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Beach, North Dakota
June 2, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 2, 1960

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"N THURSDAY, JU,'E 2, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. DAL The Week Around Medora i, Mary Ray) arrived home Sun. Mr. and Mrs. Lesser Tisor SATURDAY EVENING I cellent con, dition. Bert The Wmghts have been stationed Judy attended graduation exer- There wi!l be a square dance Walda.1 resicteaee, Sent. Butte, ~.M~ a.v~ Mrs. Car~. Benson. t" ::- e~.l ht Medo:'a where .he renew- m Fran.ce where Mr. Wright c:scs in Beach on Thursday. ' in Beach this Saturday evening,' TR 6-4551. 37-3tO lene and Ros~ o, 3idney. 5I~nt c:i a~luxmta',',ces and did some served with the Army. Bessie [Livingst, on, who 'had ,June 4. at t'he I.-~io~ Hal!. Eve.'2 '-, attemded ~h(: Rodeo at I-Iohle ~," .',;t ol~ ~hls lruek. Lillian Van Doren and Ellen been stayin.g wP0h her sister, t'::- one come- A l)oti.c~cx iunch w,:~, SPINET PIANO BARGAIN -- ~,V- t,he Range on Monday and tl~n i:!m qid ,Murrays are leaving Otsevhout were dinner guests at len Osterhout returned to Glen- follow, after'ward. I have two lovely pianos, one came to, Medora and oicl,ca tq: f(): a~,ir home in Mont on Wed. ~he J. C. R'i/~mussen N6r~ ~vIag. dive .last .Thm, sday ,~ t--2-7--. ~--:?- :- I dark and one light in this ri- Me'. and Mrs. ./. C. Rasmu:~er~. On :;;a!. a'f'tcrn(~on .lackie Andcr- and then LilIian drove ~he group The John Cornells of Seritine~.l urlve; be Iou'll Arrive A,lve' cinity that we wii[ transfer to and took ~em with them on ,t so~ a~l ~[ L~!by~ l'.so~' ,:,'ere co- to Dielvinson ~here they paid Butte- Visited the Ted Cornells onI~ WANT-- a---r, '-~'~n-T~-~--~,~,-~-~,~, !lreliable party who will take picnic at the TR .Park picnich')stcs.~es at a colorer party given tribute to tlhe deceased mern'- ~un.aay to & Diesel Mechanics or Auto up monthly installments, or Mr. and Mrs. Pete :Hle%iehukI Body Regair in less than nine fall payment. Will take upright grounds. Mrs. Benson is ;,he dau- t'o- Mrs. l~Iurray a~,d Sidney and bets of their families at the visited their daughters, Mrs Bet- mon~hs. "Also short courses intrade-in. Write for details ghte~ of Arne Ferris who livesattende~t ,by :,i~e many Medora cemetery. in Medora. frier~ t~ ~/hat t~he Murrays have ,Beverly Kirkpatrick is apend- ty Morel and Mrs. l~u~ Gruid-~ Welding a~d Lathe operation. Wholesale Department. J. M. ,Mr. and 'Mrs. Oscar Junmen of made since ~hey first nmvd ~o tag several days this week at newski in Oioki.nson Sa~trday. A trained man in these fieldsWylie Piano Co Bismarck, N Rowman visited friends in Me- Medo~-a in tkhe late 1940's. We the Caw.rence Kirkpatrick home W~en they retuxned home they dora on Monday. at' wi~h them good bye and north of Sentinel Butte. ,ibrougiht t~e Gruidnewski chil- good luok in their new home. IMr, and 'Mrs. ~Duane Wagner dren 'back with them. Alien R. Grow spcm the week- Ylr. a~d Mrs. Estel Wi2Ra'ms and .fatality of ~Beach and Mr. and* The Gerald Nunns have mc~;- ~ -~ o~ .- or tl~'lliugs visited Mrs. W~lliam's Mrs. [Lloyd Grow and famdy of ed back to the ranch for the par:mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Einar Fong G~en,dive "were visitors at the summer ~nont'hs. is always in demand. Write] Dakota. 1-2~ for il~formation. Tuition dis- count May ~ru August. HAN IN lUST 15 I~NWrES SON MI~-~ANICAL TRADE IF YOU HAVE TO ~CHOOL, Box 1780-N. Fargo SCRATCH YOUR ITCH -- N.D. ~ 51-3tc Your 48c back a~ any drug this ~aast weekend. Also visiting win. Syivesters on Monday. [ Mr. and Mrs. Lars Vanvig and store. Apply Itch-Me-Not. "Itch the 'Fot~gs on Monday was Mr. Jay $. 'Eaton returned home Mary Gi2.ham were Beach Shop- FOR SALE -- Baled upland prai and burning disappear! Use in- i and Mrs. Guy Corme!i of Dickin- from ~Fargo ~l~is weekend. Hi~ pers on Tuesday. rie l~ay from S. Dak. Dei.ivered stant-drying Itch~Me-Not day or son. sister and ther hueban.d. Mr. and Ada Syl~ester will resume her in truckload tots. Inquire Mar night for eczema, ringworm, in- ,Mr. aP, d ~Mrs. Leo Tisor visiIed Mrs. Wiley from Calif. are visit- duties as guide at the Chateau len Jetvig residence located ia sect bites, foot itch, other sur- friends az~d relatives in ff Iedora i, ng at his home. on Wednesday. Mr, Maurice second block west of Metho- face rashes. TODAY at Sleigl~t's on ~Monda.y, They left ~heir dau- ,Mrs. Viola Ray was eaugeht in Aird will start work on the dis~t church in Wibaux. or City Drug, Beach. N. D. BEACH, NORTH DAKOTA ghter, Audry witch Lester and town Friday and Saturday, u-.- grour~ in about a week. phone Wibaux 3781. ~l-tfc 39-4tc 51-4to SUNDAY - M~NDAY - TUES t Rutby Tisar i and s~he wi.l:l attend able to get to ~he ran,CA because Earl l~ommsaas was a iMedora ~ibYe S~t'"at tlhe Lutheran of the rain. She stayed at the ca'ller last week. IU'NE 5-6-7 c~urc~ or several weeks. ~Mame Gilham home on these 2 A term of district court con- days. vened at the court ~house in Me- ~~tWf$~ ~l~~l~lttI!llll}litl~ll~!!litl!ltl!il,!!,liilil!it!]~ll]5.! /!!l! Ray Brewmgton. a tormer res-dora on Wed The Hen. Emd ii~i ident of Fryburg stopped at the Giese ~pzesided. . |~LIIIAT -J~| ' ~1~ ~ - - - [L. G. Browns on Sunday. Mr. Since its gran.a openi, ng, t~e I|~1 ~IB |~2~11 ! ~ ] ~ ~,~'~;,~ igrewi~gton and his mother have;P, ouga Riders Cafe in Mcdora :.~, I~~~!'~~Ibeen']ivingatP ~'~land'Orcgcn'l~a~en' vedaveryfav r~b'e(;'~ t ~ii!~i:ii~ill; iiii ~'~i:ii}ii~!i !~'~ :~ i":iil ") " I R Y & CHARLTON I su /-: N ) ~. %-%'%.;.2~ dora,friendsTheYin Bismarckare goingandO, Ahnon; v,s t grats,tble additionMrs" Rein, Yto our na town.Very cr:,d- .g~;i:~::i:!!iG!iii;~/:::i;~f:<;: @~C:~ ~' ", I~~ dora,and then ,they wiii return to Mepick up the Syivesters and MEDORA'~UNION ~::::!~:/:':;i;ii-?~;~:: (~0~; W :~"~i their family and all will attend CONGREGATI?NAL CrtUIlCH - ~'~ I~ family reunion at Stevensville. Rev.C. Lee Birdsall - - Montana. Pastor PANTI E :J READ ROY'S MOVIE NEWS TJae Servaround, operated by SUNDAY .:~ nessW" D.onSOh,uaz,Sunday.Opened for busi-PEN,ECOSTservices at SUNDAY10:30 a.m. "legs can't feel ':; WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY tB~b}e scllool at the Lutheran Theme: "The Power ot PentecosU' ,~UNE 8-9 chur~ started today wifh many Text: Acts 1:8 young folks attendin, g. Everyone welcome. War erzmes are committed Grace O'Tremba visited at ti~e 2~U~ ,SDAY Wonderfullyfirming nylon, by soldier~ on ,bot~ sides- This hotel last week and will s~onI 2:30 p.m. Womens Fellowship rayon and rubber net pan. is Vhe bitter and shocking move in with ,Mrs. Addle Ander-Hostess: Mrs. A, ddie Anderson. tie It's GUARANT~E~ truth ~that has ,been suroressed since World War Ii. t son. She will be working at the l MACHINE WASHABLE| Hotel this summer. - [ MEDORA Satin elastic front panel of I NOST ONTIIOVEqSiAL|AR [I and Mrs. Leon eU!ekson LUTHERA C. RC. drove to Rapid City, S. D. on key. Altou Johnson, Pastor acetate, cotton and rubber. ] ~ U~IA mill Thurs to met their so,: Day: SUNDAY White, Medium length= Army. 8:30 a. m. Worship Service. Medium &Large. ~)~.~ visited Vahe ,L. G. Browns on W 'd. program wilJ be oresented by Mrs. ,Isaac Hanson and Mrs. the ~uDils of the Vacation Bible Available also |n g|rdk~ ,W- '~JU~S UAil~ItlO-II~U~i Iola Gillian of Dickinson attend- School. style. White. Med|u 0~$C0~ ,:~COZO.~ ed graduation services in Medora length; P, S, M & t. ~ ~.~~~! ' "on Friday night. The ladies are Work safely live longer; car, AUNtvE~N~A~tR)V~T~RPNRO&T01~ENrI?NEtEAeE the mother and aunt of Mrs. Ted lessness can kill you ! Flair~ bra shown IS guaro anteed machine washable, " " -" ENDORSED FOR N. DAK. J L E G I S L A T U R E FRIDAY--. SATURDAY J~U,N.E 10-11 ~Bring the whole family --. J, ust fnr fihe 0rice of morn and dad's ticket ($1.20) ,ram PACIFIC Starting today June 2-3-4. $~R SI~EDULE -- One N, mw ~ nigtNt a~ 8 p.m Sun. l~at. 2 & rd~t 8 p.m. , ~ ' "I~HUl~AY. PRIDAY. ~l SAT. ~NE 9-10:!X! Eveoin, g straws start a~ 8:00 p.m Sunday m~inee at 2:00 p.m. VOTE FOR , iFOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER from. the 1st district,ofBillingsCounty. e ~,~ : din thin office,'hav- ing served 2 terms previously as your commissioner. ' If elected I wdt endeavor to serve you to the best of Pol. liar. ~, from the 39th District If nominated and elected I shall serve you to the best of my ability. A. R. MILLER-- (X) Pol. adv. spon~ored and paid for by A. R. :MiIler Unique up-sltape(f I~ili~ can't be lell! Oip-fmnt waist ~ control rand ~eatito.easy irtmdom ! AN ORIGINAL BY CLOWN No. 1630. Permanent registered Appaloosa Stallion. Sired by Indian Paintbrush No. 1353, Dam Mohkstowoumato No. 316. STANDING 15 MILES NORTH OF SENTINEL BUTTE, N. DAK. $50 FEE WITH RETURN IN SEASON. CONTACT Charles Allen or Glen Lohman SENTINEL BUTTE, N. DAK. VOTE FOR Endorsed Republican Candidate for REPRESENTATIVE from the 39th Legislative District at the en-f0r Primary Election, June 28th. Fresh dairy foods belong on your menu e~ery day--,' I believe less government in private in June and all year iong. Dairy foods give 0tl}in, ' enterprise means less taXes, vitamins and minerals for strong bodies ~ good :" health. So in June, when dairy foods are pl~tif~, Your vote and support will be deeply " enjoy Milk, Cheese and Ice Cream. Real utt , appreciated. ' ==a an the ot m, PROMOTIDN