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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
May 31, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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May 31, 1945

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THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER AUTOS, TRUCKS & ACCES. Cherry's ranch, they were greeted by a stranger, who also pretended that they [~ were Monte and Roscoe. The stranger enu[ne Repair Parts ,as Cherry's brother. A,ery. [CHEVROLET & BUICK . ] Complete Stock 'It's certainly nice of you people to take me and my uncle in," Me1- ] One Day Service ody said with a complacence that Pull Discount to Garages chilled George Fury. "I expect we . can just as well stay on a while, if it's all right with you." i Aufborhred D/sfr/bt#oes He let his eyes wander off into the night as he spoke, but he sensed the | FLECK CHEVROLET BUICK CO. sti ess that instantly came over / Forgo, No. Dak. - Dial 6441 Cherry de Longpre and her brother. --~ 'Might even be," Melody went on, "me and my Uncle Roscoe could FARM MACHINERY & EQUIP. bring ourself to do a little work PORTARLE RATCHET DRILL PRESS around here, to kind of pay for our saves time and labor. Available now for keep. I see you got plenty horse immediate shipment by parcel post. W.F. flesh out there; maybe me and Un- I~-LIKINS TOOL CO Platnvlew, Texas. cle Roscoe will set in to break a few W-30 McCormick Deerlng tractor on good rubber. Excel. canal. 4-speed trans. Power take-off. Anderson Bros Cokato, Minn. ]FARMERS: For Lumber--Roofing--Silos --Shingles---l~aints--Nails, etc see CHESLEY LUMBER & COAL CO. ]Fargo. N.D. Just East Powers Hotel FARMS AND RANCHES FOR SALE---320 acres, 100 culti produc- tive soil, good bldgs good water. Co. l~dghway, mail, milk, school bus service, timber; 71/a mi. N. E. Motley. Price $3,800. Owner REUBEN JOHNSON, ]Pillager, Minnesota. LIVESTOCK ]Foe SAle---Reg. Black Angus bulls of breed. /rig age and younger. Also heifers, cows. Accredited for T. B and Bangs. Max Goldp berg, % Farmers Elevator, MoorheAd. Minn. MISCELLANEOUS P A R T M S T ar Frock for a ttle G rl Pattern No. 1350 is designed for sizes 11. i perso now eng in e=e al ] ALAN Le MAY w.n.u. 3, 4, 5 and 6 years. Size 3 requires 1Th |industrywHZnotapplywJthou, state ~~'~'~) ~~~~ ~~~ yards f 35 or 39-,neh fabric;,yards I meat of availability {ram their local I machine-made ruffling in triM. Due to an unusually large demand and | United States Employment ServYce~J THE STORY THUS FaR: M~ody here, except unless the real Monte I "I didn't say he did. He has the current war conditions, slightly more time ::;:Sln~ondh]~e:?d:'riad:r:L :geo:~Y was the farthest away place he same initials, is all." Then as she is required in filling orders for a few o! the most PODular pattern numbers. Y could get. She's trying to use me to looked at Monte her eyes turned route to Calirorma Meloay got ln~o an t ' HELP WANTED---MEN, WOMEN " lean me posse oft aim not at him " stran e " argument with one of the natives, called / .~. g.: He looks~he looks some- SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. t~ a ~t o~.o.~ cu ~ame unon ~eorge stares at n~-a angrily mmg line you used to look " X-Ray and Laboratory Technician who will s.-.~ a, .~ ~, " J 530 South Wells St, Chicago combine duties w~th floor work. also l~, N. them and e, old them they were unsafe Let s get out of this he said Monte di . ' I dn t go rote that. Enclose 25 cents in coins for each supervisor. Write Supt. Municipal Hospital, and had to leave town. She got their gruffly, pulling up his pony's head. I "Avery and I did the only thing pattern desired. Staples, Minn and state salary expected. horses and directed them out. They so@ "It just comes to me " Melody [ we could have done " C'ho,-~,~-. 1o ' . Pattern NO size posters and then realized that Me dy said. "I come up here to find out on. "The whole thing was a bad PHOTO STUDIO ASSISTANT was mistaken for Monte 4arrad who was where Monte Jarrad is An Name '. Write ' The . ct x come cut, tnaCs all. Except for him, the BOX 145 e winiston, North Dakota. wanted for murder and robbery.Y awa-" without findin- out " -osse Address ,y g . p woula trove au~ea right on had mistaken Fury for Monte s half-w/t uncle, "Roscoe " When they arrived at 'way mun't you ask mem pea- tnrough to California, I suppose. As ple?" George said with all the sar- it is, they'll be back here by tamer. casm he had. "There's the onesrow night. They'll comb this basin Spy in First World War that know.; Are you going to set until a coon-cat couldn't hide in it. Used Bees on Masthead there all night, or come on?" The only thing I could think of do- "Neither one," Melody said, gath- ing so long as they're dead set on In the First WorJ'~d war, a spy ering his reins. 'Tm going back." thinking he's you, was to help them in London used a method of send- He turned Harry Henshaw, and think so---and send him tearing on ing his messages to Germany started back up the trail his way. He's plenty stupid; but that deceived the British censors Cherry and Avery stood listening even he knows he's in trouble, now. for two years, says Collier's. ~e to the re.ceding ,hoofbeats ofHe'll pound out of this country as got a job in the pressroom of an George's and Melody s horses. Av- fast as horse flesh can takehim. The old and respectable magazine ery took off his black California- posse will be days catching up with style hat--the one with the flat top-- him." whose masthead, a drawing of a and scratched his head with the "He hit Ira Waggoner," Cherry swarm of bees around a hive, was same hand. When they could no said. so familiar that apparently no one longer hear the hoof-beats, Cherry "Why?" 1350 had looked at it for a long time. ,- So the spy used it to convey his and Avery looked at each other side- Didn t come out with no reason," 2-b Ws. long. Avery said. ==~, ,= code messages by rearranging the bees in a new drawing every Side by side they walked out to"Damn it, he must of said some- .~HE LL look as bright as a new week. the barn now, moving a little reluc- thing.T" Finally, he gave himself away v penny in this dainty party by adding several extra bees in tantly. "I swear, Monte, he never said frock. Gay little ruffles and nov- India ink on the one copy he Here Avery took down a canvas 'Hurrah,' or 'Excuse me,' or noth. wind-breaker, and pulled out the in'! He just walked up to him, and-- elty buttons on an M-over floral mailed to Switzerland, and nail upon which it had hung. Aboom--he's endways. I never see print make it as pretty a dress as they were so prominent that a hidden latch lifted, and some of the such a business." you'll see. censor spotted them at once. The staf~ of in Fargo rad|ates the friendliness for which all North Dakotans ore noted. hold, come morning." He smiled a little, contentedly, and let his eyes slide across the faces of the others to see what ef- fect this announcement had taken. He got his answer at once. Cherry de Longpre looked Melody squarely and blankly between the eyes. Her tone was cool and per- fec~tly level, but there was a shaki- ness behind it. "Monte," she said with finality, "it's time to be on your way." "Oh, I ain't in any hurry," Mel- ody said. Avery de Longpre's words came in a slow whisper. "Oh, yes, you are! "" Until that moment Melody had not known that Avery's gun was in his hand under the edge of the table. Melody didn't believe .that Avery would actually shoot; at least not while everyone sat quiet. It was George Fury who scared Melody. George's hands gripped the edge of the table, and he had got his heels under him; he could uncoil like a spring from that position. And he was watching Avery like a pointer. Melody knew what George was go- ing to do. He was going to overturn the table on Avery, making the gun m/as' as it fired, George would hope. That would put out one of the lamps, and probably the old fool would try to kick down the other lantern, which hung from a rafter eight feet from the floor. There was a mo- ment of paralysis. "Take it easy, Uncle Roscoe," Melody said to George Fury. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ]FINE PIANOS, players, spinet-styled Mir- "He's got his gun in his hands," rapianos. Large stock, all sizes, most lead- George grated. fag makes. Terms, benches. NO salesman. We ship direct from our large warerooms. Cherry said quickly, "You Write for prices. We can save you money, shouldn't clean your gun at the ta- J. M. WYLIE 11J Broadway~ Fargo, N. Oak. ble, Avery." She sounded out of breath. POULTRY, CHICKS & EQUIP George"He's repeated.h ldin' it in his two hands," IPULI~TS, unsexed, maleo, day-old to 4 "Where did you figure he would on early bookings, be holding it," Melody said, "ff he's ~ ~ rf ua. Jr'e~lgreeu ~:ngLlsh Leghorno, White Rocks. bloodtested. Brooder stoves, cleaning ,/t? In his mouth?" .FFee book.eaves 40% feed, time and raise ~gger bird~. ][NMAN POULTRy ]FA.RMa Cherry s eyes were fixed hard on amnreeoa. Sooth DAkota. " Melody, ignoring the others. "Sad- dle your ponies," she ordered him. boards swung inward--a make-shift trick door. Beyond, an unexpectedly spacious cave was revealed under the hay tiers, made by blocking up the bales only one deep, like masonry. Avery had built this, and built it fast, while his father was off chasing wild horses. Fever Crick, whose jug- loose tongue was trusted by nobody, had taken Avery's story that he had hauled in more hay. This crude "It was a picture," Cherry con- firmed. "Naturally," Avery pointed out, his tone aggrieved, "everybody knew that you was the only one would have the nerve to hit Ira. Even Ira thunk it was you. He just picked hisself up and offered you a drink." Avery looked puzzled. "Offered him a drink," he decided. "I should have known Waggoner had no sense," Monte blamed him- self. "Why was he a stage driver if he had any sense?" "Sure, Monte," Avery said again. "It was Lee and Vh-g picked him," Monte said. "Waggoner was sup- posed to see that the shotgun rues. seater got left behind at Stinkwater. He was supposed to drive the stage alone. It's Waggoner's fault that the shotgun rider got his. It's Wag. goner's fault that I'm lying herel" "Sure, Monte." "And it's h/s fault now that the posse's on top of me again." "Sure, Monte." "Quit saying thatl" "Okay, Monte." "Don't you see," Cherry said, "that the posse will only take off after this tramp cowboy?" As they stooped and wormed their way out of the hide-out under the hay, Monte called Cherry hack. She turned reluctantly, anxious to be away. "There's something you might bet. tar know," Monte said, "and guide yourself according." "'Monte, it's t/me te be on yonr way." "Never mind this wrapping no- body around no finger," he said. "Unless you want to get them shot right in the stummick. Under- stand?" Cherry looked at him steadily, for quite a bit. She pinched her lids to- gether, but when she opened her eyes they were dry. "I don't know about you," she said at last. "Semi days, I don't think you try." Nobody was in the lighted kitchen of the Busted Nose as George and Melody returned to it, leaving their horses hidden in the brush. Fever When food has been oversalted, the pot may be covered with a damp cloth and the food steamed for a few minutes. Ground raw potato can be added to meat balls and hamburgers to make a little meat go a long way. --e-- A little paint or shellac will turn coffee, baking powder and cracker tins into excellent kitchen contain- ers. @ If adhesive or gummed tape be- comes too stiff to use, soften it with two tablespoons of warm wa- ter and half a teaspoon of glycerin. ---a--- Wheu preparing any tart fruit like cranberries or gooseberries, use a little salt, and it is surpris- ing how little sugar will sweeten the berries. The salt also brings out the flavor. ForYou To Feel Well ~4 hours every day. 7 days eve~ week, never stopping, the kidneys fllt4a, wasto matter from the blood. If more people Were aware of how the kidneys must constantly remove Sur- plus flu/d, excem ac/ds and other waste matter that cannot stay In the bloo~ without injury to health, there woul~t be better tmderntandiog of why the whole system is ul~et when kidneys fall to function properly. Burning, scanty or too frequent urtna. ties sometimes warns that somethtns ~s wrong. You may sUffer nagg/ng back- ache, headaches, dizzinese, rheumatic pains, getting up at ntshts, swelling. Wh~' not try Doan'c Pill~? You will be umns a medicine recommended the country over. Doa~'e slim.late the/uoo- ties of the kidneys and help them to flush out poisonous waste from the blood. They contain nothing harmful Got Doan c today. Use with confidenoe. At all drug stores. Buy "War Bonds And.Keep Them Bruises- REAL ESTATE--BUS. PROP "Saddle up and get out of here! FOR SALE---GOOD RESORT Right now!" h hide-out was nothing anybody could Crick, who now seerrled to have ~o beautiful lake shore aLl.year homee, Melody looked at her without ur. have trusted long; the cool, brazen passed out, was snoring in the t~ottages, dwelling in Frazee Mirme~ a. ry. "You look right pretty whenguts of the very idea was its only; but otherwise their recon- Fnrm near Omega, Minnesota. hope. naissance raised no one. Avery and J~&N ]FAGE, Detroit Lakes, Minneeeta. yOU spark up like that," he said. Monte Jarrdd was on a pallet ofCherry de Longpre had disappeared "There's a posse after you," Cher r ed on his "I'm thinkin'," Melody said '~rhe , " grain sacks, his head p opp " " . and C0MFORI~ 8U CCESSFUL Countr~ GenerAl Store for 17 said desperately. Can t you get saddle He lay on his back, verygirl knows wnere ~onte is. ~o she s sine or ren with llwng quarters. Only ison "" - " P.ase and comfort can replace mother's ~tot-e in Weber. $75,000 cash business in that through your head? The Po " still, w~th the slack relaxation of a the one I got to find out from. ~/~u,~35 mi~. Mi[meapoI~. See. owners, berry country is full of men who man who is saving every pulse-beat "So naturally all you got to do is drudgery when Eleariaty takes over~ ~ z~t~Qe, Ks ~s l~anu m,nn he " Gear e said would be glad to kill you on sight, of his strength. H~ smoked a rolled ask r, g ' " It can do a h/red-g/rl's work easily You'd be dead now if it wasn t for ~ arette as slender as a match, and Well, no; that s the part I sin t and efliciemly~ An electrically operated .A 4 A ~--.~--~---~---L-L~ L~- ~ me! Now you get out of here, while loo ked at them with humorless eyes. got figured yet," Melody admitted. ~~q'~q'~q'7 ~'~TT~T you still canl" -- of "I don't rightly judge she'll gay automatic water system can pump and /]~ / c.-~, now e,oay oegan oked at Cher That's where the " h comes in carry water for her. Electric-lights can )~, Avery a~ au; out . ~v -, " U@ ~/[5@d . ~tS ~oI" You heard her, Avery spoke w 'Oh, said George: His eyes were take over the monotonous, dirty job of I . . . ry w~m a certain ~,e kite cleanin and refilling kerosene lamps Fever Crmk was sitting goggle- :*-.---thin# fi~ckmg around thehen, tireless. . eyed, and his jaw was wobbling; ~,~,"~,~,~" v~unv sense atly hunting a ray of hope "Ain't ElecL'ic~tycanhelpherinmanyways. H got a " ne J tln ron, too wa, steady as a rock. -,"'l~onteasked her-'He had the there some way to git you Out of money and labor saving ways like these" ~" ~" Slowly Melody stood up, and "~" " - --an ou~a-ed b" histl~s~" -~ I pepper oz a m ~ ~ ," , ~C~-~"~t'~ George got warily to his feet. beside,own n~y~o," --~ t,-,~o~ astonished, Oh, now. George--don, t start aU m~r:~'~e h~erref~~n .lmck b~ddng r~,him George never took his eyes . P ,- ut ~-~;-, hold ,~ I that again. I m trym to find out ,-,p runome w~en an oJectrie " . " . . lrreconcnav,e. -- ~,~ I ^re^thin,am~ ~o~vaenuar mira. It waahnr t~kes Over. No r -- -- from, . Avery zor, an mstan~ ~ "--you Know w.~,"-" ~"ou went to Pa~'e " ' ~, ' " ~~~ a~ set.~U~~ ~ a~r en-amt~ fo~e~ ~ k~daeh~ ,~,~,a r~~'~ ~li ~ Rzde fast, Cherry sazd, and a ,^ [ Then wemight jest as well try from gasoline ~au ~ ca, e~m fn ~.~~ rues. Electricity N keep going! ont turn your horses Cylof legit er done Georgeaaid grim /~"~'//~ ~N ~'~ u= ~this side of the line, if you want to I I George had come to the foot of the ~/- "-,: *- |daen wash day Ida. ~// [/~ "~%~| I m~ live." ~ ' Monte, ~nerry solo, . ee an~ I ladder nailed to the wall; it gave ac- ~ t ! ~ A~d, n]notr;c|tr makes . I/// ~ ,~ x~ itzvelynave noz snowea ~- l|llSectg Melody looked at her a moment, [Vir pos'" . . Pa- eville z' cess to the loft above kitchen, t" ,o to w, L il I then back to George again He said[patch or pants m yH. . ["Don't make a sound, he whis. u~Im~" r~ ~ o4~havnaJectri~tyl~ew. ~~j~/~ "" @#," ' ow wn,or wnere mey are, ~|'*f%~ ~t~L~ r~$~ coe.=~dlv" 'Well come on Uncle Ros- [[ ord nanythingt kn,aboutY . it" " " ~upl pered;the andladderSUddenlYinto theskinnedloft, silently V~t~W~~LI ~- ---'~ F-Jectr~ S]mtom.Pr~itThe o ntiro~ n familYwlndm~orwili ~/f~w~/~/i, ~I -. Mpl~dv and Georee rode off into,~'And so, Monte said, so long When George had disappeared a "-" =- /'A4e=-'~ t~ ~~,~]~'Veg#h~b/esV the dark'at a sullen- walk, resenting [as you was down there, you had to|[considerable silence" followed, dur-' INVESTIGATE NOW! ~-"~/Y'~'~ ~V~J~~W~ # the push- around. Five hundred/figure out the worst thing you could ling which Melody had no clue to ~'~ "~"~"~'~":~'~ ~ ~,o ~.o ~^' the Busted Nose they I of done1" " what George was up to, nor what Remember, you too can have electricity; Pind one ~'~~ - ~'f ~~rr~,1 ,- -, . Howers splashed into a little thread of moun-,"You re here because, you re the ( was happening. Melody began to -. ~'~t~~r[ i/| j j d i|ii~l~/~I~l~ yoga c~,a~"~e.~. I o;- ~*ream and. )el their . nonies J only. % man rI eVersaid lookeawith allatflatness,m my [ show nervousneSSu the ladderf r the first time, can gain fore the outstanding economies of Elec. - )"~ ~,~ o to drink since the riding ahead life, Cber y He called p in a reach, tricity from the Pree Wind. Just send in this cou- t ~,~, ,~x~--.~ st p I've alwa s thou ht , mg whisper.Hey, George. "Far be it from me," George said, [you were all heu, zrom oezore I [ There was no answer from above. --mammmmm~ WmCHaRSeR COa~OaAT|ON WOrld's ~,~'g ~t Makes o[ Wind.Electric De ~alpmen~ ---. v wNU ~-lO.4S Sioux CRy, Ia. p.o. xc, CountF State. I now get lllrht Dont. ~h~vo PO~se: Pu~ coupon on penny post osa~l.