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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
May 12, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 12, 1960

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"VILE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, MEDOR&, N. DAK. yb give i [fr m the Med ra area had a'ls ~' The Fr ur ws,I~KhlIIriP ~~ghll"~lC~ I receN'ed similar speeding tieket~ ! [ ~-~[~J~Jl ~.~J~ll'~ ] 'lne moral of this story is thatt . ! even if you think Fou are d,riv- Funeral services for Mrs. Con- ccnt]> ,moved here ,from New ],~rI~A~/I[I[~ ] ing within, v~hat you 'uhirtk is~ rad ,tte~ser wereWednesday ~{iexieo. at 10:0o. Ueiser dieh ,Mrs. Ray Bowen ,'as a Die> [ an{l l./-lllll' [ the speed limit and have your] Monday a.m. at Vhc: Dickinson insert visitor on 'Monday. ]] [ veh.iele under control, ,the de-I hog ital Mr and `Mrs Dan Cheadle .were P - I t1 If you have a question about,partment can claim it is sun-I Mr and Mrs. George 'Schwindt supper ,guests at the George ~ coins or stamps or a narticular I down and ~l,thou~h the visibilityI ~,~ ~,~;- le S~hwindt ,home Tuesday evening, Icoin or ~amp, write to this |" is still near perfect, the night-' I .~1 a,nd Mrs. Dan Chead ] column, c/o News, Beach, N. ]Itime speed law of 55 per apl:fiies! motored to Glendive on Sat. to ,honoring Susa.rme's b~.r~hday,I v~sit at the Danny C,heacEes.' . . . ~~ ~ " ] D. ~nd we will try to furnish [[a*nd shotfld you feel you -have! fractures uollnrDone --- ] you with an answer or direct ][been 4aken in, you can always t They returned Sunday p.m. ' ",you to someone who can. ] tel1 your lrot~bles to ,the ~;fl~p- Mr. and Mrs. Danny Brennan' Colin Rip!ey, son ~ of .~taek.] you tc ] lain or e~he judge ', - "" "11 am ell ~i~ey of ,the Medora rmmn, ing L ' -- --- eta'oin --. -,{ w~lted at ,lJhe B1 C t:fla home in ,Beach on Sunday. area, ,~.ra~turect ~ls eolla~I~ne m . - FIRST DAY COVERS --'7': $ Ir. and Mrs. ~len Adams of an acmd'er~t ~t h~s sohoo4 a few COLLECTORS DET.~INF D The th'-- " A " " --" ---- ~- ,--~,- .~,---.=,A"~'--. ~ lm ." merman. ".:~rea~ :Beach; visited at the Ella Adams days ago. He was given medi: ~ n,~n~ax :r~,'~t~. [stamp wil~ 'be issued for general home on 'Sunday ca~l atter~t~on by Dr. Bush at the ,Last Thursday evening there sale 'May 19, ':1960. ~rs F~ ~='^ ul-~ x and ~,v,o.uM"~ ~J~hnstonel. Memorial H~ital on was 'a coin ,auction at the M(DU First day covers will be issu2d ~'erne,King visited Mrs. Lola 7,hLwsd,'ay and returned home bu~c~ing in Dickinson, wb~ich was May 18. If you desire 'lst day Lin~bo ~at. p.m. [~ne ,~.onowmg ~tay. . ;i sponsored ,by ~he Queen City]covers of this" stamp, send ~loyd Lm&bo who ~s now sea- FOR SALE -- Baled Upland pr~i Olub. The members of the Beach addressed envelope or envelopes, tioned at Glendive spent the rie hay from S. Dak. Delivered c~t~b rna,d {been ~v'~ted, Only together with remittance ~o coy- weekend with hi,sfamily ati in truckload tots. Inquire Mar two decided to go to the aeration,' er the cost of the s~amp or t ,Pleasam ,~at. len Jetvig residence located in as it is that ti, me of year when stamps to be affixed to the Post- Mr. and ,Mrs. Lawrence Buzal- second block wes~ of Metho-people are working ~bou,t the master, Gharl~ttesville, Virginia. sky of Amidon visited at the dis~t church in W~baux, or ya,rd and gardens. ~he Beacvh] The envelope ~hould have the Reur home on Mot, her's Day and phone Wibaux 3781. ~ 31-tfc delegaticm left shortly after 6:00 notation "l~irst Day covers, 4e took 'Mrs. ,Reul out for dinner. P. M. but were caugh, t in Credo stam,p" on the envelopei Mrs. Fred Johnson was a win- ORGAN -- Responsible party Io one *of ~these stmdvven speedl along wit'h the postmasters ad- nor on the "Hel,lo for Dough" ,purchase smabl ~rgan. May traps. After being written up dress. ,program on t0FYR Wed. a m. ~ try it in ;home before buying, by ~he highway p~trol and vi's- A close fitting enclosure of [Mr. and ,Mrs. Charles Campbel,lMonthly terms or ,Iall ~payment. iting with the patr~lvnen, who" about post card thickness s'hould are the Daren'~s of a son ~orn Wil~ take upright or spinet didn't seem .t~ like their *obsi be placed in the envelope or on-i J /May 10th at the Dickinson hos- piano trade-in. Write J. M. too well, ,they ~rrived at the coin[velopes (of ordinary letter size~ pitaL Wet~g~t ,given was 7 lbs. Wylie Piano .Co Bismarck, N. auotion somew~,at M,te. I*t seems and the flap sealed or tucked in. t '14 oz. :Mr. and Mrs. Ca,mpbell re- D~k. * 36-~tp they were not alone the, .as ~ose[ Letters for 1st day canceR,aLien SMART GRADUATES TS ST Our stock of small radios is very complete -- prices start from $16.95. Also in stock Clock radios. and a wonderful selection of transistor radios, and our superb transistor gift package. Any young man or woman would find dozens of uses for our Life Lite or Sonotone flashlights, both of which never need batteries. Bargain-priced at only $10.50 and $7.95, with $ year guarantee. Portable stereo hi-fi set with radio, Special only $138. Latest model 23" Admiral table model TV, less than $200. Headquarters for fishing supplies of all kinds. Vernon Brockmeyer, Prop. SERVICE Phone TR 2.4323 I should be mailed 1. to 3 weeks before the date of issue. Better hurry on this one it'; neaYly l~he 18th. Buys Home In Beach --- DURING THE BATTLE OF THE CORAL SEA IN 19,42, LT. CMDR. EDWARD ("BUTCH'9 SAVED THE OLD CARRIER LEXINGTON BY SPLASHING FIVE ING A SIXTH IN A MATTER OF MINUTES. ONE OF WORLD WAR WAS AWARDED ~1~ ~S- SIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR FOR HIS EXCEPTIONAL COURAGE AND [LYING SKILL. "BU~CH" O~HARE ACTION AT MAKtN 11'4 1943 Bill and Jennie Adams of the 1~ Sentine!. Butte area reeentiy pur- chased the home of Charlie A1- len in ,Beach. The latter i,s ,lea~airr~g for a different el, im~te, where he !~ i tropes to find relief for asthma. ~'~i~. I~ he gets better. Charlie says ~ : he wil,1 come back home. Exact ~ ,time Mr. and Mrs. Adams will ,~ occupy their new home ~s indef- ~i inite at presen . And have you heard a,bout the ~professor who invented frozen ba,nckaids -- for eold cuts. 1959 Ford Country Sedan This one is perfect, see it to believe iL 1956 Ford 1958 Ford Wagon 6 cyl. economy, it's clean and priced in today's mallet. Custom. Fordor V8, overdrive, one owner car that has everything. You can't beat it. 3A Stock rack. Extra good. The unit you've been needing. 'l Thanl Kids, for jo'ming Fishing Derby. Next'year we Mllmke ira FisMng Derby to " reme--renme :+ ,+ 12 +, ; . L,j .'r'q',",; J ~ 2 ~'] "::.Y', ~PORTRAIT PHO- TOGRAPHS of family and friends can help you create an architectural il- lusion in your home, ccord- ing to a prominent New York interior designer. Joseph Frditag, A.I.D says "To give the impresmon of height, hang large framed por- trait photographs in a vertical col- umn. This is especially effective in location where furniture is in the way---for example at the end of a long hall or on a corner wall of an L-shaped living-dining room com- bination." The photographs can be culled from albums, desk drawers or paper easels. Or they can by a Father's Day gift to Da~l. ADD A GAY, /----~ PH[RE to }'e, ur large, pot:ed plants by trans- [r-~ '~'#" v~ecr./~ rm,og ,hem flo+ering. 2td.l trees. A split- leaf philodendrun is pzrfe~ for t 's, oc use a potteu p~ilm or rttol et tree "f you h~tve one. To ma>e :ha flowering tree ar~,angcment 7ou';I need these nmterlals: A bunch o~ ~our favoriat fresh flowez.% green oral tape, six or igl:t orcLid tubes, the same ndmhec of long. narrow green wooden ~stick~,and an aeroml Leaf Shine, such a~ Antrol% First spray the plant with the Leaf Shines to give the leaves a fresh, clean luster. Then fill the orcldd tubes with water and place small dumps of flowers in each tube. Using the floral tape, att~h eacb of the filled tubes to a stick, and force the stick---with the tube--- into the soil, THURSDAY, MAY 12, 196{} LT. CDR. EDWARD 0'HARE ~THE BACKYARD SWIMMING POO: ----once a luxug', ~a iaced with the estates o! Hollywood stars -- is now within reach of Mr. and Mrs. Average Income. Credit pl~s new building methods is the answer. So if you plan to take the plunge, here's a tip: Start at your local bank. Banks check very carefully into the reputation of the dealer. And they will advise you whether the cost of your pool is in relation to your property. TRANSPLANTED HOUSE PLANTS ~ add an extr'a touch of beauty to your outdoor living area. ,So why not move as many ttt po$. . , sible out into the:yard? ,If you've j had the plm~ fe~lom tin~, make [ *he mamm m still !arp, t ough for #oo Tam I potted planets i~to the ggotmd+. J where they'll yo e 'l .!~I~H~'. ,~' '~ J "the fit that flatters" i Winning Duo in Sportswear! I)ynamie plaid Janmicas coordinated with dyed-to-match solid blouse. Both of wash 'n wear cotton. Jamaicas in blue. green, brown, red or grey" Idaid. Sizes 8-18. $4.90 t~muse, roll-up sleeves in butternut brown, bras~ yellow, sea mist green, moss ~reen, blue. Sizes 8-16. $4.90 day out, No th Dakota railroads are on the job, 'low-cost trails- ,transportation ?4, ,