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May 12, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 12, 1960

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THURSDAY, MAY 12, 1960 TttE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, MEDORA, N. DAL B JOU THEATRE BEACH, NORTH DAKOTA SUNDAY - MONDAY ,MAY 15-I6 TIIURSDAY. . " T SATURDAY. MAY D-20-21 Excitement! Suspense, Thrills! , Disney's- Specialadmission: MI children 3 yrs. and older must have tickets. Reg. 20c if accompanied by and adult- 30c if not with an adult. q~is picture received the Gold Ribbon Family Award.' Around Medora { "%,"~,- *-< ,{ ~'.~. BOATING dora,sident now resLding in ter, IMiss ,Bessie Livingston of l~'~ll~i~i KiKdeer"isitedfriendsinMe'~lendivewasals theref rthe V:N~1, --~ dora ,t time SUSPENSE THAT EXPLOaES,caving ;l~riday and .'eturnin~ ~ : : c, '.'.~" 'I.'~,' ":" ' INTO THRILLING ACT~.ON!,h~mle o-t;c ,~'tlllday. " Set)it, 'Bevcriy Kirk~patrick and ",id~ ~ear+ M-G.M ROBERT TAYLOR ] ' .dy d o,'e o.t to ";'"'"+ ' q+~le (++o,rtgt'Bg t " ):q : l ,~ f~,<)t tlw EvLm'ude l~oaling l:oundatimt 4 -- i NIC0LE MAIlREY I t+llll]('t'Ft I t+'gZl ~-tY-atthe ih,~,+VO.There ( "11~ "S(' X~' il "1 })t)llt)l '1 t' [1 (J I) 1 'I "L iC ' }~C,~ " " " ' ' ' " " [ ~ "l:" " [+ ~} l ~1 i': #~d It C t` ` 1 ~ " J " ' ' ' (; "r offer~ :, h~t of advice whett buvh,a vourt;r,~l ~kria, yourself : For what use i~ the conl.a h!in gA'n ,Q() +oarindianOld drawingsbu'ffal' re.bode India aS,red, biue,theand figureSy el lo v. coloredThe paintsill' A D~V,D r ROSE I tI t.]] 1~( [ (It It (t J t ~ ~ t k) e.oauc o, scrviec~ held at t.w Coil,pt'+:'ga-,o ," : > : I,t : :v ~:' :- h l h~ieu,lcd? In wh.t -~urk or" waters pitting rhe initial charge pro- are said to have been made from THEHOUSEi ti,>,~+l <~,~,-+~, ~!is Sunday as the +sun attended t.he coin auct.on hi w;il it be u.ed? ceding Ule famed "Custer Mas:;-' berries, roots and clay. pas, lor R{,t~ Birdsalt willbe "~"I)icl.:inson "1-,hm'.~dux e',enm<. Ma,:,flhc. lirst-ycarboalingT~aul- acre" has been presented o the The Sioux Indians gave t, he robe I~--. OF THE I tend'~* a 'oa~ ntio; '+ tiatmon Clstad and the fqm- hesh,k.'tt theV~footerst~r t, re V,'." Custer-Fort Lincoln Foundat%n to L. B. Hanna when the Late ig~ fib spent Su n da, ",!.+rang v.qt+h -~ SEVEN M'r& Atmla Godfrey, v+-hoham ' s .-" ' a+ Bismarck Gm, ornrtr .-as adopted int;o P, he been ~'isi,tirtg at Grassy Butte re .his mot'her. ~' Bessie Olstad +The l~hick 'furry robe made by tribe. ,% nephew of Hanma's, I tu~+o~ to o,; Friday i, ,Medora. me Sioux Indians in ,t~e early Bruce Barrett of Fargo preser~ted :: . --. :: UHDA CHRISTIAN i iMr and Mrs Earl Grow are 1880's, is covered with crude it to the Foundation. Etlm~ Osterhou,t was guest of ; " , U~~DI~ALD WR.Fff I -,' ;,~ ~l spenctmg a ,iew nays m Medora,footers. This is another popular size outline drawings of horsesand nonor a~ a olrm~ay party at q t boat when rigged with a 40 or 75 "(~:~'~:[.~.'- " -"-' ':'- ~ . I tills we~} , /+:': "-.:.:::::::,::: ~::::~ !+~ !: : ~: .~::; her h(~ne ~ast "IthursctayA Jew . " horsepower outboard. There is plenty aune ann vnorvam wma'~ms MEDORA tending the EUB annual conven- '+ -.: .':. of Mrs. +Oste~+houts friends got . . . of room to move about and plenty of -- ; v~s~ted the Lars Vanv~gs on Sun LUTHERAN CHURCH tion at Karlem, Mon~a'na, May togetherar~a xlxea up a pOtltlC . . power to cruise and ski. Su~ tay evening guests at tale If you are looking for an even bigger m+ncaa ann .moK ,~ over m r~aen outboard you m~ht c~derl:n:mal~ 1 " . SUNDAY ,4vtanlon ~:veretts +home m U~CK- Roy Alton Johnson, Pastor ll, t,h thru 15th. ALSO: CARTOON ~~ i.nson were Harry .Roberts, Bes- cabin eru'ser. Y P Y ,SUNDAY s " Regular services on May 22~d. - --~ ~ ~ -~ltlh.[l$11~ sie Olstad and a uanita O~gan. room to move around, relax or bed ~:au a. m. worsmp ,'ervicc air q down ,or the night. An 18 footer with,9 -0 a m Sunda ~ehool ~ervlees at .tu:6u a.m. The group was served a ve.ry de- s 7~ horsepower motor will hmadh the -- "~. ;-: ' ' Y " " High scfftool Baccalaureate at l,U,~.~uAx a OO - m Comin ooon licious dinner that evening byfamily, equipment and a few neigh- t 7-30 p,m. Women s Mlsslona "y ' ' " I --:-- P" " IMrs. Everetts. bors. rMrs. ~Kathleen ,Barger of Ba~a- to thelake.N w'after~leethaSY urb ~t'y urThe~em'~ ~edera,tion. League Out- marine dealer will help you in &cquir- OPEN HOUSE rein, ~Saudi Arabia visited at "the ing ~ trailer for tram I~' ng your boat ~WIEIDN~DAY It St d tDale Hewsons and wit~l .her matehndout- '5:30 p. n. ,Luther ~ r. and M.vs. George ~y of arte S~+,+Y. M~N, DAY, TUEIStDAY ,grandmoflher, ~Mrs. Bertha Nieh- fits" for almost any boating [sally ~ ir~g at the Lutheran Btbte Camp Seminel IMtt~ are ~aold~in,g open With a" ~]kl'r KSIKY +5-16-17 ols in Dickinson on +t, nday. make it .ier for you to buy and TI++USI~DAY ~ou~ on Sm~ay, ~F~ay 15. ~om SS +Barger ~ad f, lown over to Amer- select the boat tlmt will i~t suit your 4:15 p.m. Confirmation. ~ o 5 p.m. in oe~ebca~tion of lheir ica with ~aer .husband, Tmn, wi~o needs. There is a boat for every purpose is with the Arabian American and a purpose for every boat. There il MEDORA UNION Oil Co,and left to meet her the right motor and trailer for the CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH hu~ban.din N. ~. on Mot~Aax. rightboat, tool Get your boat, motor Rev. C. Lee Birdsall That Very Excellent Comedy With Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds. SUIvIMER SCHEDULE -- One show each n~gh~t at 8 p.m 'Sun. 1V~at. 2 & night 8 p.m. THE HARINE IIP$ BUILDS MINI S|l YOUR lOCAl V. S. MARINE RECRUITER ~PoL sde. sponsored nnd paid for by Rep. Central Comm Jnck Sweoson, zeeuUve Director.) SHARPENING SCISSORS We ~aow 'have equipped our ,~ool ~rinder w~t~ special grind- w~ae~ls and hcdders for pre ,~ion ~Olllow sl~,arper~ing *he SCISSORS WOOD CHISELS PLANE BLADES ~Fe-,~Iso machine ~harpen HANDSAWS .and ,al~ ,types of CIRCULAR SAWS ~[zes 4 o 14 incihes d~a.meter. PALUCI['S SAW SHOP 3elfield, NorLh Dakota BEACH, NO. DA~. Emerson & Motorola Radios andTV We back our sets with repair service. BEN HUR FROZEN FOOD CHESTS ]lokSY SPIN.DRIER WASHERS Fishing Supplies Record Players CGLOR by DIE LUXE DO~ SiE~L Wt~DNESDAY ONLY ~V AY 18 EVERY. SIGHT. A FRIGHT! ,+, eaos. I~H:tJ~DAY. PI~IDAY, ,", ,&a iAY 10-20-21+ 'l t & SAT. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Anderson and sons sDent Mother's Day visiting Jo Rousseau in Regent. q]he 'State Examiners are ~aeck- ing l~he ~ffices at the court, house in Medora this week. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nichols of Glendive and Sen. Leland Roen and Mrs. Roen visited at the 'red Cornells on Thursday. ,~] Mar~,ha H.lebichuk spent t weekend visiting ~her mother .Medora. She returned to Glen- dive on Wed. ,Mr. and Mrs, Ted Cornell en-. and trailer together so they will form an efficient team. ltappy boating and fishing, too. /ltta~/ Pastor Please Noie-- "I~ere will be no service on {1Vl~ay 15 as lihe pastor wi.l.1 'be at- ~tl~rer Wedlding Am~vecsary. ~ues~s are asked not ~x) ~r~g ,gifts. A baohelor's ~ife has been de- fined as a splen~lid~d,~ 'breakfast, a I taste~eos, ~lat dinner, and a most t miseral~le, tonely su4~e.r. ,joyedWibauxMrs. dinner Anna on Sunday Kunkel, at Jack'smghtw~ !!~ Clu~b o ",broke at I ~[[[H[HH[[[HH[]Hm~lH[HHHH][mml[[H[W[~Hm[[[m[[HlllHlHm[ll[lH[HlH[mHHH]H[H[[[Huu~l[[H[HWlH[u- " ~ 1 ~ 12 ,her leg on April 14 is recuperat- ~ mg +in 'fine Bi+~maroR+" 'kospital I-~ --- and getting arounct some in a+ = OPEN - vdaeel Chair. I ~- Mr. and .Mrs. H. A. Brown of,~ ,Dickinson were dinner guests at the 'L. G. Browns on Sunday Joan Andersan and daughters, Bo~by arid Lynne and Dick An- derson al~l had dinner at the 'Rough Riders Cafe on Sunday. ,Mrs. Bessie Olstad took her son, Harmon a~d his family, Juanita Organ and Harry Rob- erts to dinner at the Roug~h Rid- ers Cafe on Sunday afternoon. ,Lars and Lena Vanvig relmen- ed to Medora on Friday. The~ ~had +been visiting their ,dau,ghter i m m m = m m m I m m m / m and' ,her family, the Glenn Olsens at Ravendon, Ark. and their grandson Jimmy Who attends the~--' School of the Ozarks at Bronson. ~--- Mo. Joan White and Betty Cornel: were Beach ',shoppers on Sat. ~- Joan W~hite went 0hru ~he clin ic at Dickinson Wed. ~---- W. J. Ray spent ,the weekend ,visiting with ~is daugfflters, Mrs. Dale Newson and Mrs. ~Zat~leen BaPger in Dickinson. 'I+he Co. 'Supt. visited t~he Fry- ~burg sohool on Tuesday after- nooll. HOSPITAL NOTES --= N+EW ADN~ISSIONS Dick Marman. Larry Cowee, Mike Be~laber, ~Mrs, C~aire Ross, l~ Sharon Rising, aVl, rs. Joe Goroski. i~ Oax~ar &nderson, Sanct, ra Zinsli, Mrs. Jack Taylor, Rudy S,0h~uer, i~ Harry Cass~dy. and Mrs. Larry'+~ Klrkowski. == S U+RGER Y Mrs. E. N. Heinle, and ~irs. Lyle Adams, DFaATH!S Arthur 'H,H~.n~on. Renews Subscription -- Carl ;Hecker of Dickinson re- certtly wrote to et~e Pione er, re- newir~g his subscription and at time stated "I ~iRe the is one of ,the cheapest and ~est coumty papers in m m a 1 m ~l~ .~' 1 m a m ,m m m J w w Mr. and Mrs. Roy Noyes announce the leasing of their Painted Canyon Cafe to and w w ~mm mm~ ~m mm~ mmm~ mm~ m~ m~ mm~ m~ mmm~ who have pened the place for business for the coming season. Take That Coffee Break At PAINTED CANYON CAFE North Dakota's most scenie spot. = , The ladieswill appreclaterTour e Joy your stop ~