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May 31, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 31, 1945

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MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, MAY 31,1945 ~O, ~L WEEKLY NEWS ANALYSIS - E[RE: t n I ^ "l j,[ Praise for Bri ai K /Y colas on Naaova If Although resenting Prime Minis-I~ t.1 = .| I~ ,= I I I ~t.a.v) . " .t~ I ] ter Churchill's criticism of Eire for I |r~l~ Ikl~tl~ ~ ~lPt t~ ~tFl~lP | -- / II" - .-- r} ~#, II remaining neutral in the European I/IUUU -}Hill IU IIIG rOtlllt I Pntt rn tot vtcmry tn rUL-tlt ',lteon ,c, when her partiei,a,onl--------r.-- . ." I / . ~ #.~ I would have furnished the Allies with ~ [~= . I-k II/. k g c.J erman I important sea bases Prime Minis- l Set L/p Army Rule Over bermanyI ,o o V era oo,eot, th.] Dig JUU WI/II nUllldil 31UC s -- - -" "-- Western Newspaper Union ! I British chieftain for not violating the I ~ -- Washlnwten, D. C. ~hKe~teo~Z~o:; ate expressed In these nel.u. mn~,tti~l~rn~tpb ;:r. ~ }small country's neutrality by force ] ~,rna,r~o.v ar.alw~'~ WAPa~ (w~e~tz~;~;w;,;;~;r Union', ws .n=l,~, and t nee ,s.n,- " to obtain such advantages. / " i h the Fi ht A ainst Ja anese : ?" o = I Need to Fm s g g p sack m 1937-38 Adm Wxmam ,~ Declarmg that Churchill s re- ' ~~~ straint "advanced ,the~cause o' inter- Prevents Wholesale Release of Vets; ~th[' ; =eChd;fvi::dst:ffs:;ate~ I national morality De Valera said: " ^ " a ' ~~1 "It is indeed fortunate that Brit-I ,0,e "1'| lax U. ~. ~,O~,~. ,~:n~ffg~pa~avW:iphr'effePt~din~e::~ am s necessity did not reach the I " ' uld ] Harbor and even World War II. pointwhen Mr Churchill we ~~~ ; I " " "'at " vcJ ~avnwtrar~'~ Today the old Leahy strategy is t " t o g austea oft, especiauy on uapz- haveactedAll credit to aim m t ~y uzffi~=~.~.J -etn -' he successfully resisted the temp a- News Analyst and Commentator i I " tel HiLl. as the best means of finish t tion." Bulldin hag the war with Japan. It would ~~ R.t ff De Valera had praise for WNU Service. Union Trust g' r everybody Mu, ~ ----- ~ mn ks-- ~--- ~ ~ ! ac.vv *Laut.l~attU~3 U~ :~.~tte[tx;t~u txv~ot~ ~~i:i} Churchill, he had censure, too. An-I w, ",- - I Play the am, its proponents claim, and would swering ChurchiLl's declaration that I The American vocabulary nas| There are some phases of this serve as an example of how wara~ rd North Ireland s Iurnishing of ; been enriched by a new word which I . . can " e ~~~ i o Y ~ r ~ shift o: our mare war effort from D won---or prevented--by naval s revented Brx~xsn action I has ouraeneci me noteoooKs ol wa I base P ~ one side of the world to the other moc~aae. [ a~ainst Eire itself, De Vatera re- t department stenograpners m wash- [ ~,~.~ ~o ~, ~, .=o]~.= h, ,r~. - ~. ~ a.t. ! ,retted that the Briton had turned I lngton for a long time. When I was,"~'~,~" .'~"~ "" ,"~" "~ ~ ' ~ '~" ",~ ~ m.r=-I ~.~,~ ~ v~,~ ~~:~ ~ ~ ~ n:n- I WnzCn ~ney must oe prepareu, xn ~ ~v&ny consu~u~e One el to abusing a people wno nave gone in ~an r ranczsco x saw xts .xc= ~ s t ~ . . i " t" t me nrst ptaee, it will be no easy the most Important and unwrlt- ~ him no wrong trymg to flna m a grapmcauy ]uustra ea i " ' . I " [ task for those who have fought the ten chapters in the history of ~ crts~s llke the present excuse zor '~ rd is "rede~'lo'~ent " No, ~ - i " " " " "" a ~ ~.~ w, ~- a ] gooa fight in Europe to be trans- what happened shortly before , continmng the injustice ox me sep - " ~'--" ake a t o ra hlcal er " i " . Ix amn ~ m YP g P "1 ferred to the Pacific without a the war began. Leahy, them. ' ration (el the norm an~ soum~ ox t ror. Reemployment we have heard ] chance of furlough in between. Some chief of n~val operations and B~,~ our count " about baore. BeDeployment Is dif-I will have that privilege but not all one ot the best strlteidsts the I ~ rv~rr~ o ferent. And in that word, as in,And even for the lucky ones the see- navy h~s seen in years, saw all , ~ ~kV/Pq~rD : / Hauptmann's "tear," can sparkle,end parting will be hard unless the too clearly what was comiug "Little Siegfried Line" on Okla, ws, marines advance i Over 122 Bdhon / ."tall and all the sorrow of [ families play the game. both in Europe and Asia. At Burrowing into ,- lsi~l e amp snipers. I ~ ~a a nv 2~- billion doZ- ~me worm There Is another group who will that time, 1937, $~p~.n h~.d e~utlously toward omtamg s ~ mu=~ - d g . I . " . over 12 at the,This new word isn't in any dic- I see America's shore but will not be oegun net fuX-scase measles ,with the ~ ~ars, aecumtua~eu sa~ms= I in the enemy s strategy, . ~ f i end of 1944 showed almost a 150 per ] t/onary. And in all the echoing acres ) showed even to touch American soiL C~, sml it was Leahy, ides YA( IFI : I comparatively unaevempea ,s.~a.w o ~ cent increase over the yearly to- ~ of the Pentagon I could find no ox- / They are the ones who will pass ~o make an example of Nlppen i.lit u~ Y/" D ~.~,-. I the country and the v .utnera v~ ~ ~ before 1938 and indicated finan- J flelal defln Itlo.n of.!t but .in ita cur-J through the Panama canal on a non- whM~.Lc.h would .show" Hitler ~.~ V~t-- ~ suw~-,- . I any vositions to attack from ~u=- -;.~ . ~ . =.~ r, eonle,rent appncat~on it sxmpty means,stop trip to points in the East. That ~,u~. --. men teetm~ metr a aria - - U. S. clal s~rengm tu ,-c ,-,~ ,- ,- Though the Tarawa, Iwo 3.ira. I sm on the north and t~e nversion stress. [ |hi~tmg a lot of American boys out,will be a tough experience to see eats --- that the p~ited S=t~t~. Okinawa fighting has proved tneJaP [ and Britain on the south, uv~, ~ r o " of 13 I of the European seater oz war ] Old Glory waving from flagstaffs In meant ~usmeu ana woum atam~ no set-up, America's tremenaous I the possibility the enemy might ~.e- Heaaea up Dy a~ncr== bond,where the curtain has gone down. J the Canal Zone and to watch Its feur4quare behind the peace a an s s ana on me b~on Oollars 1tl ~"J~, material resources and J P I cide to make a majort " "" h-- w "" over 40 bil,That process is causing many a,colors fade In the distance, It sis. machinery of the world. kxm means prom mainland holdmgs reac ed en headache in the Pentagon It will ly cannot be hel ed Therefore he . comparative s " PY," I Asiatic third ot th; [ - . . " . / p P,proposed to Roose- /sea to brin about the enemy s cot- lion to reprises, u.=- cause many a heartache ac nose g Ger- I V~TTr~'tnE' m, lated savingscontrasting I But perhaps, temporarily at least, velt a naval blockade of Japan in la se much in me manner u= ]p.~urkuIUE~. = and anroaa, iz wxt~ e~use some nap- coo ra on ' P ] - :,~ ~- ^ twentieth in 1940 the hardest test of patience and self- pe tl with the British fleet. ~i:gfri~Slinhee,a,~lnYokt~.rn!iwfleatdowtus~a!i:/ ~ ~e~gLmu'c~igtuar~ 'ciL~ iabnna~?gioionag~:and savings/=" rF~ooe~ eYo~n:s~t~nhZr~/m~Trom the personal anguish athn~ ~eSBNt;~ ienetth:t P~li~lon;e~ production of different PantS:time ; - - stA~ateedd th:tall Ger With total payments reaehei~cogr?e~,H@ --- . @,but who cannot be moved back t river, but that aside from this the main assembly. With a . " [ Gen. C1~ s d; 91fl,720,689, highs were also re o . {/'-Or Utt~ er~,home immediately, main U. S. fleet would not have to 1 32~ 083 the ctty was I man maus~ry ~ra endowments at ~44v, population of '~'--~ "o for matured "I Before writing this article I had| Before General Gregory, in charge fire a single shot the site of the ~amed Mitstousm a~- and services ~rat wo.u~ ~e useu t 401 and annuities at $198 ~ 377 a lon~ conversation with one ot the~ ^* -~- " . I --~-.- 828, ' ' . o l u. ~,e ax-ca~ uuuseaecpmg uepar -[ Brlthlh Start Blocka41e craft factory a.d r airway, .-= I support U. S. and. ~rlusn ?ccU PmYa~: Low since I929, accidental death { highest of the high command and I[ sent of the army, the quartermas- ' ". chinery and metal wor's-. I forces before civmans, ~er"', a*c~a~m~rtheUSandCan-ic~nte~y~uredep~ymentlsb~th~terc~`~e~forFr~nceinant~t~res~ t~n~K~ve~a~reea~:~ the C onl ocuc.~ ~ "~" Levelin of Nagoya suggested would be allowed to nora om e Y ~ - - ed ~ i20 356,949 headache and heartache for him He| -ation of 'V E Dav I had a Ion" *a~ did the British. And in the late sum- g nt of other great 3apa- on the local level. =d= in 1944 deelin,and all his officer comrades who] ~;+h +~. ~o~ ~*~-~ ~.+h ~;.s,~' mer of 1937, the British actually de- same treatme . . ~--a'- ~-,~ ,- il nese cities within the same area ~n Having announced, forn]er con- L. l have sons and grandsons of their| who is loved by his comrades with L ta ed 6 battleships, 12 cruisers and the effort to paralyze the enemy s gressman and budget a~rec~or LewisD;~a w nital Ship [ ] own fighting at the front want them| a warmth of affection that out#lows 20 destroyers to leave British home ~.a +~ ~.nhbilitv and thus brxng I w Douglas as his assistant and l --.t, It" -- ] I hack as much as any rear rank prl-[ th- well-earned st-r- ~- hl- =~",~ L waters for Singapore. Just at that -= ~" "" "~'" o ent his formidable ]and army to its { diplomat Robert Murphy. as h.eado~ I| ~ I vats'= mother, dad, sweetheart orI der-straps, r mm,however, the axis capi- knees, the political division ot me mz~}~.~t~ I ~ ~ ~- -'~ i wife, wants him I [ ~am apparently got wm~ ox wnat was vital industries overnment General maz: ~~. - ='~ -EJ ( "-" m r l-as| ~ when ~au~ea t0nlm .aDouz re- happening, and Mussolini started his With her - I g - ~" ,-,'s war in- ~ ~'.~:~i~ I* ~uz xew ou~sme ~su=e ure u e } ~epxoymen~, atmougn ne Is respon- unofficial submarine campalgn off packed in the Tokyo, i~ooe- / all tna~ zs ~e~ oz.~-,;~j~a . es I ----~J: - = =~ J intimately concerned realize the me- ] sible for the physical rather than I the coast of Snain which a,tain~ Osaka and Nagoya districts in & dustry woul~t be c[escroyeu, = . ' i chanical Implications o~ managing I the moral welfare o~ the soldier, It the British fleet'at C-ibr~ltn~" total area less than that el of Naziism roozed ou! and war crim ~ ; this major migration of history in [ was of the latter of which he spoke I -- -- "~-" -~ -~" Nebraska, and with 14,000,00@ oz,inals sought an~ pralines, a.-thori- t ~- -:~. -- ~- : i the moving of more than three mil- I first. "~ne ~amty semen her ~3,000,000 population crow?-,At the sam Karl I .~=.-:i:~ ~ -~ I lion men. [ HOW are the folks at home going I - At any rate, the.plan to blockade ed in those vicinities, J&p~.n.'s,ties declared mat t~r? ~ ~]----. +era-I ~~ -~ "~ - } Have ~ou any idea how long the [ to take it? That was the question ,Japan, Iouowlng Ule Iaimre of the whole war - making potenuaJ I Doenit~'s governmen~ w~. = - . i ~~--~ ~::- - [ ~ ," - .~.-~ [ on tongue, ~ust as it had been in I ~russem conference in uctoner, r ntly being usea mere pny~mas v-u~c~=, o,v,# er o a ese 1937, was dropped But Admlral stands as a particul,rly ruin -,porary at pg P P!. nt of the t ~ii~ t loadin- soldiers one after another / the minds of the high omcers and I Isarmame 5 able target for the great fleets or,to carry on the a 1 forces,~~ ~ on shi-s and sending them back ~,officials with whom I had talked be- Leahy' revived it again a year later, U. 8. bembers which will oper-,German military and nav:~n~ent,; ~ ~~:~ ! Ameri~; would take',fore. when, in December, 1938. the Jap. ate with increasing force now,Despite Doenitz s gee; German ~' ~~"~ ! " " :"cial fl re al,I learned a lot from General Greg- I sank the U. S. Gunboat Panay and ar h~s ts that a centra~ I I do no~ nave om gu s the Bratish Gunboa L that the Europe,s w [ statemen "o -revent a I~~, " "" h uld be releas~[ ory and h/s aides about the tremen-I " t adybird. s necessary z p though they s o ended, i regime wa -- ~ econom- [ ~~~ I an stimate on,dous industrial effort which it takes I Leahy recognized this for what in the country s shOrtly, Out i navee r of the breakdown m . to produce what the army wears!it was, a deliberate attempt by Furtherrnore, U.S. mastey /,^ ndthethreatofcommun/s ,l~~lgood authority, oft he time wh/ch/ andeatsandwithwhichltisshaved,the 3an war lords to test out hew sea threatens to virtually isolate '~ "~'~ ~ re roceeding along their ; would be required to transfer three +t, Allxes a P i ~!!-~ ~ . and laved and sheltered. As long as I much insult the Unlted States would the enemy from the e,s~auc mare . million men now m urope across ] 'ch| own hnes. . ( - = ~. { there Is a man in uniform he must, take, and to make Britain and the land ann ~-acme zsmnas ups. w le.the ALlieSpuau~ ~ i ~:~.~,the Atlanue to eas~ coast por~. e,s-| h~ fed ~nd clothed and furnished USA lose fmee with the, /'~hinme. At. e nwhi . rm " " " he has.