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May 17, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 17, 1945

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g ' "" '" * --,ng toer o S ,o THE P ONEER I [ i'l,'' " " "'"------- dlv| al~ ill be d ~ " 36 Sea oft m IN,U'0P|,;-- I]11,iCLASSIFIED [ IIl ?,] Yanks In Munwh Dakotan Helps In Teamwork of United Nations,P st I GRAFTON--A team of Red Cro~s CANDO--Mr. and Mrs. Clifford/D .E P A R T M ~- N T ggl ,j,: ~lV[ girls, headedby GeorgiaMott,wh se Holien of here received word from n,Bitt tru e;,t, ; ~'~lparents live at Grafton and who their son. Sgt. Harold B. Holien. U n in Pa ] ~, ] towr~ S. Dak. high school two years in the Marines. that he was one,[ t o, avMIabi,ity ,tom ,el* ,ocM | |~M,[~mm [ ago, got one Of the most unusualof the Marines, that helped raise ] United States Employment Service.J S Tur s to Job cific ~[~ ~,Ll~ / receptions of their careers recently, the AmericanflagonIwoJima. Mr. * [The girls.were hugged, cheered and and Mrs. Holien also received the ] greeted m bomterous fashion- byfollowing description of the battie HELP WANTED---MEN ' Eleven hard and bitter months after General Dwight D. The beginnin~ of the ~i~antic life ~ sore 800 GIs as they set up their of Iwo Jima from their son, Sgt. "------PHOT~TU~O-ASsl-STAN~"----- Eisenhower's armies smashed through the ramparts of "For- and-death struggle known~as "Worlc t doughnut car. The .Mort team be- Harold Holien, and which was aox ~5 o wiW[~teon. North Dakota. tress Eurove" to set foot upon French soil, Germany's once War II" is generally set as Septem. ~ !ongs to the.'42nd d~wsmn and ~t written by David Lawrence, noted proud wel rmacht, Weakened after six years of the bloodiest bet 1, 1939, the day the Germar nas me reputation of braving more American political columnist: war in history, bowed the knee unconditionally to the Allied armies rolled into Poland. Two day~ danger than any other group ofThere should be no comparisons HELP WANTED---WOMEN later France and England declared women serving in the Red Cross. as to the bravery of any of our[ r experienced powers, war on Germany. Told by a sergeant they were to fighting men in all branches of the GmL or woman on farm. $60 per month. NO laundry. State age, length of employ- The end saw Nazi generals capitulate to U. British and Blitzkrieg tactics flattened Polish t hne up for coffee and doughnuts, service, but without minimizing any ~ ment MRS. EUGENE KIEFFER, Box ~1, resistance in less than a month. "thanks to five of our country's best other action i-t can be said that the I Casselton, North Dakota. Then began the half year of "phoney women " the. sergeant called them. battle of Iwo Jima, fought by 1hot war" at the Maginot line. In the Tney aonnea silk toppers, white Marines, has been the toughest andAUTOS, TRUCKS & ACCES. spring of 1940 German troops over- straw hats, funny little carnivalbloodiest of the war. ran Norway and Denmark, forcin~ bonnets, German garrison caps--inThis is because there was no ele- t out the British. Early in May the t short every conceivable type ofment of surprise, the enemy beh~g campaign that frightened the entire headgea:. Some carried canes, some able to see the approach of landing world opened. Holland, Belgium and I umbrellas and one carried a medie- vessels and being able to soot ever.~ then France itself capitulated by the i val looking sword, yard of grGund~ for artillery and middle of June. Italy came in on I ~ machine-gun fire. - I Brothers Meet 1st 20 years the island has been uo ary ~orce ~arety escapes ae. [ ~2.~.- o2. ~d~ fortified by the Japanese. Trenches struction at Dunkerque. I ~Ilrg~ OLIgC~ 1~ were built and concrete pillboxes -- and gun emplacements hidden in ~ep~emoer, l~ltO, saw me ENDERLIN--Seemg one another the ru ed terr " " massed ~lr attacks on Britain I gg am. Their ~sland is Cl~ureblll, Roosevelt and Stalin met February ~ at Yalta And )aid plans ~ again ~or me nrs~ ume since ~s-m onl" five miles lon complete and rapid defeat of Germany, as weu as a worm s peace m muow. ]nserz ny WlllCli ~lluer hopes lor & I s Y g ann less man allOWS President Truman who, upon taktn.~ office, announced .hl s~s.u.P P~ r~ . f~.thNe~l~PoHn~ qmc~ wc~ory, xne ~tar" nets or~ I brothWa mers wnapPYo expermnCeen o~ ~wo two miles wide. ~u~ ~magme an clesd~evel0ped.attheYaltac.omerence. '~'nesemenmeumrec~eumevntte~ the Nazi bombers until winter, / e h rec fly.met !n Ger~ assault on the Rock of Gibraltar to the final wctory over ~'asclsm. many. Tney were ~gt. Lesser annand ou " when weather brought a slack- I Ca t Ro Zittleman sons of Mr Y get an ~dea of what the Russian representatives, even as enemy die-hards held out ening of attacks. That autumn ] ~P - Y :, . - Marines were up against. to the last in Czechoslovakia and Norway. ann ~virs. Aivert ~atueman ot nero. The order t " 2% clerk wl~n me aajutan~ ge,=~ Grand Adm. Karl Doenitz's order to German troops Otof gravest1940 WaSperilPrObablYto civilizatlonthe periOdin ][at aepartment ~gt. l~ester m serv-'^'" Unitedn t from one servicetake, thebut. ~slandfromCamethe GASOLINE SEMI-TRAILER, new prewar cease firing came as a sort of anti-climax since the bulk of t e many centuries. . Britain almost ~[ mg m me ~tn:'~ m~amry mv~smn. The tw-States" J mt Chiefs of Staff. rubber,MiLLER2.000 gal & HOLMES, ~ Nazis forces already had laid down their arms in the face of succumoea. / " ~. . o mrnems were neeaed to SL ]Paul - Minnesota. t ~er ~ralnng a~ t:amp ~arKemy, shorten the distance for our B-2gs the Allied avalanche. April 29, 1,000,000 Nazis surrenderedDuring the spring of 1941 NaziI Texas, and Fort Dix, N. J he went and omer prunes m zneir attacks I USED AUTO PARTS all makes Mall in northern Italy and western Austria; May 4, another 1,000,- troops smashed into the Balkans to cverseas in March, 1944, and has orders filled. We buy "wrecked cal:s, aid the Italians, invading Yugos v a I been with the Third Army in ~:ng- ' . ] MIDWEST AUTO PARTS CO. 000 gave up in Holland and Denmark, and on May 5,400,000 la i on xo~ yo, mires away but lwo w,~ ~u neeaea ~o pu~ an ena to and Greece. Bulgarm joined the Axis i land, France Belgium Luxembour~ .- quit in southern Germany . " o ' ~ me o~servation for Tokyo which 1 voluntarily. ~ermany con~rouea sill ano ~ermany . - went on from the island base as ! Foil 8ALE---St~debaker ~ruck. 1932model, As the stiff-necked German of- [ hacking into their lines all the way of continental Europe excepting Capt. Roy, who entered service previous fli-hts of 1 two-ton, long wheel base. mechanically ricers formally admitted defeat, net- [ from East Prussia on the Baltic down Russia by the middle of the~ year ~ with the 188th FieldArtillery~, was It enabledg Ja anese~'Z~SforcesWen~to ~Y'm ~ good, g~ rubber, by MEYER INPLF ~ ther they nor the beaten country's [ to the Carpathian mountains border- Without warning on June 2z ~azz graduated from officer candidate terc P - " [ MEN~ CO M~ Mlnnesot~t.- new ministers entertained any illu- I ing southern Poland, General Eisen- armies crossed the Russian uoraer school Fort Sill Okla in 11942 vp~ ,~-zvs going ann coming. sions as to the character of the A1- ] bower reorganized his American in a tremendous drive. ~. ~ Be~o:e" going" overseas m ~anuary," IWOa militar-Was a wtal i objective and from / BUSINESSOPPOR" & INVEST. lled terms, with Foreign Minister ] and British forces for the big push As alarmed America prepares zor . b~ ha.~ served as a f;^l-~ ~-*i~^--- -'- y v ewpomt more neces- ! RECREATION & LUNCH, well equipped, y han any other sm le ob echvo Count Ludwig Schwenn Von fro-] from the west. defense, Japan attacked without structor in various cam s " '" g 3 ]| will sellorrentreasonable, otherbusiness.Living apartment above. $igk telling the people: I Caught in a giant nutcracker, the warning at Pearl Harbor in the Ha- United States p m me in the whole Pacific at this time. ' Nobody must deceive him- ~ German high command made itswaiian islands and the U. S. was ] self on the harshness of the terms. ] last desperate bid, opening the sluice immediately at war with both Japan ~ ~ ~ ~ I-. ~ . . . Nobody must have any doubt ~ gates of the huge Roer river dams and Germany. I Small Chtld Dtes iv. a orans [ ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT [ SINGER ELECTRIC all new rebuilt heads~. ",Motors, controls sold separate Button that heavy sacrifices will be demand- { in the hope of impeding the U.S. By mid-1942, American ma~ ; From Weed Kdler Ltberated From Camp : makers $12.50. Power rnac'hines. ed from us in all spheres of life " [ 1st and 9th armies threat to the rtnes stopped the Saps on Guad- SEWZr~G MACHINE SHOP alcanal In Africa the British WAHPETON Jer Thus did the European war come [ Rhine while reportedly shif~ge . -- ome, small son FARGO--All the major mishaps ~4o7 Znd Ave. N. - Birmingham, Ala. to its end six years after the mighty [ many of its armored units to e halted the drive on the Suez ' of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lindner, that American troops have suffer- FARM MACHINER][ & EQUIP. German army, striking at the un- [ east to combat the Russians. canal and counter~ttackea suc-died recently after drinking weed ed since the war began paraded in prepared western powers, rolled ~ Once the 1st and 9th armies had cessfully. The Russians epic de- ~ killer in a neighbor's yard in Chi- retrospect out of a prison camp at " fense of Stalingrad stalled the ca o L through Poland; levelled the low-~ crossed the Roer's subsiding flood- g. Mrs. indner told the coro- Altengrabow, Germany, recently as German thrust into t~e Cauc& ner lands and France, and then turned [ waters, however, and the British and " that her young son came run-the 83rd infantry division liberated back to the east again to challenge ] Canadians joined the push from Hol- sus. The tide h~! turned, ran' g home about six o'clock and more than 1,200 long-imprisoned giant Russia. ] land in the north and the U. S. 3rd As the Germans ca itulated { and 7th armies from the Saar and In the fall American and British said, "Mama! I drank some oil and Yanks and began freeing more than FOR SALE--One 15-30 and one 10-20 Me- . : . . . P -- : { Alsace to the south, General Elsen- troops uanded in northern Africa. I'm sickl" He then became vio- 19,000 Allied war prisone)s. Under ~C err~iCkllyeer~ng tractor~o completely an~ re~inted. MEYER IM- behind m.em ~y r~.e remnants oz [ hower's steamroller gathered in- The great Russian counteroffen- ! lenfly ill As soon as he was a lit- I flags of truce and by arrangement a once mll-power~m mrmy, winch, o ^ t, sivc began in February of 1943. It tle better he led her to the back Iwith a German colonel, command- PigMENT CO~"deo':'~d]n~neso~a: [ ~*~f':~ :"~.*::"'~" rolled fiercely until mid uly, when yard of a neighbor, where he show-}ant of the camp. they traveled 20 tlae v ppe ' . . [ Germany's disintegration was the the retreating Nazis stiffened and! ed her a can of weed killer. On it [miles behind enemy lines with 83rd zs~ ACRES--GOOD BUILDINGs then found the U. S. and Britain s,~ brought it to a standstill in central i was the lettering, "Keep away from division trucks, ambulances and Ran~d~e~l near town. DR VALLELy, ~o,her'-- force behind its bgck- ~ U. S. Ist army s surprise capture of Poland Meanwhile the air offensive i Children and Animals." Mrs. Lind- I jeeps to eHect the liberation. A]- ='~" "us ' [ the Ludendorff bridge spanning the from the British Isles was batter- i ner became alarmed and h'ad the [though it was impossible, due to { uona,~en B~~f~, M]~t~: - -- [ Rhine below Cologne, permitting Lt. ing German cities and ports, pre- youngster rushed to a hospital where[the necessity of the speed of the l LIVESTOCK : ~:~.~ -- - [ Gen. -Courtney Hodges to build up a paratory to the invasion. { he died shortly after arriving. Mr. [ operation behind enemy lines, to ] ~, 8al~.--:Reg. BlacX A ngu~ ~'~~ [ powerful bridgehead immediately June 6, 1944, was the big day--the ] Lindner drove a truck for the New [ get a complete list of American,ms age ann younger. Also heifers, cows. ~~~ I below the vital Ruhr district and on invasion of western Europe from System Beker here before joining /prisoners, those liberated included: ! Accredited for T. B. andBangs. MaxG~ht. ~--~"~"--- [ the edge of the rolling plains le~d- England. After landing on 'the coast] the Navy. In addition to Jerome [PFC Homer A. Boss, Ashley, N. D { b~~t~'M'~='M~ - -=:;~;~: { ing eastward to Berlin. ~ of France, American and British { there are three other children, Mar- [ and Put. Charles Passiglla of Ber- ! WANTED--Old. wild. or blemished horses - - [ As the 1st army's bold move threw 1 troops baffled inland. Almost all ] }orie, John" and Mary. I genfield, N.D. ! for fur farm slaughter. Also have spotted . - - ] the German command off balance, { France was under Allied control by { I { Stallions and Jacks to sell. Shetland (Ponies ho~,~lght and sold, THE ELDER ~: :: - - [ the remaining Allied forces in the [ November, 1944. Advance tank units { HORSE CO, Jamestown, N. Dak. ~~~ { west soon poured over the Rhine, { were attacking oh the German bor- ~~~i~ ~ last formidable water barrier guard- I der by December. A substantial ~ - -==- ~'~ ~~~] ln the heart of the reich. WhileBrito ] German counteroffens|ve was, " " ' II HOTE~ ~~{ ~~!:~~ [ ish and Canadian troops struck out { checked as the year ended. I ; ~@~[~W~I]~RD PU~L~ I ~~'~ ~ { against eastern Holland and the { On March 2 the American Ninth [ ~ ~wv~ ww v~,~ ~ l~t~~ ] North sea ports, the U. S. 9th army I army reached the Rhine river. With. [ } ~ ~ ~ - :'~/~: - - ] set about reducing the Ruhr valley ] in two weeks this great natural de. { -" -" -" - : - : - : : : : : : : : : : : : - : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : = : : - : : ' ~ -/ " [ while o~e wing of the 1st joined in ] fense line was crossed. Racing I soxuUen t. Next lJsue. = :: :j . ~ the attd~k and another kept step { tank corps smashed to the Elbe rio. ' ' " I 2 3- 4 5 6 7 8 9 - l0 11 -'~:: [ with Lt ~-n" C'e rge Patt n" famed { er, $0 miles from Berlin, and halted { [ ] J { l ] l ] [ [ l [ l l -- Rus - --:~! ~ armored columns dashingeastward {.to await junction with the " { |12 ] J ] 113] ] 1" J '[ 114 l l NH B ] across the reich. Meanwhile. the { sians. This signal event took place { ! J [ J ] l ] [,|,] [ [ | "Man ot ~he Hour. ] drove into the Nazi~' mythical re- [ can and Russian armies were roar. { I ! ! I I ~//A I I . [ [ [ J ~l~kenZ~t~e~md-~d~t~-red { AS the Arnerlean and British' ~ ern Germany. Organized e " ce{ . 1 ,---'b. A l {armle'sashedthr ughtheGerman{orumbleda. German'oldiersgave{ {" I 1 I { {" {"I . 34 35 36 37 fur. Of the formal sun'ender, and '[ Thi~isco.mand. ~'I F-~o Alhes atAJD 38 ~9 ~///~40 al,ob~auseoftheprematurean-{{e'a'~eGerman~{{ {` I F I I i I, t--I I 1 nouncement of the capitulation days { [ ,avy, 53. year. o/d ~[ ( 41 42 4 n - WYL]flE b.ore, some of the edge~ad been{,Grand ,4dm. Kad~~l' We have won a war, but t~ere] I I I I I I I I,- -~.~ ~.o,~ o,~oo removed from the great event, with / { Doenitz, who suo,[ is still another one to win. Before { I i I I I I I 148 I [ m . r o. the result that the nation accepted I,ceeded AdOl! Hi~ ~~: [ { we can win the war against Japan, [[,~,| ~ I ~/'//x~| I ! I I { i -- the news with restrain As Ger-{| 'er",'=h,r ~a ~~ '{ there is the gigantic problem of sup-[ [49 { } t {50 t {,I { {I i'~ I I ~ [ POUILTR, CHICKS & EQUIP. many's fall was substantiated, peo- ],~ rman" d in ~{ m [ ply and moving the troops from the [ [ ,|,|,| l,|,|,{ De You Want Guaranteed U S A prove ] Pullorum. controlled ba~ "-~. @ o d, ple looked to the east, wher, ,hell?e y$ y ' ~ II ~,uro~eant~eatertothePacmc. [ [S~ I I I I I ] ] I U" I i i x nortn.rn. .red --~*ustra-White~" ~mC.Leghorn rom White Roc~ flocks~ We o ' Japs still remain to be defeated and { { hours" ~ { I The army estimates that 5,000,000] L ~ ~ n I I 1 ' '' J } andUvabltity at reas. Prices ~,+ the entire resources of the navy and ] ~" ] foot soldiers will be needed to de- { No. 10 ffer hi he~t quaUt well over 6,000,000 troops may be { { feat Japan Our entire navy and [ HORIZONTA- ^ " I needed to assure victory. ] sistance, air forces "will be required Some ~ ~v ~foisonous 16 Turf 35 Common " . [ 1 The bitter snake (pl.) 18 Large pas- ] form ot ill-I PULLETS, un~'xed- mal-s. With America scheduled to take[ With whole groups of German I men wm ~e ,reiease~ ~rom serwce vetch 41 To quit senger boat florescence over the occupation of central and {troops entrapped without boise of ~ I 4 Celebrated " . 20 A drunkard [ P . ~ ~ehtk~orl2d:~ig. dtsco~nt o~da~.a.Y~[d .to 4 on t~tal service, overseas service, / 9 To observe 44 Shucks 21 Blemishes I New Guine~ tria in accordance with Allied plans [ rted, with the majority of the old- combat service and number of de- [ 12 A period of 46 Heavily 22 Language [37 Property (pl.) to maintain strict supervision over [ er, more practical men giving up pendents. The bulk of the army will { time u ed t~ I39 City i'm ] "~ "u~$a. - -, the country until a thoroughly dem- { upon being corne~red while younger not be released ] 13 Growing out . ~ecuo.n . Romans I. ~ermany ocratic administration can be e,tab- ~ fanatics carried on in the face of Division- wil'l be *e-rou'~ed toI 14 Paid athlete, ",o po,nL a. 23 Possessed |,m ~=ospnere t W?NTED TO ,U, lished, U. S. military authorities fig- ] overwhelming odds. ~,H,~- +~,~ ,~ +o --rnbat' stront'th ] 15 Rents a gun 25 Narrow strip I ~2 European,D, y wn a f, athe, b,l~ We are a ure on the detention of 400,000 Yanks ] Meanwhile, the Russians had ."; "'~ "i~;"" "~" " ~Y :." .~'' " I 17 Countries 50 One of the of leather ]moun~ai~ [ ing up. to 4o~ Ib for 8c~d l~ y- ~ Wm take severa~ monms m or-~ fl-htin-Axis Apostles 2"F -- ~range ~ ~oose or ~ g o ormer RtlS- new nne uucz, b'0c lb- ui' " " in Europe. ] drawn up along the banks of the Odor gamze troops, crate and pack I 19 Gun (sl ) 52 A beverage sian ru]~r~[43 Jaggedi peaks I| 1FAE~E~aauck ~eathersT-new~,ecmffi, samefl/ie gOose~u. $1~ena25 lbto:- No sooner had the American and { river from the Baltic clear down equipment before the units are I 20 To rend 53 Golfer's 28 Plae~- t,~ [44 Occup ed a Checks mailed the"' ~lls. 10c lb. British armies thrown back the]to Silesia, while sUl] other Red readyto sail against Japan. { 21 A winter mound sleep-- ] seat . [ . --- . M{tchen. S Nazis last supreme effort in the { armies thrust eastward throughSome divisions will be lucky Theyvehicle 54 Frozen rain ~o ,~ o~. [45 To.nas~en (1 .~o~man.~ I B~ west in the battle of the Belgium { Czechoslovakia and Austria. Once will be routed through the United I 23 Garden im P ) 55 TO' ive in 31 To tu.rn { 47 The ocean Bonds bulge than the Russians got their ] the Russians opened their all-out at- States, while others will sail through { .a p~ement middle back [ 48 Child's garn, y p great winter offensive under way tack on Berlin, in the face of the the Panama canal direct to a Pacif- { ~ T~o'stut~" 32 Persian gate { 51 Toward "n -- - -- While the Germans gave ground { Nazi collapse in the west, the giant ,ic port. Thogt landed ~ the Umted ] 28 F~viu~ VERTICAL I slowly before four Russian armies ] pincer was near its close. " States will be givert some leave. ] l, nammal 1 Elongated Answer te~uszleNo.'. {-' 19~[ { Twice taken to war in 25 years About Four Months. .[29 ~eats fish T[.~. RL~ 30 D~mmutive 2 F~sh eggs S I "EPORTS CONFIRMED and twice defeated, with nothing to The divisions that sail direct to the ] s~ " " . ~ ~I lt~,show but the anguish and suffer- Pacific will arrive about five months { 31 A ol 3 Trap.pea ~ ~ k " I c or 4 To g~ve sus- ."l'~,f'&'i When the real V-E Day came,ing of conflict, the mass of the Ger- after V-E.Day" It wm ~a e weeks [32 Click beerie tenance to ~ most U, S. citizens got absolute,man people in American and British after landing to check all equip-33 Sun od ~L~] confirmation of the news before,occupied territory accepted uncon- merit for additional shipping to be 34 Wearg; 5 Pmrentse~ (pl.) ~: starting victory celebrations. They,ditional surrender with a stolidity available to bring necessary war ] 36To fall be- 6Symbol for ~'1~ remembered the false reports of [that masked their inner feelings, material. Training ~or a new type} hind tantalum ~ Saturday, April 28, that had swept,East of the Elbe river where the Of warfare must be undertaken. { ~l ~o A/r~can 7 Russ!an ~l~ . Japan has 6 000,000 troops which I unaergrouna storenouse ~ over the nation only to be climaxed,Reds stood guard, however, the . . .' / stream 8 A ravine m p[ C I RI ] by a Whlte,House denial of the peace,populace tread in apprehension nave noz yez mez comvat n'om t 38 To br^-' ~ ,~a~ . ca~ a- ~l tlAI 1 our forces. They are calling up an,with a crack licio,s~- ~ rur~or, Pres. Harry S. Truman said,over fear of reprisal for the Nazis' . ]~ at ~,at Ume that he had been in con- { devastation of Russia in four years addiUonal million. They will be [ ink sound 10 Before ~ ~.~ tact with General Eisenhower .~md,of bitter warfare. Previously, many ready for us. She can raise another,$9 Hearing 11 The goddess ~ I.~ /[~tm.o7 ~,';;Ptnklmm'~-n-e~--agatnbt2.~ ~uua hetmsue~ ~.n~. that there was "no fg~mda~ion ] of the people had tried to escape 2,000,000 when necessary. These,o~lran of dawn so~u ~ / ---,~,~, ,~om mrecUo~. ~'r~ tt!