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June 16, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 16, 1960

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# BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER iiZ!iiiii:i!ii CHANC~ O= COMMAND IN TURKEY--~oldiers stand his overthrow of Premier Adnan Menderes. The guard at the aeadquarters in Istanbul of Gem]latter leaves a small plane (right) under guard Cemel Gursc ,fter he assumed powers of Presi- for exile on Yassiada Island in the Marmara Sea dent. Premm: Minister of Defense and command with other members of his regime. Gurcel has of the armed [orccs in Turkey. Gurcel reportedly promised an early return of the government to acted in response to support by the people of civilian control and has freed political ~prisoners. 1 Tavcees Plan' Sent to " -ow0rks'Event Bismarck Civil Defense Director I shovld be made ready. In the event Robert P. Miller has issued an in-, of tornados, stay away from win- The Bismarck Jaycees will again formation sheet t~ all Bismarck citi- ] dows. The southwest corner of the sponsor a fireworks display July 4 zeus, urgin~ "family readiness" forI basement offers the greatest pro- at the new Dacotah Speedway track [three miles east of Bismarck on emergencies . tection. Persons living in brick or l old U. S. Highway No. 10. civil def ,; se pomt, ets sto,e houses should seek other shel- abl; a' City Itall" he s'~'id 'I ter, preferably a storm cellar or the The evening will start at 6:30t The hlformation sheet covers :~uc}l! i:;;~nl~::ltshfu; :~ft~tllihf ;lsSe' t~d p.m. with stock car racing. The I fireworks will begin when it gets su.bjects as: ] t . . L . " ~ s on the t dark and will be followed bv more 1 "ALEtIT" Signal- steady blast I ento:C;tl:'::atd-2jPe;lidl[s ;~;n h2use may " " ' auto racm~. There wtll be no ad-l for three minutes on the civil de- : ' ~ I ;nission charge for the fireworks dis- I fense siren. ,The city commissionthe siren tne)flPm.Hfllr~'ct't~eg, tornado damage to has ordered a study of I I 1jacka5 Dyvig. who has charge of cov(,rt:gc' in lhe city and estimates Downtown locations--.-stand tha~ adeq mte sirens for Bismarck against tt~e inside walls on the low- 1he fireworks, say the display willI would eos{ in the neighborhood of er floors of office buildings, to be "bigger and -better" this year. I on ~ civil defense siren installed on obtai,~ maximum protection. Nearly $700 is being spent on thet $10.000. At present the c~ty depends OStock basements with food, fireworks. the top of the Provident Life In-water, first aid supplies, a battery The fireworks will consist of both suranee Company building), radio, etc. for a two-week stay in "TAKE COVER" Signal.--a ease of radioactive fallout. three-minute wailing ton. One member of the family School action Children would I should take a Red Cross Home Nurs- be sent home if an Alert were ing or First Aid course. Blanche sounded They would be kept at I Stevens, Burleigh County Red Cross, were sounded" Each school has its can supply information regarding school if the "Take Cover" signal this free instruction, own civil defense plan. ~ Know your Conelrad stations--- Home precautions--A basementt 640 and 1240 on the dial when re- area for all members of the family~gular stations leave the air. Sidetracked Forever aerial and ground displays and will include everything from Sputnik to Old Faithful. the Niagara Falls to Old Glory. Dyvig has hopes that emblems of all seven service clubs can be displayed in the term of fireworks. The displays will be set off from the infield of the quartermile track. Ground-breaking Ceremonies at BJC Ground-Breaking ceremonies May thanking Harold Schafer for donat-I School Board President Harlan Er- 19 at the new Bismarck Junior Col- ing the land. which provides one of the most spectacular views in the skin, U. S. Judge George S. Hegister. lege site in northwest Bismarck area. State Rep. R Fay Brown and Gov. found BJC Dean Sidney J LeeI Among those pictured above areI John E. Davis. How They Suffer Through BJC Exams In an effort to avoid traffic snarls, special police will be on hand to direct the traffic. There were an estimated 7,000 automobiles at the speedway for last year's first fire- works display. BOUNTY RUL~ CHANGE POSTPONED INDEFINITELY The new "proof of kill" bounty regulaglons that were to have gone into effect May 9th have been Imet- poned indefinitely, according to Game and Fisn commissioner I. G. Bue. The proposed regulations would have required that t-~e lower jaw of any animal bountied be removed Classroom lectures were put :l like this in a SENTENCE? dim murmur in the mind too dim.flow can you pick a multiple perhaps for some who neverthless choice when there are so ,many crammed what they could aud born- statements that seem logical? " ed whatever midnight oil was still t No sound but an oecasmnal shuf- available to prepare themselves for fie of feet the creaking of a the Final Examination now in prn- classroom chair and a sigh from gress! somewhere in the back of the room. "I KNtEW I should have stud- died that chapter Who would have thought he'd ask THAT?. How can you answer a question USA" Down the hall. Chemistry Prof. "'Boots" Chaffee. fended off an eager student's attempt to whiedle out some test results. "Do you think I helped my lab average," the stu- dent asked. "Let's just say you placed within In front of its all, the professor, the general range," parried Chaffee, I E. Solberg, smiling benignly and shuffling the stack of test forms. patiently waiting to find out just Marks would be posted very soon, how much his students has ab- and that would signify the end of sorbed of "Economic Development- ~nother school year. Eight Entered in ;sh Contest Eight whoopers have been enter- ed thus fur in the Sioux Sporting Goods Fishin~ Contest. and will carp their re~pective capturers the up- in the presence of the local county propriate trophies, unless surpassed auditor, by fhe hunter and the by larger fish of the same species. lower jaws w3:fld have been re- Paul It. Shannon h~s entered v rained by the audito.r and disposed ten ounce Bluegill sunfish and a of. At the present time, the county three-pound, seven:ounce Rainbow auditor is to remove or trout. mutilate the cars of each beast Paul Skoropat has entered a 13- broug)ht in. At the request of the auditors,pound, two-ounce Northern pike. Alan Person has entered a nine this new regulation has been post- oound, one ounce Catfish, Bob poned. This is to gi~e the auditors Baumgartner a five-pound, 12 ounce time to come up wit2~ a better ~ol- Carp, Reuben Jose a one pound, 13- ution to the problem at hand, or de- ounce Sauger, and Ronald David an clde that the prop~;.~ed rules are eight-ounce Crappie. the best yet brought up. A tired old Minneapolis street car agcment finds quite interesting, if The regulation requiring that the headed for the "East Mpls. Station' inscrutable. The canvass roller bears entire carcass of each animal be for the last time several years ago and is now serving handsomely as such names as "Grand-Monroe", a bait shot> on Memorial highway. "Bloomington -- Col. Hts.", "Ran- Last remnant of zts ding-ding days t dolph--Mahtomedi", "Bryant to 54th is the canvass roll of streetcar --Penn", "Come -- Harriet" and names, which the bait shop man- other seemingly exotic destinations. taken fo the office of the county auditor is not new. It has been in affect for seveYal years, At present, auditors may not legally accept ears that already have been re- moved from predators for bounty. The propuseu change was to have done away with ~be bountying of the same animal in more than one state, in each of which a different WATCHED TIDAL WAVE HiT THEIR TOWN IN CHILE--Houses are ~.attered like toys in Corral, Chile, as some townspeople (circle) remain on a hillside. A huge tidal wave swept up the gorge and hit the town as an aftermath of severe earth- quake~ in Chile. Tremors also set off land.~du in the area. No entries have as Yet been re- ceived for Walleyes. Brook Trou" and Brown Trout, Perch. Bullhead and Bass --- and a good thing, too because the season on Bass doesn't open until Saturday, June llth! Here is a m~mmary of the rules: Fish must he caught in North Da- kota waters on legal tackle and brought to Sioux Sporting Goods ir Bismarck for weighing. Prize speci- mens must be left in the freezer portion of the animal is remove&at the store until the contest end~ However, the proposed rule will /~ug. 15th ,or until surpassed in not go into affect until furtherweight by another entry. notice. --~-- POLIO VACCINE TEM]PORARILY PLENTIFUL Supplies of unused polio vaccine reached a new high in April of this year, despite the fact that more than 90 million Americans still need to be vaccinated. Dr. Geroy ]~ Bo.rney, surgeon general of the public health ser- vice, reports that for the past four years there has been a vaccine sup- slus during spring and winter. This condition reverses and there T,'ophies will be given for eacl of eight game fish ~nd seven rough fish. LUNDRF~G API~OINTED LEGAL CONSULTANT Robert Lundberg, Bismarck. has ben appointed legal consultant for the welfare department's division of Children and Youth. reports Carlyle D. Onsrud. executive director of the Welfare Board L~ndberg succeeds the late Ernst Paul of Mandan. He will serve part-time as a con- sultant and advisor to the child wel- is always a severe shortage during fare program, including statutory the summer months when the oc- responsibilities in the adoption area, currence of polio reminds people I child placement, and work with dis- to get vaccinated, Dr. Burney sald. ltrict judges and juvenile commis- In 1959 the number of parolyticf polio eases increased 54 per cent lsi ners in the state, Onsrud said. over 1958 Eighty-two percent of the] --J-N- cases occurred in persons who had ASSIGNED TO KOItEA not been fully vaccinated. Army PFC Arlo M. Westerlind. Nearly one-half of all paralytic polio cases are pre-school age child ren. Despite this, there are still more than 4 million preschool age children who are not vaccin- ated Dr. Burney said the vaccine ls most effective If used before polio Is prevalent 41he sooner you are vaccinated, the greater will be your protection. '~ft is the third shot, due seven months al~er the first two. that ~ives the greatest protection." Dr. Burney decleared. A fourth shot given a year after the third, will gi~*e eve~ Srea~r prbteetion. son of Mrs. Atbena Westerlind, 813zl, Avenue C, Bismarck, recently ar- rived in Korea and is now assigned to the First Cavalry division. Westerlind. a rifleman m Corn- pany B of the division's Eigi~th Ca~- alry, entered the army last May and completed basic training az Fort Carson, Colo. The 24-year-old soldier is a 1954 graduate of Mercer Consolidated High school. American families spend more for dairy products on an average than for any other group of foods, excepl meat. Volcano near Puyehue spews smoke and lava. It Is one of many erupting in earthqultke aftermath. Photo was made by l,uiu Gonzalez. photographer for Santiago's ]El Mereurio. A gaping fissure blocks street of Puerto Montt, 80 per cent destroyed by earthquake. It lies near base of the Andes. DEATH TOLL RISING DAiLY--Aftermath of the series of earth quakes in Chile brings these photos as the toll of dead, miss lng and injured rises daily. The U.S. i~ airlifting aid, in, eluding whole field hospitals, to the nation, (Radiophotolt,~