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May 10, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 10, 1945

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t CONSOLIDATED VOL. ~VI. [Allies Mount Drives to mashl Forced to renege on its promise Nazi Pockets [or Early Win'l . . i ~hildren this spring, OPA found it- . ,o ,ooo eo ,31ncerl Marks Pea Guerrillas Pare Jap Strength . ther in conserving the tight supply l footwear by limiting nets to twcrCe l. R I " [ stamps in a book and new babies to - - eeased.WesternNews.aWrUnio~ |,erie--in the latter ease, to prevent Parley at San Fran0sc0 (EDITOR'8 NOT]~: When opinions sre ex rested in these eolumns thoI ate lkou Qf Western Newspaper Union's news ~ttaly~ and net necessarily ~t"tt this newspsDet.) use of more stamps by adults, Though OPA later backtracked on it,WORL s premise to increase children s D LEADER8 PICTURE Creat,0n" of Flex,ble" Organization Foreseen; e 2rst h:a ade :tonn h :n:hlf an nation Prime ministers p0~os'iti0~0onP:~r; fwP~~ e:pthr: :e fona# Position of President Truman Bolsters ]indRP ot:entaete, once close to Frank- I Hand of U. S. Delegation. to ,e; ,e rn ,oz mese 1 iman in *~ own gentle- shoes have reached dealers' hands. I i army~nav~= wrote. House. Certain' " ' knew h J omelets, who always sh~oatCt;: ~pAm:flqcCi ~msu;d swh : By BAUKHAGE I thl tow Roosevelt would react on ~With both C~rrrmns.a,d.RU, $.[! ~P ~.: P" .g. P]i~.';o/.StateC rdellHu]J. Jumpinfl[frorn'Manilainl,9 Ya,etier the frequent controversies be'~C rnrnander of the Fleet and Chi fighting with a burning hatred for [a last stana t-nii/ppine guerrillas I into "the fame when one tide became ~' "== =-am I twee.- " " Of Na -t ~ ef each other, the battle swirled from {sallied far behind the front lines J,hot h,nd~d, Haply7 stayed to the" fin. [ ;;e:~ ,an the same body of wa-/ ;;e,;" i~.h:~r~a$/~';:~tiOn arid eon. ~na, ~d=Pe/~:~ nv: really ten thel t r h o f Vt g ve it its present years Note/ eli and he tan "house to l~use through rubble / to cap u t e big p rt o "gan J L, h, ,h,n ru hed to keep hL~ =ppoint. ~San France,co be; The ~. name of J i'/kewise, two of the outstandin sue' it w/th a h!gh hand. He i o strewn streets, with massed Red I and adjacent airnela ann c~ean up [ ment, sweateff ann ~ ~sP/. ]w,; " =ranezsean I ceues in t g . " |late Seer,~t ~. gn red the artillery and air fleets steadily re- lthe entire province of Ilocos Sur. [ wr T~ ovTr~wv vv~ ~,o.~,u?arles vtmr missions a mu/e. [ twee- m ~',~-~s cooperation re- I ever h, ~-~'~= :~.',~ .~nox when- ducing, enemy strongpoints. Said I Meanwhile, Japanese defenses on,W31/I ~U/IYLIJ;3 : ~u~ys Journey .apart from southern [ We "'h~an~=~--~.suave a.n~ the leglsta. I get a svm'n-,~=-y' ~m wmg he would Russian corres ondents: "Each bloody Okinawa crumbled under the [~-/'n/[flr~'e J~n~ ]~,oo.ru2er2~~ CaLt~orn/a. The sword I ,TamezV B"v~:: t~oraell Hull and,House ~,ff~.~uc ear at the White P A~ try stone nf ~ho ~,tv each meter of I tb~rriflc weight of U. S. naval, low- ~ "" ~ "'"." = "'~]'J [~,~.w.ea me cross and Portola's Ibers ,~i, ~,~'~' earn former mere. ] sue vn overrtued Knox on . . --T :. ---- 1 ~ ,~ .~ ~ ,-.~n,~. -~ ~.t.o~a ! unargea with ~e welfare at oath jopamln soldiery fought thee be; ~. ~uugress. . h, ,v~=~ matter as a gra -bl s~reetls a a/nst us we rtavt= tvj,~=-~,~ ,=~-,=, =, = =~.~ ,~ - - . . . r way Su stream r " Y ue ' g ]domestzc and foreign business, the ]up to what is still called .= -- Ii~ . much for the hope for domes / -- e uniform for the - --- ", -- " -- ]~:~'~ *~r ~" a ~department of commerce was given t~ d/o, the very year the a.~ ~ [tic . Y. consider the dis ~ d decided it wo~' take them with~ our blood ' ment. wz~ the Ya,~,o ~--,s ~u,- i - me ~rae- tic harmon Now " mough Knox ha ,v s me J~eos vine ctose~ on -o uu~, u= =.~, = =.~ "'~"~--~ou terenee tmtwe " ~u~ gee neaviI ---' embattled Berlin' =nd Hitler ex- [ ments. Ja-anesev dead far oumum- ~the. responsibility of disposing of I nat/on was born. I umbra ~tar~s .on the position of the I of t~rH~, y into the consumption. posed himself ,0 one of ehe most / ~;red p.r/soner, indie a!ing J;~un:Uwn~;rp:opdrtyif~l:~l; ~;n;~:d I eza~rr,:' d:ofl~loitr::rethe records of the [ States in 1945m I,I9 and the United / ~ l~o~s successor, Secrete of dramatic ca, ptures in h si tory, I ;~l A T~j/.~L~ .me teroeicy with wmcn mey reslsce [iby the treasury. " [!= . river" JustV north = UUtof me "Russian] ,hen, it is true, our entry into~ =vy ~orrestal. has playedrYin wtththe elements of the two Russian . here remain~/thewarrnadevictorypossible B,~} King. He had to If Kitl. elfdn.~- = .h ^ swe-t l L xt~ ~-~=', I A1tnougn over-all po~Ictes are or- I a sowing memento of their early I now = k ~'" I agTe~ With h=.~. .~.- -. -'--~- - ~rm)esj a~t~ et T ~ ~ ff ~" "un2 I I~ *,AeA,J! [ termined by the Surplus Property [visits. ~ |burde~-A,:-~.c ~s~en over me major,out blunt], --,~e sam/tel came -=~,uuu =t we~twa~u .-- = ~ onutn t~o, ~ " board in spirit with the surplus prop- Le~s d/zfin /she in h " u~ me ngntmg and tn so do- ~ said 8o a ,~ press comerence and t/on ~/.th American. t.r~ops a, g I u;,th M arsha, Henri Petatn still/e~rties act administration o, the re,- lea ~ d Ch~. end / ag. mve bec.ome the most powerful) : me v: e ,ha Mmae rwers. I commanding a large touowmg, Iulations will lie with newly appoin; ~r;i~l~m;, ;;ea; :~t~ raised their |'o=~ m me world and of all the t the'~rh'~'ewH~ere '.~ a new man in. Meanwhile, still anoth .r RedI France seethed as the 89-year-old t;d Secrets--- Henr- A WaUa-e'" IP-- ! - -. ~ ement$ of Hi~. ~P rful countries, the one which t { use wno wrote a taut. force smashed past 8tettin to ~ hero of Verdun o! World War I and t ~ f ~. ~ c ~s I a.usremam m me state and colonies ]'emerges with its military resources,~-~- -=~or.~ v~eriy critical of the way drive Westward along the Bal- collaborationist of World War H commerce uepartmen.L mus ar~orn- oI ~w~ss and Italians toe/ amen least lmpaired.--by tar the me ~ me aamlrals slowed up the war - tic coast and join British troop, I ; oll,n*arily returned to his native ti6g him the opportumty of proving t :~n;;ar~ reproducing the produc~ [ ;owerft~ in terms o! army na~;f faOure ~ build adequate la~li~bY~ ms exeeuuve metue on a axmcu/t o[ r~elr nomelan and uoa~s The ne whittltnff Nazi pockets in the I - country to stand I~ob" which must be timed so as not I : d~. ]; war m~rtal and wealth. / not h'--, w President a/so did north. ] ~ trial on charges of I~o disru-t the normal econom- an" [ SeeTe tO ~g~d ~ vn the wnole I think it i8 fair to ~ the :~o.~ -~ ~fo mrow hl~ hooks into Working together to finish off the I ~ plotting agaLnst the I taceom ~;hed to obtain t-e y .n.~i I ~,'~ e ~, [ repor~ a general feeling of optimism ~ "at/'-'-~:' .whenever the brass hats i p n ma~u-, vn r~rm t, rouna I ton me part of the / s -aeme~ent. especiall Germans in the north the all es state. American yon the OSTWAR SECURI lea n broad foundation and with ] delega Y. Harry took th =it ln ' o coo e e ,o o t ,or .S -- o og ,ee .g on =, o -,v,=o ~,-,- =,-,o~=~ ~ --=a- appear as near part ox omer d ",~ ~==troYer-escort the south with two drives aiming I ~i~~ nin= the Germans I I al certainties as cer. It . elegates I have met ~ vessel~. So~ , v ~, - tare s commerce aepartment m- tsinties exist in" " at wfllin ess,==sow eanurais are war to smash the Nazis vaunted na- ~ ~~ at Verdun in 1916 Its ' Its this kalexdosconie Ic gn to try to just/Iv tha~ ~ ,- - ~ - ching to see; . = ~ cmae macmnery au~omouve eqmp- I world The Uni,-J -, -- - t optimism - - ~~ust where King now sit- uonai recloubt zn me l~avartan tups I ~-~ ~It~t wnen they threat. ~ '~ -- ] -, ,~u ~ations are sin. -- -. and pinch off the great arsenal of j ened to break th mere, texmes anu wearing apparel core in the hope of erect/n sam * *,GENERAL B. B. SOME ~. and hardware. . g A No RV~J~L-~ c o,lovakia. /~back of'French re-1~ /:: . h, If it/s hU./~ " . / la,hed with the Cze h sort of structure whsc G i President army o/fleer e In the first instande, the French ] s/stance, Petaln I ~]~']~'~.A~, ] manly possible to do so, can pro t.~ is a long time since we have,an co mmntee more freauentb,' ~~:~ "" "~=-'~'~" vide a lac has ann more tl - " /st army, .the U. S. 7th and 9th and gained notoriety l i-i. ,~ Iv/~. . p. e foj" the ~helter, care Ih~ an ex-~oldier in the White [ end-on than the tough. the Russians rode hard on the one- [Mar~nst remm after his c0untry'Bl 151g t~arryover I ana t.eeamg of the dove of peace. I ~ouse. ~'resident Truman i~ th6 I ;~u~ng ,let supply officer of tht~ roy's mountain hideout from the |downZa. ha Im tot a cooperative I With surplus wheat stock, of the I * ,a.aaowy .ann. almost paradoxic~l ]cn:v~ veteran of World War I to ae- J mranY~m~. ,mervell differed with True west, north and east in an attempt |,~lic~ with the enemy which h/s fat- [ U S Canada Ar=ent/na a-~ ~ - J corollary oz this statement is the ] c, p me manmon. / ~, sor~ o! things and th,b to enter it before fanatical SS men |lo~vers aver was necessary for him t tralia' expeete'd to total a';pr'o~ lI ~ank acknowledgment that prob. l. As you know he broadest to the ~ ~man om.mJttee reports'are~d'-~ could steady thdmselves for a stand. ~to obtain fair t~eatment for the I mately 950,000,000 bushels oa July 1, ~ amy on.e a esideratum primum on, d. [ ~rre ~sPS verseas soon after he ad- ~ p~ ~ob7 c~uctsm of the army's sup, num ox amy one of the rea u essea congress Na "~ ," m the other tnsthnce, the U. S. 3rd J stricken nation. the Bureau of Agtfcu]ttn.a! Eeonom-,g t power8 I . rurally the,g,~77"" .' army pushed into Czechoslovakia ]' Declaring that at it/, age one hod |1,reported that this amount wottld / s/s~the ~te.rn~atl ~,al organization It- ~ ~o;Vle~amere' ariel the --=d-track, pe;sor~a~n l~ not a man ,to n~ from the west while Russians Jon/y to fear a fa//ure to perform ] be sufficient for world trade without ~ s e~. ~u~sla. and Br/ta/n want,ys ere. mere. ~0 were the army { or tra= =r~gffs ann won t demote moved in from the east with the this du~, Petaln said he was re- ~ eom-eII/n~ an~ of the co~ntr'e- ,^ ]" nrst oz as, Is an ,truer citadel g/rd-,pnomgrapner~. But the Bi~ Bo,-s I . ~.r ~omervelL General Yanks also swan in southward into 1 ed by strong mutual/ rotect~v get the prloriUe= at suc ~nall a~wa 8 ma . " g g ] turnhag for trial not Otfly to ear t draw upon carryovers for 1945. / - . Y P " e al. J ne h ,how~. The j s-ire Y.~ lntained that do. Austria for a hookup with the I~to own honor but also to nroteet I In the U S alone, th, ~, | uances. The rest of the structure,warrens, me top-flight magaz/ne$ th~'- ,u=ta ~es ne was the best man Reds Thus was a solid ring of steel J~n ,e his ~oRower~ The necul/ar/tT |said surnl-- rn h ~ n~ n~ ]is, for them, largely window dress, and the rest. The boys in unifo Iy had. But Somervell will ,orged around Hitler's last tmpor- 'of ~e" M;rshal's position is ex-. ~to 375,~0~.~ bus~Is in view' of'~; ~ha.g" Neverthe!eu, to obtain cooper, were pushed back. They didn't ~ t ~me hi'y of staff, or rts~e:~y tan " "" ",~uon among ~e stron few th ~u.$ a-S =,- m me arm t industrial area. . J emplifled by the fact that some, di/~culty of exporting sizable quan g,ey ~ ,-" . I Y. In~ Italy, fast U. S. and British ~ o~ bl~' reforms have been carried I tries because of the shortage of |ere wl~mg to melune the weaker,~s a reams they got a sad side / HARRY HOPKINS-Of all ~h P TY: tighte pe . - o]c~er " g wa In a " " [mess items, with only about 5,000 / nee direction as their fellows This il I --ore " ten minutes our, the power and the re " ton Oaks plan, serving as a basis ," continue through the summer, arm n t " I"" ~= acma P stile But tar such - ~dv [~ pounds of mutton left on a point- ]', 1 Y o a cynical, conelusion~-, it.i~ s irn. Up s ke Sly ~ere was a love and de Foremost- --amon~" the amendments T tree basis. Cull end ut/1/ty grede~ I ~,e~=P ansu~thcall ~f r the release~ ~ f some ply the re|un oz a practical aes~re [want theP Pr the.;a captain "Do you t/on between the two men which IV " were th~ proposect by China of veal and lamb and the breasts, J iardless of age, mtli, - -mci to p,t a .n.r =g m ?e way at [ Wang?', ngnt or . . a even tower understood. ~,ul~z~d b=:th~,'U. S Britain- ,ha .n~, necks and flank, of than j ~Ltselo=ed. -.-I,== {eta rig som emm$ staqed Th~ |The President broke in j ~e t~e.veral year, ego,'. ~ Wel, o tit r ~a~erlcan Qelegauon reanzes mat. -- -~'aKe ve~ gave ~opkins erml ar~ Rus~a slling for the apl~lie=: meats P on th.e ed.point,At the ~lune time, congress moved lali night tf you want to ', ior as I ! aotes on th P . ss/on to take tton of Ju~ticezmd.l~temetio~ml l~w -st: ~ ". "." . . . I to preclude the use of iS-y~k~r-old~ .~. agr.eem.em oa malor~que~tio.r~ ~ ,aid, words to that effeeti ~ "i'- I hi, rnemo~~r a~cuss~ons and write in settlement of dispute; the re- ~ mat tae amount oz rea pom~ I in combat without six month= ,~, wmcncotuaoeaecmeamuowmgme j ture was for the GI~ ' v"I ~= "'., Ierrsl o! changes or development of woula ]toe with the:available sup. I training. "-- ~" ] meeting of Stettinius, Molotov and land so they flddl~ "~td fool-- / ~=f ry, o ne satd "and you're foo~=/t such law to the anembly of thepue8 oz meat, POint values were ~ Under the armv's nl-~:u~ I J~aen was announced by the delega. ] tfl they had the lights ,~ ~.uv~em .un. ! u~ou aon t ta~e .notes on our eoa- security orga~z~tion, end the ~ddl- upp.e,w!~ increases of from one me~ who volunteered a8 the ~ n. be/ore we left We~htngton, they had every~ng Just right ration- to" on .nave my ~, per. operation to the postwar body's re- of all grades of lamb and veal and ! way L~ 1940 or wer~ amon'~*~,= ~,~ t oerg w~s satisfied that the wording [ ahead and did hi= ~ w~m~ I--~ ~-ms, .a~ways too busy, &lwgys one o e -~ --~, . of ov=~a over '~'~srossea with w[nnin Jponsibflities. p ~t a pound on most beef I~/riducted would h~ dtseh~,m~4 ,~,~- i, the final agreement which the J aga|n, ) u g the Chl~'s t o,~- ~ ooleeuve, never h With the Yd. S Britain. Rtamia,eaks.' UtiLity grade, Of veal and I relea,es deDel~Lde.ntu~n-'~"-,-- iAmericans would ,ccept contained I -It IS one of rite best I ad time to China and France dom/natfng the lamb will possess the same ration [ abl!it, of ~e individual "from'~.?-" I on ugh ela,ti lty to provide an "es. ] taken in the White ~t~je~.~n =mot= i ~= n otu e ~tnow, more about @rgJmization through permanent values as the better types. [ tuft "" i cape clause." This aseures the sen. [ But you ~n't see it It'-- ( ~uTme~st=m~n any 0tl~er ~ving man, ,was lUSt o w me secrets ~ with ate and the American peop/e tot t~e G I s,~, go ' ' ' ~} .~up~u~S r.o r41e grsve.