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April 26, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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April 26, 1945

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BILLINGS COUNT3F PIONEER ment in Roo velt in NewPrinc"ss i- 'l-F----adjudicate l=ge ha. co.tracts. I York The legs that had been strong ~ It VII /VIlli Upon returniing to this country he I an(] s~uray continued ~o waste a- immediately plunged into the fight ~ i~Ol(TH DAKOTA'q Franklin D Roosevelt way. ~ut ~toosevelt vowed he'd get ~ ~ ~ for the League of Nations and for [ -- 7 ~-~x~ZlJLJ~Jjjt well. ~ ~ ~ the r~tional ticket on which at 38. [,[] Im ~ mm ~m= m Franklin Delano Ro~evelt left Soon reports were heard that he ~ ~ ~ he was the candidate for Vice-[ ~ ~ ,~ ~ ~MM~ ~ ~ 4 his mark on American history, was improving. Then he was seen~~ ~ ~ President. I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ n | His touch was felt on virtua!lymotoring and finally there came a ~ ~ ~~ H 1 m mm mm ~ m m every phase of life as he fought--- time when with the use of light, ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ump~a cne coun .r~ zrom [ [] ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ smilin . . . ~m~ ena w me omer, n~Kmg more gly--for hlS 1deal. but strong braces and a pmr of ~ [] ~~ than 800 camnaiu~ -~c~,hes None [ I M N I/i M [] [] * "A ,more abundant life for Amer- crushes he swung himself along l ~ ~ ~~ theless he wen~-- dove1- in" defe;t ~ 8 ~ ~ [] ~ ~ ~ ~ I leans.' ann Kicker ou~ his leg& i ~ ~ with Zo~ T,x e-, ; ,~ u^-.~: . I -=-- unto umm The three R s of his first admini As he continued to improve phy-] ~ mE ~ lon,~;ao,RIIYIW#~ rl~L'~ z'~r:~m w~T~,~ tra~or~ were. Recovery, Relief, and szcc .y.m the White House, hej Retu,- his la,| *XX Z P I SELLING ~etorm. zn mere ne ignorea prece-walKeR with the air of strong z~-.~ ~:.~.~ ;.'f~ noose :e~--" " -- "":'"=:=~' ! dent, sougi~g advice and, above all, canes For convenience sake in the J ~~.~ ~ ~ - v.e ~. p ro.~. area .un.m . *s~, [ R4~" " . wne~1 ne IOOK his laT, elUl sw1nl i~ ~'~s~, took prompt and decisive actio/L priva~f of his "family, he was roll. [ ~~ ~ ~ the cold waters off his summer | Wh e~ Roosevelt ar ~er~TL the .~ "+ " P " . public appearance. I fantile-:a --'- ",O al issue " Doors . While fighting the cUsease, Roose- NORT United States was closed, mart with doubtful qualiflcaf.ions] ~ [] ~~ velt remained as active as ever in I H DAKOTA NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION of all the stock exchanges were for the job he undertook. ~ ~~;~ ~ ~'~ business and in politics ',Dismm-e~ North I~ketu locked. One celebrated commentator, I In 1924 when th " " | Apparent Ruin writing in a na~onal n~gazine at/ "BETTS" she is to her comrades,rock-- 7 . e. country was| to~nUi~n.~on a~PT:~:d::nI ~t~h~ a~om, e c ~:ra c~Size~m ~ve~t I ~the~m~~h!hn~k~e T:~tl~a~g i~aYom:e~%f~oiLV~d ~otn~th/i~.= I W~ HE I~ W&N"I~q[~-FI~MAI~ . n, an ~: ! . ." ~P P" . line of athe Democratic pa~Y A1 [ al~ women for general domesti::lWAN~- D: Woman for floor work retained his optimism. '"mere ~s no leactersrtlp In me J throne, ouz above she s picmrea in --;,~ ~ ~: ." I ~I g~ct wa~es ,~,~ r; ~ :~ The l~eszdent was neither fright- man, for leadership requires a per-,uniform simply as Subaltern Eliza- ~,~ ~ u~ ~[gva to s .ee.z me [ w.~r~, appjy to me nousexeeper, [ sulend;,~ ^:~^: o~ ~ ~a ened nor awed'. He rolled up his son to lat~ a an~Siti~enStan~into[ beth Alexandra Mary Windsor of~m"i?~,:~'Us~pi~orter~?e lotk~ega;ne~ [ ~)aS~n:~~ nospztal, Bismarck, N~3~.[ and h~n~y~U~W~Yte o77a~l ~e sleeves and plowed into the task.speak pain y, ~p spa g| the Auxiliary Territorial Service of campaign manager turned to,----"--"" - ~-- .'|Old.Peoples Home, Valley City, He reoper~ed the banks and set quite often gives o~euse." . the British Isles. (lnternatio~ai) Roosevelt ',WANTED: Reliable middle aged,~orm Dakota. 32-38 up an insurance corporation to seeAnother famous writer haa tins| ~ In *~ : couple for general greenhouse|~~- that no more depositors would lose to say: ~ wiches and coffee and shook hands ~ ~uruu.m[~ ~emocrauc ~a- J work. Permanent, agreeable work-| ,~v~ ~m WA~TED Everywhere, ' v t Is an am uonal t~onvenuon az lvza, llOOso- ,axe oraers zor #~merie ' their all in financial crashes. 'Franklin D. Roose el " -| ,~ ,~ ~,~ [ ing conditions Mod~ | as fiinest o ie ~,w I vei~ appeared as if by magic Su pop prme dresses Sizes 9 He established the Agricultural[able man with many phzlanthr p,m~,~pttom Gay Parties P-,cottage furnished Thief RiverL,-.:~ . " to 40 in- Adjustment Administration, with impulses, but he is not the danger- ~ He ~t-iike Mrs Rooseve~, that~ por~e.a on .me arm oz. #ames, his,Greenhouses G A" Mostue Prop |~oru'mg na.~ .szzes ' pring llne ready its unpreeedented crop control nun enemy of anything. He is too| life in the White ~Iouse had been! e;~;:~n~nann~e warner out on the,Thief River Falls~'Minn ' 32 33~r ~mme~ate Be|ivory. Earn $5.00 P d pmced into nomina. . "- " y p rt time. Write Malmme program, demgned to help the far-eager to please. . } to sthff, too formal too permeated] tin-. *~ ~Froeks tte mer help himself. Writers l~eversed ju~men~ J with boiled shirts. The state recet>-[ ~,~ u~ om~m WANTED TO BUY I~ ~;,~, ~.o rar~ .~ve. Mlnneapel/s He took the United States off theOther experts wrote other din-| tions which heretofore had been] Again in 1928 Smith called [ I "'--".~ l@t~. gold standard and devalued the tribes. Later they stud that Roose-| dull dismal affairs he turned into~ Roos.eveIt back into politics. Smith, [/~ v ~ [ M every business concern in America," ~:.~ 1~'. AeeomnHshmen~,was. fond of both. His education, as| York governorship [l Mlnnoapoll8 " lILYons J~town, No Dak" .~ W%~ " " ~" in ~-" = ~ a cnila was obtained n'om tutors~I '" " l ' ! "-" wmcn snor~enea worl~mg no .u~ : - The Presidents chief a~complish-[ and his parents. In his reading he[ nine race that fall Smith lost,' - cr easea wages, ann createa rmmous men~s in his first term:,developed a fondness of the sea[ .~ut t~oo.sev.elt won over Albert or- [ FEED AND SEED FOR SALE,#~zv,~-~lrOCK FOR SALR or new Ions. I. Banking and finance: Deposit[ that became one of his outstanding[ ~nge~ ms ~pubhcan opponent, by,I~ IMIUom to Make Jobs insurance for all banks and strict,characteristics. His study in the,z~,wv votes S~[PL~ GRADE SWF~'T CLOVER I" ti~ :~2 ?~^ :~" .i~.~. E: My on- He organized the Public Works supervision of all bankers. Even| White House and his oval room in[ New York State Governor In 1929 |.xzc lb.: IIII~land Pasture Mlxturel twf~. " ~t~ ~ holstein cows and Administration, which spent billies stricter supervision of stock brok-[ the executive offices were filled| Roosevelt assumed the governor [ ~/on~ri~e tor samples and prices onl wi~h ?~Zvol~t~goTor n~Iker complete to make jobs. ers and exchanges. Abandonment o~.] with pictures of ships, clippers and| ship Jan. 1, with a distinct/- !----" us, Timot~, Meadow Fescus, I ~cKenzi~ -- :" L- Wlnd~a~g, He was largely inst~umerLtal inthe gold standard, impounamg ox[ old men-of-war, long gone to their[ tile and Renub " ~- ~o,;~# ~.-~. J early m~ nym-la man common[. - -~, ~ murm ual~ota. 33-3~ the re al of rohibition all gold devaluation of the dollar grave yards, prints of Civil War . he y~ = ~ [ ~eea corn; ~ew,Lug{ THREE - =;~+~~ pe p . handle. His first adminzstrati -=s-,~r~ ~n s u . " " r. " t ated . on was varieties--Victo R gu uxm, 2 ~F:^r~ ogn~ed the Union of Soya~co~ageof~ve ,An mem~ter~an I v~e~maction a~even~'~tI featured by. a. water power battle t ~ Walsh ~1~'.--~~" 2:~e~w.I :~ 3, old. ~ ones. H. C. =; ~:,auu,~. . . ~.:~. ~.~:o 7-=----ate .~ y -- -c~ that resultea in a si ~, ovnuu, wasno N. Da . - He.established the Re].ie~ .A~- pla.bhc ~d. pr;vate ~t plied the.Hudddd~son pa~. his ,homej him. He was re-e]e~teg~l:~Crt bZ~v f o~ I Field e~ Soy ~. ]t~tlle.~ a~d] ~ urn, k 32 33-34 istration to see that none should go st mutate zorezg~ traa.e ~ elmu-| m me nays oz racing oq river l staggering majority of 125,000 vows~. I atae~r ~ r~-~ge~,-~r ~PS'f~ A--lfalfa J PURI~. BRED POLLED H~ hungry, nate .sl~rp pracuees in me money~. At 14. young ttoosevei~ was sent| the largest majority ever given : [ -~ ,~-~ ~o~u, ~. u. m~ ~Oop:j outm. A. E. Nelson, Wilt~ N. He set up the Tennesee V~11ey temples, zrom his nreszae classroom to t~ro-[ New York gubernatorial no~'d,~ - J "''"~. ~.-ot{ ~- 18 Authority, which may become one 2. Employment: The Public Works ton ~.nool for ~. ,s, a fashionable| He became a ~:"~- [ ---- -- of the most far-reaching experi- Administration, which spent $~,000- preparatory, scnoo.~ m ~roton, Mass. } officially for the ~u~-~c~n~'na~-r j FARM LANDS FOR SALE |[ m ments in American life. . 000,000 on pro.j~ designed to}m- ne wlm nono~ ,one.of~ dential nominatio~L~v~ ~-em- j ---~---~ IJ t,~v~g ~fl~ frocluc~|on J . drastic regulations prove the na zon!obs me oz romns m u-] when he allowed hisnan ] res oz pas v e}l t.0 ms at VemJ, ] zor me s-r~ exchanges an<~ ~ne for the jobless. "zne t.;lvman ~;on- uea~ uv~ ~,ears la~er, znen ne before the vo " --: -- ~. : o w~res wire .are msae to xarmers by the "money changers" ation Corvs which had about went to Harvard and ~ook a sure-] oters m. the pr~unar/~-~ [ springs. Plenty of water Part oz tt}J . P,~u~i,~ [ serv v~. ~v~'/. tSl r ~J He provided for federal help in a 200000 young-men at work in themet vacation in Germany i"" *^ .^~wes ~ern sm~es: Accord- J can ~e farmed. Nine miles nm'th of|[ - -A::~.~.~. ~ J national housin ro m o sts at a month each. The "In Germany I was arrested four| ,*6 ,~ ~-,e ~oservers, lZ was this[ ~,~ettibone, N. D. ~c. 28-144-70.N.{Jo g p gra . f re $30 . action which led to the " I A to Clflze~m Civil Works Admmmtration, which, times m one day, he r.~.ed,| Al~edK "~+~, breax wlth j ~eorge ~wanson, Carrlngton, ,~ u, In ;, ~ ~ ifl,~ to while not fully successful, d~d put uce r peemn.g on my recycle,| J SS|J n~, m~ ] ."C: "'L. -'~.': ~'.7"~ ~."--=:. ~ooooeo men to work in the win~er another zor running over a gooseJ .~evext zorces went into the J ~ Ac~, ~. ]L J ~x nine.sell wnetner ~e ~ew .L~. ai .~ ~ o~ ~,ho, h ~,~d w~r~ on the same wheel, a third time for| nauorm/ convention of the ~rty ;, [ -~- ::y,~. =~r~. rm acres unaer~ nad been of real benefit to nnn, " "~ "'"~.; ""~ -: " ^---, ,~. i.^ : ,: /Chicago in June wi*~, - ~T ~ " / ctuuvation. Full set of buildi,s ! ~,~,- -- wh,~,~ ~ ~, +hot ~,;o .v v ~ the worm. rne housing programae- ~,~ ~ ~,= u~= ./~. ~ "'~'e;l .~.^.~ -, ~ weu o~ga- l Walter ~o~,~^,~ "~.:'I .-~e.~o~mr~ ~US BDLI~Pure. --7~--.:. ::~ ,~ T ~ ,~ ~v,?a ":Z- -;~-~o,~ *, ,~;m,]o+~ the eanital goods room at a ranroad station, and lastJ :'~.=~ pmn oz action. Roosevelt oh- J ~ ~x, xu.~y, ~ bred and re~i~t~ m,~, ,~. ~ sate wnemer ne nac~ obtainea a ion ?'~:'~? ." ".--"~ "7 = --? -- for ridina into a restricted military/ ~ainea the nomination on the f,~h J u 32.38j breedinu p~-~-~-:= ~-~.~ ~ or a raise in sala . and whether he inausznas ann so pu~ more men m o ballot after --~-- ----~- -- - ~ w, ~. believed that h~rY~rsonally had awork. zon~I was ~leverytimebuf the/ Smith the ,a~,tterflght that.saw I FOR ff~.LE: Half section well in'~-I ~ Bm~,rs, m~ by the Breed's -- -- . -uur~L ,no ~un~ ~a~'u x~ m, . ' = ~PPY wal~or," rove~l Iarm.--n ~ea(un~ slre~ Hart1 happy future. 3. Regulation of Business. The ,~,~ ~ ~en* mo ^n --,1 carried to defeat. I p ,~.mark~U oo J . S~k A " " ~ation "~, ~ l u. mau route ann phone line. t~ooa -.-: - --'~ --" --'-~' popular Phres~de~irena~e&~s gs~ant N~,~h alutR~el~r~ 1A ~d~r'c~ent of w~ rei~ar~W~hAegvel~t o~ ~/ ~y~O~eiz~lnteS~ed.thenation byt l~ all fenced and cross fenced. J.I~ -- io~ that they had to keeo silentAmerican workers under code~ +~,o ~.~1 course in three years / aec: t to i = ~ ~o, Dak. 32-3~| .~/R~r~ OP]FO~ on enalt o - "-" lltical whereby they received establ/shed '"' n d t"~ ' an ~h/ ~tm. znen ne l~. - u " p y f losing thetr po instead of four, a d foun m~e to g s campmgn a ai ~- wages and work established hours I ~ . g nat Herbert I M~ .OHOOL~ IFOR SALE BY OWNER: A ~,ood ~ ~u~. . . . engage tn numeruu~ aulxe~z~ we- -~ v~, ua-eteSSly, aS USUal. - ' . - - was enabled to rule his ~rstThe l~atr Trade practices in codes, tlvities and in edit/n- the Harvard,vaded almos* He i.n- t I-EARN A"~r,~='~ h going I ~ber, H~ardware and In. e of ' o . - =-=,7 ~,rner oz the ,~ v,~ rmr~ ~ernauona~ H " d re which eliminated a larg part nation in son ~ machtnel~ Ckmgress w~th an n-on h an(= .The . " I C2~mso~ his bl for support, o n, h'ee .c~t~lo& ~ At1~d~ business, Go . W''~ .ili an~t theskul.lduggeryln bus e. ,arone went to ,|even .J . o lin, .~. ~apito rom ~ta t;o - -.-~~u,u J.~-m ' . -~ Mln . --,-.- ~u threats of revolt, but in the final whi~ made. the motto, Caveat umbia school, te w=d south for I =- * I " analysis the le~rislators jumved ~;mp~or a oaex numoer, zne ~e-in~ the examination for admittmace~ ~; "~"~ / ~w*~z w~,~ ~ I "-= ~ ? ~.go~a nttsmess la W~he~t the ~id~nt- rai~ his fl" n construction Finance corporauon, * ~),~ h .~ ,~;n~, =d~h ~,~] -,~, ~,~ vver ~.oover was re-] " ~' I " ~ ~Ta~-pa~ ex~eAlent future ger --~ conceived by the Republicans but m~ar~ [ ~m~ ~. ~o was .nm victory over [ M~ ,~ ~ EVERY GRAVE. Have~~ J p.eezs. ~teason a&e and health. Ad- KeTmo*- wo. a,~,~ expended by Roosevelt to make Ro~evelYs choice for a bride w'asJ u~= ueprusw, on t~t nls first term. J ~v~t| done at lowest ~ Wr/t~ J aress ~ox 136 Braddock, N, D. $I-~ - "'~.'~ .'" .--'. ""'.'V~. . loans fax beyond its original scope. ~-^the- Roosevelt--fromthat| f o) price li~ LaRue and ~ FOR SALE: - xne xeynoz~ oz ms aamln~tra- ' . " I " " ~AZI ~F~FORMA~ION ~,-~,~arck. Store bui]dh~; tion. was actmn. Scarcely a clay 4. Agrlcul. ture: The Ag1"multmm.- branch of the wh}',ch gaveI OWI . j ~. IFCand fixture~ I.~rge buatn~ the whi Ho, . the b g .p ,ty "liott oo elt, brother/ it p I byl ~leepy,~outhern Washington, be- fothefa.rmeronmesamescmeas ofTheeaore~oese.velt: . |in, .uawor~onnous. esaestroyed~m:ee-zourt~ ozai}mem~natio~erymgoodtra~ tm~to~. Write came a world news center, a carl-that o~ ms c~ty ~romer. tmsea on They ,#ere marrlea m ~ew xork/ ~ ~ummer s ngn~mg. The pris- I wv, zcn must memae zottr of the Big l [or mzormmtlon. Box 90 tal of ziv and rn~or activity ~d the idea of crop control, to ma~e City in 1905. The bride's "Uncle| one rs wno once destroyed, are now [ Five. The United Nations Charter,| --~---~ midaigh{ conferences upon "which production coinside with consump- Ted" came from ~ White HouseJ ouuamg up and are being paid. I like our An~erican Const/tutio~,| -- -- -- . hinged the fate, man=~ a time, of a tion and to recompense the zarmerhe in Washington to g/re her away. |~ [ evltamemU~" ve a~oie toe aaap~ itself to in. NorthBlsmarc~D.akotaN DNeWspePer, Assoe~t~m, --.on. for whatever financial hardships From 1905 to 1910 Roosevelt,1 1,e' 2)Pr " I . He throve on the grind that icationscommissioninfendedtoco- Roosevelt ~s pppp~uaded to run. |hear aU c msCh Co .n ission J ~i~t Rr~tain, Russi~ C na andI ,0~ ,mm4 ~",;k'LI shat1~ea-ed the health of many of his ordinate and regulate the red,J States on I = ~ ------. Predecessors h an~ tele-hone Once in the state Senafe he led/ : . .~ena~ oz any Indian [ Vandenberg will point out that Roosevelt's friends attributed his temgrap . ~he ~lief Administraan insurgency that still is a con-|tribe, ~)and, or other identifiable ] the four'largest states in 1790 were tant to the fact th~ he had the haD" ! and b0ss Charley F. Murphy, wasen-| . Y gre a nRo bbertsonis I N~ Y orkoutsrippedallfour. V'lv- i W||||~ ~, ~fl~fl~ -" it was ao~e to proviae ~u~ aeavorin- fo have ,Blue.Eyed/one s~ep nearer a rea~i~y. 2~e House ~ Rinia, nrst in 1790, has dropped to Py .f~cilitT of throwing.aside the clothing to destihite city dwellerI Billy" ~eehan named as United|C0mrnittee on Indian affairs, held I 20th. Today, Illinois, Ohio, Callfor- ~ Certified worries oz nun mgn poslzlon once and drough~ stricken farmer, anxe - some hearings on this measur n Texas and Mic IFU6L|C Ace his decisions w~e made -- -' te~cehomestead-ro'ects: States Senator in the place of|fore ~" -- ' e be- ] ni~ higan, none of ] TAX C OUNTANT "xne suosts ' P J . Chauncev Depew,me ~aster recess of the house,which were even states in 1790, out- J ocarcely a day in his flrs~ term experiments in putting the cky Roosevelt won" the flcht and in|and expects to resume hearings the,rank all but New York and Penn- went by that he did not plunge in- jobless on the farm an@ taking the 1912 was re-elected, only fo start [latter part of April or early May sylvania of the origina~ 13 states. J . 0NSULTANT to .tl~e .White House pool:, which was hopeless farmer from poor lands to another battle with Murphy by,Mr. Robert~on will then bring be- I Many Senato~ believe that ff un-,~ B~m41w~y mtreDUnc with funds subscrloeaoy an- richer fields. ,~,~nl~ e~using the presidential |fore}he C o.mmittee for ~scussion animous consent of the Big Five is Bilmorck, Dak ' rs soon after he toOK omce. r~e 7 Miscellaneous experiments ino=,~;~-'i~-= of Wood.row Wilson at |the zeasibillt'y of amending the bill I ra~uired, it will be almost impossi- J " a~so went through a regular course o~hievin~ "a more abundant life:" :~.~"~:'~=~, convention. In the to broaden the powers of the Corn-,ble ever to dilute the veto power of,~~ ~ Besfde~ee 88 oz calisthenics similar to the treat- ~he Tel~nessee Valley Authority, fi~g~t~""ba~c~e a fast fl'iend of mission to hear all Indian claims, [ any of its members on aggression, ment giver~ regularly to the pa- which is a~tempting to tram theJosephus Danieis, North Carolina including those of art ind/vidual or or on amendment, or on changed tients of the Warm Springs Foun- - ======================:.4 dation ~t Warm Springs, Ga which he founded to help other infantile paralysis sufferers. "MAn Who Came Ba " Roosevelt mig~f best be describ- ed as the "man who came back" f~m a physical catastrophe such as has ruined many another. In the summer of 1924 this six- footer and one ~ime star football player was stricken with infantile paralysis. The disease left him paralized from the waist down. During the space of a few weeks, the big POwor~ul man was bereft of the use of his legs. Little hope was held that he ever would walk again. Helpless as an infan~ he had to be propped tm in bed while his family held' back their tears and told him that he was going to be all right. There may have been doub~ in the minds of the family, friends and medical men, but there was none in the mind of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He set himself to win back the use of his legs. They refused fo respond to treat- Tennessee Valley into an idealized Rultr and at the same time to pro- vide a yard stick whereby power rates the country over may be measured. The Virgin Islands Com- pany which is seeking to help the islanders by re-establishing for them their famous rum industry. Beorg~aized Old Developme~h$ All these reforms and innovations overshadowed the old line depart- merits in WasSington, although Mr. Roosevelt~ did not ignore them. He instiga, ted a reorganizing program for.the executive branch of the government, which many a Presi- dent before him had dreamed but dared no~ try. It eliminated useless bureaus, consolidated others and generally cut down the dead wood within the government. With the aid of his indefatigable wife, the President also did some reorganizing at the White House. He made of it a home, a hospital place where friends were glad ~o go. The night he was inaugurated he held a reception for practically all who woul~ come, served sand- newspaper edRor. When Wilson was elected. Dan- /els became Secretary of the Navy. He in turn made Roosevelt assis- tant secretary. Roosevelt, his wife and three children, Anna, James and Elliott moved to Washington. Here he astounde~ the country by declaring the navy to be in a state of hopeless inefficiency. He asked for more men and pleaded that "the first line of defense" be brought up to its authorized s~rength. He saw the World War on the ocean at first hand. He went across aboard a destroyer. Suggested Smith for Governor In the closing days of the sec- ond Wilson administration, it was Roosevelt who was said to have suggested Alfred E. Smith for the Governorship of New York over the protests of other Democratic leaders. Their friendship dated back to the time when A1 was Speaker of the Assembly and Frank was a firs~ term Senator. Federal duties took Roosevelt to France in 1919 where he helped l private nature, as well as those in behalf of a tribe or group Dr. Oscar Mikkelson, former As- sistant chief of the Dental Division of the U. S. Public Health service, is now dental supervisor for the Office of Indian Affairs, with head- quarters at Albuquerque, N. M Un- der his direction a comprehensive survey of the conditions of Indian teeth will be undertaken as a basis for analyses which are expected to be of universal value as a basis for corrective and preventive treatment. Over four thousand bills have been introduced in the house and senate during the first three months of the 79th Congress. "This opening rush is typical. As the session pro- gresses the number of bills put in the "hopper" daUy will greatly ,de- crease. Of these 4,006 bills, only 25 have become law. Vandenberg will offer two propo- sals at San Francisco. Ultimate Senate ratification of the New Unit- ed Nations Charter may depend up- on their acceptance. He will ask: (1) Provision for amending the representation on the Security Council. Congressmen scurried for the dictionary recently when the House was called upon to consider I-LRes. 52, which called for a study of post- war "demographic" trends and our "ambivalent" policy of immigration. The first of these $64 words has re- ference to social conditions The other tongue-twister is defined by Webster as "experiencing love and Your Guorontee OP I~vrlEB SATIHI~AOTION MANDAN CREAMERY AND PRODUCE CO. Bigger Cream Returns No Middleman No Wa/ts--Fast Service Ship Direct or Deliver to Our Door