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April 21, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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April 21, 1960

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VOLUME XXXV MEI) RA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1960 NUMBER 47 Crippled Children !Mrs. Hinkel Wins 'Belfield Boy Goes gob's Lanes To $10,500 For Land Home After A 0penApril 28th Clinic April 27 ~ A jury in Federal Dist. Court" Long Confinement Pl,ans are being completed for ~e annual Spring Cri, DpLed C~iidren's Olinic ~or chi~d'ren ~ivir~g in or near Golden V,adley and I~iLl)i~ffs Ootmties. The l!imc is l:~armi~g tier Wed April 27, 1@60 fvo~ 8:30 a,m. to 3:00 p.m. by appointment. ~t will be held at the Johnstone Memorial lies- S~l~nek"s brand new bowling I ahoy, c~Lled Bob's Lanes, is schedt~led to open its doorsl, for "f~'~ time about Thursday, April 28, 1960, b~rring any un- foreseen del, ays. There wilt be a total of 1300 free fines of bowl- ing, w~ieh is open to the public free, as teoh~ici, ans work to ad- just the automatic mechanism i pits,1 in Beach: A~ly ohfld ha~,h~g or believed T. R. Nature History Meeting On April 24 Honnold-McGill Honor Students ~ore Roosevel~t Nature and Ills- Valedivtopian of the 1960 g~d- tory ~ssn will g~fller in Dick- uatin,g e~ss at Ser~tineL Butte in, on. a,t May I~a 1, at D. S. T. C ,h, ig,h sohoot is Carol Lee Hon- ,~or their meeting, in the nold. ~/!iss Lton~(~ld dau.~i~ter of i,Student Lou, nge Mr. arid Mrs. JObm Honnold of ~Sen, tinel Bu, i~le has rrmit~t~ined Featured speaker wil.l be Supt. iRusse}l Reid of the N. D. Sta'~e an average grade of 96A ~hvough- Historical Society who will give out her four years of high sc0aooL Among Garol Lee,s big~ school ,the rest~me of early historic Me- ,activities are: &i, vLs (~oru~, 4 ,dora and its corttempl,ated fu- ! A 6-man crew to instal*l the ,lure as a pioneer ca~tle town. A~ ,to have any ortthoped, ic h,andi- AM'F pin-setlters wilt arrive in'program er~ti led "W'hat's New cap or eN.Pl~ing cor~i, tion may be of $5;500 estimated by Joe KoH-.tvagedy~t vea~struckOn $an.the29,Romanyshyn1959, that Beach on M~)n~ay, April 25, and m Ir~terpretati'on" wilt be l~e- "referred to tl~is c~nic. I,t is plan- in, g of Diclainson, both govern- ~amily, then Hvirtg near l~air, it rakes a, lm<)st two days works sented by Park Natura'li~t A. A ned ~h~t a speeialdst in ovtho- merv; ~i~n.esses. .~ietd, a 1,title town a'bou/t 20 to complete the m.stall, atmn. The,Henderson. Th.~s ~s an excel'lent pedli~s w/1,1 be av~il~l~le to e)mm- iMps. Hir~el eXtimated at $30,- miles north of Bei ield on U. S. new bow$ing alqey is k)c~ted be-leoiored ~l~}de pro~ram showing ixte and reoovmnend fur~er care 000 the ~alue of her land, orig- I~iOhw,ay No. 85. tween Den's Locker Pl, ar~t and .the ~atest in ir~terpretive devel- in,ally a service station site, h,om WaR Sdhweigert's Super Va, lu opmer~ts for the er~tire National and trea~a~en.t. vChich buildings hadbeen re- ~I,~ire swept the smM4 family ~mme l~iN~ir~g Tommy',sfarther, 1,'cod Store, on Ave SE. I,Park Service.inc2uding Theo- "lth~se w~h,o may be interested in ,clericals a, bot~t ,t.~pes of condi- moved by~lt'he ReCl,amation Bur- Steve, arid, his five year old Mr. and Mrs. Son~nek and their d.ore Roosevelt Nation, al Mcmor- ~ions ineuded in One scope of this~ eau. "Ihe value was placed at " - brother, Leortard. son M, aunce, ovxners, w~ll arsv ml Park. Refres'hmm~ts w~l be servrice may eor~taet the Pt~blic $25,000 by Art Fredrickson of Tom, my was eit*her hurled outbe i.n charge of the marmgemen~. ,served after the meeting ]-lea,14Jh Nurse, phone TR 2-4473 Min~t and at $25,000 by ttenry,~ . i of the building by an explosion of t'/e new bovchng al'!eys, and Officers for the Association in mey e)ctend a cordml m~tauon or ~be Director of ~oc, al Wel'fare Brown of Dickinson, witnc~es or can-led out by h, is fat~her vCh0 1960 will be elected, The Treas- forthe defense. to ~e pubhc to drop m anyhme Ser~ices phone TR 2-4121. then returned to get his older " " " m'er will eel, loot dues ~$/ per ann see Inert new place, coln .~ITpofr~tm,er~ts w~]l be called or .~on. Botch were tra,Kpcd w'hen a ,~, " . ~ . " person} for those vcho have no.t plote w~ ~ a rely attractive marled to parertts w~h,ose child orJ~I.I$~:~' Sl |~'0~IL,~tl ~t ll~'~r]~rt'] chimney coll,apsed. . "' already paid. Ct~il~lren ate~ eumrer~tiy listed as fo a ~.d ~ munge and hmch counter been voles'red by a physician or Kenne ril 20 ed lym, g m ~e sn,obw by neigh-eral contractor, throug;t the Han- Mantoux TB C hnm f Dots who pas"e~ y on lnelr ---- .~ . .'~ ,r, n a c~,-. ' [ ~ua~se, and where ft is indicated ~on tam, Lo, ~on ~viarman ma w*ay to town. He suffered second . 1 . Io be ADrll ZZ 1 ~ere is a need of a re-e)cami- ~ ~. ~. ^~ ~.:~ me p'un~tnn,g, Gene oennen in- " l n~o~. The parents of dhildreni Fu:ne~al se--vices were held for degre~ ~,~,~ o. on u~ u.r~ stalled ~' bed " which w, as com~-lieated b" " me furnace and made and A Mat~toux Clinic will be he,ld CAROL LEE HONNOt~D ~ith l~a~d~oaps vch~ h~ve not t Edw.ard R. Kennedy. st' of Sen.t.t ros bite: ' from l~is exposure'S" toy ~nstalled" the 1,aide" "- amoun,t oflm' " Bel,fleld" Fmday, April 22 for years" NHxed Oh~rus, 3 yearns; or~BuVte on Wednesday, April 20,1 .e previot~ly l~l~tended a eli,r~ic the ~now and cold ou ~ worK, 'l,ne beeiey ~/eo~mcI restden, ts of Btlhngs and Stark ttand ~ v~r~. Cla~ Pro~iclor~t. do ~ receive an appoir~tment]1960,1 at St. Michael's OaChoLici m, ~~,~ +i,~,[ {t ~. Co. and Harry's Electric Co in-leour~ties from 1'30 to 4 pm at " ' ~,Y Y ,~al, led t~e w~rrng, and the 1V~DU ~he school m notice and wish to rrm, ke use of/0hurc~ in Sen,tinel Bt~tte. Re' [ ~ ~ t 2 earn" CLass V Ires 1 ear; and go and Tommy feudist ca.l- ' ',gY Co-editor of the year book, (me Wditliam Rugh~ford officiated at[.~a . .'. . sttppned, the heating equipment. This ~" ~" -'~. " t~is free diagn<)s~ic and consul-]the Reqmem Mass at 10 a.m.[ ~t~Yerf~r ~ls L~fu~ of danger he iconS2~ie~oni ~t~on sevvdce may f~r~ard aI ,vhich ~ nmtaeSet f~; tUnb=tU, nl'gS'S2 ~l~artJt~n;i:r~l ista~f'el2assYe~l~?d carxi o or t01e one giv-] ,Mr. Kermedy succur bed a,t ! nby :lm ni2 was tpanMerred from l)ickinson . . ' sm~U arr*ount ofclear ~iquid i~g ~ parent' ~znes and ad-] his' home in Serttinel Butte on i . . m, ter. dress and fhe name and birth-I Sur~daYbeingmOrair~g,in poor healthApri'l for17' the'af'I to the B~smarck ,h,os,pttal for lnmv"- gParm opemng wm oe I cal'ledtu~ercul,m, betweeno the ~reatmer~t. ' i layers of the skin will be given d~te of the c~itd or et~ildren to:lter " w tes annuunced l,ater--wateh this pap-I Arid jus"c two ee ~hort of a on the 22rid. The reading of the er ror me ~ate CNp~ed Ol~ildven's Ctin.ic Set.]past, several m,o~hs. He was thelye,ar upon er, terin~g .the h ospital;~ tests wil~l be on the 25th. If vice,Bee~, %N.C tmcyDa~. Welff~are Dire t r I waer,IStore in~)fSe~tinelKennedy'SBu, i)te. Wonderii Tommy is going kome. Hes go-I . ~~'-----"- ~here is no reaction, the test is "l~his e~iy2 w}ll wet includei A complete obituary of Mr. ing home after a winning battlel flkWal~ uranium negative, meaning r21ere are no cle~t pelate conditions, mental tKenned~ s 14re will appear in thet to learn to walk a~l,1 over ~,gain ~.On#~e~#.~- A,r,t-l~,m TB germs in the body. con~itior~ or ped~.~ic c~ses un-] f~tov~n~ edition of this paper, and a~tergva~ undergoing extensive ~-' ~a,~,~ .~,~,~avat A positiVealarm, teStbu,t isit no cause for skin &'~in~ a~ion is e~.~ected within great means that less ~ere is ma ortfi~pedic con-[ . ~u da proposed 28 md'l- @i, llion ~ preset& / Are hesI ,He',s g~oing home to a n~, ]~i.~ Wson the "- you have ~t some time been ex- Using Conservation by s~ster he's never see~, to a ion ~z con,tarot for uranium posed to someone w, ith 'lB. All [ " . MO':--~'--':~-*- -:~u*'* ~IcJ.v-~ / new 'home and to h,s k~ttms, -from l,ige@te fields in the Dak~tm,s. people who .have the test even uhou~h there ~s rm apparer~t re I ~Rep. E. Y. Berry ('R-S.D.) made' " OPE~ ~,Da~ ~-WmNOS SOS ~'ews laid ou~ ~t url ),lay 2 Is Wool. .the co .rnmenrc in word received a~tion mu~t return on the 25th .~re and grocery stores, strip croppir~ this week for F. I at Pierre, S. D ~.ter con ference~s for the reading. AhL workers in irr~fleme~ and ~ome garages E. Veckert, Werner Kppley and rowers Deadline . v~i'th &tomic F~ergy Commissionas ca, es, ars. groceries aswe,R ~ dfandb dvmkest~blishments' axe to remain open on Pri, day I~iehard N,agel of Beach. Woo ~.:,:rowc.r:~ are reminded to o~fieia'~ in VCa~hington ~0xt@s, ur~til 9 p.m starting W,aterspreadingdikes were , I~ approval ts gvar~ted, Berry .:~e t~i~eir app:ieations for pay- " as barbers and beauticians, are Fridmy, April the 22nd. The staked for AI W~sepka sou~h ell ~c.~" under the 195~ re r m said, i,t ,is ar~tieipated that con- urged to Nave a '~toux tryst. ,~ '.~ . P g a - - There wihl be no ol~arge for businessmen decided on this Med~)ra. When constructed these' on or before Monday Ms, 2 struetmn wH,1 begin sh, m~t:ly tihere-,these tests. It will be paid by move, aS amanyeXm~ en,ience to ~hop-dikes wilt flood 10 acres of lartdpayn nts tor ~ e~uaue^e~ ~kfe !11 1"~'" --a~!tej~n;tfl~e I~:t?o2 ]~/OAt~[ ,~x~ur County G~riStmas Seal ~d'te rural area come in to pick and brome for hay t~roduction [ ~e I ip~g year for w0ol arid un~",961. f~i ~d. I . ~@DVTH ~ " McGILL Wh wonder when ou n " Carol Lee was reeer~ly tram,- up their children ~wihd at0tead C~rtstruetion was checked on }~ ~bs ,'~-rk,~*,-,'1 ,-h,-ina ~h,~ n rD ~,ppvo~m, ace~y 30% of me Y y ca be . , m ~,"---- *" sure hated for ~hc "G~od C~tazer~tp' ,n~tl ~ pax)~trOt4on would oome schootl in ,town, a~l the later ~atersprea.ding dikes for the led of Apri'l 1 1959 thru 1V~a.r~h ~ '" : ' )~t~ota'mr clir~ic will be ~hel,d in" . award ~rom . Set~tine,L B,atte. high. c'ik~r~g hours wou,ld be advan- VV~ r~ndh south of Sentinel 31 1c~m ' I rein ore on priv~aCeLy owned Merle at ~1,;~ ~.~u^~ ^ sc~hool. I as also ~r~teres~ing togeotts to them. Butte near the LittleMissouri ' "~"" I .ca thet~,~, ~ ~.avtn un Later marketin, wiU *-~ elai~* land. T~e rest would come frmn M,a 3rd from to ~. ,~ ~o note I/ha all the other mern- Y 1 3 p -~,t, . . ,ible for vavm'er~ts for the 1960 la~d owned or asmgned ~o In- g C y. inc~u,ding ~he parerrts were h~nor MRS.-~--'~-'----'---'-~~ River. ~Ihis field eontai.n,~; ,qO ac- ~ "~ ", res and a series of 25 dikes at' year. ProduCers ghoul~l be sure tei~vi rm.'I Resources Corp. The re'Nden, ts of Bi'Hin s ount bets o Nhss Ilonnold's farm, ly, BUSY CENSUS TAKER now being constructed to spread n~ wot~m t)e aemgned to pie (Mms. M~arvin In'groan, assistan< v~ater over the field. A in~or[ they h, ave filed anr,}ioations for ' ~'- ---- ~ -' " " 1600 Attena "re t st ae.t ,n then' respeohve olas~- both wool a~d " 'lamb eess 220 t~rm of ore per day u XL~ {es he pl~ns to attend the James- crew leader for tthe census enu- patrol and a bulldozer Jr,: being, ~MoR' u,nsaornm, 'gerry~" said he ~,as kee~mg' " an" " mer~tors has treat a bttsy person used to construct the dike3 on[ 1,('~.~rm#~l ]~l'~-,t- t~own College w,hore she pl,ans to ,c~se tou0h with AEC officials "~'*'"*'* *'*"~'~ I,' .llhese c~ys. Due to the resigns- this woject. I BEI$OMil MEMBERS OF in the neg'o~ik~tio~ in the hope I prepare for a degree in eiemen> Edward Sypnieski, Executive [ ary education. Mrs.ti n I~gr~an f an enumeratortook overattheBe~dh'job. I Tree lines are being stakedPRF.~BYTERIAN CHURCH early, ap~o~$01 ooutkl be given Director of the N. D. TB and Miss Ard~h McGill, d,aug~ter ~r TheseD n Hammondsi.r~le south OfbeGOl-]20 me co~ to ~ssure develop- Hea~th Assn. spent three days i of Mr. and Mrs. Art McGil,1 of ,ca. Pews ~vil.1 Roy. J. A. Witmer held set- meant of tote t~ra~iferous lignite of last week in Stark, Biltingsiw~baux M~)n,t. is the ~.lutator- She ~so assisted in file books of the w~rkers in her rods ~az,t across the cropland ~ces Ttbu~sd~y everting in the reserves in N. D. arid S.D. and Golden Valley Counties pre-: i, en of ~er~tinel'Bu~te high s~} alloted territory. Mrs. Henry Da- 0o preterit wind erosion. The land Pre~yCerian d~urdh. The follk~- ~ '"l~is new h~ttst~y would be v~s was enu~,~tor for the area'Wi$ be fatlowed this year and ing your~ people were at-ceded a l~,~dou,s ~ to the coon- ser~ting programs on tuberculos-]~%h h~ maintained a 93.1 aver- ne~ Medom. lthe trees plan.ted in the spring as new merntber~: Josep(hNay omy of the area. '. Berry said. is. ApOreximateiy 1600 sdhool age of 1961. children and interested adults,Ardyth l~laced first in the, Rep. Short Guest At B,LU S COUNTY Prizes. For Cotton attended these programs at 16i ~BeSty Crocker Homemaker's centers in the 3 celerities. [test. I~tuded in her high sdaoot Nye's Appointment Dmvz ~rs s~a0.~o tmg Creations . A very ,in, formative,and' act, iciCles are cbass see 2 years; .@~l~t .p. ~.~g ~ilm, 'Are o~a~ V. p~es 1 year, girls' dhor- ~~'~ H. Zim-' .The totkat gross proceeds of the 'l~is year prizes can be won ~ou Pos,t,ve' was shown,wits us, 4 years; m,ixed chorus, ~,ee m~, Fedeva, l I-~otm~g Ad- ~irtgs Ootmty New IV[~h of with your" ovd~r#ary cotton sack an expDanation of the Mantoux years; .band 2 years; class IxlaFs, ~lfion, avamunees the ~tp- Dimes held in January amotmted sewin~ at the N. D. State Fair Testing Program, v~hioh is sehed- 2 y~.; yam- book slm~f, I year; ~er~t of Gerakl P. Nye of to $130.10. "~e finml repo~t was Iio be helld in Minot, July 17th uled for these corm%los. This ,arid ~iaa~l StaJ~, I yem'. Ghe~ Ghase, Mm-ykmd, as Spe- Assistant for the H~using f~r @ae Elderly Program. N'ye vea~ U. S. Senator from N. D: ~m~ 1925 to 1945. Since he has been a rn mgement eo~s~m~t in W'~a~ing~n. He is filed in the Na.tional Foua~ativn's S~te O~ce in Bisrrma'ck by V i'l~m Eiehlmrst, BiH.ings Co. Oon~aign Director. - a~r. m~d M~. Jutitm l.awse~ the /!~ter wedcend w~th de.u~h ~r and ~ Mr. IVlrs, Paul ~y, a~t Sial hey, Mo~, return~n~ home Mondlay. mar~ed and has six c~ildven. ~ye a~sumned the new -, i~y a~ter the oath of of, admired in of. ice of ~e C