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Beach, North Dakota
April 7, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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April 7, 1960

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THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. DAK Dr. H. C. Jernigan, Medical Direc~mr of the New Me~ !qP JMmfe Tubereulosis Hospital, Fort Stantou, N. M ainu Ed- rector-at-Large of the Na/~nal TUberculosis Assn will be the featured speaker at the 51st ammal meetiag of the North Da- kern Tuberculosis msd Health Assn. April 7 and 8, I~. His tqie, "The CbaIlouge Akead," will deal with the l~p~ms dtke Arden House Cosderenee on Tuberculosis for North Da- kota. A secret is wen~t every~ao~y ~m~m, bt~t the pepers ea, n'~ Billings County Pioneer DOGS AND A GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY By Bob Bartos Manager, ~vtskies Research Ke~nelB Nothing leads tO poor neigh- bor reIatlohS faster in either the country or elty than own. ing a bratty dog. Quall~l~ as such in the coun.try~p|he fellow who digs up the ,liefghbor's #~ower gar. I den;""plckS/~'flghts with th; neighbor's ~ ,dOg, chases the neighbor's ,cat or barks end- lessly. ~ . In the '$ity Jt's the pooch who loV'eseveryone and Jumps up off people regardless of muddy paws, bounces around in the eleVator, or who barks or howls interminably when. ever he% left alone. All, the~:problems boll down to a ,ingle cause . . . lack of training and supervision. If your pet is properly schooled in obedie~nce,: even the neighbor who's not a devotee of dogs will come to tolerate your pet and may be inclined to look a little more .favorably on all dogs ~ 'a reshlt of his experl. ence with yours. The converse and COINS If you have a question about coins or statues or a ~articular coin or stamp, write to this column, c/o News, Beech, N. D. and we will try to furnish you with an answer or direct you to someone who can HOW TO GET STARTED? ] The person w~o doesn't col- lect coir~ ,bttt ocoasionelIy hee~ l for the governmen,~ in t~ose days a.lso hired t,heir relatives. Coinage for general circul.a.tionI w-as from 1859 to 1909. Those of l the years 1859 to 1863 were struckI in copper-r~iekel a,nd are com- monly termed "White een.ts" be- cause lilac metal w,as a lighter coI~r. In 1864 the metal was changed to bronze. -- etaoin -- FIRST DAY COVERS-- The 4c Water Conservation stamp will be placed on sale April 19. 1,960. First day covers will be issued April 18. If you desire 1st day covers of this 4 ce~ stamp, send addressed envelope or envelopes, ,together w~ rem4Vlanee to eov- of someone findirrg a rare one or or the cost of the stamp or ]sees a cobleetion has oRen ask- stamps to be ~ffixed to Khe Post- ied that. They want to know which coins to save also. These , questions are pretty ha, rd ~.o ans- wer. A good way ~o get sta~ed I would be to buy a penny ,l~old- er (you can get them in some of your local stores or a mem- ber of a coin ~h~b oaffl ~ one for you). This will ~btedly arouse some interest as the folder begins to fil~l up and you 1,1 probably wang to borrow or buy a Red or BLue Book to ge~ some idea what the coins you have are worth. Gradually you'll learn about the grade or condition of coins and then, one day youql find some coin tffta.t is val~ued ~t ,$2 or $3 or more and brother you're hooked ! Y~u'}l be ,balking about overda~s and die-breaks ,as if you've ,been eol4eeting all your life. It's really ~n easy hobby to learn a,bout and should you find it not very imeres#Rng, you can master, V#ash, i~gton 13, D. C. The envelope shotfld have the notation '~Fir~t day covers, 4e Veater Oonservabion S~mmp'', on the e~ve~ope, .along with the ~rs add, ress. A dose fitting enclosure of abottt post card thickness should be placed in the envelope or en- velopes (of ordinary letter size) and the fl, ap sealed or tucked in. This would be a good time to get started on first day covers Letters for first day cancellation should be m~iled 1 to 3 weelcs before the date of issue. Roy's Movie News For the thou'safaris upon thou san4s wtlo motion pie ,tu,re entertzaimnent best when the screen is electric with the liffh,thing and 'thu.r~der of excit- men.t 20~ Gen,tury-Fox brin, gs you ithe story of a town ;r: ~EW ~,-~ AN ART IN 7"H~"NE~/NNING O# Hq,IEN iT WA~ t7/~ 0~E~ THAT ~ZA,~ ON THE ~#VO OF A HOLLOW FtY~ COt~O ~ ~LOWN /B'/~D A AqOUZO ~A'J/E/~ THAN WHEN P.~ES ~E~ /N ,~K//.LE~ ~IE~ THE A~T/SW~V~ BE-~O,44~ THAT 6Z,45~; ~gOWEl~J I,Y ~'E KNOWN 8)" 7YBI~ ~A#$- WA.~E A,4/~ RECOG411ZEO IN EARL)" ~AY5 A~ "IOI#'[2"S OF THE TRA&~" IHAZE~ W,4,~E " CATE.~ING TO NO$1LIT~. 7"HE/VlACh'//VE .~G~ /At GL,45~ 14AK/N5 ~EGAN /At/~95 WHEN ~AZEL-AT/-,4~ GZA55 (0. PEVELOF'Eg THE F/A~;TC(~W~44E~C/AZ~Y ~ " 5UCEE~.'SPU/ 5E.4.1/-AUTO/14ATIC /I,IACH/NE FO~ AFI/~ ~L,~55 d~' ,44,E~'/CAN bOA4 . " - " -~--" :-1 A Contam~tlon of Is true, too; a neighbor who forget a~bout it and .y~ u stil,1 have oal~led "Wa.N~ck". , "Tlq~ ~s COW'BOY" formerly tiked dogs may change the few coins you ve gathered Wa.l~k thru "Warlz)ck 'and ~~."~: Est~bl/shed In 18~ A$ TCE L. U~O, ~t.arm~n~ F~orhis tune .because of a few un, together. You can't lose! meet: WAI21'E~ R. BRATTON pleasaqt ,~xperiences with your -- eta'oin -- &annon (played by Ricfftard ~lit0r - ~tb~ pet and form a distaste for all AND WE STILL HAVE K Widmark) ) . . . He cried for his ~ripUon: $1.50 per year in adyance dogs. ' POSTAL DEFICIT '-" t~id bro%her . Nain in its It~ In the vast 'Office az Meaora. Training your dog to be a -- County, North Dakota, Feb- The Postoffice Departmer~t re-, str~ts. "-~ f,~.:' ! 15, 1934, as second claim matter good city or country neighbor under the .~uct of March 3, .*8"/9. involves teaching him a few a,lizes some 15 milt~on '~s I~l, aisdell (p,l,ayed by Her~ry O~ei~ Newspaper of the County o~basic commands, and knowing profit each year from.the.~/~psI Fonda) one ni~l~t he shot a,nd ~ X B~lJnp,prtntedStatel~t Beach.dr North~orthDakota,Dakota.an4 hiSHeWhereaboUtSshould understandat all times.the I sold to ccd,lect~rs e*-soin --" ~": ". ', l~illedl town his best friend to save a ~:~ ( ./i i ~'------------- meaning of the word "no" so INDIAN CENT ~IRL,'--. I IvI~rgan ,pl,ayed ~by Anteth- ier's knee. and v,c,e a~ o~her joims. Emcee of sl~irtg: the comfort- ~le l~ouson siahouetf0e in a pre- 4~floved Xqo~ suit in, t l trod me ess L;. " ~'- ~ -- And, some de~& man will also conquer cancer, t WMt your help. l su, ,meI / j. AMEIICAN Save $50.00 on the purchose of C,~='~ rxecutive Desk!