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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
May 24, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 24, 1945

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THE BTT.LINGR COUNTY PIONEER I II II IIII i I I n I I arks Attack Ser!ous Fire i I, SL,h'sbon Fher Strikes Crosby J "':" ":!'1" I!' " : : "" LISBON---Cool water of Martabon CROSBY--The Crosby Volunteer J !. ?F ~.:" : ""'~. ~,~. J~ I Bay were soothing to the fire- Fire Department was called upon to / M~': -'-JL'I" "" "" "'*':"" pilot of a B-29 photo-reconnaissance in the history of the city recently ~| jvl'ullu IW.~ll~. . ~1 Superfortress. He bobbled with whentheGundersonHardwareand ip''~'~'~~'---~L~" / I the waves, futilely searching for Grocery Stores here were almost ~V~," ' -' the other 11 members of the crew total y est eyed+The bufldmg ~qs.~,~o / t-,h T I-, . . .1 d r . . NT$ OF THE WEEK and after he had been in the water which housed them likewise is a IIIRJlk'~I[JNOU][ THE STATE /~ eaply onstructea about two hours, Lt. Bales noticed total loss. Mr. Gunderson said that TOLD IN BRIEF ODM |Smoke nouseHouse Usefuserul some 10 or 15 tell-tale fins in the they had smelled smoke in the store F :. ]omoKe water They were sharks which sometime before dinner, but as the,Buildln,+" ~ Ma.v Also Se v r began to attack him. As Lt. Bale day was cold and raw, they had a TJ'1~e~ ~.~*snY~o 1-1r,~,~o+Tl i ~.~ +-, ~. T. ~ .I. I4/V~F ~JILti4s~llSf~O |~ tlll~l.Jl~,Ul+ tells it" "The ftrst shark came m little hre m the furnace and when,l+or taeneral storage use and went between my legs He hit they could not see any smoke, they On Unique Occasion I me so hard it nearly up-ended me took it for granted that it was ISEVERAL .types of smoke houses and my legs flew apart It wasn't caused by some waste material onMOHALL--A -^^dl-" n''-~*-^- ^+ { are provmg sadsraetory. "i'ne . s,~u j u=. u. kind of h long until he was back again. Itop of the furnace and did not relatives and friends ~athered at ]1 . . ouse to be selected will de: had off my shoes as soon as I hit investigate any further Mr. Gun- the Zion Lutheran church here re- Ipena. mrge y upon the vo!ume oz the water and the second time he derson went over to the Palace,cently to do honor to two elderly tmeaz to oe smokes, as weu as on- snapped my left foot and left a set next door, for dinner and left Mrs. -ouples who have set a unique Iseas n use that may be made of of teeth marks on my foot. He Gunderson in charge and while record of wedded life The K O In-@ nouse came by once more on the surface eating the latter came dashing into Knudsons who have been married ]. Where an A' shaped smoke '' " " i formedhim I nouse is used the wall or sides about four inches from my elbow lthe resmuran~ ann n ~0 ears and the P L Satrans who+ ' i " rewas on fire The Y ]6hould be made of boards about 9 and I hit him a swat and that was I that. the s~o ~'op that record by ten years in --re lo the last I saw of him. The rest I f~re Department was nohhedand ~vin~ been ~oined in he~-- w~'u~ot- t!.et ng, in order to keep the meat =~ ~ a "" "-' ~'='""~" aDO t stalked me for several hours roam- [ at first it was believed they would for 70 ,earsThe brief -re-ram la~ u . 5 .feet away. from the fire. ing about 50 feet away, so I un-~soon have things under control, but !of the afternoon was opened ~ith I ;n~ee~m::tg:~toSn U~hYh3Pu::ad buckled my "Mac West", and if they i the walls, partitions and ceiling i *--" *h ~; ~ - "^'-" t+" . . . u had come in again I was going|were covered with tin and when :,:u~2 h'~ he~,=~'='~:w:'~ ;,o::-~ Ifeet-lOng .Is large enough for the r " t -oin- in between ' " - ++'+~-, I smomng oz a mrge number of hogs under" After some 20 hours ,n/~ne z~ e go~ o g g h r si~ed durin the r -- ' ' . . . # f i w o p e u g p ogram. ]as usually the Canadian bacons the water with a leaking Mac west /me stuaumgs mere was ,~ way u --'t +" re-ram . ' . . . ' t A --r'io- of th- stock I ~ er ~ne p g mncn was serves i boneless butts and the bacons will Lt Ba es was surprises ~o see a/slopping ~ pu t,e " - b se en" an-"h +. " t c-rri-d "- I Ln me a m t a z e two nonorea I come out of the cure three or four ~rl~lSn e'l:lx taxi near nlm .Pie was/atom veto s~ores wec~ a e =o ~ ^ou"les were seated at a s-ecial ' - ' - - ~ v v i wee~s oemre me nares are reaay to the first "fished" from the water [sa;ety, Du~ mere.wm suu oe .a [table adorned with twin anniversary { smoke and the PBY also picked up Captain ]neavy oss, o~ wmcn on*y par~ ~s .~ ! " . - - . - - . ,~ ~,;,;+-. I cu.c~ ~.u uu~ .~uwv~u. n puruv oz 1 many use me oarrel for smoking Lyons, Capt. Thorpe T Sgt ~ana |covereuoylnsur ~ sllverwas resented to each cou le me oket:hnnOe~Id$~e:fithr: ~i~;;~:yfil:wte~hsho~nSp~t~l~:!::~" ~/y' b~in;:i~i[~!nadwba~s~t:35:;et;i I 'thlP ;??;f!e::Chw ii:t'i; uaMsgte ::/:!! ~!ii!~ct~re ::gnh5or 8 feet fron~ tl~er " " " ' lm years d h' ' ' j t y l Bale formerly of Lisbon and now/the M~sses Amanda and A a ' " "h we b rn in "~ end/ For th t 1 s " 1 + younger. J~otre o zr - e o her type of house fllus- of Valley City He has been/Norustog oz Los exnge e ~a. i - "" rw where t-e were t tratedalmos ' i '' jnem P~o ay n y t any material may awarded the purple heart and air [Complete loss of the bu ldmg and l ~" "~- '- ' h" childr n )be used for th " e chandise ~ marmea. ~ney nave ezg e . I e waus. There should medal for combat flying time lequ~pmen~ ann s~oc~ o~ m r rn a" "h rid n ~ be some small " " ~ 16~^^ I ~" u. ~nuuson was DO t ~ e a I opemngs or cracks is esuma~ea o De oecween ~ ,tam . " at the to o / eliev d ; W;s. and was rearmed to Anna I p f the house. The house ann Szu~u. -zne nre ~s o e walls should be a 1 Aa t rings fflall |" " " ' "i I Amundson on May 3 1885 who I t east 7 feet high+ T *r, V ~ IKO nave star~eairon aezec~ ve . . o ",~ -- s~*~o~,w.~. e~ "~.o~m ! . came to Amer,ca zrom ~attersaalen, /~ ~E~z~# ~" ~# *~>'~JE~>~,~ wzrmg. Norway at the age of 24 They //~C/~2~'~ -- I ave six children " / BISMARCK--The Bismarck Tri- .-~ . . e+ " "~">';/.~.J/':'<,',"~,~ bune recently carried an ad for the unicorn ~otawr ~ I Golden Maid Ice Cream Store here fv;t~d f#tr Heroism [~~'~~-- advertising "giant size" ice-cream ~'~* >u~ Couple Observes bars. From Elbowoods, N. Dak -- [~~~qINI~ZI came this letter: COOPERSTOWN--Sgt Richard F. 56th Anniversaru ~ ,~!llllJl~l!l II I I "Please send me two giant Fiebiger, son Of Mr. and Mrs. Ed - "~ ~.~i!illllllllllll ILl / size bars which they are 16F. Fiebiger of here, was commended -- JJIJltllllll II+ - l cents. I will enclosed money for outstanding heroism in the cita- ELLENDALE--Mr. and Mrs. J. P, /~ "~J'~t~ with plus postage I am sending tlon accompanying the Bronze Star Rehberg, pioneer residents of this /,///y,~.#~ 25 cents." with which he was recently decor- city, recently celebrated their 56th //.///~.~[~///~ Enclosed was a 25-cent piece,ated. Mr. and Mrs. F/ebiger re-wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. ////f // // /]]/] ~-P'~ l(~ ~ [)~ carefully wrapped in paper, ceived the citation this week cover- Rehberg were married on May 8, ~//.~/////////I [7"] ~()~1~1 P. S.--Unable to fill the order ing his part in the action near1889 at Tomah, Wis and in the fall x'4~//////~t I I I k [ "+ ~ [ by mail, the store has refunded Ensdorf, Germany, last Decemberof 1897 came to Ellendale to live. "~]~ ]i ~ "~-~ I ""::: I the customer's money. 15th. In it SEt Fiebiger, then From 1903 until 1930 Mr. Rehberg~ ~ ~,~ P'2";~ ~ private first tclass, was cited for was engineer at the State Normal '~2~.~ I rtr llP~traH~d "heroic achievement in connection and Industrial college and at that ~ ~./, ~.v---= . ~[~L~ ~ --#L~.~--l) ~ --.~; with military operations against the time he retired from active work rr t~e~/~#~ u~ ~t~ # U enemy on December 15 1944 in the They have four children, Paul of Smoke Houses for T.v,*~v p ------- vicini-ty of Ensdorf~ Germany. Galveston, Texas; Mrs. R. W. Ed- - ,---v WAHPETON--Fire of unknown Machine Gunner, Private First Class mends, Little Sioux, In.; Mrs. W. The floor dimensions may be as origin destroyed the old Northern Fiebi~er gave supporting fire to an H. Fleming, Washington, D. C ; and little as 4 by 6 feet. Pacific depot recently. Flames were advancing rifle company during Mrs. Cornelius Van Garven who is Small one or two car garages have breaking through the roof by the heavy fighting in Ensdorf Although teaching at Hastings, N. Dak. been used satisfactorily for smoke time the alarm was sounded and he was subjected to intense artillery houses. The storm cellar or storage the entire structure was a mass of shelling and two direct hits were cellar may also be utilized. It takes about 30 hours of continu- flames in a few minutes. The scored on his position, Pfe. Fiebiger K. C. Clubroom ou, smoking to finish the Job on building was empty at the time and calmly continued to fire, permitting hams. A small fire can be started it was the property of I. E. Lille- the riflemen to continue their ad- Loote~ By Robbers every morning and allowed to die gard. Mr. Lillegard had removed vance with a minimum of casualties. all the contents of the building and Pfc. Fiebiger's combat prowess re- had started preparations to remodel flects great credit to him and exem. the old hotel into six apartments, plifies high traditions of the military The building had just been cleaned service." and readied. Solution Jn Next Issue. = z 4 s 6 ; a 9 1o IL lZ ' 1~ i4 IS 16 Ei7 " 18 f~ . t9 ~V///A ~o ~'//~////~ '" 21 2Z W~ 23 ' E:" 24 ,2S 26 7/////, I I + t1-1-+, 46 47 . ' [ it ' sz 53 ] ' 54 [ . +1111,I ?i I1 I~1 I I I,I ,1, ] No. 11 IIORIZONT&L 42 Cheerful 20 TO work I 40 To trim 1 Novelty 43 Frolic 21 Checks [ 42 Command to 4 Rubbish 45 Body of 22 Artist's ] horse 9 Mire water stand I 44 Outstanding 12 Fuss 46 Table sauce 23 Preposition ] deed 13 Lasso 48 Musical 25 Dropsy I 45 Barracuda 1~ The fourth dramas 28 Classified[ 46 Container caliph 51 Southwest- 28 On accountI 47 Consumed 15 To indemnify +ern Indian (abbr.) [ 48 South Amer- 17 Obliterated 52 Female 29 Painful i icon wood lg Before relative 32 Animal pens [ sorrel 20 Begins M Girrs name 33 You and meI 49 Girl's name 21 California 55 Through 38 Roll i 50 Rested rockfish 58 Annl ~ 38 Conqueror I 53 Spanish for 23 A~'v- " " "tha" 4 ^w ~f 57 Domestic 01: u, ome I 2 Lw u w.- . tempt aroma, ,aawee ~o Pusll Ne. 10. 2"/To consume 28 Units VERTICAL 30 Icelandic literature 31 Exist 32 General of Fighting France 34 Latin for "and" 35 Roman tyrant 37 Paddles 38 3apanese rice paste 38 Sailing vessel 41 Symbol for tellurium 1 Distant 2 Fruit drink S Teaching 4 Accurate 8 To tear 8 Cooled lava 7 To pace 8 Rodents 9 Assembled 10 Caoutchouc tree 11 Performed 18 Anglo~on coin 18 To append eeriee ~46 down during the afternoon, or the FARGO--T w o armed robbers smoking can be done continuously. clubroms recently after overpower- ing the clubroom caretaker Sam Habercorn the caretaker, said the robbers pried open a dozen slot machines and rifled a safe after the gunmen had tied his hands behind him. Habercorn said he had the clubrooms shortly after mid- night to get some lunch and re- turned about 2:30 a. m. He locked the clubroom door behind him after escaped with more than $1,000 in-~,sV;n" Tut Contributes loot from the Knights of Columbus Pest Resistant Pea he re-entered and at the top of the stairs he was met by two men who forced him at gun-point into the kitchen where he was bound and then the men looted the clubroom. Loses Life In .+ Tractor Mishap ASHLEY--Edward Gehring, 48, was killed here recently while returning home from work in the field. He was working late that night to finish up in the morning. At the Air Forces Tactical center. His son Raymond went to assist his Orlando, Fla may be seen growin~ ~ father, but found his father dead, a new specie of pea, "King Tut." ~inned underneath the tractor on The original seeds from which newly-built highway, two miles these vines sprang were placed b~ west of his home. The tractor had Egyptian priests in the tomb o~ slipped from the road into a ditch King Tutankhamen, 3,300 years ago, about seven feet deep and over-When Howard Carter found the pea~ turned. It is estimated that he was in the royal tomb of King ~tank. dead quite some time before he was hamen in 1922, he sent them to Eng. r found. Mr. Gehring was a well- land. A few later found their wa~ known successful farmer and also to America, finally coming int~ a trucker tl~e last years. He leaves production at the AFTC in Florida h/s wife and six children. The department of agr/culture pronounces them as a specie pre- viously unknown in this country, or any place else so far as could be de. Sailor Survives termined. ottug"n'-'n- The remarkable thing about these U. S" Bush plants, whereas the usual worms, tire and beetles continued to chew CARRINGTON--Mr. and Mrs. 3oe uP surrounding vegetation, they Kroner had cause for rejoicing spurned completely the Egyptian in- recently when the mail arrived and truders. If further experimental they received a letter from their work bears out present ideas, the son Raymond, MM 3-c, who was aKing Tut peas promise to become a member of the crew of the Bush, wonder crop in the Unlted States. one of the U. S. ships sunk April 6th in the South Pacific. Raymond informs his parents that the extent of his injuries was a sprained ankle, and that he was in the water seven hours before being rescued during the night. Raymond lost all of his belongings and was feeling particu- larly sad about losing his many mapshots from home and hoped that his family and friends would Lry to replace them. Arranging Ideal Barn The ideal barn will be arranged for "circular travel" to eliminate dead-end trips and backtracking. 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