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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
May 5, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 5, 1960

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THURSDAY, MAY 5, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. U123? the L. G. Browns on Mrs. Grace O'Tromba came to lu‘; Tim/r \2;;.-. ilk/oil 1“ Mrs. Unmluimi; liq»: can i}: luv Murmur oi: g-rlozug' .iim your. A“- MM-” A, o_ l . ._ _.-____,, A..M.r_.r__.._ r. -V. ,, -W *4 .w" w. m, “‘*.r.______- the llisrumsum irispilul On Sun, soul: liixw, “\riuk-m wle high; and rmi‘muied t'hvro until hum-y lilmgl‘lri, Bosrsikf Olslorl MW {would \«koum mm Mrs-c 'I‘uosday ziiftcrnvomi when hm‘ ’.l muuim (Ilrgan Visited at UH whim» hub-.3 mu duu {barium—law, Mrs. Les 'l‘isor 32w llwiuwru l‘~'.73(111{t1l},-2 mm“, m i‘uuiuu a: m. tullxiL‘l, drove up and brought, her homo. Rebuilt-ii lill‘lilr' on Monday (Keir “u “LN-«‘3- vrvul \wlm' fillings County Register of lug; \4\;H1 me rel-“loos. “L .\lli;..é Deeds Alice L. Lobo attended the All; <0ra£34uard has. turned in “My 1"- SlA-U‘duua “V 9451* \KSV‘ 5‘ he collected £01. lung, )llS paruus m .\lL‘(lUlLl. County Judges‘ conv. in Devils Viv Ulfliléflrllfi _ Lake m'rr the weekend. On :iuzi, l'm‘ RL‘J (flows, and. County dhaitm ‘ML- “M1 M”- L'AU)“ ‘UWW 0‘ gm, rc‘tyumod to Medora_ my; MM 31. Brown reports that Lllcoovnc. Mom. are the parents .10 Rousseau and Mrs. May Wm tummy has 393m“ excee‘je‘i if buoy. b0; 90m Lafayctfl" Granidl’l‘o went to Minot for the 11“ (Ndm' "‘mn mw‘“ “use boy‘s im the weekend. Jo broil-girl back some M" “‘1 M“.- L' G' El‘i’wn 3”“ “OWL . i . v y .. (d an 3,“ organic Rangho pun- mlmm l’ltgmo‘l 110m l'l§l.)Lllg! rock from that are-a to put in the] bard‘ u i Quad um us on u ~lying l .. . ' y _ . Ll‘ o-l % l ‘ ‘ l. On Thursday night C-arol MC- '50 d 5m“? at mnds' “hose 9” I Bride and Mary Gil-mam drove Joyiug 0124:; uer and unusual fare munanUn 101' an admin)” 30‘ 1O Beadh and mad dinner at UP were Ellen OSlEI‘howl. Ml'. and‘hOqu .banecys (We. iMm. w. A. mil-cry, Juanita 01w Wm»-~--—-~~—~-~—~ 'I'ihe Leighton Nunns of Fort gan' 3935’" nga’d' Harry RQb‘l .0 ‘Yh‘ulu'ufx, Keogh, near Miles City visited 01%“ Ada WWW?“ and Lima”: »\-UHHL.KAH; (ix-URL?» A “he Gerald Nunns at Medom on Van Doren. This dinner is of the: ~ NW“ JUM‘W“: WWW Friday and Saturday type sorrod ol the llcalt‘h Re-{bL‘NDru V . Addie Anderson called in Dick guilt. at louhaite', Mexwo Whech 23:00 u. in, Morshilv :‘wrvuw. “man to consult her doctor on and Mpg Briowwn stayed [orfmfjidl‘l arnr mummy .iUllOUi. Friday. uranium on uhoir southern tour ll'l‘bollb‘nh V H Jmm Osadohuk is Spending loot Winter. I I 4:1.) our Loulirmulion. some time visiting his sister, E‘vlrsfl “ammo” ()ismd “Sued “'“h p‘m' 1mm“ mum” .‘. , y x ,‘ l — ~ . ., his nmllhm“ at llhe hotel on 'l‘uesi‘FmDA‘l' —«—— o — - mm H‘ltbwhuk MEdDN' WM}: (fin-cum gum-anm m At Mmhor of the Year Award Butte. on the loft. who was this personally. The oihor ‘m dmmw on Thursday evening has been \VUl'l‘Llllc’ :11 um Duii‘ y t women in i E i. . ..,_ and (dial evonmu' had dinner1 y R.'lm“)1wmh hm. “415334;;\Jumfiga (Jyflmxayghau. lllun‘ohoon at the Municipal area’s nominee for the N. D the picture arr- Mrs, John Hanson m Mean u'w 1,87%.“ Liam" gen-L .»,t {I 1 __.__.._._.____.___._~_.~__. Country Club in Bismarck on Mother of the Your Honors. Willi 0f. Bowman and llrs. Mair gluiéi‘ay {Seljuk/[1.2:]: flag”; (le5. {El/11'. mm M,- Mfi.e-d Schwartz MEDORA UNION lApril 21’. —-- Pictured above this SlillO'S Governor John Davis her of New Engi‘lahd. L ‘ v x i i. -. .0 of Hollisfld Visibjéd‘hat fine 1,, G. CONGREGA'I'IQNAL CHURCH Mrs. M. (I ’l‘osohrr of Seutinsl pictured, presenting the Awards (Photo by VVa.~h‘buru Leader) Rash-Lumen lo Bismarck so tluit inso'n Shoppers on Saturday. ~- Tihr‘ Congregational Choir moi, ‘FV’Q‘l rat the Bud Anderson homo OllihfiJ-VNWL‘ 'llhursduy nighl‘ ~ I Mrs. Mildred Raschliow czmw‘ A. of the Park m l \ ‘z V V 0 I; ease Note—n ' r00 Boliheld this past woolmeLaugh!«a lirslr aid was at tho} T, ,U L). , s and; took her mother. Mrs. PrimV'i>2il-ol"-.C§€nwr. last week. in, “if {ml (‘ “119 it? '0” .5 Fina Os'ad'chuk Mn“ (“W-E erfi Mid iWal‘t Runesu‘andl lagging: fillgailfillléll cofvefri: ‘6” l y w and K‘Pl?“‘¥1d‘Wéldon ammo“ h‘adflmn ait Harlem, Montana, Mary ~v—~—~—w~w—g——y——— ' l llrl’h thru 1301!. | Chris could go mm thc Chm“ Bmwm on MW. 1“? Hill/(SUN l WU—‘W-“w’WHM—“Mh‘wwn- “WWW “W for his (medium E The Tod Noid‘vhardts of lle‘bron V ‘7 _ 12“"“1‘ l (le01 McBride. Adel Sylvomu'.‘\liw‘d 1“ “‘9 T95; Kil‘kpau'iCR-S,bLAPf}X U y . V. g and Mary Gillham were all l)~ici~.~ WWW“ F mm} MUMU’S my SCHIL‘C' l 5 ‘21,. V135”; 73%,, w. 5; r \. l, “rill afid-‘I'jMfié ‘l‘ hiMCoruril I’M‘m- 1995f" ‘_ \ a , ,. Ted meme: l\lUllil'llLlil)L}l) " A gilt will br presented 1o Lliv shopped. ' em. 37: C ... . ,. IWould you opportunity LEGIO‘“ NOTICE 17 WES All members of llarley Salz-. UNITED STATES to sell MUTUAI‘: 'PUNDS mu or man-Badlands Am. Legion Posl; ‘arc urged to attend the meeting Pa“ 111116? Local “trim” OPGDvWednesday night, May 11. at S pm. at the Beach Legion Hall. %E§:“§§Elxglr:§gé?n‘fidac "%.':;..f..’. for responsmle put“ coma“ Installation of new officers will ' ‘ Harold J. Miller. 1620 Porler be held at this meeting. Eighth . District Deputy Mac Aasen Of Avenuev 35min“ N‘ D" Ph°ne Mom has been invited to act as mackbum installing officer. 81101] ~* THEATRE BEACH. NORTH DAKOTA RADIOLOGICAL MONITORS otlhe San Diego plotting and coordinating crew such as the two City—County Civil Belem orgonll'oflon go through manning the radiological trailer in foreground. thelr paces by checklng on “fallout radiation" at The nation’s radiological monitoring capability is a. training site designed specifictu for civil do. being expanded rapidly by civil defense at all tense use. Alter taking their readings, the men in levels, including more than 15,000 monitoring sta- backzround would radio their reports to a, central tlons now operating. (OCDM phom) SUNDAY ~ MONDAY TUES MAY 8-9-10 . SUNDAY, MONDAY. TUESDAY Here is another one of tihose . MAYSYQJQ BIG owts’bamding Westerns —— vtlake a look at the cast —- '1’ IT TH AMER ltlelholthegoodintlwwomolwmn. ltuflaolflnbcdinflwbonotmeo. WATCH FOR ’ WHOOPERS S They leave their winter J homes on the- Gulf of Mexico in mid- April . nearly all of them pass over the Dakotas in early May, on their way to Northern Canada. There are only 83 known Whooping Cranes in the world (plus six in captivity). They are all white with black wing- ti 3, stand about five‘feet t , have a seven-foot wing spread. um 000m mu llll'WOill‘ll VAN HEFLIN * TAB HUNTER WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY MAY 11—12 _, DAKOTA MEN y v . -* HEALTHIES‘I’! _“ > States Armed o - ':~\L “ Forces look for Whlte and C010red' plastlc ‘ '. and SOlld colors 1n the taper- 2 a1 r m ne tral .. . fifi°§$§§¥§ak§€§fi§§fi purses’ so St aw ‘ u ed leg, also sohd colors 1n the hysical or mental tests. ationally almoat 15% of Wh th U 'ted e“ m Large assortment of plaids me, hey like to look to the rejected for failqu to pass colors. loose leg __ 7 to 20. 2:: “8‘5 $2.95 ' $3.95 to $5.90 a"... NEW DAKOTA u“ A l . “’7 cs. "‘4'! mousm i JOHN 'LUPTON-ZIVA RODANN WEDNESDAY ONLY Bethe? it fix; . -. Jewell) G I F T ChOfl: S If no 1 s so . - l 0“ ca . A 2,000,000 , ALSO- COMEDY plait will go into operation Bracelet and certlficates’ any Wlth flower to M the mil“??? EV 31ml" 1111‘" Earring Sets t 1 t h match 6 o FRIDAY— SATURDAY UNDEAD gigeévllmmguge bjeég‘gfooli amoun ’ e“ er , MAY 13—14- A good lam-rm. Show in a wast- fie, rigs:th file (12.23:; t0 g pick her own gift . em'*semin,gl salt wells in the western ' I ' .l ‘ ‘ hemisphere, and the first I _ ~ ' W'"""‘ : major salt operation to open ~ A. . . .\.\.\o\.‘\.\~\.\.\.\. o .\.\.\. of nation exploded THURSD {$323 & SAT. 32:3? Lmted States m 10 . *‘ “l ay .- 4 Baby Doll Pajamas S. _ Cotton and Dacron Slips'32 . . $2.950? Fancy Nylon'SlipS to}; ." .' . A. ., .0 3N " 0.. Reading' a letter from a friend? Relaxing after mow- ing the lawn? Sit back and enjoy a cool, re- freshing glass of your favorite brand of beer- ., ,h w ' - at {:8 v, ’5 if“; H 2' I. commas mom :kzhrgfizgf Cotton Kmt Sport ShirtsSML: $2.95 Amen“ stud" 3...\«;V\.\s\\c\.\;\.~\.\;\_, .w‘. g v 9““ ":- i ,v\ 4 tional beverage -—beer-—-io ac- cepted and qu— joyed every- where. mmmuux ALSO: COMEDY SUMMER SCHEDULE -- One Show each at 8, Sunday mm Promo!“ by Ibo UNITED “MES :_ “£9535 i “SUNDAle We: Abudoou. soak.