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April 28, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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April 28, 1960

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MEDORA TOWN HALL THURSDAY, MAY COUNTRY .5 at 3:30 pm. :0 w & The i Fab... Na... Mir. aners. Don Le Doux and children of Glendive spent a few days at the Ed Le Doux home last week. They have mo- tored to Corvallis, Mom. to visit Mrs. Le Doux's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hellickson. Mrs. Miae Olson was hostess 3901‘ the Stitch and Chatter Club at her home in Belfield 'Ihurs. pm. Eight members were pres- ent. Due to the absence of both president and v. pres, the meet» ing was conducted by Mrs. L. O. Havnvik. Mrs. Strand and Mars. Matteson, Home Manage- ment leadels, gave the lesson on color in the home. A special‘ meeting W815 called for Wed. p. In, April 27th when the memlbers will meet at the Havnvik home‘ to help make curtains for the motel—to assist in planning en— 'terment for Achievement Day.I 'ers. Olson served delicious dcs-‘ sent and coffee. Mrs. Anna LupJ tak was a guest. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Loliclmac’ -} er, Mrs. 'llheo. Barrow, Mrs. J.j Olienyk, Mrs. Alfred Matteson' and Verne King motored to, Meridian on Friday where they? attended meetings of the Bis—l, marck Presbytery and Presby-Q terial. Mrs. Paul boffe-lmac‘her‘ who is v. pres. of Pre‘sbylteriall was last years delegate to the train— ing school held at Jamestown college. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rania of Billings, Mont. accompanied by their sons Sonny, Keith and 'J'immie, Mrs. Clarence Barta and daughter and Miss Betty Kud‘rn-a, also of Billings visited at the Ed Le Doux home Sunday pm. The ‘groulp had visited Mrs. Barta’s parents, Mr. . and Mrs. Kudmzi at New Hradec. Mr. and Mrs: Blamta Were former owners of the O. 'llalllcingto-n fiarm. l Mrs. Boyd Maltteson attended ‘tthe meeting of the Achievement Day Planning Committee at Dickinson 'llh'ursdlay. p.m. l (Mrs. Verne King, Mrs; P‘hill Tulsa and daughter Robin Joy visited at the DanL‘lheadlle home Sunday pm. a I l i M's. Tuss and daughter Robin returned to their home at Fort! ‘Peck, Mont. aflter spending ai week at the Verne Kin-g home. Mrs. Dan Cheadle received 53V" eu’all gifts from friends in honor of her bimthday Sat, April 23. j Mr. and Mrs. Ed Le Doux‘ Were guestsat the Tony Wanner home on Sunday. ’ers. Lindbo was a Bel-' field shopper on Friday. She was! accompanied by her son Leslie; Mrs. Charles Campbell’s moths: or has arrivelgd from Hobbs, ,NJ Mex. and will spend some time at the Campbell] home. ; lRolber/t Le Doux who has been at the home of his parents for. ABOUT COINS and STAMPS If you have a question about coins or stamps or a_ particular coin or stamp. write. to this column. c/o News. Beach. N. D. end we will try to furnish you with an answer or direct you to someone who can. of Belfielld Rte. 3 and Mrs. W. Kerr, Dickinson .. L Word has been received that and Mrs. O. F. Talkington' have returned to their home in Greeley, Colo. 'l‘hey spent two weeks. in Aariz., then visited the H. H. Hafstmms at Riverside, Mrs. J.'O. M'ixlsten and daughter, Carol, San Diego, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Geesaman, Mr. and Mrs. La Verne Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Clark at Los An- —- geles. lBeachiie Writes lM-rs. Earl .lobert has returnedl A letter arrived today from home alflter receiving treatment Benny IMridheIS, who is from at the Dickinson hospital. lBeach, {bwt is presenlmy with th Mrs. E. C. Bredlburg has gone armed forces. This would be a to Spokane to visit her mother, good chance for some of the Mrs, Falllgren. and other rela— local collectors Ito get some for fives eign stamps and coins. Since Mr. and Mrs. Guy Brown of Benny states that all letters will Beach visited at the Ella Adams be welcomed and ansWGTEd home Sunday pm. \promtly, don’t hesitate to wl‘ile _._———-~~—-—~« and let him know what you Changes Made In iare interested in and we’re sure lyou’r'll come up with some trades Bounty Rules l’ttlhat will be satisfiactory to both in? tions pertaining to proof of kill my Sidelines of coqdedting but WM go mm affect May 9m’ an‘ indullged in by enough is not 0 . i v z .. , n .uc.ed Gimf and F 15h (Om oi the Beach collectors as many nnssioner l. (i. Bue. ~ of them have too recently join- .New rules to eliminate fraud led .nhe ranks, Mr, Mjclhels is ulent practices of bountying all-1a young man that would prob- Imlals In more than one state .albjy welcome mail from any age have been enacted and will take wimp, By writing aboult this a-ftect next month. They are as .fidblby you win .3150 be giving fO‘ll‘OW‘S: serviceman something to do In order to obtain bounty on [between paydlays coyotes, fioxes or boibcats the; person presenting the animal will have to take the entire carvl cass to the office of the localf County Auditor. In the presence of the Couhty Auditor, the per~ son shall remove the lower jaw of the animal and turn it over to the Auditor. ’l‘lhc person pre— senting the kill will dispose of the carcass and the County Audi- tor shall retain and destroy the lower jaw. Mr. Michels‘ letter is reprint- ed below: 16 April, 1960 “Recently I had the occasion to read some back—issues of the Golden Valley News and I noted that there appears to ‘be a con— siderable interest in stamp and coin collecting in and around Ithe Beach area. I I have 'been a collector of both stamps and coins (U. S. and . , , foreign) for some time and I In no case Will a Lounty AudI-‘ would be happy to correspond tor accept as proof or ’km a and consider any negotiations “HE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. DAK. CO‘US’I‘NS DA’NCE THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 1960 Sponsored by the De Mores School Lunch will he served. a publication for coin collectors,’ IS our”, v a Denver Columnist check up , . e and found that it takes a roll Opinion -- Is H. A W 5.. H V of 168 paper dollars to choke a hme' . “fl'he Vanishing American"? APRON STRINGS afimtxs‘tmmmtf l Home iin on the government land, when Service lhc must turn them in, a and how Advisor ilong he must leave them there. I To those who have been In ’this ranching business for many THE , , years, to those who have de- LAUNDERING ELECTRIC BLANKET ‘ Florin}: house—cleaning time! and VE‘loped the Spirit Of indelpend‘ .inclu-ded in that “need to wash" ence and the feeling of self suf- laundry pile is the electric blan— fiCiency that characterizes “hose keg, {who have lived in the Badlands It‘lec-tric blankets are meant to region. these “orders' become a be washed by hand or in a ma- I source of irritation. chine. They should never be It seemed rather refreshing to dry cleaned - here is the “donheavr this individual express the it-yourself’ procedure. Disconnect Opinion that he would rather the control, Tie up the com and'starve while running his own plug in a clot-h _ a washcloth business than to get rich while. or towel works nicely — to pro-ltaking OljdGI‘S from some *j/V’o‘f“ "met them. Shake out the dustain Washington. D. C. 00qu It from the blanket, and pretre-at'be that this man represents the any spots or stains. A concen—lVA'N‘I'SlHI’NG AMERICAN? trated solution of water and the! soap or detergent you will be‘GO Mud! using works best for this. UseEVOice Y0“! Complainfil lukewarm water and enough‘ How did your state income tax mild soap or detergent to m'akefcompfl're WWI Your fede'T'al in- a generous suds. If you are wash;ECQme taX? QUNC‘ a dl‘fel‘enclfl ling by hand, use a wash twb or Right? .‘ ‘balthtulb. Let the blanket; soak} Suppose that for five years or .fo rat east :3 minutes. ’I‘lierI10V'0’n.f01‘ 2 years we could J'Ut squeese me suds through it for‘reverse the addresses on our tax 3 minutes. Remove the bltaniket‘em'empes- Thai: is. send the N. from the tub When filling it for Dak. tax to the Federal Internal the rinse. Rinse twice. Squeese‘ {evenue Collector and the Fed— gently but firmly in the len-glth—gt‘lla'l tax 10 the N. D. Slade Tax wise direction. Never wring or'COmm‘lSSi‘Oner. 5twist a blanket especially an? Then we would proceed to lelectric blanket. gspend the tax money received I For an easier method use youriby the State Tax Oonunissioncr automatic wragher and youi to improve conditions haven‘t one ask your neighbor bring an influx O‘f industry. We ‘if you can use her washer for a could create conditions that few minutes. twoulld would in an increasing lower jaw which has already been removed from the carcass of the animal to be bountied. Al- so, animals will not be accepted tor bounty that have ears, front‘ paws, lower lip or jaw missing. To collect bounty on mlagspies it will be necessary to present the wings, only. The County Au- ditor will keep the win-gs and destroy them. Since Minnesota, S. D. and N. Dak. have required different proof of kill in past years, many foxes have been bountied in more than one state. South Dakota takes the lower lip or jaw, Minn. requires that the two front paws be cut off and Montana has no. bounty. Formerly N. D. required that the ears be multilated. The new rules. requiring] the ‘3 h, “e ,0 Biu_ien~tire carcass be brought in un- wfigrfohe 3N,“ bef multilated is designed to do employed by a transport com-lawe’y w'l'th thls flagrant V1913” m_ i 1 tion of bounty regulations. ’Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cheadle‘ and fiamily-uwtho have lived avt‘E r " Glendive, Montana; for the, past; . LUTHER-"N CHURCH several mums have mgved to; Rev._ Alton Johnson, Pastor Gillettee, Wyn. wlhere Gordon SUNDAY Will be employed as driller on a 8:30 a. m. Worship Service. rig. l 9:30 am. Sunday school. Renewals to the Billings Co. W‘TIDNESDAY Dimmer include F. H. Denham, 7 pm. Luther League. I North Vernon, Ind, Paul Lof- FRIDAY ‘ "" fellmacher, Belfrield, Mike Adams. 8 p.m. Church Council. ' MEDORA lwith anyone. There is also a pos- sibility that ‘I could assist any- Jone in obtaining particular stamps and coins that might be 'auailable in this area. I have a considerable amount of foreign ‘stamps that I would like to trade for certain coins. Amy and all correspondence will be appreciated and prompt. lly answered. , I would also like to 'be con-’- scldered 'flor membership in the Club of the Beach area. .My address follows: SFC Benjamin J. lM‘iohels [894 Parcel St. Mlonterey, Calif. Sincerely yours Benny Miohels. -— eiaoin -- i For the 'benefit of Mr. Michel and anyone else who may be and Stamp Clulb, and correspond. 'ence my lbe sent to Mrs. Dorothy Thompson, Secretary, Beach, N ,‘Dak. H4 — etaoin —- Now You Know! — You’ve ofiten heard the ex- pression. “He had a roll big roll that was. According to a filler used in lthe-‘fiCo-in World” ion Service_ freighliwise.' ‘ Ligniiél bursa“. Sulphur, ‘clay and other cessed to add to the state’s wealthy and .provi l I. .,. .yvn. tug/«.0 Contact your Agricultural College,‘fini. I I versity or North De. velopment Commissiongfx/opportuxufies -., annotation-mes: ' basedi a. ‘ stout-“9 mums-Mmuuofi‘mhma-mhnm RESOURCE ORIENTED A second 'fnethod of orientating business is through resources. These businesses or industries . must be located close to sources of raw materials such as timber, coal, ore, and agricultural prod- ucts or they should be located nearsources or low cost power. Agriculture provides many oppor- t , , , tunitie's‘such'as the processing of grain crops containing oils’— such as flax, soybeans, safflower, sunflow- er seeds and others.- Potatoes, ‘straw, meats, poultry, turkeys, eggs are other commodities that can be further processed in North Dakota. By fur- ther processing we reduce the weight of the basic commodity, but we in- crease the value. )This‘provides us with a better competitive position - de new job opportunities. resources can be pro- | When you are using an auto: matic washer don't add the blanket into the tub until the. machine is filled and the soap or detergent completely dissolv- ed! This is import-ant! You may population. We would have job opportunities that would keep our young people from migrating at an age when we need them most. North Dakota does get some re- turn MAN NAMED To, mas-muslin ASSN. Lee Bil-mars. who with his wife owns endlqpeu'attes the Parks Cafe in Bambi-wuss named as 'onerof 'tihe 12,511direotom of the N. D. Restaurant Assn, at their CT vahemermy in” rm to meoo'mfention in Giana Forks from v “la.fions_‘.,Aprll 6, to’8.v?‘300 Cafe operators . for“. :2: as“. autism mam. we Tony Binek of Dickinson was difisen as president of the group Elaine Urbaczka disagreed Mayne policies. in We just didn’t the attitude of . the ‘office boys' m Wold him- MDU 03- lnumlber of cattle he should turn lwitlh an air of final that arms mime, and m‘nk Komon' owy of Belfield was named Sec. EMPLOYMENT REP. ,AT BEACH MAY 4 l A representative of the N. D. State Employment Service will have his office in the communi— ty Room of the Court House at Beach from 9 am. to 12 noon on Wednesday, May 4. He will take applications for individuals seekling work and ‘claims for unemployment com- pensation. Also, orders will be taken for employers seeking workers. jArrive Home —- Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Reinhoiz 'of Sentinel Butte returned home via train last week from a six lweeks vacation to Tacoma. and Ea‘t‘onv‘ille, Wn., where they vis— ited Mr. Reinholz’ brother, A‘— fred, and Mrs. Reinholz’ 2 sisters, Mrs. Margret Gsbom and Mrs. Alfred Reinholz. 'Ilhey also had a nice visit with the George Wrighlt families at Port Ordnard, Wn. They enjoyed a trip by boat from Bremerton to Seattle and returned to Brememton where they visited a niece of Mrs. Rein- holz’s, Mrs. Pete Peterson, where they had an interesting exper- ience. TWO nights betore they ar- rived, T‘ug Boa-t Annie had just left to go to Alaska, having oc- cupied the same apartment all winter that Mr. and Mrs. Rein— holz stayed in for a couple of nights. 'Ilheir niece said that Tuig Boat Annie would type late into the night and seemed to be very busy with her programs. To Get Mother -- Atty. and Mrs. Orrin Lovell ‘lelfit Friday morning for South Pasadena, Calif, to get Atty. Lovell‘s mother, Mrs. Hazel Lov- then let the blanket soak for turns from the 1700191111 lax dOl-Iém- 'M‘P‘S- Lovell Spen't “he W’im' ‘15 minutes or so and then agitate lair, but rememlber this. The 'er there. They all expected to or tumble for no longer than 2 great portion O’f our Federal tax.1‘e‘t“‘m ’00 303011 this weekend. mi, es. Spin only until the wa-jdollar goes for national defensezM’FS- Iter'~~ ' ves the‘tu‘b. RemoVe the [blanket and fill the madhine with lukewarm water for rins-‘i ,ing or cold water if you have washed the blanket in cold wa— ter. Add the blanket again, let. soak for another 15 minutes,' spin or remove the water as be, fore. 'I‘o dry on a clothesli-ne hang the blanket over two parallel, lines in the shade. When it is dry brush. with a sth brush to fluff the nap. You maywant to and our State gets very, very little of that. City tax monies, are spent here and benefit us. County tax monk ies are spent here and benefit: us. We get a lot of direct benefit from the state taxes. Bwt from there on up the benefits to N. Dak. thin out considerably. Has Surgery ' tMrs. Marian (Gardner) been hard of Minot returned to Beach enough to dhoke a hoq'sefl but , never know quite how a 'big a SUNDAY gr repair service. press the binding with a warm this Wednesday to get her par— interested, the dues are $2.00 pen iron. If the mg from the blanket: ents’ car and take it to Bismarck, yearto ‘bellong‘to the Beach Com permns you may use the dryer as her lather, Bill Slammer of for partial drying of the blanket this city underwem surgeo' there but be sure to fidllovv mnufaci that same morning, at the Bis- turers instructions in «this mat~'maf‘0k hospital. ‘He has been a ter. patient there since Easter Mon; his wife, Louise, is staying in Bismarck to visit h‘unevery day. His many friends both in Beach and Sentinel Butte hope he has . MEDORR UNION 'CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Rev. C. Lee Birdsall Pastor he will be returning home in a 10:30 am. Memorial Dedicat- few days- ‘ ' “Guest. Speaker: Rev. Lester So- berg, asst. State Conf. Minister. II'nLfiormal Congregational meet ing following services. Women‘s Fellowship postpon- ed until May 10. , «May 8 is Mother’s Day. Honor your mother by attending church on her day. New Employee —- lDon Me'tca'lf, a former ems plloyee at Helbling Garage, 15 now employed at the Oonserva» tion Service office in Beach. a BROCKMEYER Radio Service Phone 24323 BEACH. HO. URI. Emerson & Motorola ‘ Rallies and TV We back'our satswith uss cake: FEET LONG ANqflfim TO FIRE THE GIANT, , WHILE uNDEme «Wm RANGE or THE-Pom mats AND' we ‘UNUMIIED cut!ch H" R -'~IEN; .g‘x, FROZEN troop c 33?; us? ammoniumwnauans Fishing staples Record Players ii.;.<"f Records. 1— W ,- gas n‘roseuem?4nacx, * “WITHO‘UTIEAR-OFDETECMN av ANTI-SUBMARME mimic» oswcss .. i an uneventful recovery, and that , Hazel Lovell’s daughter Dr. Merle Lewis, is a resident of South Pasadena. Jerry Kou- lba is caring for the Orrin Lov- ell children while their parents are gone. STAMP OUT TU BERQU LOSIS! m... .._.. _. ....... .m._.._.. “P..— REMEMBER THOSE YOU LOVED WITH A MEMORIAL GIFT TO THE A"? ‘ one: or stance-*wmucrou ‘ .rmcm‘irue‘mi.“ "‘ it :.