota is blessed with agrk~dtural and natural res0ur~e$ ~It$ pc0-~ of the regular 1960 OLD, pe 0rn ner,: " pie. are capable and productive. Properly planned program :are* e : es at IT.s AmphitheaJre, Medora, N. to make North Dakota the kind d pl ce that each desires t0, e mfl O er, Mail m ea l : ;, i Name