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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
May 10, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 10, 1945

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THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER ! / ! 'f.E~f'~N~I~CLEP.4TTERNS / S ay Two-Piecer" for - = G Teen -A ,ALAN Le MAY I,gers ~ ~ nusuaily far e dem ~i2 ~ current war eondlti . g and and ' -- ~ ~"~L"~ ~<. ~ ! ~ne most popular pattern numbers. ~--------" " is required ,n filli~gnSor~ligrsht~Y/na r~2m~ "~$T~RY.~THUSFA~g:M.~dy'f~r~Hedecidedthatthey~ere~At't~hhnse~but~a'~ne~'sarca'~I ~N~~~~ / Send Your or er to. cro~s'~n~be~]S:~e'rl:::r ~ r~:r~UeTt~ol~k [ worst, the cooking at the jail ought [ tic insult. "Painful, is it?" [, d a cow town, where the wagon route west J rury s. one can peaches, ~et-[ ~eorge fury snor~ea m~e a ju peu |of s"ort comet alon ~~~ ~/~,a~uu~out.b Wells St. Chlca=ro ltromDiamond Forksto California ] ody went on, "one can pork beans [ buck but he knew he had said / ~ . P. . . g, melt= mcer-,~,~-v-.~.~ ~ [ I Enclose 25 cents 1 -- eros l ~aln to De a blg need for much ~ pattern desired, cures mr eact= sod the river Fury hit the liras bar, I one can pears, one can plum pud'-, enough. He took up a stand well ] tro~ r L~ ~. ~lt~ ~ [ I pattern c . while Melody wandered down the street,dins, and another can tomaters." J down the bar. !s~rd ge .supervlslon Tan we nave ~ "~"~ ~,~.= l J Pattern No Size I~ eyes .on the arst white woman he [ "Yes, sir'" Peter Abajian moved [ "Forty-rod " he told t~e bartend- I .many ~Tns lnclucles DaseDaLt, rac- ~ Nt~'~.~ ~t'~,'~l~,[ Name " I Lug =e;/::t aog;s:- Two men. were stand-[ with alacrity now but kept his hands [ er "From the bar'l with the snake. I ln.g' zootoau, boxing and basketball ~ ~-~~'~'~,~ Add'::~: [ o cue general store, qpe ' " I i~Oove mos~ of Ix~e " sorest wh/stled at the girL In a flare of temper l fluttermg in view. "All in a nice/ha~! in. it.:' . - 10thers For these ~ ~ /~t~.------~ |1 I ]~elody knocked the whistler claw- Mat [ gunny seck, maybe?" [ The vartenaer set out oottle anct I ! --" . ~ ~ ~ ;@~J ~ / " are the ma~or spec- ~ ----- edy was more surprised than the strang,Eat em here. [ glass with the relaxed impersonadty ], ~ t~"~/~7"~~ ]~=~k [ ~ ~ or, and helping the man up asked him" Szttmg' " on the counter, eating his of practice. "How long," he spoke, games=at r ano mg money mpress ]Vlark on Coins ~How come, your toot sllp?" Melody ~cool wet canned goods, Melody Jones [to George Fury courteously, how I " " ~, I ~~~k ~'~l /& f . ----- then entered the general store to buy [tried to fit himself into a world that |long you been in Payne?" !This.isn't a ma~ ~t,J~~~ -" [ .A col.n used in China today car. =ram. [ was like a dream. ] George choked explosively in the [ ;or oz. toaa~y or next ~ [ ~ ~~x'~k f.r-~ i~:s a. thumbnail impression acci- wee== or next tall mad "[ A slouching cowboy with a sad-|middle of his first gulp. He slapped I ~l,~~k~k /H ,tl Iof "- 'y .e in wax mode CHAPTER H ~ dened, sandy mustache came in and ~his glass down on the bar with such mont~ it ts a mat- ~ ~ ~ 1~~~J~,]~ [o~ ~ts aemgn Dy an empress in the -- [ pawed around in a box of harness [a ringing crack that the whisky [ ~erot me mg tangle ~ ~ ~ ~ I~ ~~~/ J. ~ I ~eventn century. mad mcr=tmble that In the brief seconds while he had,buckles near the door. He kept |jumped clean clear of the run, then ]. ~ I ~ ~ ~~-~ ~ [-- tl~ fellow out of action, he was able [ sneaking glances at Melody over his ]sloshed back in again. [ ts coming after the ~~I ~I[ ~'~~~~L ~ ~k I-- @ tt~ snatch a glance at the shorter,shoulder. Then he realized that Mel- ~ When George lost his temper his / war Is over when -:--~ - [ ~ ~ ~~ ~ |I~L~ = ~l~an. This other one had ]umved [ ody was staring at him. He turned |dialect changed, slipping back to the / ~aere will be =1- GrantlandRlce ~)e of fire. He was talking now, |of,there look yarel he spluttered, h~s theSemSreturn "~ facenomand fhaadle' including -'~Nff~m~ W~IiI~S IJtllG~$~ $~11 ~r = Iluick and low, through a fight[ 'What the hell goes on here? I lv oice up an octave. 'If yew fel]er, /- eo mlll/onsofsef, t,-/ I'~~~ ~ / I~rnat, with lips that hardly moved [Melody said aloud [ cain'S answer a civllus question civ- #icemen, many of these hoping and,! ~~ ~1~~" [ ' " "' fl aon't nee to !t expecting to mage s iivin~ cut of 'Don't, Ira--easy, Ira--look out, [ The storekeeper s, hands started [t US, yew anyways fl d g l ~ ~~.~ "-lg~t~ I , 1"r~ut'while'-- he talked to Ira he was /~Pm~gdmt ~tel~;t~nPTdi~k~ wH: Ine~e :ad~nntde:i~aoo~ e;t::d fme:t~-. ! :~eZOe~S::na's:eP =at happened when ,--/ ~~ay ,~tt~e narea' ~l~*l~*e ,o~ IIIII ""~~ looking at Melody Jones; and the [without meeting his eye. [ly. He was used to men wRh sun- / o four unknown basket- [*-r~HE JIH A ~,~, [J~ stounded fixity of his eyes was [ It was time to face the issue. [sore nerves, drunken at that He / ball players, in a New York college / ~ ~hi P p- on I J[[[ ~ ~ J]~ almost totall unknown ' ~ ~ ~ ~muom ~wo-plecer ~or "un- nothing like anybody had favored I Melody supposed he ought to glare I shrugged and went back to his I -Y m liors whittles 3. J JJ[[ == ~ ~ J[~ Jones with before. [at the storekeeper, but he couldn't [glasses. luona~ way, almost wrecked basket- [mum ,wa s. a. mzm- I II[[ mMmmEB )[I] ' Melody's eyes snapped back to the Imake ]L" He st~dled' the s~de" of his" ]" A pale, heavy man, six feet tall in Ivail" You can figure what will hap- lior = " -,oo '~"~'~" u=g,orzgnrtr, rm rac [ L "~' ~',-~LJIU man he was holding on to for the [boot as he said "How much?" The [Comanche moccasins had come for- |pen ff the same thing occurs to I:. ~ m ~mart, ann I I . - ' ' ' ~baseball boxin- racin- --~ "--"--" I =,u ~y ~o wear zor all your sum* love of life, and they looked into [Words came out in a thin squeak, $o ~ward from a back table. He stood ~, s anu mucus=, ] me~ ~,-*;,;,~^~ [ [ ~J [ each other's faces at a distance o! [that he had to try again;" but he ] looking at George with' small eyes [on a nigger scale. -[' ~=~ "" -- ~" [[ [[ ~z, ~'" ' y~r oil-war,[| five inches and a half. At this range [managed to get a good harsh growl [without eyebrows, from a distance,E~ n. c, [ Pattern No 1984 is ] I 4V=% of the rul=h~, H,==,~ I Melody noticed for the first time that ]the second time. . [of about a foot. [ g ports 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18. Size 12, short in the U. S. was syntlH~ic; In the man was crosseyed. I "NothingS" The little store~ eeper / And now as he stood there George,We can take them up in order; [r~eceVes:.r.e~u~e2 3~~, yarns of 39-inch fab- |94$ =S%, lnd In 1944 80e~. "I didn't say nothing, or do noth said instantly, even eagerly. "It's,Fury became aware that some new ~ l$=selmll -- In my opinion, base.|" '# rag. /I ~~4~,=m~ I lrtg," Ira said now, without any ex- [a pleasure. Nothing at all." [ public affliction was building itself. ~ba~l needs a ruling commissioner [ ~ J [ than ~5% is sym~hefl . ] pression. [ "Whut?" [ Men were trickling into the First ~who will be given full authority to I ~ [ ~ #1 I~t~.~ t [ The =v,th,fi ru- Suddenly Melody Jones realized he,"It's free," Peter Abajian said I Chance by twos and threes. Adozen I,ct; v~ho will be well known and It ~ ~#~,A~)~Ift,~,~I~:~ ~i~l] ~J ~n buerb~v~.'n~d~ut~l~ [ ~--~ ~ ~ '~uick~" "All free to a nice ,entle- [ ha-' ----~-r-~ ="" "~'- ~'-- -'a- w-ll I rot-oct-~ - '~ "# ## ~#~ iv st #, ~ ~ . ~ . - v u~.u nora oz a man WhO was m tear [~ ~ -,~, j ~u wctt~ u gu t: u== w ~,p . e u at-t~una me country, wno [ "]~ dM,~Ld[~X ~ // ]11 L [~ [ uuu pounas O yeor--enough $o or nis life. ] man ~e you. I nuea. Tnese men were cowmen, [can p=c~ up where Judge Landis ~ ~ - ~.y "~-v~,o~r the needs of ~e Population " Melody eased back, relaxing slow-| Then Melody saw the girl again. Jpipassing through or on the loaf, with t!left off. A commissioner with- ~,at Checo9o" for on. y~,=r. IV. Before he let go altogether he,She walked along the gallery of [a sprinkling of plains-bred towns- i out these qualifications, without / /~7/h~~~ |A new k! let his rioht hand fall on the butt of J the store 'from the steps at the end. [ men who looked about the same. I complete authority would be u~e - .---- ,~w~,- .-- [ . . na oz. =Fnmetk ru~- ~, -- -, ~ - j her ~as ~een develo from his own forty-five in the forward [She passed the door very slowly, [ And all these newcomers were in- I less. It will be too late in case some ~ggs wmen are very cold s*=,-~ ~ /act/= --' ' " " Th re as . - ,-~,a- ~ =~,= t.=uwermmc~. pocket of his chaps as ff just to ] looking m as she passed, e w I terested in George Fury. Low-/scandal breaks. Baseball can't look rate more easily. Break them as | rest his hand A fast man could / I toned irfforrnatmns ran along the /for any such supporting cornbina- soon as they come out of the ice,The. B. F. Goodrlcb Compony bat still have got him handily, but prob- bar, to everyone but George . Men. tion as Judge Landis and Babe box if the yolks and Whl'tes are -- maaero experimentaltires of rubber I ~ an dand~hon. ably wouldn'ttry. looked him over, studying inrn wzth lluth to restore public confld,nce. . to be used separately, alp duced from kok-saghyz, the Ru~ Looking steadily at each other the a strange candor he had never seen. ~ Racing -- Racing is a tougher---e~ [ l- two edged apart with casual, furtive Somebody slapped him hard on l problem to tackle, due to the. Dusting with talcum or corn- /~J ~ shufflings, circling a little, Ira ~e shoulder, an? a voice said,~ealousies of competing states and s~arch will help keep rubber ,/~.~,@'~ toward the gallery steps. As the Howdy, Roscoe! ~ the tremendous taxes they gather in gloves from sticking together on I TM /7 inches between them increased," the George Fury turned his head slow. ,~Yet it is a well-known fact tha,' =,=,- ='" the inside. "~'~,~ puwue~'~ ~s aus~ea v man caned Ira no longer appeared ly, his eyes ahve wRh death; but ~before racing was stopped, many both on the inside and on the out- cross-eyed; he looked competent the other had moved on. ~,nomer [emse~ers, crooks and gangsters were sloe. This should be done to an again newcomer edged toward George edging thmr way rata the mc rubber ma Y 'I'H stand a drink," he said. ~nan hess fi- terml that hes folded along the bar cial harve st of all sport, where ---e-- " Slow thinking saved Melody, then. "Did you ever find out," he asked well ovtr a billion dollars was Squeeze a little lemon juice In a moment he would have said, George confidentially, "just where through 1944. Where more than a the meat grinder before "Whut? Whut did you say?" the hell you are?" few jockeys were not above suspi- ~rinding dates, figs, prunes or rais- But as the seconds ticked away, Once more George Fury ~choked elan and where general larceny was and they will leave the chop- and still nothing in Melody's head on his drink, and rang the glass upon on the verge of breaks" g out at per more readily. found its way into words, time and the 'bar: He whirled* upon" ~he any moment, This app~Aes to all tension were too much for the other stranger, racing states. ---e--- By cooking in dishes that you man. "I'll tell yew one thing, my owl- O~ly a $. Edl~r Hoover could can bring right to the table, food "No offense," he said, with the nosed friendI" he lashed out. "I ]mlphere, where =m annual s=lm.y o~ will'stay hot /anger and you will dust heavy in his throat. "Any time. ain't in painl" ~I~,(IM w:~d be ezmdle=t immr-save yourself dishwashing. , Any time at all . . ." A grumble of laushter, rising to mice. It t=tke ~lLeee$ erder Melody surprised himself again, a roar, swept the barroom. George from Washington to brlal~ ~ -- "'Keep the slack out o' your rope, Fury lookedsstotmded. Hehadreal- a41~ut, ]~= It might be I1~11 fmmmm~~~~mmEsm=mmP'------msmmE%7 from here in," he said, his voice tzed he had a keen wit, of course, receded at ~my i~lve= time later on, fiat. "And don't whistle no tunes very funny, but not this funny. As at other men's girls." the laughter held up his anger died. Pro Football amt Boxing Anger jumped into the stranger's He stuck his tongue in his cheek, Football--It would be almost-ira. eyes, like a flash of gunpowder, scar- winking largely, and the laughter possible to have any ruling cornmis- ing the living daylights out of Mel- increased, sinner for college football, as so ody again. For one short moment He spoke to them once more, when many sections have their own cam- he thought that the incredible mira- the laughter finally ebbed. "What missioners who have different and cle which had saved his life was air yew whistle-britched poop.heads conflicting ideals and opinions. about to run out. laughing at?" Over the door he saw the crude Another howl went up from this.But pro footb=til f~ces as re=my board sign that had been there long Purple again, glaring glassily,problems =s troy sport. For one before sIow prosperity built the George went stamping our. thing, there is the probability at wooden awning a bore it:,At the door he turned impressively &g letts t one r/val league. Be- ~.~/4~ " Paynevllle for one parting crack, and was in- yond that is the problem of many~ Grallt|Anl (Inlet FoOds" --- Gen'l Store Melody jerked his head around stantly called back to the bar to returning stars, who stiff have [[ Kello~g's Rice Krlspies equal the whole ripe Peter Abajlan ~ and the hands flew up again, pay for his drinks. Unstrung, he year or two years of college play ~ gra~. ~ nearly all the pro.tecttve food ele- "~o that's wherv I am . . ." He somethin~g both tense and lazy, very rang a silver dollar on the bar and cideleft" toAnyplaynUmberpro football,theseandWillleavede. ~t merits m~lared eaenttal to/mnum nutrition. walked into the cool shadows within, proud, in her straight-kneed step, got out of there, whi/e that insane, their coUe~e careers to the bosky ,w m ~mm mini mmm mmm mm mm H/s shoulders rose stiffly as he impossible to forget. He could see unaccountable laughter still rang, delL pulled down his vest--=/ cowhide that there were straw-dull finger- beating him about the ears as he vest with more than twenty cattle curls, loose and carelessly kept, fled. This can not only bring about open brands burned on it, showing where- down the sides of her face. But He could not believe what he saw warfare between pro leagues, but all he had been. against the eye-knocking white blaze then. Outside, where his pony should also a civil football war between the Deep back in the dim interior the of the street her face was in shad- have stood, was empty hitch-raft, colleges and the pros. It can also little proprietor put up his hands, ow. He couldn't see it at all.Men properly hang for laying lead to any number of scandals. Peter Abajian was behind a counter After putting Melody out of his hands on another man's horse. Now Boxing--Here is one of sport's and flanked by hangings of bluemind, George Fury rolled stiffly, at last George Fury's gun whipped greatest needs. Boxing, like racing, jeans, stable forks, dried hoop-legged, into the Fib-st Chance out. The door of the First Chance has been largely a matter of state sheepskin coats, and Navajo saddle Bar. was full of people watching him. regulation. As it is, we have no real blankets. His round cheeks, always Inside the door he came to a stop George let out the rebel long yell, boxing control. Champions in one apparently blown full of wind, shone with a waspish dignity, and gave the and fired on them point blank, state may be thrown out in another. like billiard balls. His buffalo-horn conventional hitch to his breeches, They dttcked back, laughing still, Boxing and racing are the easiest mustache quivered, and his eyeswhile his eyes accustomed them- without counteraction or resentment, contests to throw, with more money were like agates, selves to the shade. What he s~w George Fury's bullets went no place, involved in the throwing. Especially Melody looked at him curiously,was the usual barroom, with a as far as he could tell. No window in the general direction of the gain- He had never seen people act like stuffed squirrel at one end~ of the broke, and no wood splintered. He blers -- and I mean the crooked these people acted. His eyes left back bar and a stuffed owl at the might as well have fired straight up. gamblers. Boxing needs a com. the storekeeper to run along the other end; and the bar itself so bat- Perhaps he would have gone in missioner or a stlpervisor more canned.goods shelves. He hadn't told toted and scraped down that it had them then. Perhaps he would any other single sport. And it may the man to put his hands down, but a sway-backed look. The oak toot- have killed three or four of them need more very badly later on, after a moment the corner Of his rail was worn half through, while his lead lasted, and got himself much more than it needs one at eye caught their wary motion as"Where am I?'" George asked, shot down, and later hanged if he the moment. they descended. Melody jerked his The two cowmen looked at lived. But now Melody Jones was 1 lmve only mentioned four at the head around, and the hands flew up George Fury; then, with consider- coming along the walk at his long- re&Jet p-bile sports--b=tseb=tll, rata. again able deliberation, they looked at legged canter--the only man in the in=;, footb=dl ~nd boxing. In e~ch He tried this several times more, each other, their faces unreadabli~ West who could spring at an easy Instance they atl need a commit- experimentally making sure that he as sourdough bricks. Presently both stroll, sloner who is nationally known, who JOIrYs Gee, Moml I almost had to MOMt Well, Joey, we'll |ust httve was the one who controlled thislooked at the bartender, who washed Jones was hollering at him. lugs the respect of the cam=try =#~ght to keep the ~ Buns you put tell their Morns how easy it is to thing. He stole a look at the street, glasses in a bucket and minded his George Fury pulled himself together i~rge, who has both honesty' and make those buns and other wonder- in my lunch box l and saw that it was empty, own business. Ahd finallytheY and waited for reinforcements, proved ~biHty, and who will a/so ful treats wlth F]eischzzmzm,s YeaSt. "One can tomaters," Melody said. turned~to George again. "Tch, tch," said Melody Jones. be given Imssesslon of "the i~on Peter Abajian set it out, and stood "This yere's Paynevllle," said "Drunk so soon.This here's dis- band," when the Iron hand is watching Me/ody unhappily. Melody the man addressed, with constraint, graceful." seeded. Any form of figurehead or wr=s thinking. He knew he didn'tGeorge Fury took a deep breath, "Them devils stole my cayuse," front m&n would be useless under, have any money. What blistered and his Adam's app/e jumped. George Fury said. "I aim to clar tsJdng. Melody was that he had saved his "Painful," he snapped,"What's the town, and give 'or a fresh start, . . . money for nearly three years, plan- painful?" ~n' she needs it!" ning one magnificent bust some day, "This yere is," the other said. "Nobody sto~e your Bob Feller Returns and he had built up nearly seventy- George looked both men over with hide," Melody told him. "I taken Now that he is back~in the state~ six dollars. And then he had lost it angry care. The guns they woreand stuck him in the livery corral. Bob Feller will be allowed to pitch ---not in a card game, not in any looked well-oiled, their holsters well- Time, too. The old goat ain't seen for his Great Lakes team after two particular way--just plainly lost it, soaped and well-used. He was ach- hay for so long, he spooked at it. or more years service in the South out of his pocket or something, some ing for trouble, made irritable by Some night you're going to ask h~m Pacific. Feller deserves his break place. He and George Fury had ar- the dust in his throat and theto balance you out of this dump on at Great Lakes, after a fine war gued many a mile over who had strangeness here. But George Fury his top. I want to see your face recorc~ He has had Little chance to last, and what happened to it. had a poor opinion of his gunplay, when you find him so empty he'sget any active pitching since be All they knew about it was that it Rheumatism in his fingers had made in the road like a sack. In won 25 games for Cleveland in 1941, | was gone. it as inept as Melody's own. town, you gotta keep stuffin' a host. striking out 260 hitters. A lot at,~.s besinner, you'll be ~ "" ~ | Now, after a/month of bean diet, So he only walked past them now, Or he comes unstuffed," Melody rust can develop in that time, but he s ~ .~-.M ~ mz,=~.= -=-.-~-.=~, ~-t~m s| ~ suee~" -~.-I~dn~ youll ~ | t//elody was asking himself if canned but slowly, stiff - legged, like a said. will have the chance now to lro~i A'~mk";s"su~v~k~.'~t~h,~n~.~s Year' ~ | ~ods were worth getting in trouble bristting dog. "O-o-oh," he said half(TO BE CO~| cmt tow kinks. |