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June 2, 2016     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 2, 2016

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June 2, 2016 Billings County Pioneer Page 3 Graduation decoration Some creativity came into play with decorations for this year's Belfield High School gradua- tion. In the background are the handprints of graduate Brady Cossette, and in the foreground are those of Breann Obritsch, shown days before the graduation ceremony. (Photo by Richard Volesky) Expect red herring on victim rights issue With the gubernatorial race set- tied in June and the North Dakota presidential vote a loregone conclu- siom excitement in the fall election may depend on Marsy's Law, an ini- tiated amendment to the state con- slitution establishing a sweeping series of new rights for crime vic- tims. Let's begin with the raw facts. Backed by a North Dakota spon- soring committee, the proposed amendment is really the brainchild of California billionaire Henry N.D. Matters By Lloyd Omdahl Nicholas who is trying to cope with the 1983 murder of his sister by her ex-boyfriend. There is little doubt that this Cam2 vl paign, while sponsored by a local committee, is a nationwide effort. First, the money is coming from California. Thus far, Nicholas has been the only source of money for the North Dakota effort. Second, Boston-based McKay- Gitcho Strategies is calling the shots and chose the advertising agency for the campaign. Third, petition signatures were gathered by Advanced Micro Tar- geting, Fourth. the hmguage for the pro- posal was "boilerplate" prescribed by Nicholas. You can bet that Nicholas isn't going to put his money into a campaign that messes / o with his ,a ording. Fifth. according to Mike Nowatzki of the f:orum News Serv- ice "'consulting firms in California and Las Vegas" were among those paid by the campaign. Nicholas has dedicated over $1 million to North Dakota. Around $220,000 has already been spent for petition circulators. It is safe to as- sume that Nicholas will pour in as much money as it takes. While the North [)akota sponsor- ing COlmnittce is clearly nonparti- san, the campaign is being run by principals with connections to the Republican Party, most likely be- cause they had previous contacts with Nicholas and his crusade. The Odney advertising and pub- lic affairs agency in Bismarck was chosen to handle the account and has assigned an Odney staffer, Mar- sha Lemke, to run the campaign. Odney is pretty much a Republican agency. Over upcoming months, all of these points will be cited as argu- ments against Marcy's law. After all, we have had a negative predisposi- tion against out-of-state influence since statehood. None of these ad- dresses the advan- tages or disadvantages of Marcy's Law. How- ever, it is very com- men strategy in public arguments to ihrow i'Ou red+her- ring to divert us from the mission at hand. Somewhere back in merry old England. it is said. training for hunt- ing dogs included dragging red her- ring across their path to detract them from the mission at hand - catching the fox. Marsy's supporters will be plagued by red herring. One red herring will be out-of-staters rewrit- ing our constitution; another will be the tons of outside money being spent to buy public opinion; another will be the allegation that this is a partisan issue. None of these addresses the ad- vantages or disadvantages of Marcy's Law. However, it is very common strategy in public argu- ments to throw out red herring to di- vert us from the mission at hand. If out-of-state meddling and money are a problem, we need only remember the 2014 election in which chain box stores, led by Wal- mart, spent over $2 million to repeal the pharmacy ownership law; out- of-state wildlife groups pumped over $2.6 million into the conserva- tion and parks issue, and the Wash- ington-based petroleum organization spent an unknown amount against the issue ......... Another red herring ~w~!! be whether or not Marcy's L'aw be- longs in the state constitution. Will Marcy's law be valid tbr 50 years or more'? Should these rights be insu- lated fi'om the State Legislature? Some will argue that this ought to go to the Legislature first. It is doubtful that ordinary statutes would accomplish what Marcy's supporters hope to achieve. Rights deserve constitu- tional status. Hopefully. we can disregard the red herring and focus on the fox in this important dialogue about re- shaping due process in the criminal ,justice system. Marcy's Law has many complex implications, war- ranting a careful analysis of each one of the 17 sections. So let's leave the red herring out of the discussion. HOW TO SHARE YOUR VIEWS We welcome letters to the editor concerning issues of area interest or regarding stories and editorials that have been published. Letters should be limited to 400 words. Guest columns or opinion-editorials longer in length are also welcome. A writer can have only one letter or column regarding the same subject published in a 30-day time period, unless the writer is responding to a new aspect of an issue that has been raised. Letters and columns are a way to encourage public discussion. Thank-you letters and invitations cannot be published as letters to the editor, but can be formatted as advertisements. Please include your name, address and phone number on your letter or column so that we can contact you. Your address and phone number will not be published. Golden Valley News/Billings County Pioneer, P.O. Box 156, Beach, NID. 58621; goldenandbillings@gmail com I nsurance Inc. 110 Term Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance Fixed Annuities Index Annuities IRAs Long-Term Care Ins Bruce Ross Central Ave. South, Beach, ND (701)872-4461 (office) (Across from Bank of the West) (701) 872-3075 (home) Van or Bus Service Billings County Golden Valley County Distance of 160 Miles CALL 701-872-3836 Time to throw out 'good old boys club' 1"o the editor: primaries were not binding trod actu- Jack Dalrymple, Wayne Stenehjem, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders ally stole the delegates and awarded Kirsten Baesler, the Poolmans (Jim have made national news by shining them to Romney. Now we have no pri- and Nicole), Odney's Pat Finken, and the light on the real corrupt party maries,how that was decided I do not more. Rob Port and Scott Hennen bosses, know, all I know is we pick delegates have become the lead henchmen who A corruption that came to re',fl light by first zua application. Then a list that pretend to b~ conservative and Tea in North Dakota four years ago at our is preferred by party bosses and then Party while propping up the establish- GOP convention, where party nominations from the floor, and it isn't ment bosses' campaigns. I hope with bosses actually shut off the mics be- what you have done for your country the Trump campaign, if successful, we cause a parliamentary floor fight had or your community it's what you have will be able to throw the baby out with broken out. done and donated to the party,the bathwater, or in this case the good You see Rick Santorum and Ron Who are the party bosses in North old boys club, and return to a party of Paul had carried our state's primary. Dakota'? All you have to do is look at the people. North Dakota had, to that point, pres- the leaders who refused at the last Charle Tuttle idential primaries. Yet at the conven- convention to follow the party plat- Common Sense North Dakota tion the party bosses told us that our form which all delegates voted on. Minot Stark contrast exists in candidates' energy policies To the editor: the New Source Performance Stan- During the 2008 presidential dard that represents a de facto ban election, Barack Obama made clear on new coal phmts; the so-called his intentions to bankrupt the coal Stream Protection Rule that will industry. During the past eight years take half of our mining reserves off in office, the president has system- the table and the moratorium on fed- atically implemented a regulatory eral coal leasing. The list goes on. playbook that seeks to force utilities but it's clear the heavy hand of gov- to stop burning coal, keep coal pro- ernment rests squarely on the scale ducers from mining, and restrict ac- against coal. tess to global coal markets. All to And let's not fool ourselves, the acfi(e ,e fi-{s pro-m-ise- fd m-a~,e-:~2-1~e-c- ff~ffl-i:lYl~t'l'~lt'l:(Sff ffffd' I:I*S ff{t'l:e'g lli'axrb" tricity rates necessarily skyrocket.'" their sights set on the oil and gas in- Coal has its challenges. The dustry as well. If that end were shale revolution brought about more achieved, we'll get our energy only economical production and an abun- when the wind blows and the sun dance of cheap natural gas, currently shines. Cold and dark would be the an overabundance the market will actual legacy of this policy agenda. eventually correct. However, that's Donald Trump says he wants to about where the free market stops save coal miners" .jobs. He did not competing against coal. Federally- say government needs to save them. supported wind production has Rather, he understands their jobs turned the power :markets upside need saving from the federal gov- down. When the wind blows, that ernment. This distinction is in stark power must be let onto the grid - contrast to ttillary Clinton, who has take it or leave it-increasingly at vowed to put coal miners out of the expense of stable power genera- work, but offers up a $30 billion tax- tors like coal. Cap that off with reg- payer-funded mea culpa to help "re- ulations like the Clean Power Plan; train" them they just want You Are Invited To celebrate Dorothy Stolberg's 90th birthday Golden Valley Manor Activity Room 2-4 p.m. Saturday, June 11 No gifts please. to keep in the first place. Donald Trump gets it and mil- lions of American voters get it. Re- newable energy has its place but fossil fuels are a way of life, and we are thankful for the good-paying jobs the industry provides, and the affordable and reliable energy that powers our society. Donald Trump simply wants to allow the industry to do its job, with government act- :rrg as a resp fih'e regmh " ea?re'r than social reformist. By Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D. Washington Protected our ag and energy industries from job killing federal intrusion * Committed to no new state taxes and continuing state funded property tax relief * Fought domestic abuse, human trafficking, illegal drugs and internet predators * Has a proven Pro-Life record and is the only candidate endorsed by the NRA (National Rifle Association) Has helped balance the state budget and made tough decisions in lean times Endorsed by Senator John Hoeven and Governor Jack Dalrymple * Endorsed by the North Dakota Republican Party GOVERNOR] Stenehjem Paid for by Wayne Srenehiem for Governm; lasort Dockter Treasurer