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May 24, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 24, 1945

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PAGE EIGHT THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER THURSDAY, MAY 24, 1945 D cing fr 8 p ?. to. " Y: " G " an om . 2 a. m. -- BEA,CH -- Music b Homer and ang Production Critical War-Tnne Briefs fer t'~ te:h 7~' :hn eou~ae~PS t~d ~ ~hSu]~'~y~nTdi n~l:ii,~ ~wesN~n~ fRa~hgtu n:iO~ I N OT I CE OF L=~Ic SALE OF On Farm Supplies As Outlined By I [y2'~cN~ar.~!~n~nd~ist~t~si~h~;.u~.:ke~a;e~r~i2~r~in~~idg~WsaiI~:i~d~- LL o/ notme ttl~t Plaintiff a ainsteanClalmf der at public auction at the front d'~ ]l~ ~'~* " 1 on deposit in their bank accounts or [ ~t~I~ *,a led by e g Y l door of the Court House in th While the end of the war !n l~. A. UIIICl ~lth their supplier and the supplier ~t, tl(eweDefendants not appearing or] City of Medora, North Dakota. one Ue als I "f~~~i I"lag"/ noontne ~m any ot June, 1945, at theof that day ~ountain Europe hos increased the import- can also readily see the amount of H. E. HANE,Y . ,~ hour of ' ' ' o t r ~min i 3.00 o clock m the after ance of U. S. farmers stretchm g . ration currency forwarded by stores At~l'rnejYun 07 14 21 ~ns. War" '~ P r - ~ of raea~ for Sale or Transfer s pped. f roduction efforts to the ltml~ l'ermits Necessary to Slaughter for shoes not hi (May 24-3,e - - -28)Time, . pursuan~ to zne provisions I oI bec~ion 6-0931 of the North Da- i~ has nor 'Drougn:~ any p ~pec~ No meat may be sold or transfer Oomplete ration currency records I --.~~. [ NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE t k Tt?~e RaetViseidsedC d:lu Of o/943~. land quick easing f the generauy gtgn~ " must be ke t at Vhe dealer's store -- pp e s a s a- 14 b- farmers or P I ~ii~~~~ ] NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that has been fixed at $80000 which is situation in'most of the IaClllq~leS t-vii atilt zvt y 3' ~.-, . F -"~"'""'~''~'--~"~" " an" " a AI" '[ " ' 1-'-~hter uL m me case oI two s~ores servea k ~ i ii, i, ~-~ . -~ - =,pursu, ~ to,~, u "Jet .of. ,John G. ] has been fixed at $800, which is essential to ~aIm proauc~mn. "me non-~.eoe~at~y n t~pc~.~u .~ ~u~ " by the same ration bank account [ -. : .I ], ~uperws~ng t=oncmau?n t~'om- the minimum sale price. Twenty . -- . ' -- ~ ~y~ ~r~vr~n~r ~ ~ a~ v. * ~ missioner ~or tl]~ ~ta~e o~ ~orm I er centare of the nnal bin sal present outmo~ ior mos~ ta~m pro ":7 ~ o~u~n~erer s pefnn~,ehese records must ,be kept at either ] ~ / Dakota. acting as Referee, dated [ Price must be paid to the unde~e duction facilities is one oI ~tt~ure accoramg ~o ~r,~. xu~ ~mu '~ store. $,May 8th, 1~t5, me unaersigned, H. I signed at the time of sale, and promise rather than immediate ira- designed to limit farm. ann non- E. Shearn.1 'trustee, of the Estate of. the successful bidder, must also pay a ola ~terin I [Pezer Duetsk) a bankrupt, Wllllthe costs of notice and sale and provemer~t. ~cuv.~.$ ,~u o ~,~ ~ ~ls nLtorma~lon lS vl~al to l~fle/ ~.~. r-~ .~ ~ ~ |sell the following described real I execute a contract for payment of Farm machinery ranks with oil- in order to channel more mea~ into shoe rationing program OPA said, l'lan ul a le Tree ] estate situatein .B.inings County, I t ~e balance of the final sale price kin houses to be . '. . !,~orm t~aKom, ~o-w~: "] and interest at the rate of three drilling equipment, locomotives, respected pac. g as one of me cmei reqmrements ~si~,~,4 ~,~,~~ ]fi~vn~- ] WhemNorthHalf (Nt,~) of Sec- ]per centum per annum in annual frel~,~ht~ cars, trucks and utilities made avahaDle . ior mulmry ann that shoe ration payments must be ~I~II~:;LIK;~ IO~L~ r~al,~.~x~' tion twelve. (12) Township Oneinstallments of six per centum of amom, war-sunortln~ civilian ~oods out-of-state ciwllan requirements, received before ehe manufacturer / Hundred Thirty-nine 039). North, I such price, plus tax and insurance for which materials will first be Farmers who sold or gave away ships shoes to retail stores, a-Use~-~ee's.u ,a~uy ~v, ~, ,~,~,---,--o -~- pubh aucUon for cash to th aLn~o-Snru~'~aa~?P~m~ m~e]at~n~-~ec~Fn~th"Upnr~re?pa~m~er~deaS~e de~mt~ndersigned~eservesan an the right " ~ " " a - - r less of dressed ~ ] to reject y all bids. The me de. avau~ble: re o000 pounas o 'Dealers may now charge war-] you expect to grow a succes6fuljhighest bidder, free and clear of[said lands will be sold subject to as~ea now much ma~enats ~ney can mea~ last year wm regtsmr mm ran~,~ ,~ov~,~,~ ~.~^ . ~ ] ~,n~,~oot. ~ ~h~*or advises John ~ a~ hens ann encumbrances, on the ~ necessary reservazions and excep- "~S for a class III ~,~-- ,~-~, r,-,~ xu~ tm~u~.-~,~-- ~,~ I*~tn any o~ June, 1945 at the tions and to lease there of ex under expec~ con~jons, t~e- melr local ~oaru~ trucks ann other conunerciall Zaylskie, NDAC F~tension Service lhour of 10:00 o'clock in 'the fore-I piring October 1st, 1945 and are pair parts Wlll cort~lnue plen~lItll, staug.n.~erers pernu~, anu wm ~ vehicles on]~ -, ~o~,~ ~, ,~ I foro~v noon,Mountain War Time at the]described as foIlows: ' Gasoline supplies $or farm opera-required to report monthly and ~' -',]~: ~" :l ~'- ~ ~a.~o Nol~hlfrontdoor of the Court House in] Southea~ Quarter (SE%) of ^-- --~. -^- ^a~ ~ a o ~.~a~ ~o~u,~~m~e cnlle~ted. w~x~=,s~ ~, ~-~ ann0unceol x~,u~-~ pxuvcu ,a,~.~,~ i me Town oz meuora, in me ~oun-[ ~ection lTdrzy-~wo (32), Town- ~,at~t~ wz~ v~,b~ ~c~lu~ ~,~~t u,~. ""~'~ " ~ t of Bfllin s andState of North t n ' . " "j~'":" ?.~ today. Beginning 'May 16, 1945, no[Dakota conditions include Dahurica[LY . " "g " . ^ . ] sh p O e Hundred Thirty-nine farmers will share any increase m for their sazes to me local Doaras. dealer may sell used trucks or buckthorn lilac honeysuckle choke ~K tahldsu ~ter~ s,C nnrcmatcl~lnatioVY (139n)dre2Or~' of Range One ,' ' P g " " H (00) West, subject to passenger car basic rations ~r~th Farmers weno did not collect ra-ot~er commercial vehicles to a l0herry, plum and earagana. The lCommissi?, acUng asReferee: ] easements, of record for pipe in 1944for sal ~atea trim gm any ot may ~,~ ann zempnone lines other civilians. tion stamps es or dealer or other general seller at caragana is especially valuable on H E ' " " ':- ' I . ~nEa~r~ -4,In J~llllnEs ~-.ounzy~ 1~ oriel J~aKoEao lTanspormflon will continue ~o lfts of meat will receive a slaught hile the lure -~ g prices higher chart as is ceilings I the drier sites, w P I Trustee in Bankruptcy I Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, ~be e very crttlcal problem.Ltt~r erer's permit for 1945 if they sign "] should be used on ~he moist s~t~. ~ ~or me Estate ox ~'ezerlMay llth. 1945. " n will Tire dealers will be re Duletsky THE BANK OF NORTH DAKOTA, say~ the next 12 to 15 mo ~ an agreement that they know and ~in J quired, be-I ~Orcen ash, hacl~berry and box-IJ, w. STURGEON, I Agent for the State Treasurer be the mast critical period'in the ~vlll wbide by rationing regulations g g une 1, 1945, to maintain[ elder are excellent medium-sized[ Attorney for Trustee . I as Trustee .for the State of current r r- - ' -- ~ ~mKmson ~ortn DaKota INortn .OaKo~a his~ry ~f American eransporta- in the future. This does not ex-I eco as ann to take altrees The boxelder does ,~est on~ 'Ma : l : ~, ,tion". Tires will continue sasxce. . emp~ the flagrant black market monthly inventory to establish ac- [moist" sites; while for ~he present, I ~ ~ .~-~.-~.~-o~ (may ~#-~ Lumber will be needed in grea~ vivlator from enforcement action, coun~mty mr tires and tire cer-! bhe hackberry is recommended only l Advertisement quantities for the Pacific way, end OPA said tifi~ in a new move to protect l for the southern half of the state.~ ~ I= . , no Improvement in the supply avail- Non-federMlv inspected slaught- the nation's small supply of tires, I The American elm cottomvood,[ ~.~"~- T? *.~ : ~e to farmers is expected soon. erem, restaurants: butchers, etc or acc.ording to OP.A: The new re- Chinese elm, and golden and whiff ~, t from where IJoe Marsh ~ert~llzer will not become more farmers who sold or transferred qmremenus will ne,p OPA enforce-lwillow m~ke un the tall tree group I ~ "I plen~Ifttl for ~his years crop.over 6000 pounds of meat live- ment ~vgents uncover illegal trans- Use cottonwood and willows on continue in short supply at least the-district OPA office in Fargo Ceiling prices for candy are to be Ielm on the driest sites, is Zayiskie'sI ~ Lee Mapes Sticks His through this crop year. . for a class II slaughterer's permit, revised and put under one regula- I recommendatiofi. The American elm[ ~ Mllk cans should continue in ~pare ~amp tuo 1~ mus~ accom hour of 1 : Their 1945 quotas will be based on tion for convenience of the sellers, is a good all-around tree, except~ ~~ ~m#~ tP"~mm4, :auequa~e supply as con.~ro~s over their 1944 quarterly sales, and will OPA said 'today. [on the e~tremely heavy, dry soiis.] ~'~1~ ",~ ~,n,~. vvm m~terlalsand dLStributmnare ' vary from time to time de riding At tb~ nr~s~nt t~rn, ~ ,~, ] Of the evergreen~ the Rocky] e~-~ed. . . . on the national meat distribution ceilings are "frozen" to the highest[ Mountain variety of red c.edar up-I We had a meeting at the Town a new roof, but because it C.onta!ners o~er. man gia.~s, oz and supply sltua ion. The present March 1942 price of each seller pea~ best: ~onaerosa pme.~ .a rsa~I Hall Friday night, and when doesn't do to let intolerance and rare s:P cte d teUe:o tia e quotas for class II slaughterers .are under the maximum price regula-Igre nngn' TlY Vrergs t=n tattOoS] Homer Bently spoke up for a prejudice creep into a commu- ,- :: w~ ~. n 75 per cent of the cattle and calves tion. Special candy such as peanut la, ,^ + ~o,~ ' r,^~'~ [ new roof for the schoolhouse, nity. ning 20 to 25 per cent short of blue and Black Hills spruce are W~netheraman s sta ed ut n quarter of 1944; 100 per cent of and seasonal candy are under reg- . Y "P estimated requirements, ~voode~he sheep and lambs and 50 per ,~o~,~n in ~ a Iboth hardy to North Dakot~ con-] How long you been in this a Hfetime or a year, whether he container outlook is the darkest cent of the hogs. ,~usn~,~,~ f~,~d mt~o~ w,ratditions, and should be planted on/ town. Lee demands, works with his head or his ~he war, and pagerboard ~s crit- Canning Sugar candi'~ are under t~e general max[] moist sites. I "Fourteen years," says Homer hands, drinks beer or butter- 1 =~ny ~nor~:.~,~o =d. ~ e-~ier o Canning sugar allotments will be imum price regulation. The new[ ~~,~ [ proudly, milk--so long as he's a good -Ph~ w~e pro, oRard lower this year-- no more than 15 regulation ~ill be designed tobring] / "Then you keep uiet~ says an he has a right to speak ~ norse tracgs m wanaaa were q - ~ ~ ~,~.~.~"~ ~==,'~.~-=--~ pounds per person, and no more about more effective price controls] ' /Lee. We can t have transients his mind, and have his opinions ~ :~.~u .~ : ~.-.~-~ =:. than 120 pounds per family. Rations in the candy field. ] open~. z~