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May 31, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 31, 1945

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THURSDAY, MAY 31,1945 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER PAGE FIVE IB IF--= 7--- ---%linsured deposit upon the approvallnumbers 2080, 2081, 2087, 2104, and --~ TH]~ ~r~V ,~'# ||t~ ~ ] ~ur ] a,[of this settlement by the Judge [ 21112 of the principal sum of $19- THE BANK. OF NORTH DAI~O'rA~ ~IT.TTH~'I ~ ~fllIH~V vj aJ~./0~,~ ~L~nJoJ,/Ig~t,ilITnNTA]LrnNf4) ||of the District Court of ~ur,elgh 672.68 Agent for the State Treasurer, as Trustee for the State ot I,I'.I IIF Wl I~II I N H K ,~t|,County, North Dakota. . I BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, North Dakota. UILIIJ ~vl~U~~1'J[ JL 10"t"~O'u "~V |']' ~,l,ll~.~][~.'l~['~ ~'] 2. That the Corporation De a]-,That the County Auditor of Bill- . in aturda ~.^ ~ [~W;2m:nsg~e~:l l~ant~n tagainst thelings uounty t.s hereby authorized May 31; June 7) ! ! PNfl|IKKHINIIN [ ]of $5,000.00 as subrogee . f Blllmgs |certificates with reference to an of NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS lqOH~lt / Last Saturday aft~ern ~0n, Scout- K n me sum ana empowered: (a, To sign any -- ,1t~$VJL~JLgXAI~hlL$ I }County covering such aamitted lia- the items hereinbefore rot ay *~ " the COSTS A Con inuation of master Paul W. ,Lebo loaded eight,~ :/bihty of said Corporation as in- including a statement- of--7": Y' 1. Sealed proposals for the con- t ' ~ ,r ,i, ~ ~ n-- |surerof deposits and referred to and expenses lncurre e~r~, ' ~ d by Billings struction of State Aid Project~ "TH~ BADLANDS CO~b'~OY" Of the members of his troop into| .~ 11 1~4s [in Paragraph No 1 herein County in defendm,~os. 283C, 391D, 283B, 260H, 305B, [ 3. That the action now pending by the First Nation Established in 1883 I h~s car and a two-wheel trailer and .~ . . . g the said suits lP:00 A. M. Meeung cauea .to|in the Federal District Court shallthe Bank of North ~lako?ank=~a2d g05c, 174A. 174B and 306A wil} H. R. JOHNSON, Manager I took them to Rocky Ridge Indian e received by the State High- W. W. MALKOWSKI, Manager way CommiSsioner in the offices man. . |for $5,000.00 as set forthin sub- bonds afo~ementione~d" -~.~ ~o,w0 00 I d~lhVsh;lter';~d'~L~ ~s;~lvi''^~^t~'~'~'+''p'a~"'~- oraer oy A. ~:.z~o,cour~, ~nazr-|thereupon be reduced to one claimthe County on th~ ~'i-~--,~'L~ ALICE L. LEBO, Managing Editor Rollcall snowea A. m. ~olcourz, idivision 'b" of -'ara-ra-h 7 of th "h ' --o szgn of the State Highway Depart- pe ' ' M-. o. Malkowski and Wm. Rlske-JComplaint and thatBillings Coun-00000 insured deDg~oslt *~ f the $5,- ment at Bismarck, North Dakota, Entered in the Post Office at Medora, [pointed to a very enjoFa~le and " ~ ~ p ~ v e t e form ot ass| ment o 15, ]945, at which place and time ~:~dnPtnreiSen~prth~eJaSt meeting were!ty b~aiall Wedaanouaddtti naluch$5'~la0st p rant~n caSerinS;br~hgeeadO mitte~lli~igs until 9:30 o'clock A. M June- Billings County, North Dakota, Feb-l educational event, but that evening they will be publicly opened and rUary 15, 1934, as second class maI~er I rvened with I named deposits the ownership of bility of said Corporation as znsur read. under the Act of March 3. 1879. J~ne weather man ,ate " Minute~ ofthtehe d~S[rm~eetingndWe~elthis claim, and the rights to divi- er of deposits, and referred to in 2. Proposed work consists of Oil l a rain which lasted all night and signed y -- -I dends thereon as oezween ~lum.gsi paragraph 2 herein, (c) To el- Mix Gravel Stock Piles located~ OrZlclal Newspaper of the County of| ~al~.~ +h rachlv araded roads testediobYwf:U~?deA~ai~n Riske I County and this Corporation, to o.e] ecute .the. Proof of Claim of Bill- in Billings Stark, Morton, Bur-- Billings, State of North Dakota. / ~ ~='.~ ~. r~: - Mot . - - b y M () Mal- I held in abeyance until, the .sara,lngs. J2ounty being a general clazm ln~guS~sIn ::ow'14 ;~o~ ~/ stct ut, n g e I per involves approximately: Published every Thursday at Medora, iuP to sucn an ex~en~ c~mp w&s vich .and, seconaea DYU " ~ .osU leigh and Kidder Counties, andt Billings County, North Dakota. ],broken Sunday morning mad the 3ooo c. Y. Stock Pile in SW~,~, Sub~rtpflon: $1.$0 par year In advance/return trip started. Aided by good . |amount set forth in paragraph 7| paragraph 1O herein, or an ad- 36-~a~J-~ul R E: A. and instructed the ~ou.nzY/(b) of the Complaint is disposed[ ditional claimfor ~000-^ y .-- as 4 5{~ 13~C:d. Stock Pile in NEZ,~ ------------~ [friends like Cecil Geary and Robert Audlmr zo issue a w arranz zn tne |of by dismissal or adjudication. |general claim in th*e' ~v~-+ +~ a urer for same. -. -- |the said addltlonal $5,000.00 set~000.00 as an tnsure~--.:;ona ~- 6000C. Y. Stock Pile in NW~/~ WHAT IS A BOY? /Paa.s~h with their ~ractors and A1- amount of ~.t~ tO tsounzy1Teas-litthe Plaintifffailsto recover ~ the claim for the ~da~,~="'~ z na. He is a person who is going to fred Schwartz with his team, [J i u-~s-s~ 31-140-93 carry on what you have started, coupled with unceasing push l~ghbe~Y 200o C. Y. Stock Pile in SE~, He is going to sit right where you the Scouts, the caravan reac 3~ Cg.Y, Stock Pile in NWI,~ are slt~ing and attend, when you home about 5:30 that evening, and 5099~ c. Y. Stock Pile in NEZl are gone, to those things you thin~ the boys, covered with mud, and ~-139-78 '- are unimportant, too tired to even eat exp)r~lld 50003.138 80c. Y. Stock Pile in SE~,~ YOU may adopt aH the policies themselves as having morougn y 5000 C. Y. Stock Pile in NECk 20-139-84 -- yOU please, but how they will be enjoyed themselves. 20~ C9 ~ Stock Pile in NI~ carried ut ~ep~ ~ds o h n. The b)ys all took a very active A certified ehec] on a so] ent Even f ~u Lake va4 ies and part in the camp work and cook- North Dakota bar in an am ant treaties, he Will have to manage ing, and there was no shirking by equal to five per cent of the bid any one of them at any time. The meet April 24th 1945 oP;ra$1~.aph.43 ia?Oto~ btheinc;ebese~la~r~ The adoption kota shall accompany each submitted. The carried out depends on him. The boys all took a very active tion. Upon vote all members voted 32-139-88 Even if you make leagues and ~rt ! t the cm zp ~ )r: and cook- "Ay( ' 3.A certified check on a solvent 5:0 P. M. Board adjourned to North Dakota bank in an amount treatie~ he will have to m~ rage ~g, a M th re vas LO shirk ~g by meel April 24th 1945. equal to five per c mt of the bid theme ]y o: e of ;he] z at ~r ' tim . The Signed . - Of the Resolution, shall accompany .=ac] t proposal having oeen put, the following J submitted. The checks of the 'is going to sit at your desk Boy Scout organist|on is the finestI A.E. BOICOURT, the said sum of $5,000.00, making Commissioners voted "Aye": A.E.] ct~a[~e, lowest bidders will be Chairman. a total general claim in the sum Boicourt, M. O. Malkowski, and ea and the money retainect in the Senate and occupy your J movement of its kind and our J Attest: of $19,044.49, the dividends declared William Riskevich. None voted| until the contract has been ex- place on the Supreme Bench. Is ere|careen give credit to theirI J" F. TESTER, on such general claim to be paid "Nay", and the Resolution was de-| ecuted. He will a~ume control of yourlscout training for much that theyj Auditor. to Billings County. clared adopted. "14. Proposal forms may be obtained~ 5. If Billings Countydecides to. .Board approved the following[ up to 5:00 P. M. the day pre- J DillS; cities, states and nation, are ble to accomplish in our pres- Medora, N. D. dismiss its action upon the add|-M. O. Malkowski,Services I ceding the letting from the State cmognde n JT ip] AR li {] $ ~In?2 ~jou~:April 24, 1945. 11 tional $5,000.00 as an insured de- [Hlghway Department at Bismarck, He is going to move in, take over cut war, I0:00 A. M. Meeting called to posit, referred to above, then its & Mileage 57.50 ]North. Dakota, and Will be given your prisons, churches, schools, order by A. E. Boicourt, Chair- general claim shall be increased toWin. Riskevich, Services & l only to contractors who are ~old- man. Roll call showed all mere- $19,044.49, as mentioned in the last Mileage 38.50 ers of a North Dakota Contrac- universities, and corporations, ers present, paragraph, and in addition theretoA. E. Boicourt, Services 4800 tors License at least ten {10) ~dl~0all~dpra.~edw rk Isorg r e e eve ~,~ dyer different mat-there shall be paid to BiLlings 3:00 P. M. Board adjourned to days prior to the date of thi~ r County by the receivership outmeet June 5th 1945. letting and who have complied 10f 0DT[ " blems o, its funds the actual costs in- Signed with the pre-qualification require- byYh~'reputation and your future ro ] 1:00 P. M. Board met with a curred by the Plaintiff in the A.E. BOICOURT, menta. Plans and specifications }members present, bringing of the said action in the Chairman. are on file in the division of- ~ in his hands. [ The CounCy AAA Office advise [ 2:00 P. M. Board opened bid Federal District Court for filing Attest: rice of theState Highway De- / on Medora Garage and all of fees and service fees, and other J. F. TESTER, partment at Bismarck & Dick- All your work is for him, and i farmers that a~tet June 30 the/Bl ck 11, Town of Medora. actual cash laid out, but not Auditor. mson, North Dakota, and the of. } The bid of Harold J. Dittus of counsel fees,such not to exceed (May 31) rice of the State Highway De- the fate of the nation and of ]Office of Price Administration and [$5,~s0.00 was the only bid on rile. the sum of $75.00. parzmen~ at Bismarck, North Da- kota. humanity is In his ,hands. ]the Office off Defense Transports-|Motion was made by M. O. Mal- 6. There shill also be paid to I~DTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF 5. The attention of bidders is di- So it might ,be well to)pay htm/tion will handle their programs[k wski that the bid of Harold J. Billings County out of the receiv- |Dittus of $5,250.00 be accepted. Con- ership funds the sum of $500.00 LANDS reefed to the specifications coy- some attention. ]withotzt assistance or recommends-[tract to be $2,000.00 cash and bal- in cash as a contribution of the Notice is he~iven that the ering sub-letting or assigning con- Author Unkown ]tions from AAA committees. Thislance over a term of years to be expenses already incurred by Bill- tract. [decided by the County Commis- ings County in defending the suitslands hereinafter described will be 6.The minimum wages for labor TWE~ AGO [means that the county AAA Office sioners and Mr. Dittos. Mr ,Riske-n of the Bank of North Dakota and der fferedat "fOrpublicsaleauctiontO the athighestthe frontbtd" beempmyed~s follows: n this project shal~ " [will no longer have any respons- vich seconded the motion and upon tthe First National Bank of Dick- door of the Court House in the Skilled labor ninety cents vote, all members voted aye a d Jason on 13 BiLlings County Bonds City of Medora, North Dakota, on ~mmgs t~otmty Pioneer [ibillties or funds available for work the motion carried, issued November 1, 1921, of the (90c) per hour May 28, 1920 on applications for truck tires, trac- George R. Radloff met with the face value of$13,000.00, $7,000.00 of hourthe 19thof daY2:00 Ofo,clockJUne,in1945,the atafter the Intermediate labor seventy Board relative to securing aBeer which were purchased by said cents (70c) per hour. noon of that day Mountain War Unskilled labor fifty cents - for tires for replacement and con- and Liquor license for Lots i0, II First National Bank of Dickinson, Time, pursuant tothe provisions (50c) per hour. A deal was closed last week version new trucks, and off-high- & 12 in Block 10, Medora, N. D. and the other $6,000.00 the of Secti~)~n 6-0931 of the North Da- Mr. Riskevich moved that applica- Bank of North Dakota. kota Revised Code of 1943. Whereby `Mrs. C. C. R~pp and way gasoline, lion be approved, M. O. Malkowski 7. That there shall by It may be necessary, however, to be returned The a-raised value of sai" " - pay wage rates considerably daughters '.became the owners of vqse farmers how seconded the motion ,andupon vote to Bllh.ngs County by ct~e said has beenPt~fixed at $230000 ~hi-lan~s greater than this minimum to We wi~l ad al members voted' aye and the Corporatmn as Receiv - the minimum proper~y stuff the work. the former W2n. Rozell home in these responsi~bilities will be mlotion carried. Board ad'ourned to bO0o0ndO0s ~nsueBillNingvSem~ rUnty. lfg~drag per centum o~ S~e p~i%. bTwen~ 7.~ Tnh~ aringdhtal~s reoSersVa~ds to reject this city. Mr. and Mxs. Rozell have handled as soon as we receive s~,00 MPa. M~st 1945 ~ Billings County, and due 'November price m ust ,be paid to the. under: technicalities, ~r Pto acet t w:iv~. pa~ked their household goods and Instructions on them," C. E. Oeesa Signed ~fie 19~olsses~hoich ob ~ds ared n~ov~ :rn ~h%"esuc::ssf~ebi~ee m zust salle~ ;n~ ~ls may .be determined to"be for Will move to Zap, N. D to make of the County ,AAA A E BOICOURT, P rp " the costs of notic e oesz mxerests of the State ~, ~n,aLru~t . -,- "Cl~airman at|on,as Receiver,and thereshall ~ unu saleana STAm~ x~vt~t~a~ ~-~-Az~tz,~w Atte . . the balance of the finalsale rm (Signed) for our office during the J F TESTER the receivership fundsthe actualan~ i " P e fly will he sadly missed in this extra work "--:"~r ' costs incurred by said Billings u merest at the rate of three N: O. Jones . . Vicinity where they have lived for w~r ~,t we sincerely hope m~ our ~"'~ " P",nt,' in the action brou-ht by per cenmm per annum in annual ~mte rugnway t~ommlssloner the past sixteen years, handlin~ of these w~tr jo~s ixas Medora, N. D. the County against the said Cor- ^nstallments of six per centum of (May 31, June 7) ~uun prlce plus tax and ins "" - fsrm aedile May 1, 1945. poration in the District Court of de,os~+o,urance Willis King ~ho has been spend- been satisfactory to our --- . .m ~ A M Meetin~called toBillings t~ounty, North Dakota ~ ,~o. - . . HOME ON LEAVE ing the .past winter with his own and has contributed to the increases ord er by' A'.-" E. Boicourt, Chair- 8: That the receipt of the First to]nreejUc~aer~gnea~n~eSeryeS.t.he ri ~ht [ '- not the n t~ationai ~ anK of St. Paul to . an blds. 'l~e Gun ~"--'- ~olks at Pittsburg, Pa returned food prooucclon ~b ~ - m~:. call showed M O Malkowski, Stockmens State Bank and Billings saL~ lanos wzlt De sold subject to l ~p~.;zz anay Mamson. ~ere Wednesday for the summer. ' klnd of work that tenas ~o maze wm Riskevieh and "A "E Boicourt County for the $30 000 00 of Billings :t~c~ssarYtlons and reservationSto and exeep- nome on ~nlrty-a~y leave from the Mrs. Vern King and Miss Elsie an agency popular because it in- present." . County funding bonds Nos. 1-24 --~" plrmg''' October leaSelst 194=there s,~ f ex-~.~ Pacific Theatre of War, was the Thomas of lnry~urg were in Me- ~ ~,i,~, ,no' at times but we Minutes of the last meezmg were ~2=ou, ~=~zL~ uaze reyruary zu, described as folio{vs. # I guest off ,Mr an~ -- V0~v~o ~--*~ '-- . ro~d and anproved. ~u~o ~uu u~=~ang ~o. .tot g~, De sur-Lo*- ~, . [ u ~w~. z-ztul ~DO dora Friday night to attend the h~ve tried to be fair in every m- --Minutes of"the last meeting .were ren2:rreU zo the Corporation as Re- Sou~t~~ Ha~ t~ ~ea "~WOth(a2); i last Friday. Andy is sporting e]even ut this work on signed by the Chairman az-= c " Quarter "S~ v s / b~le star stance and carry o - ,^.+~ h, the County Auaztor. ~. 1~Ina~ me ~orporation as Re / ,~ NE ,4) ofSection! s as well as other c~ta- program, j~o~B :dd:o~o~bo~i:on/:~o:a~elng ~.~ ~cn~v::~oSfu~i ,ro0~wtU~ernd ~nB~s ~tm~ rT~dhr!~ r Jim Oody of Belfleld spent Sun- ;sx~e~ f~dnoaXiurm~aati~n.r~''me ~ our ~ :~b:~1 in day With friends In Medora. S)(:~O0~) t~,~! ttie enSs~lceh%dVe~hr~cu~n~2~te~ Mrs. T. A. Davis was hostess to eta : ' 18.15 Stockmens State Bank and the Cor- Dated ~ts Bt unty N.orth Dakota. l a total of 147 credits towards a "' ~ 'Dowhaniuk Labor porauon, as neceiver as well as .srnarcv~, North ballots, I dischar~ h,~ a~.~ the Card Clttb Friday evening, Mrs. ~u, TH::s g~~K eA~ly =ucn, x~aa -= ~aa ~ ~nzl~ ]~.aton carryi:n~ home the prize ~;~Il~RSts~~:ii6510 warrants and checks now held by ' Y" during the evening. Mr. and ~VIrs. l~erris of Dickin- son motored to ,Medora on Sunday With Mrs. G. E. Burgess who has I been their guest, n a Lights - ~kpr" . ~. llowin items'du ' . -- umerous ba~tle~ In the e~wt of SUllY Springs last Ma d Y o~,o~ T Hlebichuk Operat- |the f~ . g e to Bill- Notice is hereby given that the W2xfle riding ~hrough the bad- --- - " - rt at this "~n~" uatrol .: 64.75 ingst;ounzy,lessthe. deductior~, lanas hereinafter described will be Pacific. a.or i:!i iii sixteen year old boy of Carl Gunk- els was shot In the leg with a 22 rifle, the party firing the shot was ~ot seen. The injured lad was tak- en to Bel~leld where the bullet was extracted. The same day after the boy was shot, the hired man on the Gunkel farm was riding in the . road ' "' ' " sametwo shotsterrlt rYathim,andtheS meperson nedoingfired ]L"I ~Zl~ q~ll[IP~ ~ d=~=::=~r" Labor on Less offsets 17,160.94 ]signed at .the time of sale. andII fo ~ |for ~ : rarmc,~ "ro:~ '-:: 1= L,SS the claim .-- ^ [~le success,ul bidder must also paY|i~ore i~vl~ achin, rfee~: l~h#~l i'r! the shooting was seen by the rider aulin ' m mspute a,v~.~ me costs oz nouce a a sam and chin= -- ~.~=. W. F. Sylvester, H g ex la . but not recognised. The Sheriff O ] ~ sl --- V~.-- --'onk 12.00 Leaving a net balance I eeu . o oootraet for payment ~An=*u in==l- P-- ~;unk'ei:'""Lal~or on of $ 14,044.49 .line qamnce of the final sale price tl'ouble an . Was called and the Badlands was oales r vmc, -~ ~r~O ~ ' . ~J.1,If the additlona] $5,000.00 lnsurealano interest at the rate of thre. llY. e and Other chronic dis-i 8earthed for miles around but no ;-"~-%' ~===i:'=~"R~'nalrs on deposit aforementioned should not[ per centum per annum in annual l,u,uc | one could be ,found. ~J[|L~ Treasurer: Pos~g " .~ w~ ~ 1131 --.~,-. I b'garage%Te~~. e 157 85, t~hhenall~eWedi~aetheiSsegen~oral$1~.~A9shall i :u~il~en~ ~[usSi~xPerdcelntUman~: I I There ShOUld be no doubt that | ms. Pat Conway returned home ~Uc Beet Ic unty etc ' 55331 11. That there shall be deLlver-ldeposlts. ]]prom pt treatment is wiser me"l, ~turday having completed her I express ~ L= -~o -~r'~1 led to the Corporation the assign-|. The undersigned reserves the right [I I neglect. | school for this year. It is most Important t~at .1Norraa ] Meaora iceLelepixu,~ r 17.'~1 ment of the $5,000 00 insured, de-ltD. reject any and all bids. The||neglect" I Oren Eendly was oa]ling on his Dakota farmers and cattlemen k eepl W~ter Neuens Labor on i posit referred to. in paragrapns .I [ sala lanas will be sold subject to II I[IIL ItT[]" 90 les " . 4z.3o ana z nerem, wnmn asszgnmenz m necessary reservanons and excep- . frlends at Belfleld between trains all evidence off their cattle sa! I road ~ w]oniu-k Assessing 133.001to be made to the Federal De-ltlgns, and. to lease there of ex-/! ~l~lN~kil'~" wi "" Y = ~'~ " " 9096 I 12 That the ~ounty ~umzor ancl[uescrIDeo as IOIIOWS" II ]rz[ I=~ ~'~ I I Monday-- h~dnnin~r th Ma 19 in oraer I o%,~,~ ~nnrov~*d Welfare billsin I posit Insurance ~orporauon . [ p zrmg uctooer 1st, 194~, ana are ' th ma take a~vantage uX|the amoun~ ox ~ . ' ' " ff th Actin States Southeast " B t~lat ey y ard ad ourned. H. A. MacKo,e g Quarter of the North- th 50 cents per hundredweight[ 12:0013o BoJard met withall]Attorney are authorized to surrend-I west Quarter (SE~ANW~); South ii l-leal[R ~erv]ce I ranJes- -- 1, ~-Re-~TamoJ .e th ~:w =. M. er and deliver to the said Corp0r- tialx ot ~le Northeast Quarter beef payment offered effective .wi. I members present= si,~ed by ation or to any of its counsel or] (S~,~NEZA); Northeast Quarter of II Phone 61 Beach. N. D. I that date. The dh'ect pa~-inenl; =I SiAmo;S~au anl~'~O~he~'~e'fOr ~ roadt age~me:: StRa~eei~ernk f ~he%eri ~ania~] ~z~ N:[t~ton %Uha[ter (NE~- 'i "I offered to producers of good and|south of Medora was presented to, Stoc -, Stoc-g ns I To~nshi - - . y-two (S2), As War Chest Head cattle weighing 800 .poun(l$'lth?a Bdoarndl~ttl At~ ~ne;tn rn~e~leg. TM ~U~et i~Ssuke tonYilll~g Coue~ymein~ one (141~ ~n~h, l~o~n~rae~ge F~Ye[ ]' nd is aimed ~t morel ~ resolution was pre-the sum of $2,030.00, as well as| ty:eight (98) West, [| .-. or more a The following Dr.H.A. Brandes, Bismarck, was ,~a ,~rices[--= the original Certificates of Deposit|in ~illings County, North Dakota[l W J RAY re-e]eoted president and director of toeeIc0Pnrst~eC~ n a~, v :a~edkibYandCOs~r~n2nS~leO;erbyMcomO ~SaSU~d tobY Btihl%gsSt%okyn~? ~e~nt;~ M=; 1B~.marck, North Dakota ii A.orn t- !: the North Dakota War Chest at The payments will be n~tde!fmoo~StwO~e; RWem~utiRolSke;ic~adot~p~:d. the '. Advertisement11 IN ALL COURTS I the annual meeting held in Bis- marck. ~Z:Y~ ~u ~c~t~ U~en~! ~~i!~!~ ~~ i' Mcdora, N Dak. I Other o~flcers named are B.C. e, l~arks, Fargo, first vice president; Harold Piper, Minot, second vice president; T. ~. Stange~ye, Mott, third vice president; Bishop Vin- cent J. Ryan, Bismarck, fourth vice President, and A. B. Larson of Mandan, director at large. ~tate Treasurer Otto Krueger and Deputy State Treasurer Walter ZeIl- mer were named treasurer and deputy treasurer of Che war chest. Attorney General Nels G. Johnson was named legal co~msel end ThoMas C. Brown, Bismarck, was re-named executive secretary. ~r. and Mrs. C. B. Oisen and ~ neral clalm, anu ~u w. ~ i' ~xs. ~eese and son drove to Me- i of the "- '--~i-h relaxed while he worked. S P g. y e ping / I rnarglrml Range ~, dora last ~aturday and remained ~ ~ ]a .ge id Co'~ration claims ~,=,a ston and have a glass of going, by never letting up, we 1 t~oum of. N.p track~ or East of ill town until Sunday ~o await the CO . and offset; and ise cider--and make out that he was can count on getting our second /|Submarginal,fence on North drying of the roads following ~he ro -i WHEREAS A zenmuve cm. rum ~ ~. A gnecial distribution OfofaPP m '^-~nt of the sai~ suits ~ h-r,-~ anyway wind that will overcome weari, t| You [ neaw rain that .fell Saturday nlg~t. -- stale ana - ~ " Mrs. l~reese and son are elating m~tely 15,000,000 yards P had been arrived at bUta~ts for- "*"~ *~"* ~" +~e trouble" ]less and S00 US through to Vie- ]* ~ be reimbursed any really ae( v . ~.~ ~,=b w=o ~ /aexnenseIn,~H* r at the OI~en ranoh for an lhdefinite N~W "I F IS HERE- r. l~ined to me "I ke'~t on tory. / i. = -.~u~mg, Any m-~ --Y R~-SC [ A. Mack- ~JV~X ~,I~ a v . ~ /~ ,urmauon concernin the ' oBi the Attorney of oin rtilIIgotmysecondwina; t.l - ./zlz- ||or stealln of time. [zOR S~,~e dwelling .~'~ Bfl.lings. C heresbeYttle- and saved my rest until the job "/' be rewarded under the Stock roof, at Medora to be moved, emFou.da . Bertha L. Nichols, Medora, N. D. 49-4tc /