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June 16, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 16, 1960

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OF STATE Bismarck. North Dakota -- To County Auditors: with Section 25, Constitution of the State of North Dakota, Section 16-0107 of the North Dakota Revised Code of 194~, as amended, and Chapter 183 of the 1959 Session Laws, I do hereby ce~tify that the following Amendments and Referred Measure will be submitted to the vet :rs at the Primary Election to be held Tuesday, June 28, 1960. WHEREOF, I have l~ereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State of North Dakota at the Capitol in the City of Bismarck, this treaty-fifth day of April, 1960. SEAL BEN MEIER, Secretary of State. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS Primary Electim June 28, 1960 AND MEASURE contains the full text of four Constitutional Amendments proposed by legislative enac/ment and one Referred Measure that are submitted to the voters for approval or rejection. The voters must vote UpoH each measure separateI byplad after the word t'YES" or "NO" following each question. If the voter does not vote upon all measures, only such as have been marked with a cross IX) as above described will be counted. I I II AMENDMENT No. 5--REFERRED MEASURE ~liORIZING THE LEGISLATURE TO CREATE A SEPARATE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, TO DE- AUTIIOalZINGREtU?LATE SUcHSMALLsMALI.I'OANLoANBUSINESSESBt'SINESSEs.TO LEND MONEY OF $leSS OO OR LESS. AND PRESCRIBING THE MAXI~U'! ]~A~ OF I]t~E]PJ~T ]fflIICH MAT aB Cff~kR(]ZD ~ I'0 ][~![ ~INE THE TERM OF OFFICE AND THE MANNER IN WHICH TIlE DFFICE IS TO BE FILLED BALLOT TITLE: ~[~,TO PRESCRIBE THE DUTIES AND SALARY OF THE OFFICER ADMINISTERING SAID. .DE- Rouy, e Bill 537 which is an Act to define, license, and regulate the business of lending In amounts of, one tho.usand dollars or le~, tO pre~ maximum rgt~ Of c~rge wMch ~TMENT~ AND IF SUCll DEPARTMENT IS ESTABLISHED, THE CDMMISSIONER OF AUKt- are permitted to make; to provide for the administration and enforcement of the Act by the state examiner, aria prescribe permlti~. , ~LTURE AND LABOR SHALL BECOME Tile COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE ONLY. The full text of House Bill No. 537. Thirty-sixth Legislative Assembly of the State of North Dakota, (Chapter 1~, 1959 Se~ion 14we) is Its f~: Concurrent Resolution "A", Chapter 437, 1959 Session Laws, proposed by the 36th Legislative Assembly HO~JSE BILL No. 537 ~ ~te of North Dakota to provide for the amendment of Sections 82, 83 and 84 of theConstitution oft:hie An Act to define, license, and regulate the business of lending in amounts of one thousand dollars or less; to preecrlbe maxlmu~ ~t4~ of elMffp whle]t ]Ioe'~N~$ &l~ p~t~ to Ngrth Dakota, relating to the term of office, powers and duties, and salaries oi eJec~eu sta~e same to provide for the administration and enforcement of the Act by the state examiner, and to prescribe penalties. " allow the legislative assembly to establish a separate department of labor by inserting as paragraph two BE vr ENACTED BY TIlE LEf;ISLATIVE A~SEMItLY OF THE STATE OF NOHTII DAKOTA: ~.82 (Article 57) the following words: "The legislative assembly may provide for a department SECTION I. DEFINITIONS.I Per purposes of thls Act unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires: ~ which, If provided for shall be separate and distinct from the department of agriculture, and shMl be t. "PyThon*" nu~;tns ;t. indit'/dtt;t[, imr21tvrshl ). a~st~.'i~ttio~, co~)~tatio~ al~t| ;it~y other h'xal entlty - ~.~d by a public official who may be either elected or appointed whichever the legislative assembly shall 2. *'t.k'en~e" ans a lwrmlt, i~sm~l u h.r the auth.rity of this Act to make hmns i. act~onlance with the prov~,do~ ~ Ihtl Act at s |regis p~ m~ and if such a department is established, the commissioner of agriculture and labor provided for above 3. "l.ita ~ce" nw.lns a pv,s.n ~*, wh.m -.c nr men* ticvnses have b~*vn issued, ~me *.~he commissioner of agriculture"; by adding to Section 83 the following words: "In the event that SECTION 2. ADMINISTRATION ) The state examiner shall use the facilities of the banking department in administering ~ enfoa~l~ this Act, The shire examln~ may ~F tire assembly shall establish a separate and distinct department of labor, the powers and duties of the and emp!oyees shall not have a financial interest directly or indirectly in any business which is subject to this Act, or in any other bualne~ which Is sul~rvtssd I~F * he atate exml~a~, ~tnistering such department of labor shall be prescribed by law."; and by deleting from Section 84 the SUCh employees as may oe neces:sa, ry to administer and enforce.the provisions of.this Act and may delegate his powers and dUMas under this Act tO & deputy state exmn~m~. Such d~ words: "Until otherwise provided by law, the governor shall receive an annual salary of three thousand in any mmflar business which is conducted under the authority of any law of the United ~tates. All fees received by the state examiner under U~ provb~ons of this Act shall be ct~ ~e lieutenant governor shall receive an annual salary of one thousand dollars; the secretary of state, to the general fund of this state. ~ t~r~a~urer, superintendent of public instruction, commissioner of insurance, commissioners of railroads, and SEC'/ION 3 SCOPE) tat No person except persons licensed under the provisions of this Act shall engage In the business of lending in amounts of one ~housand dollars or tern $~M[ ~m }, general shall each receive an annual salary of two thousand dollars' the salary of the commissioner of contract for. exact, or receive, directly or indirectly, on or in connection with any such loan, any charges whether for interest, compensatlon, eoltsidemtlon, or ~gpelme, whloh ht aggre ~ate are greater than seven percent per annum, " ~ and labor" and insert in lleu thereof the words: "Salaries of public officers" so as to read as follows: tb) EXEMPTIONS.) This Act shall not apply to any person doing business under and as permitted by any law of thls state or the United States relating ~o ba~kfng asm~at[o~ :~ ]gNACTE~D :BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA: banking mstltutlons, bangs, savings oanks, trust companies, savings or budding and loan assOciations, mutual investment corporations, mutual ~vlngs corporations, or credit tmi~ ~ t~ ~0n 82. Tht~-e shall be chosen by the qualified electors of the state at the times and pmces ox cnoos4ng any person conducting a bona fide. pawnbroking business transacted under a pawnbroker's hcense nor shall such persons be eilglble to become a licenses under this Act. of the legislative assembly, a secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, superintendent of publio instruction, /el EVAS10 NS ) The provismns of subsection (a) of this section shall apply to any person who aeeks to evade i{~ application by any device, mlbtecfuge, or pretense what~:m~n~, ~l- ~oner of insurance, three public service commissioners, an attorney general, a commissioner of agriculture chiding, but not hmlted to: the loan, forbearance, use or sale of credit as guarantor, surety, endorser, co-maker, or otherwise; the use or sale of money goods, or things in. acticnl th~ Use t~ ~, and a tax commissioner, who shall have attained the age of. twenty-l.iVeo years and shall haVete~ collateral or related sales or purchases of goods or services or agreements to sell or purchase whether real or pretended; recelvlng or charging compe~satlon for goods or servi~, WI~ :~ns of state electors. They shall severally hold their offices a~ the sea~ o~ governm?.n~ ,or one ~ 'or not sold, delivered, or provided; and the real or pretended negotiation, arrangement, or procurement of a loan through any use or actlvlty of a third person, Whether ~ or flotlt~u~ ~ and until their successors are elected and duly qualified; but no person shall be ellgiblefar the offlce SECTION 4. APPLICATION.AND FE~S.) Application for a license shall be in writing, under oath, and in the form.pre.~bed by the state examiner, The application shall give ~r car nmre than two consecutlve terms', provided, however, the tax commlssloner sn~n nola ms m~ he location where the business is to oe conducted and shall contain such further information as the state examlner may requlre, mcmdlng the namea and ~address~ of the .pgriner&, off~ ~~r~n of four'years and until his successor Is elected and duly quahfted; and provided further, that t directors, or trustees, and of Such ~f the principal owners or members as will provide the basis for the investigatmns and findings contemplated by m~ctlon ~ of this Act, At the ~ Of '~ ~vlce commissioners shall severally hold their offices for the term of six years and until their successors making such application, the appl cant shall pay to the state examiner the sum of three hundred dollars as a fee for investigating the application, and the sum of One hundred deflate fog" ted and duly'qualified, te SECTION 5. INVESTIGATION OF APPLICATION; REQUIREMENTS FOR ISSUANCE OF LICENSE; BOND; DENIAL O~ LIClgN~E PUBLIO Pd[~ORD.) ~i~ative assembly may by law provide for a department of labor which, if provided for, shall be separa the annual license fee. ~net from the department of agriculture, and shall be administered by a palMic official who .may be ~a) Upon the filing of an application and the payment of the fees, therefore, the state examiner shall Investigate the facts concerning the applicaUon. The state examiner shall notify ~ted or appointed, whichever the legislative asse~a, bly.shall de,Isle : and Ill. such ~,odep.~rtme?tr~cue~ ab~ all licensees having a place of b3siness in a comn~unity in which the applicant proposes to do business, of the.filing of such application ~thm thirty days after the date of filins' :~ ~ commissioner of a~rieulture and labor provides for aoove sna. oecome toe Cv.m* ~.~.~. ~. "~s-* - ;t~" application. If any hcensee having a place of business In the same community or other person.files an objection within thirty days after the totaling of such notice by the state examln~a tax commissioner shall be elected on a no-party ballot and he shall be nominated and ele~"ted in e or if as the result of. a preliminary investigation, the state examiner has any doubts of the apphcant meeting, the required standarde, the state examiner shall set a date and time for ~t l~m~- :~ ~ow provided for the nomination and election of the superintendent of public instruction, The first oleo- ins on such application not less than thirty days nor more than s~xty days from the date of mailing the notice of hearing. At such hearing any person may be hear~ with reference to tho & tax oommisaioner shall not occur until the year 1940. . . . facts. The state examiner shall grant or deny each application for a license within thirty days after the hearing unless the period is extended by written agreement between the al~ll~tD~ the general 'election in 1940 there shall be chosen two public .service .com mlss!onersty f~llthe t~'oCerm~ and the state examiner. b/ The state examiner may Issue a license to operate a small loans business if he shall find: :~91~ .on the llrst Monday in January, 1941. The canuloa~e a~ salu election receivlns bay s~ a~c~ ~tt~.t. I. Th ~t t f ~cial rc~ ion~ibilitv, t'xpcrh.nve, ch rac't~n', and Ren ,ra fitness of Ihe appl!cllnt are such ~ to varrant the lw let that the husinen will be opermted a~vfugy sad laldy and ~,Sllall be elected for a term of six years, and the candidate receiving the next highest number of votes'shall 2. That tb, a ,pii~mt has net luitx d asSt~t~ Ot at least ten thin|sand doll,tr~ for the orwratum id the h.slness; and 3. That the a )plica.t shMI base f]~t'd wOh the ~tate t.xamhu.r 9 }~ul t- tg* approves| by him an ~vhtch the applicant shall Ix* the obliger, in the m*m of tea thousat~l ~oga~, with m'te Or more mretfe$ who~te I~th'lRy ~ ~for a term of four years. Thereafter there shall be chosen one such public service commissioner every survth's ncrd not t,xt'vt'd the ~,tx sxun m the aggrt'g;tiP. Th~s bond shall nm to the state exautmer for the use ~f the state and of any pe~on or peraons who may have a cause of ~ against the ohl/gor of laid b~ tmd~lt alter, a.(I will pay to, ~ttI(| to a!ty S~ICh person *~r persons ally and all mont, ys that may hc~ )n.~e due or owiiig to the ~tate or to ~uch persoft or per~s tram said obliger under and by vfftue ~ the prov/~a~l of tt~ board of railroad commissioners shall hereafter be known as the public service commission and the th pn)x'lsions of th~s Act. Sut'h hnnd shall i*e cxmdlnont'd that slt~d nbh~.r "~.fll faahhdly c~mform to and al~ule by the provisions ot th~s Act and Of all the ~al~ aml nexuhUo~ lawfully made by the state examiner of the board of railroad commissioners as public service commissioners and the powers and duties now (c) If the state examiner shall flnd the applicant is not qualified to be issued a hcense, he shall enter an order denying the applleation and forthwith notify the applicant of the deni~ ~ter granted to and conferred upon the board of railroad commissioners are hereby transferred to the returning the license.fee and the bond but retaining the investigation fee. Within ten days after the entry of such an order he shall prepare offlclal record~ Of hls fin~Ing and e ~ ~]~g~rvice commission. . . the evidence supporting them and shall forthwith dehver a copy thereof to the applicant. '~lon 83. The powers and duties of the secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, superintendent of pubhc ~dl The transcript of the hearing and evidence introduced at all hearings before the state examiner and the findings of fact prepared by the state examiner shall be public ~e o~t~ "~ n, commissioner of insurance, commissioners of railroads, attorney general and commlSs!oner of agra~~ open ro Jnspeclion at all reasonable times. ~ lbbor Mmll be prescribed by law. In the event that tI~e, as. sembty sna~l t~ ~a~r~m n ~" ~p t.or SECTION 6. POSTING OF LICENSE; CONTINUING LICENSE: ANNUAL FEE.) ~KuCt delmrtment of labor, the powers and duties of the otucer anmlntszermg such uev ~*,*,~,~ ~ ~ ~a} Each license shall state the address at which the business is to be conducted and shall state fully the name of the licensee, and tf the licensee is a co-paFLnership or assoel~ ~ P~ribed by law. the name of the members thereof, and if a corporation, the date and place of incorporation. Each license shall be kept posted in the llceneed place Of business and shall not be tran~f~ or assignable. ~on 84. Salaries of public officers shall be law, but ~e salaries of anyofthe of tic ~b) Each license shall remain in full force and effect until surrendered, revoked, or suspended, provided that on or before the tenth day of June of each year Che llcemme ~hall l~t:~ ~ut be increased or diminished during the period for which they snau nave nsen e~ec~eu, ann ~ *~ a a bond in the same amount and in the same character as is required by subsection b3 of section 5 of this Act. ~arising from any of the said offices shall be covered into the state trea ury. the state examiner the sum of one hundred dollars for each license held by him, as a hcense fee far the succeeding fiscal year, and at the same time he shall file with the state eganlul~ '~gl~ch 2, 1959 SECTION 7. PLACE OF BUSINESS; REMOVAL; RESIDENCE OF BORROWER.) ~a) Not more than one place of business for the making and ccllect!ng of loans made pursuant to this Act shaii, be maintained under the same license, but the state examiner may ir~ld Constilutional Amendment Be Approved? additional licenses to the same hcensee upon compliance with all the provismns of this Act governing issuance Of a single license. Nothing In th~ Act ~ be construed to require a for any place of business devoted .entirely to accounting or other record keeping ~ES.~ [ j Ib) NO licensee may move ins place of.buslnese to a location outside of the original city or town in which he ls llcensed without the issuarme of a new license. V/hen St. ]I~ 0 ,[~ wishes to change his licensed p ace of business within the same city or town, he shall give written notice thereof to the state examiner who shall Investigate the facts an~ ~ disapprove the new location for the business. to) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to limit the loans of any licermee to residents of the community in Which the licensed place of business Is situated, nor to prohibit m~ loans b~" mail. y SECTION 8. REVOCATION OF LICENSE; SUSPENSION OF LICENSE; SURRENDEt~ OP LICENSE; PRE-EXISTING ~ONTRAC'I~: R~I~AT~MENT 0~ LIOENSE.) ~at The state examiner maY, tf he has reason to belleve that grounds for revocation of a license exists, send by registered or certified mail to the licensee, a notice of hearing gtath~ the contemplated action @nd In general the grounds thereof and setting the t~me and place for a hearing thereon. Such hearing shall not be held less than ten nor more ~ thtrtF days ftom the date of marling suehnotlee. Within ten days after such hearing, the state examiner shall issue a written order either dismissing the charges or aRepending or re~ tl~ .I 'l'le c s, ha~ failed to pay tiw .mmml lict,n~ee h~.; or coast~ and his grounds therefor. A copy of such written order shall be sent to the ncensee. A license may be revoked for one or more of the following reasous: 2. T " ic ' ~ ' ' vither klmwi.~b or with.ut the ,'xt'rt. ise t dne c,tr to pre~cnt the same has violated a.y'provJsion of this A~-t or any rel~xlatio~" or order iawfid]~' made pur~mnt IO a~l within the author[~ of th~ ~; ~ : A~ v f c or ' ~ ~i,~h ,~i~ti~g ;It the th~tt* t,t tbt" original1 ~t ~ ~hcatlOlt for such license which ch*arIF ~ould have ~'arr.mted the state examiner in refusing originally to i~sue such license; or CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT . . The provisions of chapter 28-3z el tne North Dakota Revlseu Code of 1943, as amenaea, snalt govern all proceedings relating to the suspension or revocation Of any llcense. ,~]~. NATING THE RESTRICTION ON THE SALE OF COAL LANDS AND REQUIRING THE RES- 4. The, applivant has t~tih~l to ,~e,La ~ .tfict |or husinvss withi~ ony hundred twenty days Iron,the da.h. the Hccnse is grantt.d or has balled to keep open a licensed office Ln a lwd.d of ~ hundred twenty da~l. l state examiner flnds that robable cause for revocation of any license exists and that enforcement of the Act requires Immediate sus nsion Of such llcense Dendi ff YeS Q ~[ ~a~yATION TO THE STATE OF ALL MINERALS WHERE ORIGINAL (]RANT SCIIOOL LANDS AI~E tb If the . . . P pe,n in ~.~ ~.~ AND AUTHORIZING THE LEGISLATURE TO ENACT L~L~IS FOR THE LEASING OF SUCH gation he may up0u written nonce enter an order suspending such hcense for a period not exceeding thirty days, pending the holding of a hearing as prescribed in this Act. ~ ~ FOR THE EXTRACTION AND SALE OF SUCH MINER. ". (c) Any licensee may surrender his license by deliverlng iu to the state examiner with written notice of its surrender, but such surrender shall not effect his civil or crimlnal liabfllt~F ~m Concurrent Resolution "J", Chapter 436, 1959 Session Laws. pr~po-~ed by the 36th Legislative Assembly for acts committed prior thereto. ~ ~tte of North Dakota to provide for the amendment of Section 1~5 el ~he Constitution of the State of ~d~ No revocation suspension, or surrender of any license shall impair or affect the obligation of any pre-existing lawful contract between the licensee and obligers. ~ Db.ko-ta relating to sale of original grant school lands and reservation of minerals therein by deleting from (e) The state examiner may reinstate a suspended license or issue new !icenses to a person Whose license or licenses have been revoked if in the opinion of the state exarnlner no fa~[~ 1~5 the following words: "The coal lands Of the state shall never be sold. but the legislative assembly may or condition then exists which clearly would have justified him in refusm~g originally to issue such license under this Act. ~tl laws provide for leasing the same. q:he words coal lands shall include lands bearing lignite coal." SECTION 9. EXAMINATION OF' LICENSEES; INVESTIGATIONS; ACCESS TO REU ORDS: WITNESSES; CEASE AND DF-~IST ORDERB: INJDTNCTIONS: RECEIVEP.~.) adding the ~ollowing words "In all sales of lands subject to the prov~!ons of t hisa~icle all mlm~o~I~ (a) At least once each year the state examinel: or ms duly aumorlzed representatives snail make an examination of the place of bumm~.s of each licensee and of the loans, tr~nsaction~ ~.including but not limited to oil, gas, coal, cement ma~e~ims, sou~ux. ~uAp~m~e, ~a~ ~.% ~*~ ; ;-~ books, papers, annual reports, and.records of such hcentsee so far as ,they pertain to the business licensed under this Act. The actual cost of every examination shall be paid to the atat~ ~1, building stone, chemical substances, metallic ores, uranmm ores, cr couomal or o~ner clays, snau oe examiner by every licensee so examined. Such sums sna~l ~e paid oy tne state examiner to the state treasurer to be credited to the general fund of this state. ~rve~ an~ excepted to the state of North Dakota, except that leases may be executed for the extraction and ib~ For the purpose of discovering violations of tins Act or of securing information lawfully required hereunder, the state examiner or his duly authorized representatives may at any ~ ~ ~t~lt materials l~ such manner and u.on such terms as the legislative assembly may provide." so as to time investigate the business and examine the books, accounts, papers and records used therein, of any hcensee or any other person whom the state examiner has reasonable cause t6 believe sa~'{,~ . - -- is violating or is about to violate any provisior~ of th~s Act. Any person who shall adve~l~ for, solicit or hold himself out as willing to make or procure loans in Che amount of or of :~?:rTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA: value of one thousand dollars or ross at rates in excess ors percent per annum snan oe presumed to be engaged in a bumness goven~ed by thls Act. ~.~. tion 155 After one year from the assembling of the first legislatlve assembly the lands granted to the te~ The state examiner ~s hereby authorized to make ai~y examination of any !icensee or his place of business, inehiding all records of such business, Or any other witness, at any !~ ~-the ~Snlted States for the suppm't of the common .schools, may be. so!.d upot~ the fOlalowmg c0ndit~s he has reason to believe the same is nec ry. All examinations of any hcensee, witnesses or records of any small loan bualness shall be couducted hi accordance with chapter 28-32 of th~ "~ other. No more than one-fourth of all such lands shall be sold wttnm toe nrs~ ave y rs aileron s c North Dakota Revised Code of 1943, as it may be amended. . ~=~bl'e by virtue of this section. No more than one-half of the remainder within ten years after the td) Whenever the state examiner has reasonable cause to believe that any person ~s violating or IS threatening to violate any pl'ovlslon of th~ Act; he may, in additlo~t to all actions provided for in this Act and wxthout prejudice thereto, enter art order requ!rmg such person ~ desist or to refrain from such violation; and an action ma~ be brought in the district cour~ :~, .~eg~me salable as aforesaid, The residue may be sold at any time after the.expiration, of said ten years, of the county in which the small loan business ts conducted or in tne oistrlct, court ox Burlexgh County by the attorney general and on behalf of the sta~e examiner to enjoin such persml ~lative assembly shall provide for the sale of all school lands SuDJec~ t,o ~ne provisions m ~nis arucle, from engaging in or continuinlg such violation or from doing any a.c.t or acts in furth.eran~e thereof. In additmn to aA other means provided by law for the enforcement of a restrainin~ !~al~m of lands subject to the provisions of this article all minerals therein, including but not limited to ortier or injunction, the court m whwh such action ~s.brought shaft nave power ann Jurisd~cUon to Impound, and to appoint a recesver for the property and business of the detendaut, ln- ~ Coal. cement materials, sodium sulphate, sand and gravel, road material, ommmg stone, cnemtcat sue- eluding books papers,documents, and records pertamulg theretO or sO mucn tnereoi as the court may deem'reasonably necessary ~o prevent violations of this Act or to protect the rights Of ~metailie ores, uranium ores, or colloidal or other clays, shall b~ reserved and excepted to the state of borrowers. Such receiver, when appointed and qualified shall have such powers and duties as to custody collection, administration winding up, and liqufdation of such property and bu~ "l~LDa~ota, except that leases may be executed for the extraction and sale of such materials in such manner ness as shall from time to i~me be conferred upon h~m by the court. ~lm~ such terms as the legislative assembly may provide. SECTION 10. BOOKS AND RECORDS: ANNUAL REPORTS.~ -- ~trch 6, 1959: (at Each licensee snell keep and use m ms ~us~ne&s sucn~oogS aft~l-~cb-fffitVffg ~ecords as afeTfi accord wfth soun~f~nd accepted accounting practices and as rday be presoribe~ by th~ state examiner. Such licensee shall preserve such books and accounting records for at least two years after making the final entry on any loan recorded therein. ~" Bald Constitutional Amendment Be Approved? (bl Each licensee shall annually on or before the fifteenth day of September file a report for the preceding/iseal year with the state examiner. ~uch report shall give informa~ with respect to the financial condition of such licensee and shall include: the name and address of the licensee, balance sheets at the beginning and end of the accounting period; a state- ment of income and expenses for sald period, a reconcifhatior~ ooLsaur~dlUsi?rrsne:r ~ern:ings aWin~h/he balance Shnse:s; a schedule Ofna~e~ ~ ~ndrUeSeful in the small loan business; an anul~fl~ U of charges, size of loans and types of security on loans o one th d do ; an a a. is of deiinque accounts, an yms o u is, possessions and sales of chattels and saeSl other relevant information as the state examiner may require concerning the business and operations during the preceding fiscal year. Such report shall be made under oath and shall l~ in the form prescribed by the state examiner who shall make and pubhsh annually an analysis and recapitulation of such reports,