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June 16, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 16, 1960

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THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 1960 NOTICE OF PRIMARY ELECTION AND SPECIAL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday. June 28, 1960 at the pflliritg laces in the various precinc s Itahe County of Billings, State of North Dakota. a Primary Election WIH _be held for the election of State. Dis— trict and County Officers. which election will be opened at nine o‘clock M., and will continue open until seven o’clock P. of that “Shea at Medora, ugh Dakota "this 7th (is of June. . y Daniel Osadchuk County Auditor Billings County (June 16-23) LII? or m AID V drum I com: Dom DAKOTA The tollowinz are the heroes 0! th preclum oi the of Bill- . State of Northd m. 1mm err-no included an Maegan“ place within each pn- cinct. ‘=‘ ’ l r (SEAL) , , on or -— earner!- flung: : townships 143 1“ , ‘10: and the went, I: of 1’43 and 144 Donn 101. Vomit! pglace at the Joel: Con- neli residence, Section 1. Twp. 143 Range 108. - HAIL PRECINCT -— Cam n: o! wnahipl'I-fl and I“ IN $Tghe east half or! ‘ 103 144 Ran 101. Voting place 0 In“: achoolhoti'aee in Section 3. Town- ship 143 Route 100. KNIFE RIVER PRECINCI‘ -— Com- rixing all of Township 143 and 1M 99. Voting place It the Pair- ileld Schoolhouse in Section a Town— 31119143381163“. SNOW PRECINCT ——- Comprising all of Townships 143 and 144 Range 98. Voting place at the Joint Schoolhouse in Section 7 Township 143 Range 98. INDIAN SPRINGS PRECINCT-£01m prising all of 'I‘ovmship 142 Range and east half of Township 142 Range 99. Voting place at the school house. on Section 32 Township 142 Range $8. , PIONEER PRECINCT — Comprising the west half of township 14.2 Range 99. all of Township 142 Range 100 and the east half of Township 142 Range 101. Voting place at the Gor- horn Schoolhouse on Section 11, Township 142. Range 100. GREEN RIVER PRECINCT Com- prising all of Township 141 Range 98. Voting place at the Olienyk schoolhouse in Section 27 Township 141 Range 98. SADDLE BUTI‘E PRECINCT ——- Com— prising all of Township 141. Range 99 and all of Township 141 Range 100. Voting place at the 'I‘ruelson schoolhouse in Section 35. Town- ship 1441 Range 99. NEUENS PRECINCT ——- Comprising all of Townships 141 Range 101 the. west half of the Township 142 Range 101 and all of Townships 141 and. 142 Range 102. Voting place at the James Stevens Ranch in Section 6' Township 141 Range 101. MEDORA TOWNSHIP PRECINCT —— Comprising all of Township 140 Range 103 outside of the Village of Me. dora. Voting place is at the Billings County Courthouse in Medora, D. MEDORA VILLAGE PRECINCT ——— Comprising all of the area which lies within the village of Medora. Voting place is at the Medora Village Hall, Medoro, North Dakota. FRYBURG PRECINCT —~ Comprising all of Township 139 and 140 Range 100 and all of Townships 139 and 140 Range 101. Voting place at the Town Hall in Fryburg, N. Dak. TRACY PRECINCT ~ Comprising all of Townships 137 and 138 Range 100 and all of Township 138 Range 101; Voting place at the Rocky Ridge schoolhouse in Section 16. Township 138 Range 100. CUSTER PRIXZINCT Comprising all or Townships 138 and 139 Range 002. Voting place at the Chimney Butte Schoolhouse in Section 31, Township 139 Range 102. HANLY-PRECINC'I‘ —- Comprising all of Townships 137‘Range 101 and 102. Voting place at the Morris Gerbig Ranchhouse in Section 30 Township 137 Range 101. The foregoing is a true and cor- rect list of. the voting precincts with the boundaries and polling places thereof as designated by the Board of County Commissioners 01 Billing; County. North Dakota. Dated at Medora. North “Dakota this 7th day oi! June. 1960. Daniel Osadchuk County Auditor Billings County, North Dakota June 16-23 '. DEPARTMENT or STATE 7 Bismarck. North Dakota To County Auditors: 1. Ben Meier. Secretary '01 State of the, State at North Dakota. in accord- ig vggh foctgon 18-04111. N (D R C _. ere y certify and give notice them on Tuesday, June 28. 1960. a ry Election will be held tor the purpose of nominating candidates :lor the following offices and a Special Election will be held to elect a United States Senator as follows: PARTY NOWATIONS Wilson and Democratic Parties for Oongnessional. Legislative and State omces ' Senator One -—- Unexpired term Wentativeo in Congress - at large State Senator One in each odd numbered Legis- lative District Members 01 House of Representatives Q $13 per Section 5443301. tN.D-R.C. Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary or State State Auditor State Treasurer Attorney General Oonmissloner of Insurance Cobrgrmissioner of Agriculture & La- ‘ Public Service Commas: "seesaw. \ an ‘ ‘ oea Judges 01 the supreme Court ooe'—- new” Term Oho - Une red Torin Judges moi mg’qéiagic‘c Court m 68¢ superintendent of Public mil-action coon-i"? W. Clark at outs-let. «peed; . Ensign-ham. Ta Wégmmuu schools ' loos than mi THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. DAR. (they District. The Following Constitutional Amend- ments, and Referred Measure, will be submited at this Primary Hection and a Publicity Pamphlet will heirs. ‘sued in. Compliance with SOCth 16-1901. D. .C. 1943: Senate Concurrent Resolution “A” Authorization for separate depart- ment 04,:Labor. ._ _ ; u House"0oncun‘em Resolution ‘J Sale 0:! Original Grant School Lands; Senate. Concurrent Resolution_“M Legislative ‘Rleapportionment. Senate," Concurrent Resolution "C—-C"..v1- Wile, 10rPublic High- ways. " '. 5. Roderendumtoiv House Bill No. 537, Gautier 1%.“1959 S.: —— Small loans Act. '~ 4. In Witnessl'Whereoi. I have ho‘h- , affixed the at... the city unto set my hand and Great Seal of the State Dakota at e Capitol in of Bisrna‘rc ‘.“'thi§‘r"lleventh 611me ‘1”. i A ril, pa.» Moler~~ , retary o1 State (sun) -. ‘;\'fp¥,§n¢:‘:1wl ~-. -.) murmur:an 9? mo Carmen's-mt...“ nominooo to be voted. torn atfithe Primary Election to beheld in-the several voting pre- cinéts‘oil Billings'County, North Da- kota. on .Jllnq, 38. 096,0. A sum Name TED CORNELL Address Medora, North Dakota COUNTY AUDITOR Name DANIEL OSADCHUX Address Mcdora, North Dakota COUNTY TREASURER Name WALTER CHRISTENSEN Address Medoro. North Dakota CLERK OI" THE DISTRICT COURT Name Address REGISTER OF DEEDS Nome ALICE L. LEBO Address . Medora; North Dakota STA‘T‘E'S ATTORNEY Name WM. W. EICIIHORST Address; , Medora. North Dakota COUNTY JUDGE l Name Addres ‘ f, 300m SUPT. OF SCHOOLS [Name CAROL MCBRIDE Address Medora, North Dakota COUNTY CORONBB if .3. Name Address COUNTY COMMISSIONER lst District Na me NORMAN HANSON Address Fairfleld. N. Dak. Name GEORGE KADRMAS Address . Fairfield. Dak. Name ‘M. Malkowski Address Fairfield, N. Dak. COUNTY COMMISSIONER 3rd prune: Name V EARL F.» JOUBERT Address Belfield. N. Dak. ASSESSOR lei DIST None Filed ‘ ASSESSOR 2nd DIST Name MARK GRESZ Address Fair-field. N rth Dakota A88}: SOB 3rd DIST None Filed ; courrrv JUSTICES OF THE PEACE None Fl! . ‘ CO CONSTABLES None Film i PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR None Filed ., lair. newsrnpsn OFPIC None Filed “DIRECTOR GARBISON INVERSION CONSERVANCY DISTRICT None Files , STATE OF. NORTH DAKOTA ) i so County .ofiBill-lnmi ) I. Daniel Osadchuk, County Audi- tor of Billings County, North Dakota. do hereby. y-.,that the foregoing is a true‘ correct list of the gameshand addrgsstes 0! all persons r wo no a on papers ave been tixIx‘ed; 12» County Offices according ltolthge several petition: on file in my office. Dated at Medora. N. Dak,, this 23rd dart oi: M92“ 1960. ' DaniellOso‘dchuk County Auditor illirli‘gs; County . .r’in 9' «a! v'w. 1;?F'D‘S‘EATE re , . . To County : I‘ll -_ In one , with Section 1641412 and Section 16-0504, .1957 Supplement to N. D. It. C. 104.3. Ben Meier. Sec- rotary hereby certify that the iollorwiua names, paetoflioe ad- dresses and party Principles 0! per- sons tor whom petitions for nomina- tion have been. filed in this office. I further-mortifyflmt the petitions mentioned"'ha-ve been filed in con- formity with the statutes governing Special Elections and the names are entitled to be placed upon the ot- flcial Specials‘Election Ballot to be voted on at the Special Election to be {held on;June 28, 1960. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great ‘Seal' at the State or: North Dakota at the Capitol in the City of Bismarck. this 4th day of June. 1960. STATES SENATOR JOHN DAVIS I‘Repcc" ) u n UEN'I'IJN BURDICK Fargo (Democraticy . l.“ amen GGARD (Law Le. er)? lem ‘ (Individual Nomination) EUGENE VAN mm HOEVEN (Independent Non-Partisan) (Individual: Nomination) North Billing: County CERTIFICATE OF NOMINATIONS LEGISLATIVE OFFICES Certified list of nominees to be voted nor at the Primary Election to be held in the several voting pre— cincts of Billings County, North Da~ kota, on June 28th, 1960. REPUBLICAN STATE SENATOR 3m: DISTRICT NAME: LELAND ROEN ADDRESS: . {Bowman N. Dak. lumen OI" HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ~J§th District many to be elected bw AzR. mum ADDRESS: Beach. North Dakota NAME: WILLIAM (BILL) O'CONNELL ADDRESS: Beli‘ield, N. Dak. NAME: NICK scrum ADDRESS: New England, North Dakota oneoctun STATE SENATOR an: District NAIWE JACK BALLARD ADDRESS: Beach, North Dakota MEMBER OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 39111 Dktflbt How many to be elected 3 NAME: C. W. “CHUCK” FRIES ADDRESS: ,‘ Scranton, N. Dak. NAME: STANLEY J. MAIXNER ADDRESS: Bowman, Dak. NAME: M. C. TESCHER ADDRESS: Sentinel Butte, Dak. STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA )) I County of Billings ) 1, Daniel Osadchuk. County Audi- tor of Billings- County, North Dakota, do hereby certin that the foregoing is a true and correct list of the names and addresses of all persons for whom nomination pap- ers hare been filed for Legislative Offices,.'according to the several pet- itions on file in my office. Dated at Medora. North Dakota. this 23rd gavnf May, 1960. 'hifwwu3mnfel Osadchuk County Auditor Billings County Dak. (June 16—23) DEPARTMENT OF STATE Bismarck. N. Dak. To County Auditors: In accordance with Section 16-0412 of 1957 Supplement to the N. C! 11943. I, Ben Meier. State do hereby certify that Secretary of the following names. Postoffice address: pagauon Of the Faith: Roman and Party Principles of persons, shown under-whesoective office ides- Iigna‘tions. for whom petitions for nomination have been filed in this offiice. I further certify that the petitions mentioned have been filed in con- formity with the statutes governing primary elections and the names are ficial Primary Election Ballot to be voted on at the primary election to be held on June 28. 1960. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State of North Bismarck. North Dakota, this 23rd day of May, 1960. (GREAT SEAL) , Ben Meier Secretary or State REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS WILLIAM MILLS Bismarck HJALMAR C. NYGAARD Enderlin DON=L. SHORT Medora ROGER VORACHEK Lankin GOVERNOR DAHL Cooperstown ORRIS G. NORDI-IOUGEN Leeds LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ORVILLE HAGEN Arnegard BRYCE STREIBEL Fessenden SECRETARY OF STATE BEN MEIER Napoleon STAT}: AUDITOR CURTIS OLSON Valley City STATE TREASURER JOHN R. ERICKSON Bismarck , ATTORNEY G LESLIE BURGUM James wn ‘OOMNISSIONER or INSURANCE A. Jensen Imam? Ol' AGRICUL ‘ m: HATE DAHL ' Hazelton PUBLIC SERVICE corners-tom RIGIARJD J. THOMPSON Underwood REPRESENTDEMOCMIIIIC N CO 63858 ANSON .l' Bismarck ‘ RAYMOND VENDSEL Carpio GOVERNOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR LAVERN SCHOEDER Reeder SECRETARY OI" STAT LLOYD OMDAHL 3 Bismarck AUDITOR STATE moon-N Roseglen STATE TREASURER DON’T MISS Eye Witness Report! ;What really happened at the NFL Convention. Hear Elko Palani 5‘ State Executive .Memhbr. iNo PartisaniLéme uk ‘. Saturday Evening, lune gatherswo ‘ 1 2,..KDIX , IV. 1.. F55 ‘Channe entitled to be placed upon the of-l Dakota at the Capitol in the City of! I“ ALBERT HEIDE Crosby ATTORNEY GENERAL CHARLES MURPHY Mandan COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE IDON SLOAN Lakota COMM'R OF AGRICULTURE a: LABOR BRUCE HAGEN Devils Lake PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER RALPH DEW'ING Columbus NO PARTY JUDGE 01' Tim 80PM COURT Regular 'Ilerm. OBER'I" C. TIEGEN Bismarck JUDGE or THE SUPREME corner Unexpired Term ALVIN C. S'I‘RU'I‘Z Bismarck , man or Tm: DISTRICT C Is: Judicial District ROY K. REDE'I‘ZKE Fargo 2nd Judicial District" ROLAND MGR Busby K. SWAN‘SON our G] N. Bottineau 3rd Judicial District 4th Judicial District M. C. FREDRICKS Jamestown THOMAS W. NIELSEN Bismarck HARRY E. RI'I'PGms Jamestown 5th Judicial District EUGENE BURDICK Williston 6th Judicial District EMIL GEESE Hettinger SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION I". PETERSON Bismarck TAX COMMISSIONER J. ARTHUR ENGEN Finley JOHN LEIER Esmond June 16-23 ' NOTICE HEARING PETITION FOR PROOF AND PROBATE OF FOREIGN WILL }STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA :COUNTY OF BILLINGS ( )ss ( IN THE MATTER OF' THE ESTATE OF ELIZABETH PAQUIN. Deceased Edwin C. Boehler, ) Petitioner l vs. ) Hazel Kraft; Josephine) Hurter; St. John's Catholic ) Seminary; Jocelyn Bodner; ) Catholic Foreign Mission 80- ) ciety of America. 11101.: St.) Columbans Foreign Mission Society; Societv for the Pro- 1 Catholic Archbishop of the lA’rchdiocesoe of Los Angeles, a corp. sole: Nazarath House for Aged Women; Catherine Gansen: Julia Snow: St. Fran- cis Monastery of Loretta. Penn; Benedictine Fathers of Benet Lake. Wis; Servants of Mary: Eugene Gansem :Walter Gansen: Mary Gan— sen: George Gansen: Mild- red Reddard; Norman Hur- ter: Julia Moses; George Hur- ter. Jr.: Viola Brown: Mit— chell Bodner; Lyndall Blo- baum; Lorraine Weiss: J. Francis A. McIntyre; Rev. Maurice J. Ryan: Catholic Near East Association; Mar- garet Kraft; Harold Gansen; James Gansen: Joseph Gan— sen; Veronica Zonca: John Carmen: William Gansen; Ddoris Namah; Mary Ann Val- la e: Vv“V‘wvvvvvvvvvvwv’vVVVVVVVVVV r Respondents 1 THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ElgTS’I‘HE ABOVE NAMED RESPOND- You and each of you are hereby notified that a petition has been fil- ed in this Court for the proof and probate of the Last Will and Test- ament of Elizabeth Paquin, and for the appointment of Edwin C. Boeh- ler as the executor thereof; The late residence of the owner of said estate was in the City 01 Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State of California; and that the petition will be heard at the office of the County Jud at the Court House in the Villa of Medora, in the county of Billings and State of North Dakota on the 7th day of July. 1960 at the hour of 10:00 o'clock in the torenoon at that day, or In; sucltri mxmuent time or oth- er. o w said hearing may “ odioumed or transferred, at which time and place on may be heaédr in! you wish. L SERVICE OF THIS NOTICE BE MADE As REQUIRED BY LAW. BY TH COURT: Alice Lebo Judge of the County Court. (June 1&23) -—_.__._._..___.____ Work safely—live longer; care- lessness can kill you! ELECT DAVIS UNITED STATES SENATOR (Pol. “V. l aloud and Rep. Contr- Comm.. J Executive Director.) Vote For LAWRENCE BOWMAN Independent Candidaie for State Representative 3911: Legislative District , II nominated and elected assure the voters that I will work for the best interests or! the 39111 Legislative Your vote and support will be (at P01. luv.) ll. I" I M: “VINO-,0 BUTTE? l i IN COUNTY COURT ’ Dated this 14th day or June, 1960. day. J1me 28. 0960. .V SADDLE BALLOT "Buy Dakota Maid. Flour” BILLINGS DEMOCRAT PRIMARY ELECTION BALLOT TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 1960 Put a crime mark (1!) oppoeiio the name of the candidate for whom you wish to vote. OFFICE . CANDIDATES Vote for Two Names Only ANSON J. ANDERSON REPRESENTATIVES RAYMOND vm a nt 56mm: ,tl I . Vote for One;Nm‘ Oan‘ srn'rs SENATOR V , JACK 13mm . . a Vote for 'I'hree' Names} I'Only (ET—w. (CHUCK). rams D ,mnms or s'rmav J. D House or REPRESENTATIVES mscrmn‘ {3 88th District ~—~—U In vote for, One Name Only GOVERNOR WILLIAM GUY El I. Vote for One Name Only LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR LAVERN SCHOEDER a“; Vote for One Name Only '6’“ YD B. OWLDAHL SECRETARY OF STATE Vote for One Name Only STATE AUDITOR WELDON HAUGH‘I El m Vote for One Name Only STATE TREASURER ALBERT HEIDE M U I Vote for One Name Only ATTORNEY GENERAL CHARLES MURPHY U —-——-—-—_____ E] COMMISSIONER OF Vote for One Name Only msmCz DON SLOAN, D M D \ 'Vote for One Name Only COMISSIONER OP AGRICULTURE AND LABOR BRUCE 'HAGEN M E] Vote for One Name only PUBLIC smvxca com Issm’mn RALPH DEWING D ——_~___________ STATE OF N . NORTH DAKOTA ) ) so COUNTY OF BILLINGS ) I, Daniel Osadohuk, County Auditor of Billings County. North Dakota. do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and con-act list orthenomineestobevotedforatthel’rimarymectionto various voting precincts of Billings County, North Dakota, Daniel Osadchuk County Audit/or Billings County, North Dakota. (SEAL) '* ' Pioneer Want Ads Bring Results! NOTICE To the Voters of BILLIN GS COUNTY I am a candidate for the office of County Superintendent of Schools. You I can vote for me by using a sticker or "writing in my name on the Primarnyo Party Ballot. I have had 11 years of teaching, 4 of which have been in Billings County. I can meet the educational require- ments by Jan. 1, 1961. Your vote and support will be appreciated. P E A R L, Z-el LISA “0 R F Pol. adv. sponsored and paid for, by, Pearl medal-1‘ .. .i be held at the. r? l on Tues-» f“ .n-x. .9: >“¢"v‘ $N‘ 1' "v -.«-«,- .t ~21—Vr*-.“ :r‘lxv.+igr:'§}< =4 ‘2» coir: . 979» g»