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June 6, 1957     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 6, 1957

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEEH SPLINTERS AND STICKS IN TORNADO WASTELAND School bus smashed upside down, ripped-apart roof and bed springs crumpled together. 19 KILLED and some 70 injured is the toll counted in Silverton, Tex., tornado havoc. This series of 'rnadoes followed flooding rains. (lnternational Soundhoto) : ,. I/oU00,00ood '1   t t V. By HARRISON CARROLL,.. . V 4 4t HOLLWOOIN--No more plcture, Prom Texas with four-year-old dau-! for Clark Gable this year after ghter Robin, her estranged husband, "Teacher's Pet," and,he hasn't even director Bruce Humberstone, was made a commitment for 1958. waiting at the airport. Gay says she After 27 years in the picture busi-, nees and 12 years on the stage be- fore that," he told me, "I think the time has come for me to"take it easy and do the things I want." Clark wondered into Lucey's alone and joined me for lunch. All he had was a bowl of soup and a mixed green salad. That,s all he ever has. he said. He eats very little break- fast, too, "but I belt down a real] meal at di/nner," he added, grinning. I On weekends, for fun, he goes out[ and does a little skeet shooting. He] gets in very little golf. I "Kathleen still can't do a lot of walking," he explained, "and I don't like to leave her alone." AFTER 11 YEARS of marriage. director Bud Boetticher and his wife, Emily, have separated. There have been rumors about them before but, this time, Emily confirms the split and says there probably will be a divorce. Bud is a colorful Hollywood fig- ure. He once went to Mexico and learned to be a bullfighter. He specializes in action pictures. WHEN Jayne Mansfield met the Maharajah of Baroda at the Albert had Humberstone's permission to take the child out of the state. Bruce, [ hear. maintains otherwise, and say have something to say about it t their coming divorce hearing. No vacation this summer for Julia Adams and Ray Danton. They've signed to do an eastern tour in the play, "A Hatful of Rain'," They'll leave their six-month-old son with Ray's father in New Rochelle. THE CROWD at the Palm Sprinp Ranch club roared with applause when young Dick Hay- rues, Jr., got up and took over the drums, Dick was with his mother, Joarme Dru And Joanne's escort again was Joe Klrkwood, Jr. DOLORES GRAY'S mother, Barb- ara injured a toe and had to have a minor operation, but she and Dol- ores still plan to drive two cars east, with a stopover at the Grand Canyon. In the cars with them will be seven French poodles. Once in New York, Dolores will plug her MGM picture, "Designing Woman." CESAR ROMERO'S opening at the Dunes in Las Vegas will be only his second visit to the Nevada re- sort. He'll get $70,000 for te engage- Body Sings." "I'll do more albums for them and also singles," she declares, "and I'm receiving the same percentage ol royalties as top stars." I asked 1Vfarie if Michael Wilding will be ringside when she opens her night club act at Reno. "I'll )e very much surprised if he isn't" she laughed. Marie's divorce from Harry Karl will be final in July. "How about you and Mike?" I asked. "Time enough to talk about that," she said "vChen I have my final decree." IF Cameron Mitchell is able to negotiate a non - explosive deal with 20th Century-Fox, he, direc- tor Andre De Toth and Plato Skouras will form their own film company, Cam tells me on the "Down Paylnent" set. He says the corporation will be registered in the tiny European principality of Liechtenstein Tax situation there, I under- stand, is very favorable HAPPENED after I left but, on the same set, Sheree North houledl off and slapped Tony Randall so I hard for a scene that she chipped a piece off one of his teeth and cut his tongue. His lips and cheek were so puffed out they had to apply ice packs. HAWAII gets the nod for June Allyson's vacation, ordered by doc- tors after her attack of bronchial pneumonia during the filming of "My Man Godfrey." She's booked passage on the Lur- line May 27. It all works out nicely, as it will allow June and husband Dick Pow- ell to be together. He'll be over there shooting his new film, '.The Enemy Below." ment. .. The Fred Clarks had to .GREGG .JUAREZ and his British Z:egSmwitfhSarn:ebyHe:goLlTnr  cancel, their reservations west. Be-heir?is; fbrind, a ::::'kareSgr  '-----,, ---"^-- ^n the tentate's nay venum's 15-year-old daughter, i ...... " "' uwmu uut,v.D u l. ID ,mdrxv,t n mranv nn. lamous Ola oonn arrymore plato co@t,  "pendectomy ..................... The ss'i'deurns sfll on Tower road. Those buttons would make er  *here when w "i  -sle- r  If Ginger Rogers says the word, lovely earrings, she Iraughed. [-ort,, t MmM o -,,nfer ,,,;th -r- I She can get a fat salary by gong Whereupon Ann Miller. who ]ucer  Pan ern   v,":]to Germany for the film, "This, Too, " " "" ' Is e" ' re came to the party with the ma- I prdp- Mnrre. Whltlna with[ LOV . She s adfng the scmpt harajah, purred, "You don't need " a--executiv'e'-lil-all"a'-'e C'res':'noiWners at the Little G" s- on the any buttons, near. en " w" o ' Jv y ,,rth ,M T ,, .... tie " "--n- [c do . . . Joy Windsor lth Le n-[Sunset Strip were entertained when ,, _ ................. [ a d Ackerman at Ye Little club .... I Javne Mansfield an u , and la =' "a couple for you" I:." D'? mv x, u""Y rmm,!the violin for almost an hour. Boy -- -.. . _ i wm lerman moael "ran orcnonlfriend Mickey Hargitay, of course The marajan, uncle of the a- at o ...... ] the C coanut Grove . . . Susan]wa s leading the applause narajah of oocn tsenar, wne ante Ha r h " " Was wed to Nancy Valtmtine, yward nasreturned to Georgia. MOST of John Wayne's pals ....... I n,.xw,n elatea zclarlel we-e oo-- '^ h H- ,i.., !.. . seenefl Io Love I all ,.. ........  . --ui, . .. .. . w. l iViconaia eus me she m signing a I hoonin right back to Enrlazl WHEN HolIywood beauty Gay [ three-year recording deal with RCA ,, rni   nrnd the, Humberstone stepped off the plane" Victor as a result of her album "The ,- "7 --' -- -, r- .......... ' [ tkne, grins John. 'I want to be in on the cutting and snoring or How to Use Moth Control Agents ] , , , . | Moth control agents, in crystal or spray form for protecting fabrics from moth damage, vary widely and homemakers need to know how to use them properly to obtain best results. These moth control agents--most of which contain paradichloro- benzene to do the real control job--work best in "sealed or semi- sealed containers such as cloth- ingbags, trunks, and boxes. Many homemakers place moth crystals in wool clothes only dur- ing the summer, although pro- tection is actually a year around job. Moths know no season in the modern day of well-heated homes. Moths in warm closets are as active during the winter as they are in the summer. Here is a list of simple rules for adequate moth protection: 1. Use moth control crystals or spray in sealed or semi-ealed containers. 2. Place crystals on top of clothing to be protected so the hav/er-than-air fumes will sink down among the clothes, Paradi- chlorobenzene will not stain clothes. $. Use moth control agents all year around fro, anything con- i taining wool, fur, feathers, or other animal-based materials. 4. Use at least 6 ounces of the ,control material in average-sized trunks (30x18x16 inches). It will last for approximately 10 weeks. 5. Have clothes cleaned prior to storage, but do not depend on just cleanliness to protect them from moth damage. e. Use paradichlorobenzene in ceder .hests because clothes al- ready contaminated with moths are as susceptible to damage as in any airtight box. The cedar cheat itself keeps out moths but will not control moths al- ready inside it. m 7ruth Be careful about using control agents in thin plas- tic bags. Some plastics soften ensiderably when in dense fumes. 'Legend of the Lost." On hib return, John won't have to do any more traveling until he files to Japan in July for "The Townsend Harris Story." His first trip there, lneldezttally. AUDIE lVTRPHY'S book, "To Hell and Back," printed in I4 lang- uages, is selling so well in Paris that he agreed to make two appear- ances there to sign autographed copies . . . Whether it lool like a hit or not, the John Ireland-Gloria Vanderbilt stage starred, "Stay Out and Play," will have only a few weeks' tryout engagement at Ando- ver, N. J. But if the drama shapes up, there'll be a Broadway opening in the fall , , , The ribbers are hav- ing fun at my expense. I didn't stop to think and picked Mexico's famous Fifth of May holiday to get away for a "quiet" weekend at the Rosarito Beach hotel . . . If Cesar Romero will take his nitery act'to Cuba, he can have a $60,000 guar- antee for a two-week engagement. Cesar's grandfather was one of Cuba's great patriots . . . So as not to be separated, Dewey Martin tells me, he and Peggy Lee turned down separate offers for Europe and New York . . . They are trying to lure Barry Fitzgerald, now living in Santa Barbara, to go to England to film "The O'Flynn Story"... U-I l told Jan Sterling she could have three days off from "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue" to fly to New York and celebrate her seventh wedding anniversary with husband Paul Douglas... Ann Blyth's three-year- old son, Tinny, fell down and knocked out a tooth. HOLLYWOOD--Though husband Vic Damone remained in San Fran- l cisco for the final few weeks of his engagement at the Fairmont hotel, [Pier Angeli returned here to arrange I moving into a new Bel Air home. I "For a while Vic and I thought we might give up our home here [and move east because of his TV ]work there," says Pier, "but we de- cided against it. The climate and J everything else are much better ]here for the baby." I In addition to being much larger, I the Damone's new home has a swimming pool. Incidentally, Pier is planning a baby shower for twin sister Marisa Pavin in the new home June 19, [which happens to be their birth- day. Now in Paris with husband Jean Pierre Tumont, Marisa in- formed Pier she was flying to Holly- i wood to await the birth of her baby early in August. Jean will wind up business affairs in the French capt- tal and join her here in July. WHEN the switchboard operator at the Hotel Sahara in Las Vegas awakened Donald O'Connor at nine ayem with a call from Anchorage, Alaska, he thought he was hearing things. The call was from Morton Farrell, a complete stranger to Donald. As it turns out, Farrell is a wealthy lumberman whose daughter Ellen, an O'Connor fan, was celebrating her 17th birthday the following day and as a special gift wanted most of all to meet him, With Donald's permission, Farrell i explained, he would accompany his daughter by plane to the desert re- sort the next day, meet him, then return to their northern home. Much to Donald's amazement, they did just that. Before returning to Alaska, however, the Farrells were the guests of Donald and his wife Gloria at his early show that even- ing. JERRY LEWIS has a special reason for wanting his wife Patti to accompany him to a recording session when he recorded "I Dream of You" for his coming album. "Thirteen and a half years ago I was in New York and out of work," says Jerry. "At that time Patti and I were just going to- gether. She was singing with Jim- ,my Dorsey at the time and one day asked me to accompany her to a recording session. The number she recorded was 'I dream of yOU. BACK from New York where she appeared on the Perry Como show, Peggy King claims to be the relaxed singer's number one fan. "Why, you wouldn't have thought he was a guest on ,my show instead of my being one on his," she says. "He's the nicest man I ever worked with." Peggy admits dating in the east but insists they were only friends. Her romance with musician Andre Previn is still in tune. She is on a new film, "Zero Hour," at Para- mount. EMBARRASSING experience for Denise Darcel during one of her frantic dance numbers in Los Vegas. n ' O e of her dancmg shoes shpped off and flew out into the audience and hit one of the customers on the head. M.ARIA BOLADO, Margo Al- bert's mother, who resides in Mex- ico City, visited son-in-law Eddie Albert on the set of "The Sun Also Rises" and landed a small lmrt in the fi]a. IN A 1V[OVE to concentrate on his new film company, Rorvic Pro- ductions, Rory Calhoun has sold his half interest in three rug compan- ies and is now negotiating the sale of his ranch in Ojai, Calif. He's starting "Hired Gun" at IVGM. NOBODY could be more enthused about a European holiday than Joan Fontaine. "The two boys and I leave June 15," says Joan. "We've rented a home three kilometers above Can- nes and overlooking the sea. It's an old mill which has been made over into a house and it's just beautiful. We'll stay there two months." E'v'A GABOR has leased Ava Gardner's Madrid home for two weeks next month after she fin- ishes "The Truth About Women" in London . . . As soon as she finishes "Until They Sail" at MGM, Piper Laurie is heading for New York where she'll concentrate on finding the right play in which to make her Broadway debut . . . The date parade: Merrilyn Hammond with Bob Kenaston at Jack's at the Beach. , , , Ed Wiener with Pat Mertens at the Sportsmen's Lodge .... Frank Sinatra with Natolie Wood at the Ginza. Stop Road Horrors DRIER WORKS ON CORN, GRAIN AND HAY CROPS Corn, small grain and hay can all be dried with the same drying equipment. If you are planning to buy drying equipment this year, get it earty en- ough for ue on all three crops. The suggestion is from A. H. Schulz, NDAC extension agricul- tural engineer. If you plan to combine your corn give some early thought to how this job will be done. Corn harvested with a corn combine must be dried before it can be placed in storage. For the farmer who wi]l feed his corn, unheated air drying will do an excellent job with a much low- er initial investment than is requir- ed for heated air equipment, Schulz says. During some late falls, tlis equipment may not dry the corn completely but it will dry it enough to make excellent feed and enough to prevertt spoilage during the winter months. Drying can be com- pleted in the spring. A blower that will dry corn with natural unheated air will also do an excellent job of drying small grains of hay. If you have a large volume o corn, or if you plan to sell your corn. you had better plan to either buy a heated air drier or have your corn dried at some elevator, Heated air driers suitable for corn are eguaLly suitable for hay or small grain. Many types of driers are available. Start early to determine the one that will suit your needs best. See your neighbors that have dried hay or corn, visit your county extension agent, andt see your dealers. All can help solve your drying problem. TALK ABOUT ATOMIC BLASTS JAMES REEVES (middle), manager of atomic tests in Nevad( talks with two of the foreign visitors invited to view the tests, in Las Vegas. They are Brig. Gen. Umberto Borla (left) of Italy and Maj. Gen, Heinz Trettner, Germany. (Internationa oundphoto) ARNASON NAMED UND MEDICAL BUSINESS OFFICER A. F. Arnason, who recently re- signed as commissioner of higher education, has been appointed busi- ness officer of the medical center at the University of North Dakota, President George W. Starcher an- nounced. Arnason will be concerned with business matters, associated with the new rehabilitation center, and with other business duties connected with the medical center, Starcher said. He is tentatively expected to begin his dtties Sept. 1. The rehabilitation center, current- ly under construction, is expected to be completed by November, 1957. It will be an outpatient clinic for handicapped persons of North Da- kota who are referred to it by physicians of the state. Miss Frances D. London began duties as exectuive director of the cener April 1. -Stop Road Horrors-- STORE WINTER CLOTHING PROPERLY Moths destroy enough wool each year to dress approximately one million people. This is called to at- tention by Julia E. Brekke, exten- sion clothing agent at NDAC. Remember these pointers when storing your winter clothing to pro- tect it from moths, Miss Brekke advises: "Clean all your woolens before storing. Moths are not attracted to manmade fibers, but are attracted to certain types or soil, Be sure to clean clothes made of synthetic the most widely used moth preven- tives. Use 1 pound for a closet 5 feet by 2 feet by 8 feet. With plastic bags, put the moth bars or crystals in a thin cloth bag so they won't touch the plastic. Place the container with moth balls or crys- tals at the top of closet or hag so vapors will filter down through the garments. Sprays are also effective. Read la- bels and follow instructions care- fully if you use them. Give protection to blends con- taining even a small amount of wool as moths can damage the fa- bric badly in getting to the wool. --Stop Road Horrors-- PSC INSPECPOR TO ATTEND MEETING J. C. Gull, chief inspector of the North Dakota public service com- mission department of weights and measures, and vice president of the national conference on weights and measures has been invited to pre- side at several sessions of the grotip's 42rid National Conference in Washington, D. C. June 2nd thru 7th. The national conference is a group of men elected from each state whose purpose is to unify the standards of measurements in all states according to the specifi. cations approved by the bureau of standards in Washington. As far as North Dakota is con- cerned, Gull said, we are up in the air as far as tle measurement of liquid gas is concerned. No stan- dard of measurement h yet been approved, however, we do have a matter that is quite accurate but cannot be used as a standard. I be- fibers also. lieve that this conference may re- ..... sult in the adoption of a standard "wasnable womens ca De maue I "u" moth repellent by treating themlmeasure for hId as. when they are rinsed. Otherwise, buy garments that have been dura- bly mothproofed and need no spec- 1 ial care in storing." [ When storing clothes, fasten all closings and hang on sturdy hang- ers, Miss Brekke suggests. Bags with zipper closures are more se- cure than those with other type closures. Plastic bags with heat sealed seams are more air tight than those with Plain seams. If se- wed, seams should be bound or fiat felled to keep vapor fumes frord escaping. "If you use a paper bag, plain or treated, it must be kept tightly sealed for complete protection, and moth preventives should be used," the clothing specialist say. Moth bals, cakes, or crystals are 22 FEET DOWN IN 10-INCH HOLE A flrenn and fellow rescue worker try to see the boy, trapped $2 feet down. The hole gets to only 10 Inches in diameter. Rescuers toil under lights, hampered by night and the crowd. HERE ARE SCENES of the nighttime, daytime effort to rescue 7-year- old Benjamin Hooper, Jr., from the lO-inch well into which ho slipped at Manorvllle, N. Y., a town of eastern Long island. Hope for him was slim when photos were made, but a parallel pt was being dug Just the same. (International Souudphotos)