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May 8, 2014     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 8, 2014

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May 8, 2014 Billings County Pioneer Page 7 In deep thought while driving truck Hello, I've told you before that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Nor the brightest bulb in the light• And Shirley is constantly warning me not to think. But the other day I was deep in se- rious thought. And I was thinking while I was driving a truck, and haul- ing a loader tractor, to a hay field to pick up last years hay that I didn't have time to haul when I should have. It is about a seventy-mile haul. And the truck is short of power. So it seems like you have the brakes on as you climb every hill. We did notice before we loaded that there was kind of a low tire. Well, maybe more than kind of. But I assured my son that I would go slowly so it would be alright. I was anxious to get to the field. Driving a slow truck on a nearly deserted highway tends to give you Hat Tips By Dean Meyer plenty of time to think. So I was thinking about the weather. And pol- itics, And cows. And articles. And golf. And whiskey. And horses. I was thinking that tractor sure is heavy as I downshifted on every hill. Then, three miles from the hay field, KABOOM! And a cloud of dust flew up and that trailer damn near tipped over and pulled that truck to a standstill. My last tire had just blown! I mean last one on one side. And you see, there should have been four! I got out and gingerly walked around that truck to see what was left. Thinking I had blown a tire. And I had. Evidently I had blown three earlier. And two quite a while ago, because the rims were wore down to nothing. I bet that lit- tle bearing was really screaming We did notice before we loaded that there was kind of a low tire. Well, maybe more than kind of. But I assured my son that I would go slowly so it would be alright. when it had to go that fast to keep up! Well I surveyed the situation. Then I swore at the truck operator. Which was I. And I realized why I had to shift down so often. Then I figured I had better get that tractor off that trailer and get that trailer off the road before someone pops over the hill and wrecks everything. I got up on that trailer, which was tilted pretty dang bad. And figured that if the tractor tipped over as I backed it off, that is probably what I deserved. Well, it didn't. So all I wrecked was four tires, four rims, maybe an axle, and a lot of my pride. Of which I don't have a lot to spare any more. And I got to thinking again. I know I shouldn't. But I was thinking about Herb, the prairie dog (pd) hunter. I wrote about him a few years ago. He drug that hay cutter around the field with a flat tire cutting a trench in the field. Because, as he ex- plained to me, "the fricking mirrors weren't set"! And I explained to him, rather sternly, that, "As long as you ao itting on that tractor, glance back once in awhile!" Good advice. I should have lis- tened to my speech. Later, Dean Here are answers about sunburn HOW can I enjoy summer and still not suffer from sunburn? Avoiding sun exposure is the only way to avoid sunburns, but follow- ing some general tips can decrease sun exposure and increase sun pro- tection. Wear hats with wide brims and sunglasses that have ultraviolet (UV) protection. Avoid high UV times. If your shadow in the sun is shorter than you, it means sun expo- sure is strong and you will burn faster. A shadow longer than you mean UV exposure is low. Whenever you are outside, wear sunscreen. How do I choose sunscreen? You want a skin protection (SPF) factor with a minimum of 30 or higher. The higher the number, the better the protection. If the bottle says the Healthy Advice Rena Nordeng, M.D. I two to three hours and more often if you go in the water or sweat heavily. Wearing a T-shirt in the water will not guarantee you won't burn; you Place cool cloths on sunburned areas and take frequent cool showers or baths• Apply lotions that have aloe vera or chamomile as ingredients. Over the counter, one-percent hy- drocortisone creams can help with pain and swelling• (Check with your pediatrician before using these creams on young children.) Sunburn is often accompanied by headaches and a mild fever• Drinking fluids and using non- prescription medications, such as Tylenol, can help relieve fever or pain. If you begin to peel, lotion can your hands before touching blisters as they can become easily infected• If a blister breaks, apply an over-the- counter antibiotic ointment to pre- vent infection• Do I need to see a doctor? If your pain, swelling, redness or fever continues to become more se- vere or more frequent or you have increasing nausea and vomiting, go to a walk-in clinic or make an ap- pointment with your physician• Also, if a blister has red streaks going out from it or pus draining from it, you may benefit from an- tibiotic treatment, which a physician can prescribe• Swollen lymph nodes in your neck, armpit or groin are also good reasons to see a physician. ena Nordeng, M•D., a board NRCS starts signup for conservation easements USDA's Natural Resources Con- servation Service is accepting appli- cations for its new Agricultural Conservation Easements Program. Funds are available for the purchase of conservation easements on eligi- ble agricultural lands and wetlands in North Dakota. The ACEP, created through the 2014 Farm Bill, funds easements for agricultural lands and wetland acres. Approved agricultural easements would prevent productive working lands from being converted to non- agricultural uses and maximize pro- tection of land devoted to food production• Cropland, rangeland, grassland, pastureland and nonindus- trial private forestland are eligible. Wetland reserve easements would restore and enhance wetlands and improve habitat• Eligible lands in- clude farmed or converted wetlands that can be successfully and cost-ef- fectively restored• Applications are being accepted for wetlands reserve easements and will be rated according to the ease- ment's potential for protecting and enhancing habitat for migratory birds, fish and other wildlife• Applications must be submitted to North Dakota NRCS by May 30, 2014. Applications are available at local USDA service centers and at Agreements will be evaluated start- ing in late August. The ACEP com- bines NRCS' former Farm and Ranch Lands Protection, Grassland Reserve and Wetlands Reserve pro- grams• Injured trooper ho BISMARCK - Trooper Jamey Jahner was awarded the North Dakota Highway Patrol Legion of Honor award on April 30 at a cere- mony in Fargo. This award was es- tablished to recognize NDHP employees who, through no fault of their own, sustain personal injury in- flicted by another while serving in an official capacity. Thirteen NDHP employees have been awarded the Legion of Honor since its inception in 2000. On Feb. 11, Jahner was injured while assisting a motorist stuck in the median of Interstate 94 near West Fargo. Jahner was inside his parked patrol car providing traffic control, warning other motorists of the haz- ard. A passerby lost control of his ve- hicle and struck Jahner at a rate of 55 to 60 mph. Jahner sustained injuries nored k)r service to his back and a laceration on the back of his head• Despite the injuries, Jahner notified State Radio of the crash and checked on the motorists involved• He continued to provide traffic comrol whileplacing pressure on his head wound until assistance arrived. Jahner has permanent scar- ring from the laceration and contin- ues to seek treatment for his back injuries. "It's an honor to recognize Trooper Jahner for his dedication to the patrol and North Dakota citi- zens," said Highway Patrol Col. Jim Prochniak. "Serving citizens as a trooper is challenging and instances like this remind us of the risks asso- ciated with the job. In the face of danger, Trooper Jahner remained committed to professionalism and serving the motorists involved•" help relieve the itching. sunscreen is "broad-spectrum," that still need sunscreen under it. 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Industrial Commission: WELLS RELEASED FROM "TIGHT HOLE" STATUS: #25591 - WHITING OIL AND GAS CORPORATION, KOST- ELECKY ll-28PH, SESW 21- 140N-97W, STARK CO., 660 bopd, 1507 bwpd - BAKKEN #26794 MARATHON OIL COMPANY, RUNDLE TRUST 21- 29TH, NWNW 29-136N-99W, SLOPE CO., TYLER #25590 - WHITING OIL AND GAS CORPORATION, KOST- ELECKY 41-28PH, SESW 21- 140N-97W, STARK CO., 779 bopd, 1282 bwpd - BAKKEN PRODUCER ABANDONED: #13836 DENBURY ON- SHORE, LLC, DINSDALE 1- 10SWNE 10-139N-96W, STARK CO. PRODUCING WELL COM- #26128 - CONTINENTAL RE- SOURCES, INC., PERCH 1-30H1, NWNE 30-141N-99W, BILLINGS CO., 413 BOPD, 768 BWPD - BAKKEN PERMITS: #28276 - EMERALD OIL, INC, LLOYD CHRISTMAS 3-4-9H, LOT3 4-139N-97W, STARK CO., 455' FNL and 2319" FWL, DEVEL- OPMENT, HEART RIVER, 19849', 9-5/8 inch, 2605' Ground, API #33- 089-00834 #28277 - EMERALD OIL, INC, LLOYD CHRISTMAS 4-4-9H, LOT3 4-139N-97W, STARK CO., 455' FNL and 2369' FWL, DEVEL- OPMENT, HEART RIVER, 19945', 9-5/8 inch, 2608' Ground, API #33- 089-00835 WELLS APPROVED FOR "TIGHT HOLE" STATUS: #25834 - FIDELITY EXPLO- RATION & PRODUCTION COM- PANY, DACKER 21-16H, SWSE 21-139N-97W, STARK CO., #26443 - WHITING OIL AND GAS CORPORATION, ELLISON 1 - 143N- 103W, GOLDEN VALLEY CO. PERMITS: #28291 - WHITING OIL AND GAS CORPORATION, KOST- ELECKY ll-29PH, NENE 29- 140N-97W, STARK CO., 300' FNL and 794' FEL, DEVELOPMENT, SOUTH HEART, 22305', 9.-5/8 inch, 2541' Ground, API #33-089- 00836 #28292 - WHITING OIL AND GAS CORPORATION, KOST- ELECKY 41-29PH, NENE 29.=,- 140N-97W, STARK CO., 300' FNL and 749' FEL, DEVELOPMENT, SOUTH HEART, 20084', 9-5/8 inch, 2541' Ground, API #33-089- 00837 PRODUCING WELL COM- PLETED: #26794 MARATHON OIL COMPANY, RUNDLE TRUST 21- 29TH, NWNW 29-136N-99W, SLOPE CO., 88 BOPD, 153 BWPD - TYLER CONFIDENTIAL WELL PLUGGED OR PoRODUCING: Several from area to graduate from BSC BISMARCK - Bismarck State College will confer 1,144 degrees this spring to 1,001 graduates- some of whom will receive multiple de- grees. More than 250 graduates will go through the 74th Commencement ceremony on Friday, May 16, at the Bismarck Civic Center• The college will grant 481 asso- * * elate in arts and associate in science degrees, 452 associate in applied science degrees, 50 bachelor in ap- " plied science-energy management -t degrees, 158 certificates, one diploma, and two certificates of completion• Among the graduates are: - Beach - Kyle Bagley, certifi- cate, welding; Kelcee Dykins, A.A., A.S., liberal arts; Destiny Por- tanova, A.A., liberal arts; Brett Steele, A.A.S., management; Abby Weinreis, A.A., liberal arts. - Belfield - Mitchell Krebs, cer- tificate, lineworker (electrical); John McDaniel, A.A., A .S., liberal arts - Golva - Levi Nistler, A.A.S., in- formation processing specialist - Sentinel Butte - Parker Abra- ham, certificate, automotive colli- sion technology - South Heart - Cole Binstock, A.A.S., agriculture industry and technology; Brooke Kuntz, A.A.S., agriculture industry and technology * project Manager * . 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CentralAve. Beach, ND t