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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
June 2, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 2, 1960

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THURSDAY, JUNE 2. 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIOI EER. MEDORA, N. DAJL b LIST OF "- tion Approach to Farm Credit, A-18~ Foot and Mouth Disease IA-289 Food ~,r Young Children - AVAILABLE PUBLICATIONS Problems ]A-185 IvlJneral ~'eeds of L,vestocktA-290 Cbild~u.Ts Storage North Dakota Agriculiuzal College 3@0 Potato Price Support Programs, A-188 Wireworm Control A-22q Crop Diseases F, 1960 in the Red River Valley A-192 Irrigating Farm Crops ]A-~d2Ba:iey Tnrips in North D~ko- Single copies of each publication 391Economic Aspects of Hog Pro-IA-193 Farm Fiy Control ] ta available, free of charge, from Ag- duction in North Dakota I A-194 Chemical Control of Peren-j A-293Fie:d Control of Quackgra~ - ricuitural Information Department, 392Meeting the Impact of Crop-i nial Weeds I A-294 Lawn and Garden Fertilizers - T~ NDAC, Fargo. or from the County Yield Risks in Great Plains I A-195 Ma.nagqng Irrigated Pastures I A-295 Leafy Spurge Control I Extension Agent. Farming iA-196 Food Fats and Oils for Cook-I A-296 Insect Pests-- of Trees and L, [ EXPERI~ STATION BUISL]~rlNs 393North Dakota's Dairy Market-i ing and Table Use I Shrubs q~ ~304 One Hundred New Homesteads ing Problems in Historical Per-IA-197 Use Lard -- A North Da- ]A-297 Insect Pestsof Evergreens - I in Red River Valley spectlve i kota Product IA-298Forage Sorghum in North Da- i Tot, ] 311Protein and Quality in H~rd 394 Improvement of North Dakota I A-198 Recipes Using Fats and Oils ]. kota i SCad ] Red Spring Wheat with ~ Creamery Butter ~A-199Grow Winter Rye $~or Better~A-299 Fruit Insect and Disease Con- ,spect to Temperature and Rain- 395Mineral Rights and Oil Devel- Weed Control [ trol Guide ~c; ,fall opment in Williams County, I A-200 Prevent Off Mayors in Milk A-300 Bugs in Your Cupboards |312Management of Public Lands North Dakota I A 201 and Cream ]A-301 Carpet Beetles, CAothes Moths [313Uses and Management of Pond~ 397Oats - Which Variety Should - Brooding Strong Chicks ]A-302 New Calves for Your Feedlot ~ I and Lakes We Grow? IA-202Prose Millet for Hens and [A-303Hay-Silage, When to Ca'c and ' Dir~ [315 Effect of Soil Texture and 399 Woody Ornamentals for North Turkeys [ How to Handle for Top O~ ,Slope of Land on Production in Dekota I A-2ff7 Grow Sudangrass for ,Summer Quality ' . |' Two North Dakota Counties 402Seed ~la~en~s Pasture [A-304Onion Maggots |316 Some Effects of Breeding Pure-403 Some Skeletal Changes As~i-IA~209 Grow Better Pastures with A-30S Swine Care and Sanitation I, ,bred Lambs ated with Dwarfism in Cattle Grasses ]A-3~ Swine Diseases l:~ |a17 Effects of Tempera~xL~e on [latch- 404An Economic Analysis of pro. {A-210 Make Pastures Pay A-307 Corn Hyhrids [ ability of Turkey F4p posed Irrigatlon in Northern|A-211 Better Milking Practices A-30~ Fertilizer Grades and Rates- for{ 1320 Drouth and Grazing on Range North Dakota [A-212 "" ~- ;,~ [ for Small Grains me~ [ Lands 407Landscape Your Home [A-214Fruit Varieties for North Da-]A-300 C hem!eal .Mi xing. Guide. for: ~ pan ,321Natural Revegetation of Aban- 408North Dakota Agricultural Sta- { kota i ~nsec~ anu weea uontro4 ] doned Fields in Western North tistics IA-215Here's How for Better Cakes!IA'310 Beginning. Beekeeping - [ Dakota 409 Crop Input-Output Relationships{ A-216 Pastry Made with North Da-~.A'311 An.enua. m Bab.y Pigs [323 (Tech.) Oil Formation inFlax- -- Red River Valley ] kota Fats I.A-;$1Z usm.g. ~arave ~orth Dakota seed Farm Machinery Selections ] kota Fats I " ~, .- r~ ~ (SF. 1326 Russian Thistle - History and 410 Decision Making Processes in I A-217 Cakes- Made wlth North Da-IA 313 GF~iwt~ng Christmas Trees ~I [ Growth 411 Some Irrigation Guides for North[A-948Weed Seed Fac~ I ,~o.r~n,~,~,L,~ j327Pasture Grass Mixtures of Dakota IA-219Prevent Mastitis-- [A-314Treat Seasoned Posts for ,Eastern North Dakota 413Father and Son Farming Agree- ] A-221Family Plan for Clothing ~ L~nger I~" e [328Feeding Turkeys for Market ments ] Needs,~-o,J ~t-~ u,sea~e ~u~u. . ru'~t ~ ,~r. [333 (Tech.) Cultivation of Milkweed 414 The .Economics of Turkey Pro-[A-225 Care o~ Wood Furniture ]A "16 Longer Life |336 Insulation for Farm Buildings 4 5 ductmn in North Dakota ]A-226 Guide for Poultry Raisers,-~ ~auons zor ~regnar~t Sows Co [ 337Land Ownership Trends in No:tb 1 (Tech.) Power Requirements of l A-227 Control Worms and Other,A-317 Rationsfor Lactating Sows W ] Dakota Tillage Implements I,A-$:18Herbs InternalParasRes of Sheep ~A i dul~ [338 Tree Ring Studies 416 Lowest-Cost Mash-Grain Feeding { A 228 Snake Contr~],-~v u~s~n~ee~ on ~or l-lea~tn,er its" |340 Range Vegetation Studies Rates and Most Economical Mar-I A 229%rac~nfna~teD~hi%ettf/st~in* IA-320LrioV~st%kxha~idts P;~ltr~show and fil~ |342 Comparative Effects of Season, keting Weights for Turkeys [ " ,Location, and Variety on Yield 417 Improving Farm Leases in NorthI --- g ~ Pleasure met [ and Quality of North Dakota Dakota ~ I~230 ZJ~Sn-" Milk ]A-321,Family Farming Inoorpora:eci busj ,Hard Red Spring Wheat 418 Hog Marketing at North IJ~kotal' a~2",a, s . /A-322Flower Varieties for 1960 her Home Freezing of Fooos in [ A ~ I~Ir ~* *h,~ Vsh,~= ~ ~, ~ quire "343 Growth' and Development in Auctions x ~ "~'~" -" --'---" .o~ on --a,r,c T,Three Types of Turkeya 419 Livestock Share Arrangement~iA 2~ ~ortn DaKota |] &-3~: I~tch'-E~'-'I)isease~'f] A ], : I~Wo~ Good Pasture All Season ~d NORTH DAKOTA STUDENT PLACES FIRS N ! 44Some Effects of Types of Shel- 420Home Heating with Electr~ity lA~233 Foods from the Freezer I A 325 Tree Root S-st NATIONAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE CONTEST ter U.pon Dairy Cattle . 421 The Relationship of Type, ~ vrade. l'A.234 Helps for Freezing Foods ]A-326Corn for Sil~'ge,~F~eed Reserve" 345 Free-cnoiceJreeuing of Laylng Weight and Price of Market A-23~ : - Hens 422 LH?v?stock Auctions in North Da- A-236 ~Tozen .~aeais { and Weed COnCTol ~ : When You Buy Laundry I ~. ~ ~.~ ~ ~ .-- ' ?J"k~T.~A lt~e Vh,~r;n~ ~ [346Studies on Wild Buckwheat Enuinment i z~ ~,~x~m~ .* r eur~,z,*m ~ ~. I~ ]~id;0nmI r~0ma! !348Studies onErgot of Grams and kota A-2~7 St~ps'-in Washing AE-28 Home Made Snow Scoop " afo~ I % ~cxs ~v~,ut ~ ~u." Grasses REGIONAL BULLETIN3 A-238 ~';~ v ~, w~,i,~.~ l AE-29Save a Pig with an Electric N~ I . % tion to Velva eJld tile st~t~ of |350North Dakota Wheat Yields 5 Capital Needed to Farm in the A-239 S~'~i~rts"" ~.-'.'"'I~Iow"~T~OMake .-- Brooder . I J~ ~ North Dakota when she won [351Rural Communities and Organl- Midwest ~ ~ " ~-~J ~ow to ~uild Cortcrete ~et~ Freezing Frults ~" ~j~ O :tiler place in e llation in zations 13 Farm Ownership in the ~idwest A-240 Fr~zin~ Ve~etabl~ I AE-34 Above Ground Water Sys- I -"~ CA~J ~ the sales deme ~. 4~dl~[~ ] . Walks for Farm Use 352Barley Marketing in North Da-17 Family Farm-Operating Agree-A-2~I --- -~ -- ' tern l A~~. % contest llt,the l~k~il~ 135.~Land Values and the Land Mar- ments A-242 Forms of Nitrogen Fertil 27 Farm Inheritance Laws in Other izer AE-40 D.rylng Graln. with Forced , 1 ' ~ i trlbutive Education Leaden&Ip ] ket in North Dakota Countries A-243 Control of Ground Squirrels, [ . Air ~ ~avmg ana l-tandlmg Straw 1 ~e0nfel*@~ee ]fl~ l*qM~llt~ ~t~ { 354Marketing Feeder Cattle in 31 Farm Machinery Housing Prairie Dogs and Field Mice " , xour ~awn . |, |~'s.~me f!i~ ~*[ut~ l~|~ Tm~* North Dakota in the North Central Region I A-PA5 PiperazineCompounds and lAE-42 Plans for Ray Self Feeder~ .:.' *~" ~ ~*****~:.~.~--*'~--~=.=~** {355 A Comparison of Skeletal and 33 Factors Affecting Farm Housing A-244 "" --,from a comblne -~cu, ~ e~jut~# ~ vv~va ~ [ Fleshing Development in Three 34 Facts About Newcastle Disease [ Swine Sanitation . . and Feed Bunk School, competed against stuaents from xor~. slams ann x~u ex~ [ Types .of Domestic Turkeys 52 Work Counter Surface Finishes [ A-247 Oa h-Crop Income Tar~'ets i ~J~-q~i ~ewage Disposal Sy~f~,*ms fo~ Rico. Velva High School is recognized as the sing eat seh.ool,358 I rrigauon Trials in Western for Kitchens and Utility Areas I for North Dakota Farms .- Your Farm Home. . in the State and Nation offering Distributive Education on tlae,359g~2g~os~.~ raImmunlzation and 60 Increasing Milk Consumption in A-248 Oats and Field Peas for Sil- ~s-s~ ~eiecting a ~prinkler at-riga- ,Schools [ age ~on ~ys~em school curriculum. / Aids in 'Control of New Castle 74 Recommendations for More El-[A-249 How To Make Draneries ]AE-4.5Multiple Hitche~ for Large ' ~ [ Disease feetive School Milk Programs [A-250 Soybean Productic~~ in North . . Tractors , '2 ' ' '",362Stabilizing Farm Income Against rlr~][ ~,]~,crop Yield Fluctuations .- .EXTENSIONI01 Salads SERVICEfor Every CIRCD]L~SDay [ A-252] A 251 n~,~d,~=Dak ta A/~-,~AE 4 StaCkT~e~ reeaersilos :for "lTenc~ or ~ ~ ~ ~ ~t~O" 1 ~1~{~ ~ ~ I 367 EcOnomies of Grain Farming in 144 Rope and Its Uses - Reprinted ] A',~ Liquid Fertilizers / . -9 illage Machinery Ja. ~a~ ~a .~e ~ ~ w~ ~vv I Renville County -- 1369Settler' Progress on Two North 162IshesH memade- ReprintedPickles and Rel- [*I -~. ('h~iOSlNorth Dakota~a F~eld" c-~,~+~Crops ; I ~Js-aJ.AE.~3~ LazyUSmg Susana rarrowingFeeder ~tan Chemical Control of Brush ~-~ ~ nomemaae In- ~e - row ~q/.r. and tMrs. Harley Rue of was a timely an~ ~beau.t ful one Dakota Irrigation. Projects A~I Garden Varieties - 1960 I t~'z'~ and Shrubs I Cultivator "~- ~n"~ Mrs Ed Le T)oux andI ~m tzarotene ~'ro~em ~'nospnorus ~omtvDa, cayli, nave ~een noose ~. a ~ ' ' in Grasses of Western North Da-A-16 Strawberries t A 257 guests at the ,W~In Sylvester Jack Redmond attended the-re- kota A-31Rat Control I " Birdsfoot Trefoil in *h~ W~d AE-55Rein.forced Concrete Founda. A-32 Farmstead Windbreaks I River Valley i tions for Farm Buildings - 1374 Consumers Preferences for Pot- A-38 Raspberries I A-25~ Fowl Le'ucos~is AE-56 Hitching Moldboard Plows ; ~ Livestock Rubbing Chain AE-57 Pressure Water Systems fOr home in ,Medora for the vast few ace at t~oys ~anon, INlontlay. ato~ A-68 Time Table for Canning t A-~Icc,~l~ th~ ~w W~, I Your Farm and Home days. q~ey, in company w~ 3he Loffeknacher famlhes 0fI 375 Changes in .Farm l~ulafllon in A-61 Asparagus and Rhubarb Yo-ur S'ewin"g"Ma'e~ai'ne ]AE-58 Add ZiP to Your Mower ' Wvn Sylvester motored ~ru the Roswell, Don. and ~Paul er~joyed|~77 ~r~.~q ~n l~ota counuw~ A-75Currants and Gooseberries - . . o ~ r,g~u~,n ~a~er ~equ~rements Pleasant Flat area and called at'a ,plC~lC in Roosevelt Park on for North Dakota Crops A-91 More Attractive Farmsteads'A-264Be Informed When Buying AE-59 Rotary Hoe and its Uses ~.~ az m~ ~n~' ,~ond.~,378 The Soil D~pletlng Power cf A-92 Gladiolus in North Dakota ~ Foods I AE-60Which Oil? u~*c vc*~*v~**.~*v*,~vo'v~,o. *"'~ ""'~ """ I ~'* Flax A-113 Bearded Iris A-265 Cleaning Milker Inflations, AE-61 An Insulated Stock Watering ~' " ee -'~ t.Top ~.x>mpare~ w,tnA-~H[8Roses for North Dakota t A 266with Cold Lye Solutions Tank 'l~om~pson ranch formerly w a I Ted Barrow was ,g~ven a sp - That of n th~ ' '* . ] Hard Red Spr Wlaeat, Potatoes in North Dakota AE-62 Water Your Stock Automatic- A-~,19Tulips,- known as the "Rue Ranch" and lal write u.p in the Belfield News! Oats and Bairiey A-120Hardy Chrysanthemums iA-267Prunixig Trees and Shrubs ally ' ~ "" " " "C 381 Tillage Methoa and Crop "Be- A-132 Stop Swine Brucellosis A-268 Stflbestrol AE-63 It's done with Pulleys was "Harleys Iboy~ood home. Wits. ,hono~m'g ~ts 50 years o~ servl eI tatlons in southwestern North A-135 Control Coccidiosis ~-~ Blackpoint Disease AE-64Joint Ownership of Farm Ha- Rue w~ll 'be remem~bered asAnn with ,the 'NP. Ted arrived in} Dal~te A-143 Feeding Potatoes To Live- ehmery" A-~70" Firoblight of Apples r ' " e 384 Issues in Family Farm Policy stock A-271 Fertilizer for Better Crons I~-oa ~ortaoie l-'lywooa t'arrowlng Bomourt, daughter o~ the lateI Bekfm!d on. ffday, 28. 1910. H 13~S Irrigation and Dryland Farming "~ l House A-149 Good Hog Pastures A-272 Grasshopper Control in North . . : A. E. q~0~court, ~ ho was an early servea as .a. tricK. oPerator [orI 388 The Farmers Home Administra- A-1~6 Shrubs and Trees to Attract w~n~ I AE-66 Checking Crop Com- - bine Method day resident of Pleasant Flat 1 30 years a l:l~t has been the lc~at] Birds A-273 Poison Ivy - How to Recognize 1AE -7 . .* -o r'lanmng 2"arnl They called at the Verne King agent for the: past 20 years. ] 7 A-157 GroWcuttingsYOUr Own Trees From A-274 W2]~kJ ~g%lrd: Build DairyIAE'68 Portable Hog Self-Feeder home ~Fri,day pvn w~ere they Norbert ~Mt~ggli of Dickinson[ A-158 Plants and Other MaterialsI Profits AE-69 Electrodes' for Farm Arc Welding : ' " " . I ' Debeaking Poultry E u " recalled many past hed~penmgs, gave a splendid address at the ~n~ ~ME Poisonous to Livestock t A-275 O-n*,Uin- wi~ h~*, ]A -70 M lhple Plow Hitches A-160 Food Preservation Series - A-276 The l~ues ow,n and operate a i Memoria~' ~D~y services held in ~nl~l~ Vegetables A-277 Avian"-Tu~erc"ulosis-C~ontrol in' AE-71 Plya~voocl Range Feeder for small ffvuit randh near Dinuba, Bel field 'on" Monday. The 'Legion ~ro A-161 Food Preservation Series poultry, swine, cattle ~urKeys Calif. They were dinner guests! Auxiliar~ had charge o~ the at t~he home of Mrs. Maude Bet- memorial .part wdth Kathleen court on Sunday. They planned Savageau giving a reading and to go to Atmont on Monday to presenting the names while visit Mr. m-td Mrs. Carl K,nudso~ bright red poi~pies were placed (Roxie) and ~amib [on each cross.- ,Mrs. Fred Johnson went to Wahpeton to attend the gradu-To Shelby-- a'tion exercises of the class of~ ,Nir. and ~rs Julius Larsen 1960. Vern Johnson was number- spent the ~holiday weekend in BUILDS MEN! SEE YOUR LOCAL U. $. MARINE RECRUITER Billings County ed mnong the 2 year class. Sthelfby, ~I~nt. visiting their dau- ~M~. and ~Vlrs. Roswell Lofffel- ghter ond'son.-~n:law, Mr. and reacher and daughter. Terry, Mrs. Ru,ssell ,Zl'~is]:i:, "~: Al~D~ConUnu~ttOncow~o~r. ~ are visiting at the Paul Loffel- Establlshed in 188~ madaea~s.' RosweH is an Enblish Show Vacati0~ "-- a/'aC~~.MB~tNzalt r instructor at Inverness, Mont. Mr. and Mrs. Ti~n Redmond Editor - Li,llie Lin@bo, da, ug~hter of Mr. lef~ lasts, Sathrday morning for Subecriptlon:$1:~0per year in advan~ Intm-e~ in the Post Office at Medor~ BUlings County, North Dako~ l~l~ ~l~l~Yd~bo a:~d M~aYl~eey ~r~ hF:/~.~resa, where 15, 19~4, as ~nd cla~ n~t~ --- " under the Act of March & J~/~ and ~r.s. Joe 'Wal,ter received 8th grade diplomas at the exer- cises 'IhuSday evening. ,Ervirt Smith, Andy Koch, Jack ~edmaomi, and Willie Kock mot- ored to ~C~ico Lodge, NIont re- turning, Thurs. Andy Koch re- roamed at Ohico where he will ,be employed for the next few mor~th& dyer. mad Mrs. Tony Wanner en- Certained guests at a picnic din- ner m their attractive yard on] Sunday. The honored guests were] Mrs. 'Ed Le Doux and Harold T~kir~gton,-*, w~ose ~ir~1~ays oc- cur on WIay 30th. Two birthday cakes, one decorated in pink and one in yellow centered the dirmer *t~hle. ~VIr. and Nits. Talk- ir~gton also presented ,Mr. and lVirs. Wanner with a ,beautiful clock commemorating *heir year's .resid~ce at the ranch. ~ra, nk Heiser, son of ,Mr. and Mrs. Fta~ Heiser is now taking his basic training at Fort Riley, Kansas. 2~r. and ~VIrs. ,Bob Fithian of T. B. RE~PEL'q'S NO AGE, YOU ' POSiTiVE ? ARE O~ Newspaper ~ the ~ ~ S~te ~ Noah Dakota, printed ~ Re~h. Noah D~o~ I 1 Vote For LAWRENCE BOWMAN Inde~mdent CancUcta2e fo~ Sfa~ Representative Jth L i ative District If n~n~ ~ and elected assure the voters that I wiE work for the best i~terests of the 39th Legislative District. Youz vo~ and supimet will be at tem ted. ('1~1. Pok Adv.) * 51-6te II Greeley, Colorado are announc- ing tiae': 'birth of a b,by ~oy born on ~I~iy 19th ~,He weighed 7 ~bs. 7~ oz?!and was named David Warre~ The couple have three o~er ~i~hildren, all girts. `Mrs. Fithian will be, remembered as Betty Talkir~gton. * Mr. and ,Mrs. Lawrettce ~uzal- sky of .&tuition and `Mrs. Reul and Marcia motored*,~,~ ,Miles City on `Memorial ~Day to Wit Law- rence'~ father, ~ornan Buzalsky w~o ~ a patient in the hospital 6. o. avnvik Jack Bi na k day 'toI iget ~Ir. ~Ia~nvik ~ was a 9atibn ,in ,the ~ospRRI for few days - " ,1 --: I John ,Haucoek to vi~t relatives in ~ ;~ Total pree~ita ion in ~ at- ea ~or ~kla and .~~~l~t me .tred, 0*2 lm e& Fruits A-162 Food Preservation Series - Meats A-163 Food Preservation Series Poultry A-170 Crop Variety Recommenda- tions - 1960 A-172 Feeding the Pre-School Child A-173 Before You Irrigate A-174 Sugar, Honey Syrup in Food Preservation A-176 Cull Your Hens A-179 Feeding the School Child (Food Nutrition Series) AqS0 Food for the Adult (Food Nutrition Series) A-181 2vltlk -- For the Whole Fam- Ily (Food Nutrition Series) A-182 An~rax A-278 Your Hogs from Weaning to ~SCELLANEOUS Market ~ Farm Sprayer Adjustment A-279 Pelleting of Rations for Sw|ne Food Grains Must Re Kept Clean A-280 Large Roundworms of Poultry Quick Method of Washing Cream A-281 Peonies their culture and Separators care in North Dakota Catalog of Plans for Buildings and A-28~ Raising Lambs - Care and I Equipment Ma~ement Praetiees Catalog of Plans for ~O~ a]ad Sheep ',~ A-283 Sheep Raising in NorthDako-~ Buildings and Equipment ta No. I" ]Catalog of Plans for Beef and Dairy A-284 Sheep Raising in NorthDako- Buildings and Equipment A-285 A-2~6 A -287 A-288 ta No. 2 Catalog of Plans for Ranch and Feed- Ewergreens for North Dakota ' lot Equipment Leptospirosis Animal Indust- Plans for Building Hay Stacking ry's Third Most Costly Dis- Frames ease ] Agricultural Research - Coccidiosis of Turkeys Bi-Monthly Bulletin - Available ,~ree Father-Son Farming Agree-] to North Dakota Resld~lts ments * June 3 In throe days, a tralm aa% llfe was a busy one. Train . were dower, the hours longer. The fireman was continually feeding fad into a hungry furnace, a vmen s uggled wRh hand brakes on each car track switches were a manual beatea featt es attested to mmleg battle with the f2emm . T .y, Nor& Dakota m fmat, supply/rig the needs d Dakota communities. Powex diesels have x tdaced steam, auto- matic air b.ra es, deetronic bloel slglmls, two-way radio mad a host of-other dectron/c improvements have complete- ]7 antiquated the railroads of only a few decades ago . . . havemade railroads North Dakota's safest form of transpor- tatilm. provide steel roads for pro- gress in North Dakota. Safe, dependable and continuatly buflding. 0r the future. i i nnnn nnnl u I I - j