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May 19, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 19, 1960

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I I VOLUME XXXV MEDORA. BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1960 NUMBER 51 . ,Mrs. Whittemore Maurice Rohan Beach Third In Rodeo Riders To Plan Program ForBeach Woman's = track lvleet i . L . . it tome t urglarlzea i Rites Held May 11 All*hough the weatherman Comoete For Cuu Memorial Oax I Local law enforcement officalsi Funeral May 19th d wasn't very cooperative, the l[ I. I d i tbelieve t~at younsters were re- - " ! I . Last rites Were accorded ~Mau Beach Lions Invitational Track A ,new feature will ~be in.tro-, A:n w~terestmg program has sponsible for the Jbreak-in at the~ ~Irs Blahohe Lynn Whittemora rice F. Rohan on Wed May 11, meet at Beach on rrlaay, ~vl.ay[ duo~cl this year at Champions 1been planned .for ~IemoriM Day, home of Mrs. I,nez Oech .last 'Sun. i succ~-r~bed at thee home of her " ~Dat the Rohan Cha el in 13, was a great success, wlm ~ide for Home on the Range !,May 30, at .Bea~, to ,get trader- forenoon, w~niae 'Mrs. Oech was daughter and son in law, U S ~'"~" P ' " --. ~R p, and ~VI s. Don Short, earl ~:t,~h wiah RpV Gerard ~Finne- Bowman, bt. Mary s of ~New Eng- this year. In addition to corn- way at 'the Beac~ Legion Hall attendi.r~g church .services En-1 e - ' r " ~,~'~m---'~as'tor-" o -St,~. . John's Catho- land New England. Public, Bel-' petingr, . for the honor of LN D. tat, 10 a.m.A tR. ~VIiller win gh, et trance was gained, by breaking ~nday mornin, g, May 1~, afbou~ lic church officiatin~ at the 9 field, Campus I:h and Beach pa - ~gamst Canada, ,the N. ID. and the 'MemomM Day address, and a :basement window-, at~d then t daylight, at Bethesda, Maryland, m .*prvice i, xterment followed ticipating, l Canadian saddlebronc riders ~Rev. ,C. Lee Birdsal~l will pay prying open a second door to get lWTs. Whi~temore ,had had sur- IF " I :~, *~,~ *o,~n,~ ~,l,~t in St Mary's~ Bowman chalked tip ~9= will be competing for the In- ~r~bute to the Gold Star ~VIothera into ~he qhouse, i gery recently, and had been in at, ~A~ .LC~,LJt~.r "'l.I v " z :,I ',' Cemetery at Bismarck thataf- points, St. &Iary s 44, Beach 26a, ternattonal Rodeo Cup. ,Don ,Brengle, new commander of A small collectou of 'buffalo ':~aLling health since t~at time. ~ ~ ~n with RevThem- Bel~ield 24, Campus 5, an~t ~"~ew At the recent rodeo in Win- ,the American ~LegionPost ac nickels was stolen, said to worth, "D%'nan o St. Mary;s Pro- England Pt~blic 1, in the Senior nepeg, this cup was at stake, axed IBeach, will .ma, ke ,the introduc- ~bout $5, and the thief took a results, i the N.~O. riders won it from thel tlons. .book of stamps, and he~ped ~him- In me junior evenIs St. Mary's Canadian riders. Again at the Rev. Gerard ~Finnegan will give*, self to some candy. The ,house is won top honors with 35~, .Bow-1 Saddle Bronc Match at ttomet~ the invocation und Rev. Donald surrounded by trees, making it 'man was next with 25. ~.hemlon the Range, this cup will bei,Morgan .the tbenediction. A .Boys' difficult to see anyone about the i New England wit~ 12L Bel,fieldli on the ~bloek. The N. D boys willlquartet will sir~g "Your,Land andlproperty. Pol!ce do trove a fe~" ,had 1, Campus 0, and Peach 10. ]%e riding 'harder than ever tol~My Lartd', ~ollowed by a scrip- crees, as we],l as the ~racks lelt -- I keep it here in N. D vrhile the ture reading by Ray. John Stein- by small feet. ]l~ ll~ "~T . I boys .from Canada will ~be g'iv-]'berg. The Beach School :band will yon Drengie i ew ing their all to brin,g it back to play Several nun~bers, and Lin- ~/~||It'~.o- I * ,-~ ~-~ ~ Canada with them. coln's immortal Gettysburg Ad- ~lUllfl~/ 1A{Plg~[[ Le l-n Lommandel This beautiful trophy is on dress will be presen.ted 'by Ron- r~ -- ,u, display in ,the window ,of the ald Davidson Mrs Vera SChroed- Hnnnr Nlndenl J. ( t enney Co. m Dmkmson. er wfli ,be accompam~t for the (~: ::,J-~ ~,li :,~gti actud as in- It was donated by Charles Ladin, musical numbers. The girls' sex- /hmor s'~tld<~.~ f,r D: M~):'e,~, .-Aa,!::~:: o1ficc-r a: the meeting a rancher from the Winnepe/,~ tette will sing the inspiring "Let high schoo! n M(,d,n': }~= e been' of the fla:'Icy ~a!zman-Badland3 area and Ray Schnell from Dick- Us Build a New Nation". named. Syctnoy Murray, da<~Ii- .~:n: :.can [.cg:on Post Wednes- rosen EaCh year ~he riders from The Legionnaires and Auxili- ter of Nit'. and IMrs. Sidney Mu:'- BLANCHE LYNN WHITTEMORE day night, May 11, when new of- Canada and N. D. will compete ary and other organizations will ficc '~ ,ve:.-e installed. Don Breng- for possession of the cup at the march to the Beach Cemetery Funeral services have been ]e v:as installed as new Corn-Winnipeg Rodeo and again at after t~he above services for a schedu, ied for this Thursday, May mande~ ~placmg Hat,y Spmgel an ~'," " "" " - Home on the R ge for Boys. brief ceremony, thus concluding 19, at the Episcopal church in ,MAURICE F. ROHA'N .berg. The ,ttome on the ,Range ,/vlateh ~he annual program. ,Bismarck, proba~bl,y at 2 p.m Othm new off cmsin~talled,lace at Cathedral, Bismarck, officiating. ",i " '" " will take p 2 p.m. on May The ~Ublic is cordially invited ~ismarek time. Reap. Don Short were Cigar e.~ ~anson, % Corn lal Da r~ to ~he Rosary was recited *by friends . .s "~ . ~': " 30, Memor' . y, '~ht at the this event, and is also remind- flew t.o Bismarck e~his RVIonday, mander Kelt~ Fmkle Ad3 Ray and relatives at ~ p.m Tues ;,; . arena z~t the Boys Ranch. This ed to attend the annual Memorial and on Tuesday appeared at Far- May 10, at the Rohan Chapel. He Gerard ,Finnegan, Chaplain; ,Dan will 'be ,the 4th annum match ,Day dinner, in the dining room go, returnirtg to 'Rismarck ~his died at Denver, Colo on April C~.fert~ Historian; ~B. ~. B~ns- a,nd will bring together these top of the Legion ,Hall, at noon. The Wednesday, arid is a guest at 30, after a brief i,lhaess, vole, finance oxneers; w. L. ~C- ~light riders from N. D. and Can- dinner is put on ~by all the Pro- the Grand Pacific HoteL His Maurice Francis Roiaan, a sonI - - ada. Among the group of riders]testa~t churches of ~his area, and ami2y wi%l join him at ,Bi maarok of Thomas ~atriek and JoannaI - - are several former world's,chain-I if funds from it are used for im-i ffor the last rites for ~rs. Whitte- Kelly Rohan, was born at Het-I =~- : pions, with such well known lprovements and maintenance of ,more linger, N. D. on-July 19, 1916.] - =.~. -: : cow,boys as Alvin Nelson, Jim[ the Beach Cemetery. [ ,Rop. Short, w~o has o~iees irt He received his education in the, ~:::: - - and Tom Tesc~er, ~)uane Howard, [ ~~- f Washington, D. C and his fam- Hetti~ger ~dmols and the U*ni-] - -- : - - Marty ,Wood, Winston Bruce and}]~uL /~9][} :^,~ ] Lly are Medora and ,Beads resi- varsity of ~VI~nn. School of Mor-i = < IBOb RObinson. All ave per-[ll[ [ y LF'][)I'IITII dents, w~o have been living at mary ~cience. &~ter completing -:-. - - ennial contenders for top honor~ . ~,r,~, ~. / Bethe~la, ~VId w~ile Mr. ~ort his alc~venticeship at Hettingeri -=--- in ,the U. 'S. and Canada. "~I~ ~ At i l ndiv " i*l is a member of the U. S Con- and ~Bisma.rek, he received his - - -- " |~o '~ ~" ~ greas L'~ the nations Capital. license as a mortician in 1938.i ~~ "2r * l~*= ,i 1: ~0~by O'Brien of :Glendive| ~,~,~-~ ~ ~v ,Mrs.~Ittemore is well known in Se@t .19~8, he came to ,BeachI ~~~.~ ielser ~kl[es lo#t-ntana .died there at 10 ~ mj . . . to a ,host o~ ~rier~l,s m ~ D as ' ray, ~ma ~Bo'nnie ~eppart daugh- " " as mortician '~or A. Overstad~ ~~~ |'P~ur~day night at the age of '--,she Is a@ast,upreme inspector of " ~er OI .fflr fl~na ,felts "l'eCt ~ornell, " and ~t~ It" as ~id .Ro~a.~ ~~~;~,~L~|a] ~/J~V II : -|al. Vene ,had been employed as' :.~.^ . [o ',h^nors for their class Rainbow In ,N. O. and Past ~or- ~.a-.~u ~,~,~. ~ ~ m,=~= ' w u ",th'" Gr-'~ Matron of Eastern Bro~l, ters ,Hardware, Furniture" ~~i)~it ,j /l~ooratory ~ecn, mcian a~ me r~r~ .~,~,~, ~v~i,~ o, h~ *'~-e- ;- " ='"~ - and ,Ykmeral ,Home until 1958. ~ ~' . ]hospital m Glendive for the past! .~,~,~ ~ ,Star. ~i ,Funeralservices were :held ati : . aU the sdhool play,s all 4 years of Im ~'^ G-"- ~ r~ On ~Iov. 5, 193~, he was united " '5* years ~me was a ~raauate 0t -.-- m=,~= ,~ ~ y =.~- ~:~:~::' ,am la-" Wed for Katherine' " ~ ' o ~tg~ ec~nool, as welt as parncl- , in marriage tO 1Norma El, iz~'beth ' " ~'~ ' ' { the ~946 'Belfield high sch,ml' . more 'was ~born m ,Franklin Park, ] tleiser ~Bel.fie~d, in t'he St I . - ~' ~,~ating m the tmorus. ~ne has at- o ~t~buVb 0f Chic~" Ill on Oct Calna~a o~ ~isrnavck,and the " . ' : 71class ann was me ctau.~nter o~, ,~ ~ s,-, . 'L~ 't~.TU~ ,~ernarct's ~arnonc cnurcn wnn~ --~ 29 1877 to James L"n,n and Har . . . . .'Mr. ann Mrs. Jonn '~'. u~rlen o~,' ~' " cottDle established their ~aome k,' * ' . '" . " Grassy Bv,tte Funeral servicesl "met Gurr She moved with 'her es Veteran s Service Offic~ r, Fa~he~ Theodore Roessler o~flct in 'Beach. To this union was and Keith Farsweet Sgt at a~mg. t~iae church cnorr sang, ~ " . born one son, David Maurce Ro- ' ' ffmve been set for Monday at 101 fm~ndy to Dal~ota Territory near ha~ ~both of w~,om survive Arms. . . w?n Jac?o r~essel at me.~) a.m at ,St. ~Bernard's ,Catholic/ Devils 'Lake in 1884. ~'he attend- Ie was a mev~ber of St. John s ,Don ,Brengle and Kelth ,Fmkle ,~vArs. nmser, age ~,~, alC~ at' A~urcth, ~BeLfield, with .Fatil ed locM .schocls in Grand .Har- Catholic Church at Beach, the are automatic delegates to the St. Joseph's hospital May 9, af- m~,~a,~,~ ~ ~o ~f ~,~ !bar ~nd ~Ps L~ke and aradu- . ~ . * ~.v,~v~ ~ v,~,~.~r~ t~ ~-#~,:,% ~ ~ ? -t ~ ~: - ~.-D. Funeral" Directors A~sn.! State Amer~,can Legton Conven-.ter a 4-month illness. She waS~osa~v will Ibe said at 8 "d- ate~fe6g{ ~ f0u.e year cq~sstc tion to be ~V' . ' ' '~au an~t ~un. at the Miscnel-I ~ourse An tta~t at avlayvule ~are the N. D. Hardware Assn dnd ,h~t in lI~ston June born at South Heart, Jtme 29, t "" . " -- -'" the Benevolent Order of Elks. 19-21. Delegates elected to at- 1916, dau,ghter of Jack and Rose son chapel Teachers College. ~,he also took his 'te Bminm Co. was there. A-H CREW ARRIVES .-,IN BEAC~'I MONDAY HOLLENBECK FAMILY Approximately 45 men of the REUNION MAY 15th A-H crew; ~rhose 'headquarters is at Watertown, S. D started ar- .Mrs. Nancy Holler~beck's home riving in Beach this Monday, in BeaCh was the scene of a faro- ,May 16. They are e:~21oyed on ily reunion 4ast Sunday, ~VIay 15, construction of the steel towers ,with guests including a daugh- that dolt the countryside from ter, ,Mrs. O. DeLottg, x~rho came Bismarck to Gl~ndive, .Mont. ~rom ~Los Angeles, Calif, just a Lewi~ is the head of ,the few days before. She was met in crew. Several of the men were ~D~ckinson by her sister and ,bro- looking ~or ~urnished apartments filler in law, Mr. and Mrs. Her- to live ~n w~hi.le working in this ~man ff~ay, who drove her ~tp to area. Beadl.