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May 26, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 26, 1960

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'PItURSDAY, MAY 26. 1960 TttE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. DAL Week Around Medora Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nelson and son. l~Iark, ~]ave moved to Me- dor@ a.nd are livi,'~ at t~e Walt Ray ran~'h east of town. Larry is ,wol'kin~g with the Kessel Con- strttction Co. at the Park. The John A. ~S,pike) Thomas' are mowng into their new home at Park ilqtrs, m Medora this ,weok. June a,nd T~horva!d Vieland vis- ited Mrs. ,Mary Gibham on Mon. and i~hey all drove to Dickinson. Mr, and ,Mrs. Steve Chase drove to tMiles City on Sunday. "I~le Bub Nunns also s,pent the weekend u9 t,here and took in the horse sale. Harriet Baysore and Jane Ev- eretts visited their fat:her, 'ttarry .ROberts at ~Medora over the week- edit. Lloyd and Marion ~IeCut~ehan ~[ tBeaeh visited the J. C. Ras- mussens on Saturday. 'Bessie ,Livingston is spending a few days visiting her sister. E!- .leD Oster~out who is not feeling .too well this week. ;Mrs. Donal,d ~Wyckoff of Sent- reel Butte visited at the Lars Vanvi,~s on Thursday ~Diek Stevens ~'ho ~has been ~vaU~ drove ~o Miles City on Saturday aI~d took in tahe bucking ~IOI'SO sale The Ted Cornells were ~Dick- i:~son ~ho.pp:rs .an Saturday. Ad.dic Az~deraon {ha.d .din.F~el" ~it fhe Leon ,lleHioksons in ~Betfield on Friday nig, lht and then .attend- ed the ,graduatio~ exercises. Ad- dic's ,grandsotu {Mylo ~tlel.liokson was ,one ~ bhe Rra~uates. ' ~aarley and leonard Wolf vis- ited m ,Medora last week. Mrs. (.;us uMesehke, w'ho has been LeaShing at Lloyd. [Mont. closed her school for ~e sum- met and returned to tMdora, ame will 'go ~aeke to Lloyd next fall. ' ,Gary Leppart and Art Under- land tootk m the fhorse sale in Miles City on Sunday. Addle Anderson wen~ to Dick- insert on Wednesday and stayed until Thurs~tay wit, h her grand- son, ILester Anderson who was cerffined to the Iho~pital. Ectdy {Kussy, who m working at ~VLiles City. 41V~ontmaa spent the weekend at hks home in Modern and at Odland's 'Din'n, nort~r~ of Beach. .trying to catc~h some pi'ke. Editor Walt Bratton of IBeach BT T,r"~T 7 ld UU THEATR BEACH. NORTH DAKOTA -:--~-.- --- =-,- L staying at t~e Beach Rest ~tome renewed acquaintances in Mode-. ~s currently in the Beach hospita] ra o.n Men, day. ,He was aecompa- attd is quite ill. His many friends nice ,by ,Bill Lawson, ~iho has more peopIe that start collecting m vhiz community wish him a speedy recovery. ~Mi.ght be a race gesture to send him a card. ~Mrs. Robb of Dickinson visit- ed Mrs. Ellen Oster~out on Sun. Ted Kirkpatric'k picked up a SUMMF.R SCHEDULE--- One ~how ea,ch night a; g p.::a Sun Mat. "2 & nig'kt S p.m, Thursday, Friday, Sat June 2-3-4 NOTIEE- Speeml adndsslon: chil. dren 40e-H. S, 60c, Adults 90e & doesn't qualify you for t~his tit-' dollars in ~hb; area have been individual on the News Office le. you have to know the corn- scrutinized many times, staff. It's usually written and: been staym, g m ~Beat-4n. Floptan Arn,brust. foi~Tter ow!l- cr of the Flowc.r Pot Ranch, souEh and east of Medora and now residin,g in Dickinson, ca!l- ed at 't~te court house in Medora ,tale more valkl[~ble ~il,: rarer COrnS you ah'eady have bccon]o, "plete history collee :. A patron on one of d~e Beach rural routes asks the carrier o:l the route quite a few questions, some of which are, "xv, hat are these ,first day covers anyway'Y' of the corns you The secretary of the Beach Coin and Stamp club was askecl load of roiled ,barley and detiv- on !Monday. ered it to the ~,eon 'ttelliekson The :Rou.gSh Iliders Caffe and an envelope or card cancelled on some of vchich are quite rare. q~is column ranch on Tuesday. dini~g room ~ave been.complete- ,the first day the stam,p is malt- Even the a collection has a cer- Jerry Osterhout started to ly remodeled and the Grand Op- ed cfrom a specific postoffiee, this Lain coin in it, the owner keeps work at IChe Dark on Tuesday. ening'will be held on Saturday. is usually one day earlier than looking for others of .the same 3erry and a few of his ~.riends Forpa~'ticu:lars see their ad m when that particular stamp is date to use as trading stock or qhe writer has been asked why her cltrb rated so much many times "xvhat dates are you space in the pa,/:er, when other looking for?" This question is elutb work is not mentioned. Tins pretty hard to answer as a col- is quite easy to explain, the A first day cover is a stamp on lector looks for many dates, coin club does not get bhe space. is written by an 'have ,been ,busy throwir~g up a this weeks paper. 'sold to the general pu,blie. 'l~heylas saleable merchandise, oA rela. new house at ,the Osterhout 'Ilh.e Le~ Tisoi's ~'~trd Dickinson ~nay be obtained ~by sending a tive asked this a couple years ~Rarmh west of town. 'and Lester Ttsors tk'om [Modern' self-adch-essed envelope to the is- ago arid was informed that the b-~hvrty [Madison of Sentinel were ~tlests at" flhe May~azd sum~g postoffice alon,g with the 1877 I.ndian head corot and the Butte visited in Medora on Sun. Fritz ~an~h on Su~nday. [price for the stamp. This proced- 1909S-VI)B, 1914D, and 1931S [l~ar. arid Mrs. Kim :Fene and ~Mrs. Doris tMttrray,' Mrs. Ira' ure is e.~plained in detail in Lincoln cents had not been found children ,had .lu.nch at the Bud Tisor a~l. tMs. I,e~ter Ttsor were this column v~henever a new by this scribe so the relative im- Andersons on [Monday. I,Dickinson shoppers on [Monday. issue comes out. ,mediately dug up a pi.ggy bank .Joan ~rvlhite and Jaekie Argter-I ~r. and {Mrs./ ester Tisori Another commerrt to V, he same with a couple of thousand cen~ son visited at the ,Roy Lillibxidge drove to tNew Saleva on Saturday[ mail carrier was "Here's a dol-1 in it. We spent a couple of en- rane~ one day ~ast week. I to hebp their d~u~hter, Judy, I lar, can you ,get me a couple?"}joyable hours looking over t~his Those from ~Ied~ra attending move tmme ~or l~.e su'nuner va-I Sorry the en~ployees of the post- hoard but needless to say the graduation services in tlelffieldlcation. W~t.il4 in Sew Salem ,theyial department or the posto~ffices~el, usive cer~ts were not found. It's were [Mr. lind Mrs. Spi'ke Them-[called on ~VIrs. Evelyn ~Wi}kens, cannot ~get girst day covers for; probably a good thing, as Doe as, John W. Jay, jr .Mr. and Mrs. and gamil~ and were dinnerI you except as explained above I Bush may have had a ,heart at- ,Robert [Murlxl~y, Li*llian Van Dor-I guests, tl~r~. Wii,kens will be re-~or groin a ,private starr~p collec-'tack victim on his hands. t~on or a stamp deale, ~ en and .~he .Win. ERg-.horsts. merat~red as' l~vely~ Taylor. ] ' ' ". Another person wanted to ~Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Scott and ,Dennis Alton has ,been ~ork- "What are Credo stamps~'' and know if the 1895 Philadel h~a children visited the A1 Studes ing ~for Mrs. Jua~nita Orga~ at "isn't that word used in the silver dollar was really worth at Grassy :Butte on Sunday. the Rough ~iders Hotel this past fi~ble?" The Credo stampsare as muc~ money as people say i; John "ReilIy and Alex Ehrman- week. being minted during 1960,the 3rd one went on sale on the 19th is? Saw one advertised recently l of May. There will be three in uneirculated eon.dition for ! l, more issued this year. Each $750.00,and buyD n'ta handfuleXpect tOofrUShdollarsOUt ,A IDK1 11" lrr I{~IF~ |l~T ~ [ ! stamp commemorates one of our arid find "one, as most of the ] t~U tJ.[L ~L~[.~ 11~1 ~ I ! ~farnous ,Americans and ass the i . " - !!man's (-reed imprinted oi~ the I Rrl'AM PR I' stan~p. The word Credo is I ~ll~ L~l z~t.tfll ~J I~ mentioned in the Bi, ble to Vhe [ ' ['best of thzs winters kn~wle&ge, SII/~DAY, MON~DAY, TUI~DAY,It you have a qu~tion about |ias it is from the Latin and the MAY 29-30-31,| c~ins Or ~ml~ or a I~articular |l'Bible was first written in Greek ,ealn oV ~m~tlP, write to this |i and Hebrew, 'however the first A FABULOUS WORLD I eolumn, .q/a New, t, Beach, N. I I vord in the Apostle's Creed is ,D. ItS, ~ will' ~Y to funlNh ] I Credo, trans},a, ted mea, ning "I BELOW THE WORLD! ! ~ Ttth ~:aa.~,r ~r d~roet I lbelieve ' I you i/' ,ameope who can. I] Same :folks want to know what JULES VERNE'S [ I [ a numismatist is. Aocordir~g to -- ';"' ~' ,' ; ' a~Webster he is one who is ,versed ~"~ 'Cal~m~--~ in ~the ~cienee of coins ~ med- ~e~t;"a ~'~ekle OUt af .the ~-om- als. It comes .from the wo,rd, nu- rr, e~ntg ~hai have been made about mismatic ~,hi~ means of or th4 ~? Seer~ t~,at some pertaining ,to, or eonsistin, g of non-eo~edtors are !even reading coins and medals". Sin~l~V~' be- it, as0ne fellow c~nmented, "Lt's cause you are a coin collector ,better' t~in" comi~ rc~,olcs." T~e -" 11 MAmNB BUII.D lIEN! S|I YOUIt LOCAL U. S Kdi~INE A WONOERFUL ItOUE8 THE ICE CAPADES ENTERTAINMENT WITH I I- I ~TARRINO'~ HUNTER GISELE MACKENZIE JUNE 2 NBC-TV IN LIVING COLOR Wt~DN~ScDAY ONLY .lUKE 1st Science Fiction JEFF 'MO~ and ,II~I~BARA LAWRENCE TPIURSI)AY, I~RIDAY, & SAT. JI.I'N E ~'2-3-4 Clyde Beatty Circus. Cinemascope and Color. set up into type before the Sat- urday preceding the issue, t~husl making good filler for the first} press run on Monday, which so keeps it from being ou~ of or condensed to fit a press run. Keep looking! 'ven n,g Sm- lay mal nee i colleen' all se~n to like &t with one eg~eption' ,and "llxa~"gripe was * hat not mu~h ~mu, ld be said atbout-ttxe ~biedt as it iust ~tarts more ~=ople w~ for older coins ~ so~n ~aere won't be any to .~e~X~ ffor. Let's face it. there aren't any ~ow, but the ' TED 8TALES BREWERS FOUNDATION k (Ca el 59 - 7:S0 t' M. -- %80 P. M. ROUGH RIDERS COFFEE SHOP AND DINING ROOM NEWLY DECORATED Special Sunday Dinners Sea Foods-Steaks-Fried Chicken Bring the Fan~y LaVera Reilly, Proprietor MEDORA N. DAK. COMPLETE STOCK OF LADIES All wool, wool and silk, in all the new Spring Styles, in solid colors, small checks, tweeds and wool crepes. Sizes 7 to 16. Were $39 50 to $69.50. $29.00 to $16.00 Ladies Coats I. Wool and Cotton Knit Coats In 1 I' Broken SI S o, $1L00 to $29.00 :: Children's Coats ',otton - :