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June 2, 2016     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 2, 2016

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Page 8 Billings County Pioneer June 2, 2016 ' I ]l"-F.'. r byMikeMar, a,d o..LooK. , ,GEOC .*l',,.:What,s,h eas, byLindaThistle_. ! ennnost state capital in the United Solution below - ~ States'? 2. MUSIC: What country was the 7 1 group ABBA from? 3. MOVIES: In what movie was ~- ~~ the character of,lohn McClane intro- 1 4 E[ ~ , wl~.d duced? 4. LITERATURE: The line "'Fools , Amber Waves byDave T. Phipos rush ill where angels fear to tread" was 1 ) written by which peer? 4 l 3 ) wF r DE 5. FOOD & DRINK: Where did the potato originate? 5 7 6. SCIENCE: Sunlight exposure on bare skin can help to fonn which vita- min'? 7. GENERALKNOWLEDGE: How many minutes are in one degree oflon= i gitude or latitude? 6 1 , 8. ADVERTISEMENTS: What product's advertising campaign declared that its consumption was 3 7 } 9 . i "The Right Thing To Do'"? , 9. SPORTS: How many periods are in a National Hockey League game?1 8 ) 10. TELEVISION: What was the frerunner f PBS' the natinal public! ] ] I ] ] 11] ibradcasting service? 6 1 ;), ', Answers '2.1'Augusta'sweden Maine Plt~:t ~2uT~:wr ~Gtr'oe::~;Yh ~;/:Sl~l~r'l;:wC~ ~n~ay 3. 'Die Hard" 4 POpe 5. South America 6. Vitamin D 7.60 , 8. QuakerOats 9. Three 10. National Educational Television orts " Md t; HOOOO C( '!eng'ng [IOut on a Limb by Gary Kopervas : 2016King FeaturesSynd., Inc. L . -. ' ..... r ( ,EY FgIEt, IP, qOU WANNA 1-CLL AAE AT d This weekly puzzle is brought to you by: II | , , | 'OJ'KE t;blr, lC. WiN ll&T EgPTY (,LASS l . I - ', A GLACI;D IX)NUT, AND WHY YOU'VE d l. When was the ast "me belbre T&A Seeds I L J - ing pitchers, over three consecutive I I Beach, ND ,,,, . games, recorded double-digit strike- oots? (701) 872-3248 ', 2. Of Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux iand John Smoltz, who recorded the ~ -------~----------- ,:,t,t: " , most victories for the Atlanta Braves'? ' 3. Duke Johnson became the all- time leader in career rushing yards J~[,~ Like Ca't~ & DO~ ~ ~IR~I~ r, (3,519) for the University of Miami THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME BY AL SCADUTO Weeky DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: Hurricanes in 2014 Who had been No, 1? 4. In 2015, Hassan Whiteside set the Miami lteat team mark with 12 blocked shots in a game. Who had held the record? 5. Who was the first New York Rangers player to tally 40 or more goals in an NHL season? 6. Penn State has won five of the past six NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships. What school was the other winner during that time period? 7. Jordan Spieth set a record at the 2015 Masters with 28 birdies in 72 holes. Who had held the mark? Answers I. It was September 1969 (Bob Veale, Bob Moose and Dock Ellis). 2. Glavine, 244 wins in 17 seasons with Atlanta; Smoltz, 210 wins in 20 seasons; Maddux, 194 wins in 11 sea- sons. 3. Ottis Anderson tallied 3,331 yards (1975-78). 4. Alonzo Mourning, with nine. 5. Andy Bathgate in the 1958-59 season. 6. Ohio State, in 2015. 7. Phil Mickelson had 25 birdies in 2001. Place a small stick-on hook on the back of the high chair to hang baby's bibs fi:om. This is a great way to make sure a bib or even a small washcloth is right where you need it at all times. "Tape off a tile on the floor mad give little kids a child-size broom. They can practice sweeping into the taped-offarea." -- W.1. in Arkansas A large lidded cereal container makes a great water-tight trash can for the car. Line it with a bag and snap on the lid. When the pour spout is closed, even runny messes are contained. Stick a paperclip on the end of your tape roll. Never look for the end again. gbSL6S9L Z~98g~6L 6gS8L 9L ZS698 g 59~gLL86 8Zg[6~8~9 6~L99g# JOAASUV -- N 4OQI'IS/IIHOON -- d g, DID YOU MEAN BY~HAT~ , ~ "--> ,,,,-, ,~ -,~ ~1/~oC~20"..-,t.,.-~'%o'r'l" I " r/" 6U ' .-4t/4 -- ~OVi~,ITO,I?,S,_. 774 W/-/AT: HoTH/ IG BY T VV 1. When .houses fike books7 ~~ ~~ ~~ Charles uarry ownsena 3. Why doesnl Sweden export ~ 3. c~?doesnl Sweden export ~~ A GIRLS NAMES PUZZLE I'.-1 ~ 4 Wha-tan)malisUresomely---- -|~]tll~ll~ I~ II I I= 1 I~ I~ I P I 1 P 1 ~ ~ka~ve? H ll II I I I I I I J I I I I I I ~7'& ~ adding to it'~ o o E]lllll il'l i I I II_.i a - it IIII/llllll/ '(slm~wnu u.u~ou) N 'g '(aooq) tt tz u _ I1 I I I I III III II III 'R Jeaq ettl 't : I ""LIRA .... ANEUVER ................ ~ I Below are 15 girls' names you'll need to i=,o,,..= I complete the puzzle gnd above. Use the before our lucky GI has to retum to base. You must replace " d .... thai-and-error metho the letters on his pass w~th the d)gits 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, IsO thet y~ have a crrect additiOn prblem' The same letters "L{~.4-~-~I ,,En~R s-,rr~. ~,E~R I get the same digits. Try to get the highest possible total. ~'~?'~ ~ ~ I NAMES NAMES NAMES C(~'~-J6 : L9L+ g/J-0) =S '~'~ '6=,d 'L=Q '9=N '~Pq4 'L=::I '8=M ue~suv Jno I ELLA ADELA ELLEN KARA AGNES LORNA A BLOCK PARTY! The stack of blocks pictured here spells out ~ KATE ANITA NORMA eight words. Seven of them have letters missing. These letters ~ LELA BELDA NYDIA are either "1"* or "O." Below are some hints: ~ _ DORIS OLIVE 1. Toward (given). 2. A small child. ~ TI~ ORIEL 3 A webfooted animal. 4. A small cave. ~ ,ff.j~w 5 A very useful plant. 6. A candy favorite ~ ~7~ " .~ 1. " ..~ l~ ' . ", =. ~ d~ 20 ~'~ '] 7: Protest by not buying. 8. An outlying settlement' ~~ ..... ~'3 "~LII'3seU~I/ZL 'elepV 'I.L "~UJO"I "0OO~ .... e uo "e^!lO "6 '~Je)l "~ '~PI~t "g "~ttUON "L (sso~ov) ;~;nO "R "goo~o8 Z ~lloJ) .n~OOL '9" ~ "~ o;1o~O "~ "JmlO 'g '~O.L "g 'O.L "L :m~suV :~ue~suv BI I BII ................. [)EADLINE!S The deadline for submitted copy and stories and all ad orders is noon on Fridays. 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