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June 6, 1957     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 6, 1957

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEP. MOUNTAINTOP CHRISTMAS ISLAND, H-TEST SITE Oil Symposium Book Just Released Ii Jl COOK iSLANO. Y--------- II II LAGOON i II + .,,o, /I I. II I I tly "-" t " _ . t'acmc ; ++ + H00WA,00+ll L +- y , ,PHILIPPINES +00BIKINI = Members of the North Dakota :-' + + n++ ASC CI Eligibility geological society examine a copy  of the book "First Interna- m ---@.CHRISTMAS" arifies = "-  "=  "="  "|S _LAND tJona, Williston Basin Symposium' ND WK R +.+o. In eat eferendum .=;   __%_ % 200-page volume contains 28 pap- el, on Voter eligibility in the June 201 "g' e for price support their "=1"  -- --  : +,P.,-  .=- : 1 era and abstracts and hundreds wheat referendum was clarified entire production. =- "  Ocea- of illustrations. Among the Willis- this week by Fred Heidt, chair- Wheat growers who exceed their * I"  "==  '--" " =-- " man of the. Burleigh county agri- farm acreage allotment will be sub- - =   ..'- " ._ ""-:'---. tOngeologicalBasin detailil areaSare reviewedpoplar, Mi-in cmtural soiizamn ana conser- ject to marketing quota penalties =   - - vation committee, on their excess wheat if they have AUSTRALIA , - ":-'- - -z"-' r dale, Virden, Roselea, Alida, Cedar . .. , and Bottineau County. More than According to Heidt, all persons more than 15 acres of wheat for 500 copies have already been sold. are eligible to vote who will share harvest. Left to right are: A. J. Masson, in the 1958 wheat crop from a farm The penalty will be 45 per cent HERE ARE two cartographical views of C"hristmu island, where the British are holding hydrogen bomb Skelly Oil Sympo,lum co-chair- in the commercial wheat area on of the May 1, 1958 parity price. which the wheat acreage to be har- Growers who knowingly exceed tests in spite of Japanese objections on ground of safety. The 60-square-mile island actually is man; Ray Harrison, Cardinal Drill- hilly mmurdt of l,OOO-foot mountat 14,000 feet of which are ubmerged. Phosphate is product, ing, N. D. Society president; Jack vested, plus any acreage to be plac-their allotments will also be in- ed in the wheat acreage reserve!eligible for price support. Mills, Texas company, publications will total more than 15 acres. " If quotas are not approved, there 28 COUNTIES SET UP PATROL SUMMARY and two on county and township coordination; Joe Swartz, un Oil, "Such farmers are eligible to vote will be no restrictions on wheat WEED, CROPS TESTS LISTS EIGHT DEATHS roads. The seventh accident last chairman of the Symposium pro- even though their names are not markettngs. Twenty-eight North Dakota coun- The state highway patrol fatal ac- month occurred on a city or village gram committee; John Dyer, Pan- on the county ASC register," Heidt Allotments will remain in effect, ties are planning perennial weed cident summary for April lists eight street. American Petroleum; co-chairman; continued, i however, and wheat farmers who control demonstration plots, and 26 deaths and seven accidents, cam- Six of the accidents were non- and Currie Conrad. Williston Basin "Farmers eligible to vote include comply with their allotments will pared to 12 deaths and 11 accidents collisions. Four of the accidents oc- Oil Review, publications coordina- those who are entitled to share m be eligible for price supports at have ordered seed from NDAC to for April of last year. curred in daylight, two "In dar- tion. stage crop variety demonstrations the proceeds of the wheat crop as 50 per cent of the parity rate, $1.19 during the 1957 growing season, re- Until the beginning of this month, ness, and one at dusk. Five acci-i The papers were originally pre- owner-operator, cash tenant, stan- per bushel. ports L. A. Jensen, NDAC extension there have been 20 persons killed dents occurred during clear weather, ! sented by their authors in Bismarck, ding rent or fixed rent tenant, land- -------Stop Road Horrorl------ agronomist in 19 accidents so far this year+ one during cloudy weather, and one  North Dakota at the first Interna- lord of a share tenant, share tenant NON-FARM EMPLOYMENT Compared to 25 deaths and 24 acei- during rain. tional Symposium which was span- or sharecropper. INCREASES BY 900 Chemicals provided for this year's dents for the same period last year. The fatalities last month occurred sored jointly by the North Dakota "The following will also be Approximately 900 North Dakoo weed control demonstrations on Clark Monroe, supt. of the patrol, in the following counties: Dickey. Geological Society and the Sa- eligible to vote; A guardian, ad- tans in other than agriculture went crop and pasture lands include Ran- reports that seven of the eight vic: Ransom, Richland, Traill, Ward (3) skatchewan Geological Society. The ministrator executor or trustee who back to work between mid-February dox, Amino Triazole and Dalapon. tins last month were driving re- and Willimns. book can be ordered for $7.50 from engaged in the production ol and mid-March, the unemployment The plots are intended to supplement hicles. All eight deaths were males. .Stop Road Horrors-------- the Book Division, Conrad Publish- wheat. But the person for whom compensation division and the North county weed control programs al- The lone victim who v-as not a PROTECT AGAINST ing co., Bismarck. he is acting will not be eligible to Dakota employment service report- ready in operation, driver was a pedestrian. POULTRY DISEASE --.stop Road Horrors---,--- vote. ed. ltl Now is the time to watch for co- Bad driving conditions prevailed Heidt said that if a farmer's The seasonal increases, the serv- Randox controls annual grasses in Average age of persons killed lccidiosis in your young chicks and in less than 15 per cent of the fatal eligibility to vote cannot be pro,, +- ices said, brought total nonfarm corn and soybeans and has some month was 47.7, compared to promise for wild oat control. Amino average of 38 for April, last year. poults, warns Dr. R. F. Shumard, highway accidents in the U. S. in ed immediately, he may neverthe- employment up to 111,160 as of mid- Triazole is being recommended as assistant parasitologist at .NDAC 1956. less vote a "challenged" ballot. If March. Trade, construction, service an effective spot control measure Average age of drivers involved The birds are most susceptible to ----..Stop Road Horrors--------- the farmer is then judger eligible and manufacturing industries ae- for Canada thistle. It has also in accidents was 53.8 last month, this disease between the fourth and Ground sprayers correctly adjus- his vote will be tabulated as valid, counted for most of the rise. Non- shown some promise on leafy spurge compared to 31.5 for April, last seventh weeks of life. ted for spraying weed chemicals are The determination must be made farm employment in North Dakota also set for applying grasshopper within four day s after the referen- in 1%arch was running two pro" cent and o pe_rennia] Dalapon s year. . To control coccidiosts, 'says DP. poison, according to NDAC entom- dum date, " recomnnded for annual grass con- Two deaths +occurred on U. S. Shumard, follow good sanitation ologists, ahead of the level of a year before. trol, including wild oats in sugar highways, two on state highways, methods and either feed or include North Dakota's wheat growers -.----.sto Road Horrors------- beets and quackgrass in sumrder- fallow; a good eoceidJostat in the water. Do will join their counterparts acrom Adams county paid 484,121.23 in not rely to heavily on drugs, as no the nation in the wheat referendum sales and use tax during 1956, which In the crop variety demonstration drug will ever take the place of to vote on 1958 crop wheat market- program, soybeans are being in- adequate sanitation, ing quotas, was .62 per cent of the state total, eluded for the first time in counties If you do not feed a coceidiostat The support rate proposed by the and which amounted to $17.13 per person in that county. where the crop has a commercial or put one in the drinking water at secretary of agriculture for the 1958 ------top Road Horrors------ acreage. The new flax variety, Bol- all times, be on the watch for the crop is set at a minimum of $1.78 Barnes county paid $306,594.91 in ley, is also being released for den- slow, droopy bird and for blood in a bushel, compared with $2 in 1966 sales and use tax during 1956, which onstration purposes, the droppings, and 1957. was 2.26 per cent of the state total, Jensen points out that the crop Medication for infected birds is 2 ! If farmers are to receive the sup- and which amounted to $18.16 per variety demonstrations have proved best given in the water as most birds : port of $1.78 per bushel they must person in that county. an effective way to direct attention will drink but will not eat during  stay within the quotas set up hy . _ to recommended varieties. The farm- the disease.  the department. North Dakota's er-coopern+tor contributes the land Coccidiosis is a strange disease in acreage allotment, for 1958 is 7,309 and labor. Recommended varieties of several ways, says Dr. Shumard 992 acres, down 17,864 acres from wheat, durum, barley, oats, flax because chickens and turkeys are this year. and soybeans are being planted, not infected by the same eoccidia. This is the fifth successive year These variety plots ar "demon- -------Stop Road HorrorJ------- DON'T in which wheat quotas have been strations', and not experiments, Grain sorghum can yield well de- proclaimed. The proclamation o! Jensenemphasizes. They won't be spite littlerainfallduringthegrow- JAYWALK ouo,a.=u.*o=.e,,o=.o harvested for yield determinations, ing season--+if the soil holds enough retary of .Agriculture when the They do give farmers a good oppor- water at planting time. wheat supply is 20 per cent or tunity to see how these varieties look + more above nomal. This year's sup- when grown side by side in, the IT CAN 'KILL' AN ENEMY PLANE 300 MILES AWAY ply is 5+ per cent above normal. same field. Demonstrations are span- At least two-thirds of the nation's sored by count.4 crop improvement producers voting in the referendum I associations and other interested 1o- must approve quotas before they can ' cal groups, be put into effect. Individual farm I All demonstrations will be well quotas generally will be the actual I production from the farm's wheat I labeled. Farmers are invited to stop , acreage allotment. I and look them over throughout the growing season. They will also be Should the quotas be approved j included as important stops on coun- wheat growers who comply will be y tours. .Stop Road Horrors.-- Lake Marocaibo, Veneer 00-Ia GNDA NAMES THREE DIRECTORS Three new members have been named to the board of directors c the Greater North Dakota Assn. GNDA President E. E. Simonson ol Fargo has announced. They are R. A. Grant, owner and .manager of a real estate firm in ott; Edgar A. Berg of Grand Forks, engaged in business manage- ment, and H. H. Herberger, secre- tary-reasurer of Herberger, Inc., de- partment stores and manager of the Grand Forks store. "-----------Stop Road Horrors---.--- Lake Maracaibo, in the western part of Venezuela, is one of the world' richest oil basins. Oil derricks rise above the lake in a geometric pattern that stretches as far as the eye can see. The lake is about the size of Lake Erie and many of these oil derricks are on pilings in water 100 eet deep." In firing position. Leaving launching pad. Insl rer rJ.llgo Creole Petroleum Corporation, Venezuelan affiliate of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) is +a major producer of THE U. $. AIR FORCE has awarded a contract for production models of this, the first long range antt- oil and has more than 2,000 derricks in the lake. A vast neto aircraft missile. It's the Boeing IM99 Bomarc, in action at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. The Bomarc work of pipelines under the water ts required to handle the touted to travel at 1,600 miles an hour and is capable of shooting down enemy bombers as far flow of oil for the wells. Venezuela is the world's largest away as 300 miles. It is rocket-launched, then two ramjet engines take over. The Bomarc can utilize exporter of crude oil and is traditionally a good ally and "",,--, ,,,.,, either conventional or atomic qlosives. (lnternationaloundphotoe) customer of the United States.