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May 26, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 26, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY ':PIONEER + i- Pilots Warned of , Zoo Membership Campaign to Open [ Jet Activity All pih)ts ,~ civil airc,aft have bee:~ warned :o be ou the alert for high speecl P)ur engine jet aircraft at,crating m u:c Bismarck area for a 30-d'aY poriod during the month of May for 16 twurs a day, at speeUs of 490 miles ~)er hirer, it was an- nounced by Harold O. Vavra. di- rector of {i~e North Dakota Aero- nau tics commission. Vavra said these f[i;~hts are parl of the USAF SU-ategic Air Corn- mnd's (SAC) low level practics mis- si'ons which have been designated by the A~r Force to operate between North Platte, Nebraska and a target north of Bismarck. Varva ;;aid the "Oil Burner" mis- stuns have been flyintr in the Bis- marck area since kast fall but at lower speeds of about 280 miles per hour. Vavra sMd since these opera- tiGriS began last fall there hav:~ been several reports of Jtear misses between light civil :ur- craft and jet planes within a twenty mile radius of Bismarck. Vavre warned that all civil air- craft should be d-qble alert since the speed of me jets mak- ing the Bismarck target run has been boosted 75 percent effec- tive M~ty 2nd. Air turbulence of high speed jet flight paths are hazardous to light aircraft for several miles trailing the jet ,t the same altitude Cavra caw tioned Vavra said the Air Force h;td ad- vised his office that lne new 3ex route dubbed "Walnut Grove" will follow ~.n approximate course frorc Danzig, N. D to Lehr to Streeter to Medina to a point south of Pettibone and thence west to a target north of Bismarck and thence to the south- west toward Dupree, S. Dak. Hi-Herald Breaking ground for the Dakota Zoo. sponsored by the Bismarck Zoological Society are A. E. Jar')b- sen of Bismarck Sertoma Club. R. W. Wheeler of the Bismarck Ex- change Club and Marc Christmnson, The jets operating on the WalnutZoological Society presiden:. North Dakota delegates to the re- There was discussion concerning Grove flight pattern are r, cheduled The Society's board of directors eent White House conference on the gifted student. Some believed to maintain 6.100 ft. above mean sea includes representatives from every I tip session this week in Bismarck college level courses given' level in the Bismarck control area.'~ Along the route in open country the serwce club, plus re0resentativesi children and youth held a follow- to this group it, high school with jets will be as low at 1.500 ft. above from Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts. Cam- to discuss whether public education college credit upon enterin~ college - I should be extended to include kin- Others felt the program for gifted ground, Vavra said. 1 muntty Cotmcil Seh('ol Board. F'ark dergarten and junior college, and children should be expanded in Route Walnut Grove will be oper Board and Petroleum Club. whether the school year should be! breadth rather than in depth to ated Tuesday through Saturday give such students a wider and more from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00~m. CST. About 15 volunteer ,vorkers stak- lengthene~. Vavra noted, ed out a, area in Sertoma ttiverside The group reported to Gay. John intensive preparation for college. Park Saturday afternoon. Firs; (a-dert E. Davis on some of the nation's A complete program or curricu- education problems as they relate to lure for the mentally retarded child- The other jet route dubble d-Bear Claws" will continue to be operated of business is a pen to house two North Dakota. ren at all age levels was recom- buffalo donated by R P McCarney Mrs. Lorna Gillespie of Fordville, mended. from Lewistown. Mont to Bismarck and Fred Kist. [ Miss Bernice Hofsta~l of Jamestown, The group also agreed there at lower speeds of 280 miles per hour and will maintain an altitude The buffalo will be on view with-] Mrs. Lysandra Koppi of Valley should be guidance and counseling of 6,40t} ft. above sea level in the Bis- in a month, the Society hopes Grand Forks. all delegates to the for the parents and children in the City and Dr. D. J. Robertson of case of both gifted and mentally merck target area Operation Bear Eventually ~,~e zn.', will house White House conference, led the dis- retarded children. Claws is scheduled to operate Man- deer, elk and antelope, in addition cusslon. An expanded scholarship program dav thru Friday from 8 a. m. to 3:00 p. ~n. and Tuesciay through Saturday to the buffalo, plus dozcn~ of ear- The length of the school term was suggested which would seek ieties of North Dakota s.nall game would be sufficient if pressure out students excelling in academic from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. CST. and wildlife. ~ "We also hope to get started this groups did not force schools to in- subjects. It was pointed out that elude in their curriculum some scholarships often get greater emp- summer on our Children's Farm. which will include representative things which rightfully belong else- hasis in the field of athletics than breeds of farm animals." Christian- where," said one delegate, in academics RHEE SEES WOUNDED--South Korean President Syngman Rhee is accompanied by a nurse as he goes to visit victims of anti-governmenf rioting in Seoul Hospital. It was the first time he had left the executive mansion since out- breaks cost 120 lives, Under new arrangements, he will give up old powers, and become symbolic head of state, THE EYES HAVE IT IN JEFFERSON FIND--This little-known portrait of Thomas Jefferson appears to have settled a long- standing debate on the color of the third President's eyes--- hazel. The painting was by 22-yearoold Rembrandt Peale in 1800 and was found by two Princeton University researchers. It was hung obscurely in the Municipal Museum of Baltimore, and now is in the University of Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. son said. T ak es. H0no0rs+o. theII re; tilth;~ t~r je~ismb~'~ If~ availa.ol ~f t:l;i ' = " ' ' ! Robe Dep,cts Last Stand oiuu '--kmen i0 Hear j Warns A-ainsiu r,ool+ ieal Society : ++ ' ;: ++ +,SJor.ed ) M +tt+ r d . . e all. . . ]and $100 for life t e e b:l ". " 1 ~ ~ ~ v ~ ~ " t Mercer Cross of the Minneapolis+ Society is a non-profit corpuratiot, m ~ ~ ~ tn DicKinson i r~t:t::( 2e Ulldibfv t;Id:~fe~l h~+bL~bY" Tmbune spoke at the awaros oan-l for the project was maoe aval ao o ~ ~ ~ ~ + t '+ . . + *" . ~'" "rand ~ ~ t~. - I ~ ,: I ~++i~~ pointment ~oranyone attempting uet hero "l+uesuay ntgn~ in ~ - -, ~ " -~:~:~::~ ~ "~N::- ' q ' Sertoma R~verstde park propct ~ ! ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~"=~:'::~ [to become a professional wildlife .v~ ~ ~+~,-iu-,~ ~+ M~rv's Hiah by the Bismarck park board. ~ ~i~ ~ ~~i ~::: :!- ]manaffer or enforcement officer, [--- ~ : - -+ ~ ~ ~~ ~~-- - -; -" [observes JohnHewston, pubhc re- School newspaper received the -- +' I " ' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~i~'~ ~~ [lation~ man with the North Dakota Wflhan Preston Davies plaque for m. ~ " ~r/:t!y I ~~~~" ::~}:ii .: ?~: t game] and fish department. ) " ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~- -=- -] sional wildlife manager or enforce- fewer than 200 students. I National Guard Armory to 'be lo- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~-:~.:::---- : I .~.~ ,~;,~, uirrels Chatter Casselton--Da- - --~ -- " ' ~ ~ ; . Sq " "or be-t dtmli ~eated south of the new Bmmarc~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ::.~ - ! I "Actually no one can obtain a Kota ~tuaen~ trophy t a P " - "" " - -- -- ' de roe ' catod newspaper in schools with Junior college grounds ann nortn o~ ~ An g0 year old buffalo robe con-, astride a horse leading the Indians - - -=--: .-= - : ~~ [ g in wildlife management d nts - -arracks ~ . " drawin s de icting~ ' . ---: - =~: = ]through any correspondence School more than ,I00 stu e IFrame B . I taining moran ~ ~ into oa~ue : - - t ~ ~ ar s of recedm the' " v :.: = t z*.z*u a uu~l'~e l~ requlre~ In urger St Mary s Echoes St M y Sen Milton R Young (R-ND) the initialcharge p " g Zahn sa"s that the Indian woman:~ - "~ ~ ' "" t ' ',t .7,~o oeeome a 'oiologtst l-lence, all Richardton--~Best duphcated news- ~;d tho~roun annroved $285000 famed Custer Massacre has been was "Movina Robe" who accord- ' :: ] ~-+-,---: --'-- - - --- -- - ' ] Lin u,u,ug,~ mu~ ,oe graQuams or paper m schools w~th fewer than for the project presented to the Custer-Fort "I ing to some historians, led the initial~ - I regular colleges--and most of them 100 students " . coin Founaatmn. I charge in order to avenge the death ~ I now are contin~inffi on for advance~ ---L~-- If the l:~ouse goes aton.g w~n --,~ lohan" ' ~" it lS probable c ? I ~ ,~ -~---~-.- ---- ---- -+ ~,"?21berts?2~2unda~tnetaXt[ k~llhederinbT:h::rll;C~a~t~e S,Gene Flaek I degrees. addition,that actualSaid appropriationY Ung' of the " " P ." I ", The North Dakota Stockmen's] "Some of the eorresponde~ he ro~e wnicn earlier oe- boo entitled ' Cus t'~ will follow shortly. A mfl~- accepted t,However, a k " Assn. will hold their 31st Annual] sehool~ adverU~ng in m~tlona~ ~'=~ '0~0~,~ ot~a nnronriation bill longed to former N. D. GovernorI ter's Fall" by David Humphreys Convention in Dickinson June 13-[ sporting m~gazines and pulp ". " o in the House. Ord,-L. B. Hanna, from the late gov~ Miller calls the Indian woman ma-asines mlsle-- " " is oendlng n w I~-ID accoramg ~o L~onar~ o. IJav$,~, / $ ~41 young tel- - llowsernor s son ,n law ~ruce l~urret% oI 'Walking Blanket Woman Miller s ent lows into appl~ Ins The ads read narily, appropriation usualIy fo ' -" -," . . ". +. i '. Kill tear, presid . 1 " authorization of the spenaing witn- e argo. . /account indicates tha she ran.not Davis also announces that Gene smnething like this 'qBe a out much delay in military mattersThe thick furry robe, made ~Yl lead the attack, but took part m Flack sales and advertisin~ coun-Igame warden ~ government Bes,des' the $26~,000 in federal the Sioux Indians. in the early. 1880's,' the battle, in order to avengee herno ---'~l .~',nshine Biscuits Inc ~wJll be ~l hunter." Money spent on such ~,~ th~ra " vaila,ble for the ro- m covered w~th crude outline draw- brother s death because th re a f t ed soeaker at the Annual mall-orderlessonsis money m a P . . . . - th ea ur ram Burleigh county's rags of horses and Indians, the d- I longer.was a man of fighting age m Stockmen's Baw.uet Tuesday Even wasted. ject $'/5,1)0t} fmrorml lev lus $40,001) gures colored in red blue, and yen her family. ~n~, Juno ~4 "~ - "A few correspondence schools veterans me Y P o, -~ ~--- the State fora low The paints are said to have "It was rare for a girl to fight are legitimate. Among these ~s the appropr~atc~ uy . . ' rtacK nas nan inmost ~,t,~, p~a~- N iona h o total of $380,000. been made from bermes, roots and lstates Miller However he describes form en a ements every pmge o-a at I Sc o I of Forestry and . I a rett "-'alala-irl "Ridin" g g " .~ Conservation in Washington D C. The building which will have aclay. . nor s a.p Y ~g. g .~the continent in his lffetime wire ~ ~ ~ ~, ,~, ' ,~" 100 lusother 'lhe colorful buffalo rove was pro- I among mere m u I . - . '," xtwarareassuen ~.l~::O~ il~;tltt~Ol~ ~ IIU~ ~l~lIll tU g~ m m floor 90 by P,45 yearsof expermnee study, rag 1 a "nl ear' ab e to tram you sufficiently for rooms, will house three N.atto~al sented to .[or mer as a m~ wo?ld.~ :. practicing and preaching salesman-jobs with state and federal conser- Guard units and be avanabte xor the early i~r~. auuu~ ~ The rooe aepmts the inatans Inship plus h~s extensive traveling ne nation organizations They spell it use by BJC students, particularly years after the Battle of the Little various postures during the attack, has been dubbed the "Marco Polo" out in their brochures and ads that for physical education. Big Horn in which General George some with bows and arrows, someof the food business by his asso- Armstrong Custer and trooperS of with guns, some charging at full elates. the U. S. Seventh Cavalry found gallop on their horses, while others lasting fame in death, June 25th,are seen falling from their steeds, 1876. killed in battle. 'the Sioux Indians gave the robe Custer's plan had been to attack to Hanna when the late Governor an Indian Village through a pincer [was adopted into the tribe, movement, with one arm of his N D. District Judge Francis Zahn,troops, led by Reno, to fight first, retired, of Fort Yates. interpreted and another arm commanded by the "Pict~a-graph" drawings for himself, to attack from the flank. the Custer-Fort Lincoln Founda- However, the Indians attacked lion. Reno's troopers, driving them back. "Sunshine Gone" is said to he the most widely traveled, most wide- 'ly known and most widely heard man in his profession. He will bring to the banquet a colorful, dramatic style of presentation, leavened with a lively sense of humor The convention will feature noted authoritative speakers in various livestock fields at the general busi- ness sessions. The usual round of so- cial activities, dances and lunches is also being planned. The North Dakota CowBelles presided over by Mrs. J. L. Connolly Golden Valley, and the North Da- kota Junior Stockmen under the leadership of Miss Penny Davis, Killdeer will hold their Annual Con- ventions in conjunction with the Stockroom The Ray Hotel is Convention Headquarters for all the ~ups. their training helps only the non- .'professional worker in the field, landowners and tree farmers. '"rbe road to professional conser- vation work with state or federal ,agencies is not as easy as sonde correspondence schOol ads would lead you to believe. It requires years of technical training and experience Not only are biologists highly train- ed scientists, but also the enforce- ment officers are highly specialized workers with considerable experi- ence in many fields wherein the public is concerned. ' "Those young fellows currently enrolled in eollegee pick up their "on-the-job" training by working summers with state and federal agencies. Thus, all seasonal jobs with such organizati~na are taken up by college :s~uden'~ ~majoring i~ this field of applieit biological ~ei- once. Others are wasting their time in ~ppl.yin~. ADDRESSES IDITORS--YIee Pt~lent Bleh~rd M. Nlxo~, ~the~ So. o~ Newsi~pm" IMltors fa W~ m.w tt~ ~ ~tet~ ~ lat~n&ttomtl life" BJC A p0inls Oorry Coach Bismarck Junlor college has nam- ed George (Bud) Perry to be head basketball coach next season. Perry coached the ~unior high team this past season, and is cur- rently on the Bismarck High school Zahn said the arawings are the faculty, -- .-- ] Indian way of historically recording n his new ob Perry win re- . . I . 3,~ ^~ ,^~ me story or crazy norse's Sioux olace Pallt ~wanson, WhO a~c~ ,vI ~; +,~,t- ,-on half of Custer's ~e relieved because of additional ~ ~'l'e~%;~'Major Marcus A. a hing duties. ~ - ' te c e- Reno. Th~s was the begirm|ng of the Swanson will neaa me en~nc r- Battle of the L;.ttte Big Horn, com- ing and math department at the[manlye,ere", alled ~rhe Custer Massa . college new year , Uor~ 1 or Custer s Last Stand. Perry, ~ is a nauve o~ wang City He is 'a graduate of l~'ek~, n ), C uriot~, ly the lead f.'lg~e, af the played basketball for three years. I me ou~ato rooe, m me+ u+ ~, om~-* , Then the Sioux proceeded to an- nihilate Custer and his troops. Gil'bertson has the robe stretched full length on a wad in his Custer- Fort Lincoln Foundation office in Bismarck. The non-proflt organization is de. dicated toward rebuilding Fort Abraham IAncoin, South of Mandan, from which Custer his txoo s started their trail west toward death and frame.