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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
June 21, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 21, 1945

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THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER arachutes, Jeeps, Halftracks, Flamethrowers, I -- --,-- - aunury hamper , . . :[ Will lie Used m Peacehme to Battle Forest fires a I : on :. " "'!l I ? . a handy the u~tsd :States Emp/aymeot :service v: .~ f ~j,~e. ~, m. It is easy to make t . / / Mezn00s uewsea T0r war,I / raps three-eighth-inch ] Are Be;n- aao a I o.n l does get ! ,e so by We.te ,ew. aper mmaer. A shallow compartment z~ nu~ t~tz tv ou~ oz control of the first paratroop- HELP WANTED--MEN, WOMEN P B / o,o,i . t uG ai SC OOEs.ienc. T AC ySa W t incl drag . ',I(Z.O Z UUJ Z' OUUtt a for the first re oz ements also, It ] 1 OOLISH NOTION " I I[ /I aLBERT JrET~S~N, CAvalier, N.D. J of ar t,p Barry, m a play ,the plowshares of peace, and,I wivi / alley, par tly b ePcaus e itYWc ,d;s, .~ r .~x~u--.u~.~ this time h ! ~~ .- - ~ :-:~|1 -, grog ~renenes as me maximum -m ~ ----'--'- i t:Yy.~ ~ ~t g~ i o~-;~ : - - i ~. (~o o~,~ [~ =,-~ |l effort to cheek It. Bulldozers and J a~t: a clell nttul nicture ] r,-u ~ote-~ ~ I ~.q e t . e g ,- , i I / w opens tha are going to : :: ill / partly also becaus of I I I i @ 4* r -- ---- h--'-- e I PART TIMe iNTERVieWerS I come m m,ghty handy re.the l ) Talullah. Bankhead returned ] I I TO callo, lo lho,sc, dv, to se intor- I I never ending attle, agamst J II Man with fiame-throwers and extin. / zO ro, aaway in it after she i [ m~tiononprod.uctsu.scd,,(forestfires. Some verylogicaI I handle the backfires. /nan Lizet)oat" and "h I li ~q'l eiung ~p, xperl~ce~l zuterwewers pre- Other Ro al S,- "" . . I ue tions are he/n= a=ked i Othe men with gasoline-powered Y candal to add to her fcrred, but will consider school teachers "~ " ~" ~, ~"" ,o,screen ' . dtibr,ia su,e.sean, e.p eo,l] day: why not use fire-exti -] [ Donald cook is known to t ]jj ,Reply Dept. EAD, PO Box 464, Grand i ~ -uishin- bombs to dro- on ! l tag bulldozers and half-tracks of I mo.vle goers, as is Aubrey Mother. ,,~ewX~rkCizy. -J i forest ~res' Why notV e J - -- II I ~'ee-'~ b~--- ~' "~'em~bewl ver:ll ~me~c~ta e in /e'na Maria Ma.nton makes her stagej.~ ~~! [ - - " "f "~ - III America has a mg sm~e m zorest debut--she's me dau hter ~z nszde holas cans of / rompers, eqmppea wnn pre-, : I l| lands F~rskare :::~s;llene Dietrlc/~ Sh g of Mar- deener one polish and a " o ~ o ~ u,s sn, prer.-- ,v~.~= azzu orusne . AUTOS, TRUCKS & ACCESS. / czsmn mghts, to ann these i -~ [I ] ~inue'togrow~ ] tier. than her mother was when she t Everything right at hand while ou . . W~Azm~En o=oR FUE . j bombs? Whynot .use fire [ bu~at~re isthe biggest t arnved in this country, with a / use the substantial foot rest Cl~s~ ~sve~nable everywhere 10c perga~lon. I've,righting parachute roops m t : I menace zo growth.Tl~ey need weap.iThey need weap- "peacneg-and-cream voice and n~ the top, and the neat "" g -- ~eu ~e z~r zu years, wus sena guaran~e ~a . ~ . a oh- looki~ box complete information for one dollar. I drop behind "enemy 'lines or [ As .8, for, ra ger spot. J to flgm fires and I vious talent for seductive role takes up little s ace in r. o. sFRA- City V*a . [ tO transport to fire regions dff- / ] .se .that this war pro- t "Foolish Notion' ' could step onto tLSe I corner. P any odd ' ~ ~ ~, ,: i ~ = ! ngmers. ~zere a smoze jumper m vines wm neap m Keep a verier con- / screen w~ta its Broadwa cast ! Another homemak ' x~ ~ ~z~ ~ux~u~ ~ xazz~ ? ,~e~ev n" Y ,sue- ersaid/sthelaun ! Th ~ ^~.= t !o~making ~ "/esther bed landing" In trol over this persistent enemy. / cessfuily, hamper that is not too lar efo ch'y .mu wuu .a ~p~ u ~, .cL~ ~ I~~:: bathr g r a small BUSINESS & INVEST. OPPOR. ~ ~ the tops of a young ,coniferou . ?orb or closet. It will 1 a oe~roorn ~, *. ook weIl In %~eT%sTa~E~n~I~ 2nAoNf ~0~6~D P.B,%s::d~ I GodwJ.n, O~:a veteran'rn$ programof the forestls --avza ,serv. I growth. Of course we're used to those nick- I Show. here ~a~" be~m~a~e'~rom'an f:~eenarge both new a~ used parts. ~v~th 'bldgs. an~ I ice, who has been active in anti-fire I fir~s " b,~ * [ XJIA l.~Utt~ ~.~l. k.]~9{:I9 I names--"The Look," "The Beard," I f~ square of plywood, w/th almost nb % block ofground. No competition, AUTO ~ ex~er-~e-*~ ~t. ~, o ,~,m~,r of, - a2,-- ,~-~,~ m me v,m ---- ann all the rest of the w .e. It is well ventllated wlth holes WRECKINGCO TwlnVaney. Minnesota.~ ,OZ spreading names. Accompany-[ N ~r~rD ~'~ ~'N,~tF~ /mount certainl q m,B,u t~ara'.lb red ~ si~desa~nd.t .p;;tis]lghttohandl. year& I in" them would bemen with fire ex- J i~[~:~VY J[ . L./. ~[-T([~L~ [ ~ .- ~ t~ aneaa ,~ ~ oe pamze.a to match the wOOd- ,~,~, Godwin already has investigated I ,~:~ t,o a ; ~ ~ I j" "~ %/Y J- ~Jre q~r([~ L~ I wnen .insuring Olivia ae HaviIland's work ur in some bright contrasting color - - -, o, ,o. I ( Lfl 5: Z223 ]chin for :M00,000 because Ray Mll-I * " " " F~0 m mDemT0~ WORKS iest fires using bombs which in real- j - ~.- ". J 1 1~111 1.~ll %/Cl-~(.l / . NOTE--Pattern 280 gives an actual s/re ~ Jm ~ i~" were ex"lodin- fire extinguish- ~ne parazrooper, nowever, wilt j ] |j t cutting guide for all the shae Established 19ZJ~ ~'J' P ~ f 0 l both .P d parts o/ At~'O TRUCK and TRACTOR II~tDIATOK~ I ers. That, however, was a number d,),ubtless have a. glory .and a duty [ ----------- I ~::~:~ It I and artLcl~es; kar, ge instructmn.dlagraras Cleaned--Repaired--Recored J of v~r.~ ~ ~.a a~a ,~o, ,~*~ I au ms own. rug greates~ service,~ ~- ~n T~ * I ~ ~ - II,~,a .= t ~,~.e .~zsc o~au materials rtr. N. P. AVE. FARGO. No D. ( much-succes's a'It was diffic~tflt "th~ [ will come from the fact that he can [ vysrem oz a,ooo rancnes [ J P~2Co ' ~ get there first Once a watcher from rect to" - " I experimenters found, to the exact, " l Reaches Remotest Islands I [ ]. a nre-~ower or zrom a pawolling FAJ~M~RS: For Lumber--Roofing---Silos !spot where the bomb-extmgmshers I ] I ~ J MR -i --ShingJes--Paints--~ails, etc see prone spo~s smoke, n seen De Gray a ~. ~U'x'tl WYETH SPEARS | CHESLEY LUMBER & COAL CO. !would do the most good, and there I few . ]nut^. "--t One of the most gigantic war-, ~~~ ! I Bedford Hills Ne Fa o e o el,~a t, u tt paxauruuper ~an W York rs . N.V. Just ~-ast Pow re B t was difficulty in covering a sut- ]~nn ;*~;. ~n ~nn . ~o ^, ~ time tasks confronting postal men ] ~~~ I,/)rawer I0 ' l i flciently large area. I l)l;ze "an'(l'b-.':ett'in'-~he're=h~le t~; /is delivering mail to mobile units ! :":: : I},Enclose 15 cents for PatternN~ 280. : FARMS AND RANCHES J Aviation enthusiasts however, are i ~ 7'~ . ~. ~-- s I of the fleet. The mounting tempo of I :'~- ~ ;"-= ', J,Nam~ ' " h nre ]s ~us~ smr~mg, ne ~ oe OGle |[ "- counting upon effective bomb-slg t I operations In the last year means I ~~~ - ' on crop payment vlan Buy now and get ]and other premsmn mstrumen s I ,~ ~a, ,~,~ ~,~ Jnot only that greater distances must -~'~ I | SOME VERY FINE FARMS can be sold " " " t tO m many cases zo exT~ngLusn It wlm- . Address this YeFa~%crop,~ ~ve -o~ c~iS fall. I change this situation. As an alter- [ "~" ': ~: Jbe spanned to effect delivery but -=:~.~: t-: [ ~, " Merehant~nk~B~ ~ ~ "Fargo. ! native~ they believe there may be J rara~roopers By mundred. |that a greater number of men are = -: :(: / great possibilities in the use of he|i- / But when long periods of dryness |involved in combat activities in- - ~:~4 J r~ [ /7 /~ II~i~.~ --- ~z=n?t=l~ ,l~Vtv~zT~u'~za~v,ouu ~o ,~ ~" ,~--.~al~V[ I I copters. No doubt a fleet of bomb- [ have rendered the forests highly in. |creasing all classes of mail TO an ~ :J: I i~ ~' !ing planes could be used to advan-* flammable and fires spread quickly, [unprecedented volume. ~~~ .i : ~ ~~~ Uoogs- FYRLESSmealovernlghtVICVORVor wni~el~'OO~Ra~ wore.- I rage in blasting, a fire out of a forest, a radio summons, from the spotters J Durlng. March, 1945, 86,132,6Z3 ~~ JII ~ .* .~-'~,- -- -" "~ Uses no fuel or element Realization of the (especially with ground support from can bring reinforcements in a hur-[pieces of letter marl pussed through ~~) I F~-T~ ~~~ ~Vn~rfningrWc~man'~d~)~a~'I~u~tr~lRd" / a paratrooper battalion, ry. A single big plane may bring [Fleet Post Office, San Francisco ~ I I ~ ~/~ Inventor, R. F.'D: 4, ROME, N. X:'] 'The use of parachute-dropped a score or more paratroopers; a doz. tonavy, murlne and coast guard per. OLIV~ar-~ z*aw J : - . - ~'['-'--"~ (troops ~o fight forest fires was first en planes could bring them by the ~onnel in the Pacific. In March, - -~a~u ( lz a ruooer ring around the top LIVESTOCK / tried a few years ago, and they have hundreds 1944, there were ~6,688,937 pieces of land was to hit her on it in '~rhe/ aGE a jar o~ preserves is inferior ,been seeing action in this capacity With their faces protected by plas- letter mall dispatched to the Pacific Well Groomed Bride nd causes a leak, pour melted ~o~ S~*-=Reg ~ack An~o bUn~ o~ breed- ever since.But there never hastic masks, heads covered with pad- showing clearly that the mail eel- quick as a flash u came pecause/ paraffin wax around tile top. Jng ~ el ~ ,el~.O heifers, cows, . P a name -- AcereditedforT,~.andBangotMaxGolt been enough of them to combat a ded helmets, and bodies covered ume increased well over l00 per cent for 01ivm -- "The Jaw" Sounds J . b rs.% Farmers Elevator, M rneaa'~m really big fire. This number can be with non-ripping fabrics, to spare in one year. It is expected that it more like something belonging to a,for cooking fresh asparagus, expanded greatly after the war, and them Ln~urieg in case of tr~e-top ~ rhm even farther, prize fighter than a pretty girl. / use an old percolator. Stand the / MISCELLANEOUS waves of bembin~ nlanes, and nora- already standard forest equipment world--by radio, letter and messen- "Miss .g-,;o ~-,~ :, unt s ] ---e-- -- -- chute troops to aBSent the ~resent suitable for the paratroopers. Some- get. . ~' J To crush pills for a sick ~e ~/||,A I~1~ ll~Tlff| zurc~. ~'~-= u,qu,vu~:'~:= j==~^~ .-o~.times these are hand-pumps with a Throughout the world, there are ~ place the pills between two" table-. V|ILL~ n~ I r.L custOmed to the Jungle tral~ of ~mall tank of water An alterna- over 5,000 navy post offices, varying *~ sooked aa if Penny 8in[leton wan J spoons fitted together and press buildsgreatly in size and appearance-- ~eA.d .~ New Guinea and the difficult terrain five device uses water but " doomed to play "Blondie" forever hard. There will be no mess or th n "t th earben some within the United States but until Himt Stromberg gave her aloss. rwti~w ~, of Africa and Italy~is already rec- e,ressure behind z wi form or the vast majority are on board she ,~ta ,~w~t~ ~ ~;P~t-~ ommended by professional foresters dioxide, either in tts liquid .p chance to escape in "Young Wld- --G- erm f " r ic " Some or at advanced bases or on captured ow." She was a victim of typing,"x'o protect the heels of rubber - as highly mutable for service as a in the f o d y e. . ," ortab. e n 1 v n the fires" serving the mobile units are des]g- which Jane Russell and Louis Ha~ me size to fit into the heel, then Where Yo~ ~[~vg~7$ miniature fire engine. Likewise, the n le xti ~u/shers use carbon di and hberated islands. The large ones till he put her into this picture, in or overshoes, cut pieces of felt just ". ,'walkie-talkie" radio unquestionably oxide stself to p a upo . . . ~m l the ,Lrowd will be used by the thousands to It snuffs them out by driving away natea as nee~ pose Graces. ward are co-starred. Jean Hersh~t cement it in place. This will re- keep in contact between fire chiefs, the oxygen.n " v ExtinguisherSsu ofliesgreat-wi]l ExtenszveWh'at surveysNaVy MensnowWant.that navy d:: m~htehecT=~r:l%c::~r,a,f;te~ah: 7e~%~ne impact and protect the their crewmen, aviation spotters, pi- er ca. acR and other PP ' Johnson escaped the fate of the "'Dr ---o--- I'~mkhfully Air-Condltlom~ Iot~ and paratroopers overhead, drovuedbe attachedfrom tOotherParachuteSplanes, and sonneiC ast guaraoverseasana abovemarmeallc rpSwant per-let, sK:~d::e~i ~as/l athbonehas scries~thankstothe hobb; toSineeflberre dace "Half-tracks, which combine au- Me~antime the "ee s and halfters---letters giving local news and s to fight P,kd rep thematSoldareones in hard tomoblle speeds with tank and trae- . e . ? .jeep z " telling of things done and things to avoid eternally playing Sherlock good repair by cutting off frayed DICKINSON, N. DAK. "TOr ability to negotiate swamps and ~rac~s, ~ruc~s ano ~unuo ers wm oe Holmes. Typing can make a Holly- edges, rebinding, or overcasting movm~ uv w, ~-. . rugged land, can serve emcienuy as " " - - - i" ^ther reinforc-- ptanneu. ~econmy, they want ob- t big brother to the jeeps, and for use ---n'- and su--lies The- ma-- brin" Jects with a personal senhmental wood star, and ruin him. worn places. me name mrowers m umm uacK . MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS as bulldozers to scrape fire trail bar- ~s~ ~ ~-~v. ~- . ~ ~,~appeal such as photographs, snap- ~ ~--o~- --- :* --^cessna" The*.'ll brin" lOB~ shots,' drawings made by their All-linen toweling lasts long, oh- Virginia Bruce goes brunette for sorbs moisture and leaves little P~A~rs, I riers to the progress of flames. Bull- .fi.~ff' ~ ~.^ ^'~: ~ ~hi~, r~o .~ youngsters and newspaper clippings her dual role in Republic's "Love, lint Sinc grands, small pianos, rebuilt pianos, play- J .1 1 ~,I, ~*.t* oee~nti-! t~e- Hn~ t, --,a~ a ~--p =~o = ' . erS,to $1,000.all wellTerms:known20%makeS.down,]Priced12 monthsfr mba1-$35 // fl~htin~UV~'~ ~"~'*'~equipment. pumps, powerea- oy- mo--rm s which- that can be enc/osed mhthese letters. Honor and Goodbye." She's blonde .- : ~ v-~,~-u,~ ~ocks are once. Write xnr catalog, complete price list,-" ~- "" ~ -1----" ~-- " Such surveys also s ow that they for half the film then dons a dis l lml~ea, don't hesitate to huy un- J. M. WYLIE,~ven name-mrowers aevc upc~ uy are twins to those used on rowboats 115 Broadway Fargo, N Pax warfare service ma " " " ] the chemical y ,iT.-,- m "-, hi-"~, v'ressur^~ e-ui-ment~ v,posluvety ~mOWn, wna~w mey don't gu/se as a brunette' French maid to" foundmeacneaL/n~nWhen~ bleached cannot, be. mey u oe OGLe to combat fires In want They .de t ant cakes, soft test her husband's fidelity In pri ,-:.---: nd rayon mixture m - J be called upon for building '~vack candies eookses, cigarettes and fan-," oest su~s~nme zor either since the snags, aeaa Trees wmcn are an '. "J vote life Virginia s best tint is honey rayon is nrocessed t. t~ cy zoue~ l~z~s Tnese Zoods ao not blonde I/ especial menace because they tend . .~ T I survlve me znp zo me l-'aciflc ann ~ moisture. - Zo carry grouna nres upwara ~,~ me " in a battered -oi~ -" -- other trees arrxve,m ay conal- ---a--- ) RGA N: j " of- " . tion. ~ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: erW~wen, eleaningwal]s, broom coy- t~rouml Reinforeemenm. To make sure your package ar- won t slip off if it is made to When a forest fire goes into the rives in good condition, the follow, baa~dmte s gwets ~r~a:tan~ hfllumn;~y?~k fit. Cut two pieces of cotton, each Reed--FJecfric--Pipe I tree tops it Js about as difficult to ing suggestions are outlined: ~uer o wor~ a~ zorn untury-Fox' sa~dde16 incheSseam long and 11andincheSone of Wide" check as any fire can possibly be. 1. [;sea strong container (spe- g, t atJ b chauffeur!ng CehiCk C han- at bottom the STEY J Zn an old forest o crown fire may cLal boxes are designed for this " s aes. Item top and other side and Now, . Chandler plays a colurnmst" in attach sm~ HAMMOND,be as high above ground as the 15th purpose). -- bias ties at corners story of a skyscraper--with no au- $. Pack each article in shred- Kitten on the Keys" starring Dick Slip over Your broom ~a ~ ~" tomatic sprinkler system TO help ded paper or some filler material Haymes and Maureen O'Hara near. me--- - =- " - --"~ -:" ~- ORGATRON i ly breaks up their romance--an ve ~owr mr launaerlng. Wrile for calalog i te prevent movement inside the Haymes is slated to give his fo~ "~'" package. DAVEAU It TSlC ~0. ~ 3. kside each package put a mer employer a punch in the jaw[ Fargo, No. Dak. I sheet of paper with a llst of the ----~'~f----- ~ contents .d the,ull addro, o, a .we, ,d. o, .oh .urn M A KE POULTRY, CHICKS & EQUIP. pl,s your return address, where he's mayor, he's planting me- I I'~' Glill AM A BRAND NEW pure bred White Leghorn 4. Tie the box with cord, then morial trees for all residents killed ] : and a brand new Austra White Hybrid de- WRAP it in heavy paper and tie while serving in the armed forces, {~~. ~ Smoem. - - " " - veloped after years o, experimental cro~ r n cod~ ~'~ ~;i; Nph~ i~Ooke~--Nn ~ breeding, noticeably bigger and stronger it with st o g r . with a plaque bearing the war hero s I Practically .no trouble with blowout, hnd ,o PR~T the addre, in ink ~me attach~h tree.' ' ~~~rd f~~'~e ' Q" orecl :or high egg proaucflon. We alsohave directly on the wrapping; don't White Rocks, Black Australorps and Le~ Orcas. We offer a $1.50 a hundred discount ~.~.~ I~hola mkiC~ f~li on chicks dehvered in June We can make ~ s."~---~-- --- That's a swell new radio show, J immediate shipment. Writ~ for our tree Off when they are subjected to "Detect and Collect," launched on t price list and catalogue, moisture, n 11e ,t/aC.~s -Fr st Ha'feb'cry- ". -. - ~,o m. Experience has sh wn thet a ma CBS June 13 as summer replacement ~ L s'""~ ahaven't"WhiChheardIS, Wendy InBarrieCaSe andY U J IZ~i,~ overseas places a far higher value for,omemode ~ on a /etter from home than a pack- Fred Uttal give each contestant five / --Buy War Saving Bonds-- age of candy, or a long delayed clues to identity his surprise gift, J ~1 ~ a~ter land]mr the "smoke Jumper" m~rape Iris parachute and goB. newsp per. Because of the great and $25 if he guesses it the first I ---" -- -- ,-,--- !1 na rles other tools suc~ morme zacwr, me navy deuvers nrsz time. Prizes decrease to $5, but the | N 0 P to work with his pertsDm rare el A S i R I N F b acat. class marl tO the far Pacl~c ag ex ASTER The heavier ---uipment-ea~ be dropped Y p " contestant gets the prize even f he ~ ~-~ ~st~.~~t.13~e~h00~ez~,~n~e:h~~es&. -.a peditious~Y as possib!e:,never guesses what iris. all Fires Do More Dama e 7 hart the Few Great Ones Host.of Sm g " ODDS AND END$--.The Andrews | wrru-y ~ I A tough forest fire is a terrible I t~e a,e *0.~ t~.~ u r~y Urn: |~.m 75 .t [.~%.'T~nk ,econd. ~,er, ~, b, ~o~d ~, ,o, oop~ I --- I enemy to eombat. It,sometimes t- I w .ar. I . .257u, s,o.p by ~e~t ~ fflypMgaJ q~umt=~ i sweep forward at a speed to over-| everyolgRre was ume -- / . . " flon on "The Postman Alw~y~ Rings l ~f ~ ~,~,~ ,rmlr,| ,~t~. ~ m~n on horseback. It de- ] ed. Who starts mem~ Tne ptmae,ere ann .a .~ oz pnvaw: Twice," ~rrin~ ]ohn and ~ Turner. t"~l~jl:~ I "=~ - ='7-. tha" can i'--~te a stump I accounts for approxlmate/y 98 per,~y owne~ zzm~erzanas, ann a~om velops a nea~ a,', scheduled a group ot Gershwin tributes J 51#/K J more than I00 yards removed from / cent of all forest fires, according to,9,000 are members of the federal "" " This ,ms Paul ~biteman has [ nllMgC #It# M/aD } any names. It stirs alt currents to,the ,omcial records .of ~e forest,!and a~s~ative ngencles which insured ot ~tst o one-time shot; hoe | ~rll~t v,~ ~,~ i ,~ a ~f tornado. ! service, c rezess tossing or ournmg I mc,ua.e me m re~, ~rv,ce ap,e chosen loan Edwards as soloist [or the | ~'~J# @AU # al~ ~ /-~*v--- ~ ,h. ~= we [ atches or tobacco is described as I of thew e~or~, ~owever, nre annu Jeri~ Jimmy CaB'o// ~ vocal i OtIVIIVt~,~ / ~ne grea~ zores~ mve~, m . " q g 9 (~ T" U.@ [ read about, are the more spectacu-| the most frequent cause. Ineendb |ally destroys as much as 800,000,000 pinch.hi~r [or ~ive Sop singers be,ore [ J I rl I~ rO,far and do terrific damage--but [ arists--people who start fires for [ cubic feet of thnber, he landed his own commercicd CBS ] #erie#, "limmy Carroll Sings.", J I $