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June 21, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 21, 1945

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I NEER "THURSDAY, JUNE 21,1945 PAGE FOUR IHE BILLINGS COUNTY P 0 . . --- Revort " ;,Ac "HOMETOWN"PAPER On apltOl VOlngSlv E St T * Wa mer- lurray - Dmgeu B.ll l, t Notme! { 1 ate 1 ,Beverage Plan," "Full Employmen%,"] ,-- nanc^=. -- '.-'Sixty Million Jobs." --- the boning| Tne sorm ua~o~a, war x, . ~T il economic ills/Committee has designated S~tur- It is the opinion of the State l The Post Office Department, in a recent ruling, ~cLgw~tlo 7 e ap for more and d.y, J,une,~,asV-EJ~k~dn.D~a~IChalrman *, IF.U.C vennon ,has declared, in substance, that all subscriptions to more discussion both in and out| ur sm~e, ~ ~. . /overcome every dimculty and meet| I servicemen, not renewed prior to July 1, 1945, shall ~f r'~nar~--~ durin~ the months to[war finance chairman, Sala ~ouaY./both the state's Series E bond]|~ ~/~|| AFl'~lrlh~l~l~ ] not be accepted for mailing and subsequent to that date~- "--= 7-~ -LL the ~'lil|''It is the objective of every county|ouota ~nd me quota of sales to|l~ W1511 flLILIJllllq.Jll ,shall be accepted only upon requests initiated by the ,~4,~ ~r~ made for a comb|n-| and *ocal war nnance cornn~m,| individuals ~^ ~ ~t,~,~ ~q ~.'Y t-- "- "--r ares of -ublic]the state chairman continued, "to},~.*; .~ ~.~'" ~: ~':.~ -~. addressee. . auon ol ,ulree p ogr P ;[ h ~,~ ,~. = ~,~a -,~a ehe|,sedate and qmet oramaruy as any bllc wo~xs for ""~-~ "~ -~--*,-- . spending, (u) pu '1 ~a on| I --1 1~ t] |town of its sine, suddenly found ,Copies mailed in fulfillment of subscriptions whichhealth facilities, (b) unemploymentI ~h~tv fl;~:,~'v~a ,u~ ,~ /Lumeran l lDl |itself invaded last Sunday evening lnsur,"] ,~ ~t~u,; ~,~o~a ,~ ~c~-that/ .~ - i lay a flood of lancers and young ,are unexpired on July 1 will be. accepted by the Post ance (c) medical cos~, retire ~ ,Office Department until the subscriptions expire. ?:dtex en re n is f l y o .% ]School Uonvenes II r: 1 u k?/:nifi x V d& benefits. ~|lto their full responsibility to ex*-" ~ ~/ ~r /'vari us clubs in this Imrt of the | EffecHve July 1, 1945 the publishers oflisttheto Bill- ecuri% is something well ,ings County Pioneer will revise their mailing con- socla: s Y i :1 a~le the state to meet its ~F~e~l For ~ -ee~ Meet ,s~ ,form to the order of the Post Office Department. That worth striving Ior. ,~iaw tsoc m[ War Loan E Bond -uota of t18 -| With an e~ected attendance of means that no serviceman,or woman from Billings Security" can ,be obtained on dis00,000 On. ~may .o~ 'm-]be~ween 50 and 75 people we were ' ~I n~ pom~ea ou~ ~ ~ plan to~ h^^l of the westernlstaruea ~o nna ~at oy ~o any I County will receive the Home Town" paper un- cancer|re basis without sacrificing " /strucmrs aria students o~ ~ne ' " n" controversy ,which will rage t~h:[~tt~ea, s?~e^o~er t~e2vPe t~e!Part of the sta~e moved into thelsegnth~ be ~roximatel 200,-t)oys, ,less some one volunteers to pay his or her subscrip- soc~a~ zreeaom is ~ne nu~ o~ ~ne eran ~,wv ~ ~ . . '{ nl~ th o~-~nl~tion was reare- r|on prior to July 1 or after July 1 and then only ,when the WRITTEN REQUEST, initiated by the country over.on this legls~tion.]st~te' co[u~t;'and~lo~al'~ Fln. lhiston~l CoUS2rhi~il~lln~ ~onlgirls an~ ~hers, an~ the town ~lere ~s a rev,ew o~ vne prowsmnSwill ~I pen ~ for~"*~VVtwo weeks, nd ~[ " an . . once Committees ~the opportunity . e ing Jun went into action to feed d " serviceman or woman, has been filed in the office of on whmh public opinions diff-, to determine the weak spots on/~th' n =l house %hem and did so in a very -- ' r the E Bond front and to take what " . satisfavtory maner dfle to local ,Billings County Pioneer together with the full yearlyer ,subscription rate of the paper, vtdesl" Pub!|Ca ten-yearW rlaSprFe~:~reofog P~-. iobever doneaCti n is necessary to get the withTheanmeetmg wfllattenaaneebemoi ~boutVW parxs,175 atI visitorsresident opening their homes to the eral grants and lo War exnenditures Mr Conklin the present ses.5 oh will endIT+~ ~ ~ +~ r,~t. ~ uch ,We believe that the majority of the boys and girls arts for the con- ",:,ion whi " / in the service are anxious to receive the home town struction and expansion of has- said "rea~ed the'all time htch next Friday, and then the new} -~ ~ .-~ v :~.~- - pitals, health institutions and re-,=, 188 "~' o'~ ~ classes numbering about 100 willl a nne ouneh of young xoir~ and | news. You, his mother, father, brother, sister, wife o~ ~, ,~,~ during me m ~a . ' ~ltheir instructors. We enjoy h~'dng | sweetheart or friend, can make this possible by re- lated facilities ~o De nnancea ou~ o~ of May. Moreover, Treasury ex- ta~e up raae~r wor~:. ALSO, a new l,~m ~.h .~ ~nd onlv houe that | hewing their subscriptions before July 1st. genera!z. J~ewreV?u:~ulo--entp ym Insur-monthsPendltureswillduringexceedthe revenueneXt foUroy ft~:nultYf W~e%eo der l~hr~'~ ~ftTh;I they = I annualmaYeventSeefit to make this an | The Pioneer cannot continue to forward them the ance System--administered by C/he $17,000,000000" He further seva~l meeting, l " | paper free because it must be a bonafide, paid sub- federal government, that the go~l of the Seventh War Those in charge of the school ---- script|on. fits, payaole Ior wo weezs up co a minimum which must be raised to England, as Supervisor; Rev. Ker-I M ~ ~ 3. Larger Unemployment Bane-Loan, whlcah is $14,000,000,000, is the are: Rev. Richard Bey of New maximum of $30 per week (m con- meet the Treasury's needs. "To mit Graves as Dean; Rev. A.E. lVUarmna ~rast to most state laws which set 15 O r week) "- ~ --the Publishers ~rotect our economy and to safe- Hanson of Brook|rigs, S. D In- n maximum of $ -$2 pe " guard ourselves from the ravages ternat~onal Young People's Worker; --~ :: 4. Extension of Coverage to 15,- of inflation," ~he State chairman Rev. Everett Gilbertson of Croaby, 000,000 more persons--farm and said, "we must make the sale of and Rev. Thomas Lee, former mls- At home--Anyflavor--Del|e~ous-$mooth --No ice crystals--No cooking--No re- domestic workers, employees of E Bonds and the purchase of War sionary in China. whlpp{ng--No scorched flavor--Easy-- non-profit institutions, indepen- Bonds by individuals the predom- This ~ible Oamp is a wonderful Inexpensive--20 recipes in each I$ pkg. Please send th~s ad for free full-$|ze tom. 8thGrade Grads Hold Exercises "Fne Eighth Grade graduation exercises }ass Friday night were well ~ttended by parents and friends of the children, and a very well rendered and enjoyable pro- gram was put on by the graduate~. ~rs. Blanche Whittemore gave a splendid talk ~nd right~ully earned ~e title of public speaker, al- Chou~h she disclaimed any such ~bfllty. " ---ram an in Follow4ngthe pr~ formal dance was held but lack of musicians was evident and the event closed ~t 1 o'clock with everyone going on record as h~ving Checking Of Cars To Be Continued check program by the police of the state and the highway patrol shows that far too m~ny drivers have ,a blind faith in brake~ which can,t stop in time, according to Highway l~trol Chief E. M. Klein of ~Bismarck. For the first six wealds of tahe program ending June 1, it was found that out of 8,5"/3 cars check- ed 1,290 had faulty brakes and .'!,884 had defective lights. This r~tio is ~n a par with or a 1Wile lower than the national ~ver~ge, dent farmers, professional persons, |hate responsibility in %his Seventh event and all ~re ttrged to attend, pie often or buy from your grocer. .Mrs Joe ~hwartzbaur (nee ,Bern- and small businessmen . War Loan. This is a people's war We bid you welcome, and please ice Ad~ns) of Moorhead, Minn Who will pay ~he bill for tae and in this mighty Seventh indl- come again, t visttin her parents, Mr and expanded benefits is the big ques- viduals are expected to al~orb their is g r ConCra to ~ -- ~ / Brand Homemade lee Cream Mrs. C. E. Adaans. lion for ta xpaye s. . rYEm full quotas. To finance the war by FOR SALE-- Have two good 3-year/ ~lrA~l~|l I~]~FII~ ,Mrs. Bernt Olson and Mrs. R0n- the ,belief o* many, it ls ~ne "[the sale of War bonds to individ- old Hereford Bulls purebred, but~ lrll ll.l . l ~t ~etloli~k~S:~nTe~yfuWin:r~b~U~r': p~ye:sn o'~hf ~h~llladCd?ti?nthexpSd:e~I Us:luSdS ~whay hardway, but it is theI dot registered. W: J. RaY~9.2Mt~: t'--",t,~,s,'~a~,~,t,i vices of their father, ,Mr. Mitchell Business generally would carry onI ' uv~. oo-,~ ] Joubert. at the old rates, t] ~~~-~~'-~-'~ Mr. and Mrs. Alton Klucas and Employees ,would pay 5 per can ] daughter, Atlas arrived from Lyle, fon wages up %o $3,600 a year--| n have been house guests four times the present 1 per cent/ Wash a d r" rr at the C E Adams home They rate on wages uP ,~o ~ our a yea. .- " t ~he Verne King' Employers would pay'4 per cent /~ . were guests a I home on Thursday and at the Al-[on wages up to $3 ~0. a yea.r.---th: fred ,Matteson home on Friday. ~ same rate now polo ~or Ola ag They lett Saturday for Deer Creek,~ and unem.ploy~nent insurance on n Minn where they will visit with/ yeamy ~ages to. $~,ot~. ~pmyer relatives. - ~ho now enjoy mw unempmymen~ Mrs. 'L. O. Havnlk and Mrs. John compensation r~tes under state Gregory were Dickinson shoppers merit rating systems would be in on Wednesday. $or a tax hike when compelled to corporal Stanley Adams was a dinner guest at the Fred Johnson home Tuesday. They attended the wedding dance for Mr. and Mrs. While the big majority of the Wallace Machnicki in the evening. l~orth Dakota motorists have good Paul ~Beyer of Glendive, Mont to excellent brakes, the brake- arrived Thursday morning for an being eonduvted extended visit with his niece, Mrs. Verne King, and nephew, Dan Cheadle, and their families. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Adams, Cpl. Stanley Adams and ,Mrs. Joe Schwartabaur visited relatives at Beach. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Helser were shopping in Belfield Wednesday. Betty Talkington had the mis- fortune of breaking two bones in her right hand ,while helping her music ,teacher move a piano. Her hand was caught between the piano and the ~all, cau~ag a painful In- jury. Miss Betty Law of Dickinson visited Virginia King on Tuesday. A son was born to Mrs. Win. Urban at the Beach hospital on June 24th. Klein states. Checking of cars will continue for another two months in order *~o cover districts not yet check- ed, ~ae announced. - Klein reports complete cooper- ~tion by all car owners and driv- ers In~ervlewed. "Most of the drlv- ers accept the checking of their cars as a wor~h~hile personal service. It is rarely that a check- er meets up with a man grur~bllng ~en t~he request is made for a d~eck of his car." 7~avy Photo Sixty neighbors and ~riends gath- ered at the hospitable home of ,Mr. and Mrs. 'Ray I-I~ley Sunday to enjoy Father's Day. A bounteous diner was served at 1 o'clock. Th~ afternoon was spent in reminiscing. Special guests were Mr. and Mrs. C, eo. Hickey, D~troit, Mich.; L. O. Havnvtk and family, Fryburg; El- wood Hickey and family and I-Ienry Christensen, Belfleld. and Fern Gethmann, R. N Bismarck; Mrs. Oison, Salem, Ore and Mrs. Henry Johnson, ,Ft. Dodge, Iowa. A large delegation from here at- tended Eighth Grade graduation exercises at Medora last Friday. Gladys Krueger, Montana, is a house guest, this ~ek, at hcr sister's, Mrs. Vie Stigen. ~Ir. and Mrs. E. W. Teiford spent from Thursday until Sunday In Belfleld. T h e i r granddaughter, Sharon, is spending a week with them. Fern C~thmann, ~R. N Bismarck, was .a week end guest at the Roy Gethmam~ home. 'Mrs. Emma Olson, Mrs. Henry Johnson, and Mrs. Bertram John- son and son spent last Friday with Victoria Johnson. Friends here are in receipt of announcements of the .births. of a daughter, Sharon Lea) to Mr, and Mrs. Monte Annear and a daughter, Judith I~ae, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder, Montana. The Annears and Schreeders were ,former resi- dents hem. The annual telephone meeting and picnic will be held at the John Egly home Wednesday, June Mr. and Mrs. ,Roy Ge~nn and daughter, Pauline, are leavin~ .this afternoon ,for Bismarck where Mr. and Pauline, will receive medical attention. Wins Navy Cross Soundphoto--U. S. S. Barb, pay the standard federal rate. Employers of agricultural work- ers, and seamen would feel the full impact of the 4 per cent tax, since they pay nothing under the present set-up. ,Non-profit insti- tutions would also be brought un- der social security. Self-er~ployed persons--such as profeasional men, small business- men, farmers etc now excluded on unemployment and temporary dis- ability insurance, would be charged 5 per cent for other benefits ob- ~ainable. These tax r~tes provided for in the ,bill tell only a part of the story. For ~he benefits offered in the bill, ~here is the possibility that the future burden may re- quire (a) increased contributions, 0b) government co~trlbutions from general revenues, or (c) a com- bination of both. General Revenues, mean ~a- tlon. Taxation means less take- home money. With federal gran~s comes federal regulation. The war- time measures of OPA, WPB, and ODT, have given most of our cit- izens a first hand taste of the meaning of "federal regu~tion." The. Murray-Wagner491ngelt Bill offers security benefits--the price you will have to pay will be tax- a~ion plus federal regulation. In this there is food for thought. One of the big construction jobs in ~e U. S. niter the war will be ~he extension of electric service to farnls. W. J. RAY Attorno -a~-Law PRACTICE IN ALL COURTS Medora, N. Dak. I ,= YEDt Please Notify W. J. Ray Medora, North Dakota, of Cattle or Horses branded (Bellows) on Left Jaw, Shoulder or Hip; (Cross- L) Left Side on Cattle; Left Thigh on Horses; (TC) Left Side Cattle, running off Submarginal Range, South of N P tracks or East of Submarginal fence on North side You will be reimbursed any expense in notifying. Any in- formation concerning the taking or stealing of this livestock will be rewarded under the Stock- growers Association Reward as published. ON Rodeo Queen To Chosen At This Time! Special Prizes for best Cowboy and Cowgirl! - All Class Junior and Senior Saddle Horse Show Louie Pelissier, Bill Otto and Walter Neuens, Arena Directors--Official Announcers: Col. Bill McCarty, King of the Cowboys, and Paul W. Leb0. FRED SHIPMAN, Secretary WALT RAY, Manager Boys' Special .Calf Riding--Cowboys' Roping Contest Bring the whole family and picnic in Roosevelt Park! " -.