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May 5, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 5, 1960

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BILLINGS COUI'TI~ IPIQ~ NEAT TREK IF SHE CAN DO IT--Dr. Barbara Moore demon strates her stride as she departs from Civic center in San Francisco on her hike across the U. S. to New York. Tho Englishwoman didn't get too good a start--she was halted for jaywalking. She wants to pass a couple of British ser- vicemen who got started on the same Jaunt the day before. Airline Travel Increased 38% In Past Year State Aeronautics Commission Di- rector Harold C. Vavra said this week that airline travel in North Dakota during 1959 increased 38 per cent, with 67,714 boardings report- ed, compared with 49,231 in 1958. Bismarck reported a total of 3~,- 274 arrivals an departures last year, second only to Fargo's 60,727. Passengers both boarding and get- ting off scheduled airlines in North Dakota last year totaled 135,960, compared with 98,462 in 1958, Vavra said. The director said most of the in- crease came from inauguration of ne wand additional services and routes granted North Central and ~'rontier Airlines by the civil aer- onautics board in the Seven-States airline proceedings. Since many of the new routes granted North Central and Frontier were inaugurated in March and April of 1959, Vavra forecast "that traffic figures for 1960 will exceed those of 1959 by a large margin. Scheduled airlines in North Da- beta in 1959 emplaned and deplan- ed 410 tons of freight and 201 tons of express for a total cargo figure of 611 tons. Vavra said Fargo ac- counted for 198 tons of the total or 32 per cent, while Williston was second with 146 tons. WEED SEED IN HAY CONCERN IN STATE Weed seed in hay hauled into North Dakota areas of short for- age crops ~hls past season is caus- ing censers in those areas, county e>:tension agents report. This can be a serious problem, says L. A lenses, NDAC e,Aenstou left to heat and rot. I~ the ferment- ting and heating process, mast of the w~ed seeds will be destroyed. County agents are explaining that, in the process, some of the ferti!- izer value of the manure may be destroyed, and fly problem may de- velop Regardless, it is better to un- dergo these disadvantages than take a chance of seeding noxiou weecLs on farm land. Some weed seeds ~o though the digestive systems of farm animals unl~armed [Spreading these seeds with unfermented manure infest~ fields and pastures, --C]-- agronomist, since many seeds that I The new wild oats killer, Carbyne, may be new to the area could be i must be applied in the 2-leaf stage, spread on clean fields if the man-i usually between the 4th and 9th are from this hay is hauled direct-. ly to the field. ~as day after emergence. Before or after If~possible, here weedy hay that time, the control rapidly de- ,been fed, the manure should be creases with time of application. FROM A SAl~rl~ BELT TO A NUCLEAR BAN--British Prime Min- ister Harold Macmillan and President Eisenhower adjust their seat belts in the helicopter that took them from Washington to Camp David, Md. The leaders went to the rustic retreat for talks on banning nuclear tests. Russia has proposed a morn-, torture of fot~ yea~, a plan the U.S. feels violates the prin eiple that disarmament a~ps must be subject to inspection, iAt Crossing ;rash Lives N,D, Rail-Rood ~atet~ C, onaeli Railroad crossings are becoming a critical spot for motorists . . . the spot where you must watch for the readers fast tral~ st today. Din'lag the Spring mouths, you must watch out for the slippery areas at et, oesings and keep an eye out for trains. The Ran-Road SaJe~ CouneU advises you to follow the old eresslnS rules: STOP, LOOK, ~. Tko Wain erew la watoldng for you . yoe watch fer them. / e~AOS't~WE ONE ~AC~T OF THE CRIME SITUATION--L,ooklng into evidence in a $20,000 diamond robbery, Dr. Kearney Sauer of the Los Angeles police points to X-ray of innards of George M~ts- murtnl (left). Mazsartnl submitted to lrrl~tton, and the outcome ia shown bealde a ~-eent pie~u, which indicate= Jult how big a 17.2-carat gtrre but f~iend can be. Mazzarinl claims he got the gem from a friend, but police think an Omaha, Nab owner wu unwillingly relieved of it. OPPOSITE SIDES ON CIVIL RIGtff$--Sen. James O. Eastland (D-Miss.) confers in Washington with Attorney General Wil- liam P. Roger~ (right), who testified before the Senate Judi- ciary Committee. Easfland, chairman of the group, la an open foe of eivfl rights legislation passed by the House of Repre- sentatives. Rogers appeared at a closed-door session to sup- port the bill. which would safeguard Negro voting rights. North Dakota' Greatest Farm Coverage -- Gets Results BUYING SELLING Rotes: 14c per word first insertion--no od Jess than $2.80 12c per word each additional issue, $2.40 minimum SEND DIRECT TO: BIS/v RCK CAPITAL and ASSOCIATED NL MSPAPERS Main and Mandga Street BISMARCK, N. D. Seed And Feed 5 Personal 3', For Sale - Tratll. L, Parkland, t~'~rley CARE FOR UNMARRIED MOT]~,8 Very low smut test. Langdon durum. Florence Crittenton Home 111 18th Marine, Sheyenne, Bolley flax. I)'armer~ south, Fargo, North I:)~ot~ Write Coop Elevator Sharon. N. Dak. Phone superentendent for Information. All In* 4531. 42-46qulrles COnfidential. For Sale: Canthatcb seed wheat HELP FOR UNMARRIED MOTBF~| cleaned and treated $3.00 per bu eounml and nurstnl~ ears. Write H(m,~ bulk lots. Pm'ity 98.71% germ 95% of Mercy, 1505 $th Avenue South. l~rl~o, Peter A. Nygaard, Alexander, N. I)akNorth Dskota. All Inquirl~ conf~lma~tsI Pho,e 4472. 42-45Notice For Sale: Garry Seed ()~ts First yea~ after Canadian registr~tion, germt- I-*AItHI~S'I~ wholesale Supply in U. B nation 97% purity 95%. Trace of wildFurniture, clothing, applianmm, aut~ oat~, ('ontact, Grater t~alman Mylo and accessOries, farm equipment, tool~ 4654, or Otto) Silnon.~on, Agate Bisbee housewares, new products, i~M:)or~s 7:~52. 43-44Free details. Associated ~rhol~1 Box 2068-BN, Sioux City 4, Iowa. 0t~ FLAX t;ROWI,~RS ATTb3NTION Buy I'UI'dC STRAIN ,~ertified seed for GIANT FARMILY ROSARY! On]y : extrn, profit, hig-h yielding certified $2.00 Huge Imported R~uary from ~rey flax for sale. hagged and tag- Italy. Ideal for leader of fatally ro- ged. (:heek experiment sta.tion for re- sary. Beautiful wall decoration Won. ~uits $5.50 ~r bushel, less iu large derful for bed. Older folks love it. lots. Robert SehtflHser, Ilunter, N. D, Kids treasure it. Proceeds for mls- 44-47sion convent and 9tsters. Send $2.00 to Marian tIouse, Powers Lake, N Business Opportunity 9 ])ak. 41-44 I,:~r~e. he:*utiful rest:turnnt for lease, A new hit record hy Fr. Nelson "Mira- Billings, Montan;~. .klrl)rnxim~tely culous Medal Hymn" and "Hymn to $135, )(~0 gross s~h.s, year. Charles St, A~,~gar (Oscar)" (;et yours now. Ilog~io, I'. (~. Box 47;,Bil]Irlgs, Mo~t. 45 RPM Send 1.00 to Marian House, 43-45I'owers L~',ke. N. Dak. 1-44 NI.~V/ IIAH.DWAI~,IC AND AUTO LOCAL DISYi~RII]IJ'TORSI~Ip Avail- S'I'OICA,] to be established in able 1]rand new and a real money- l,nkt~, Minn Bownlan, N. D. and Ips- maker. (Jan be started in your spare with, ~, D. $16,500 investment requir- time. For full details write Box 90. ed. I'honc WEst 5-1711 collect or Ad NO. 23260 Bismarck. 57. Dale. write COAST TO COAST STORES Central C'rganization lnc 7500 Excel- Livestock 7 sior Blvd. Minneapolis. Minn. 44-46 Your lambs can cost les.~ to grow ~nd "'Three Business Ol~ortunities in bring more money. Get our new free Garrison, N. Dak tl~e heart of thebooklet. American Cheviot Society, L,a- recreation area. Brick building on m:~m layette Hill 2,l, P~ 39-50 :street, suitable for clothing store or ,)tt~er retail outlet. Comblnatio~ res- For Sale: Young Columbia ewes to taurant and drive-inn on highway 27.lamb May 1st. Jess Keitzman Lakvta, Small drive-iun safe in south Garri-N. Dak. 43-45 son on road to I~tke. Terms av:dl- able. Garrison Insurance and lb at For 9ale: PUREBttED Ht~RHFORD Estate, Garrison, N. Dnk." 43-~4 POLLED BULLS AND HEIFI~RS A. E. Nelson Wilton, N. D, 37 FOR SALE: ON BEAUTIF'UL LAKE Vermillion with 365 island, 56 acres, For Sale: Registered Angus bulls, $ 700 foot lake front. 6 cabins and lodge, years and younger. Rea.son~bty petS- boats and mis. Electrified, good well, ed. Buy your bull early while the docks, On highwa.~ No. 169, good I choice is good. Goldberg Angu~ Farm, motel location l)ue to death, must[Box 584 Moorhead, Minn. 41-55 dispose, Bargain, Contact Silvola Agency, 110 2rid Axe so. Virginia, Minn. Top Wisconsiu Holstein and Guernsey 44-46 calves and cows shipped or, approval. H.a.v Bh)tt. Box 552, Mukwonago, Wise. For Sale - [[ardwave store in Northern 42-46 Black Hills, town of 3,600. Clean stoek, low rent, ideal location. Owner Witt 18th Annual Registered Polled has other interests. Write Box 20. liereford sale, May I lth, Watertown, Spearfish, So. Dak. 42-44So. l)ak. 24 bulls--16 ye~trling, 8 two 3,ear olds. Good wo "thy rugged bulls $4(t0 Monthly spare time ltefilllng and from proven sires as OK Goldmine collecting money from NE'W T 1'E 7 /teal Onward 29 and K. B. Benton high quality coin operated dispensers Rollo 65th. O'rank ~'itt :(nd Sou, But- in this area. No sening. To qualit'y you ler, ~). Dak. 41 ntttst have car, references ,$600 tO $1~0fl cash.Seven to twelve hours I~()~ SALIS: Matched tenon of B4~y weekly cartnet up to $400 monthly, eiares, work horses, 14 yrs old/ Price More full time.l~or personal inter-;400 Herhert Schultz. I)ouglan, blinn- vi,:w write 1:'. O. Box 1055, Boise,esota, Phono Rochester. ATlas 2-30~17 Idaho. Include phone number. 44 New Headware and Auto stores to beBarley thrips are more abundant established in Bowman, N. Dak. andin early seeded fields planted be- Ipswich, So. Dak. $,16,500 investment required. Phone W/~ut 5-1711 collect or fore May 10. write Coast to Coast Stores, Central Organization, inc 7500 Excelsior Blvd. North Dakota Newspaper Assn Minneapolis, Minn. 42-45 Bismarck, N. D. 1960---44 Poultry 6 l"or Sale: Emdon and Toulouse Go~- ling-s from selected flocks. Our new low list price has been cut sensational- ly lower then any year in our business. Sheldon's Goose Hatchery, Bagley, M innesota 41-44 For Sale 8 A REAL BUY! The large Conn Elec- tric Organ (two keyboards) with 1- ~/~ octave foot pedals. Beautiful tone. )el'fect for holile or ehurcb. Used onlY short time; excellent eondltlon. A steal! Also one ORGAN and PIANO combin- ation instrument (two instruments in one). (Jan be played as piano or organ or both together An excellent buy, but ftURRY ! St. James Rectory, Powers Lake, ~. I)ak. 41-44 Wurlit~er Walnut ~pinet piano with bench, like new, reasonable. $450. Box 312, Bi~marcR, N. Dak. 44 For Sale: Genera] Country store, In* w.'ntory for sale. Building for sale or rent. Arne Eid, Gary, Minn. 44 Par Sale: 150 Ton to 200 ton of hayS. Phone Frazee, Minnesota.5664, M. T. Schwoboda 45-44 For Rent 28 For trent: Almost new 10 stool lunch room, lunch room all equll~ped, heat, lights, water ~:50.00 a month at truck stop. Trible Service Lisbon, N. D. 44-45 NortOn Dakota's 1959 calf crop was up three per cent from 1958 and 16 per cent over the ten year average. tL S. calf crop was up two per cent over 1958 and seven per cent over the ten 'year average. FREDRICKSON ORTHqPEDICS, IN(:, Artificial L~lm - Stump Soctm Walkers - Wheel Cha4r~ RepalnJ of All m~kes of Limb 1440 4th Ave. N. ADam 5-5047 Fargo, N. D. rile CHOICE OF THOUSANDS NAS ALL THESE FIIATURB~ e~J~ Fltll8 AND CUSTOM IJUILI~ YQUIt U~. AND POUttOATIOM dmv,mmm t~J~v PmO CAPP-NOMES |t41 Susm~ Mlmtmlm~ II, $ In Eastern North Dakota Tour representative is Joe Amondson, 1901 7th St. N Fargo, phone ADame 2.2364 In Western North Dakota your representative is L. W. Nielsen, 1009 17th St. N. W Phone T E5-3221 West Fargo Manufacturing Co 6% cumulative preferred stock, $100.00 per share, dividends payable quarterly. This is not an offer to sell but an invitation for North Dakota resi- dents to investigate the above stock. Here is a,n opportunity to invest your savings in one of your state's oldest industries, Money is need- ed for expansson to take care of products now being manufactured and in good demand. Write or call for prospedtus to: H. A. Ttntes West Fargo, N. Dak.