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June 23, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 23, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER Burdick Polls Businessmen, Farmers On a trip back to North Dakota, Congresman Quentin Burdick visit- ed briefly with Oliver Borlaug, edi- tor of the Washburn Leader, on problems facing small businessmen. Burdick has opposed the high in- terset rates that are affecting many small businesses and farmers in the state. Burdick is a candidate for U. S. Senate in the special election June 28th. He is opopsed by Gover- nor John Davis. Civil Defense For Enemy Attack Civil Defen Is the or. ganizatlo9 of public offi- cials and private citizens for handling major dis- asters, such as nuclear war. tornado,cor floods. 8|nee at Iv war wtti be a maJol catastrophe, plans for organizing government people . and sup- vl'ies must be developed now. T h c s plans are called Civil Defense Sur- Natural Disasters l, lsns Your county IS presently N 9 gusTIval Plato DUST MOPS--fop. Charles O. Porter (D), Oregon, holds up samples in Washington of surphm American flags (48 stars instead of 50) which reportedly are being sent to Haiti for use as dress goods, dust mops, curtains, etc. The flags are In bolt cloth form. The State department presumably is con- sldering "what measures can be taken to halt further export of flags for inappropriate purposes." A New York firm /s the exporter of the outdated Old Glories, HOAJL~ AMPAJONEIt--Sen. John r. Kennedy of Massachu- setts ~ autographs in Portlan~ Oregon, for Little Leap baseball players, Slightly hoarse 4h~m eampaigning, 'Kennedy said he experts Sen. W~ MOrN to ~ the Oregon Dem- ocratic Presidential primary against Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Tex~ Sen. Stuart Symingt~. of Missouri and KmmedT. The M~ i0~ vote will be the tint time the latter thr~ major eand/datu have laced one another in a primary. FOR NICE LOOKING LAWN~FE]gTILIZE To ~tive your lawn ~that dark green cblQr and maintain a vig- orous turf that competes with weeds, give your lawn a fertilizer treatment this spring. Two fertilizer materials eom- monly used are commercial fer- tilizer and barnyard manure, Ac- cording to Virgil L. Weiser, NDAC exten~on soil specialist, nitrogen is the primary element needed for lawns on our North Dakota soils. Potassium and phosphorus may be of some benefit on some lawns and can be included in lawn treat- mentts, but the proportion of nit- rogen in the treatments should be higher than the other elements." If you arc going to treat your lawn once a year, apply, about two pounds of actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn, We(see says. In using a straight nitrogen fertilizer like ammonium nitrate, containing 33 per cent nitrogen, about seven pounds of fertilizer must be ap- I plied to supply two pounds of act- ual nitrogen. ,If a fertilizer containing 20 per cent nitrogen and some phosphorus and potassium is used, again cal- vulatte of fertilizer to use based on the per cent of nifrogen it contains. With this formula, ten pounds of fertilizer would have to be applied per 1,000 square feet to give two pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 feet. Some people like to fertilize their lawn more than once a year. If you are one of these, apply about one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet and make two applica- tions. "Distribute the fertilizer evenly over the lawn to avoid streaks dif- fering in color and growth. A lawn ~e~t.ilizer s~reader wil| help get even disTxibution," he explains. To avoid the danger of burning the leaves of t~he grass, caused by some fertilizers when the grass is activeIy growing, water the fertiliz- er immediately after spreding dur- ing the growirtg season, or spread the fertilizer in early spring or late fall when the grass is dormant. If you are interested in using manure, spread on the lawn at ~- bouf a bushel per 30 square feet, is recomended. This is an old stand- ard treatment used to supply fert- ilizer and organic matter to lawn soils. "'North Dakota soils are well sup-, plied with lime. and lime treatment on lawns is not recommended." In addition to proper fertilizer treatmen% clipping and watering are important in maintaining a good turf. For Kentucky blue grass lav~s, the cu~ter roar should be set 1 to two in<~hes high. Closer clipping weakens ~he turf. Not more than a third of the top grow- th should be removed at each clip- ping. This means that a lawn cut down to a two inch height .o, hould be clip. ped each time l,here is an inch of regrow2h. Proper watering is helpful, too Water the lawn when the grass first ~ho~ gigs of wiD2ing. .Apl~ly enough water to wet the soil five to six inches deep. Frequent light sprinkling encourages shallow root- ing and increases turf diseases. F] Detergents made from crude oil have displaced ,more than half the farm fats and oils that used to go into soap. TURKISH 11101'$ QU|ttt~--PoHce toss tear gas bombs into a crowd of 5,000 demonstrators trying to storm the Ankara radio tCtation as new riots reeked the Turkish eapitaL The oubreaks were, as usual, directed at the regime of Premier Admm MemJeret, which celebrated its tenth anniv~. THE HOME~$$ AND THE D~kD--The homeless ll~tng as they can In park~ and open place~ and mass funerals for the hun- dreds and hundred~ of dud are the scenes in southern Chile the Nrl~ ~ ~rthquak~. The~ photos come from Lot~ near Concepcio~ North Dakota's Greatest Farm Coverage -- Gets ResulIs BUYING SELLING Rotes: ! 4c per word first insertion--no ad less than $2.80 12c per word each additional issue, $2.40 minimum SEND DIRECT 2'0: BISMARCK CAPITAL end ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS Main and Manthm S~'e~ I BISMARCK, N. Ilk I Livestock T Iror SI*,IZ+~" IqTt{ICi~I,:I, FtI.'I'~,~W, ,~'~I" POLLI~D BUT,I,S AND HEIFERS ~ "i~ Nelson Wilton, N. I) ~ l~'or Sale: Registered Angus ht~lls, years and younger. Reasonably pric- ed. Buy your bull early while th. cboice is good. Goldberg Angus Farm Box 584 Mo0rhead, Minn, 41-5 Top Wisconsin Holstein and C~ernsey calves ~nd cows shipped on approval. Ray Blott, Box 552. Mukwonago. WI~'~c F(Ht SAlvE: l Appaloos~ Stud 2 yr. old; well marked. 1 wh|t~ Stud pony 4g in 3 yr. old Phon~ 546. t/arty Le- v.~ne, Pocahontaa, Iowa. 51 Wisconsin Dairy (;~tttle (Cows ;~nd Heifers) on hand a~ all times at Al- fred Ports Pamn. ]/:~ mile north Of Steele. N. Dak. l~tn~'s ~'accinated . . ('an Deliver . . Complete Herds on order. 50-1 Farm Equipment 4 JOHN DI,:F:ItE, I:~oqzr Section Heavy l)tlty roI:lrv h(~e. l.ik New Verni~ I'~'lerson. ~aldwin. IH'tl('A3-9179 51 Help Wanted 24 () It T I N (;, ~,VashirLgtoll ["lelne~l tary teachin~r va (':tiiCleS ]'~. ]st. 2 2 and fifth gr~(i(,s. Startin~ salaries $4,000- $5.000. Ort|n~: in in the Puynllup Vnlley --16 znile,u from Tacoma - 30 nHlcs from Se~tttle 28 teacher school. Ad- .lr ss reldieu t(* Or(ins S('t~ooi District. ()rting, ~'ash 51-52 CHECK STRIPS NEEDED ON FERTILIZED FIELDS If you want to know just what fertilizing your fields is doing for you by way of increased yields and increased profits, check strips arc a must. Even when soil tests have been made to determine the rates of Ier- tilizer to aply to a particular fi)'d. you may wish to try several dif- ferent kinds or types of fertilizer to determine extra profit~ made by any of the fertilizer rates of ratios. Harvest the chee~ s~rips ~eparately, so you will kno'~, exactly what the yields are. Average increased yietd of 4.8 bushels of wheat For acre on sum- merfallow at a co~t of about $2.50 per acre is a nice profit margin, but the average take~ :n both much higher and much lower figures. What profits fertilizer w~ll make for you on your own farm is sometinng you will have to work out by means of check strips, experimenting un- til you find the combination that provides the greatest profit fr, r you. and then keeping ihe fee(ill:or up to that level in your Iields. County extension agents report th~ farmers are noticing the re- duction of the number of weeds in fertilized grain, says Virgil L. WeN ser, NDAC extension softs agent. They say fertilizer gives the grain an ex~a start and crowds out more weeds, 0oth increasing the yield and lowering the dockage. Art G~I1, Oliver county agent, quotes Max Erhardt, a farmer in his county, as saying that dockage has gone down every year he has u s e d fertilizer. Auother Oliver county farmer, John Yantzer, has seen fertilized wheat compete much beter with Canadian thistle and per. ennial sow thistle. Yantzer uses check strips, and there just were not as many plants of these troublesome Weeds on the fertilized strips as on ~he unfertilized. When ~dh'ogen fertilizer is used, I Information on checking crop yields an d~nalyzing the results for highest profits is available from county extension agents. Pe - nal 88 CA?o~ I~*R-UNMARRIED MOTHEI~e enos Crittenton Home 111 lSt~ ~t south, Fa.rlgo, North D~kota. Wldts su?erentenaent for inform~tion. All In. quxrle~ conftaential. H~I~ FOR UNMARRIED MOTHER. unml ~d Pursing ears. Write ]fltou~ of Mercy, 1504i 5th Avenue ~outlh, Far~. North Dakot~ All luqu/ri~ eont~mua~ Notice 29 LARGI~gT whole~m~e sul~ly II~ ~. l~Urn|ture, elot~lng, &ppll~n~,' au~ and accessor/~, farm equlpmeat, tools houseware~, new products, hnPOrta Free details. Associated ~ghol~ers Box 2068-BN. SIoux City 4. Iowa. St, Free Indian e,nt. C~,et pleasure and profit from colle~ctir~" coins Mail 2~5e for monthly I)ar~':(in buIiet{n. Itichor I:YOX 901. Schenectady 1, Now York. 50-51 S,'ttesm;~n. Exp. sell fa.~t selling l'm.rd- ware. electric supplies to dealers from catalog. (~omm. S~ Jobbing House, 96 Prince St. New York City. NY. 50-5l Male Help Wanted 25 WE WANT A MAN %Vith Management Ambition. W~e n~.~d :, man with lm- ~tgination initiative nnd unlimited desire to succeed. If you can meet these qualifications, we offer you a ~nost attractive, corltrac[ with high colnlnissions, ves[ed rerlewals and stock incentives. If you are not earn- ing $10,000 a year. here ~s an op- portunity [o ,~}cur~ on the Job train- ing, "~ith weekly commissions is a rapidly growing Nortt~ I)z~kot:t Com- p:~ny. Several select ~(.reas still ava~l- able. Write today, giving complete sUlllnlary Of YOllV education and ex- l,ernence. Box 1762,I'~argo, North l)~, kots, 50-51 EXIq~HtI~]N(?EI) MECIIA NIC ~,VA NT- I,H) T( ) SO~H.V l( ~P~ (?HH.YSI~I,:.R-PLy. MOUTH %'ALIA~N'T PRODUCTS, Liv- Ing quarters av;tilal)le, l)ald vac.~ttion. medical ~Lnd lnsurt~.n(' - benefits. Locat- ed in H.ed H.iver %':Hley town with mod* *~rn fnci|itb~s, go<~l school and four churches. Thi~ can be ~t permanent position with a concern of 34 )'ears ex- 0erience. Pleas~n L place t,) work ;And live. State Oil and Auto Co. Iiunter, N .Dnk. 51-~2 Business Opportunity 9 MOTEL I,~OR SALE Miles City, Mon- tana 30 units, filling station, down- town loca.lion. 5 room deluxe living quarters. Air con(litlon ~d - room |d~ones $194).0~)~ annual gross ($190,- 0@0) Ill he~lth roa ~)n for sale. $65.- 000 down p:tyment. Box 90, Ad No. 6660, Bismarck, N. l)ak. 50-51 A ~ery [:ood buy on a 16-unit Motel. l~Lxcellent location. Selling for $65.000. with nn{y $23,000. down. Yearly im- e,~l~e ex(~eeds $20,(R)0. f'otlrtney Real- ty, Oakes. N. Dak. 50-51 Exceptional Buy on 4 quarters of cul- tivated farming land. Good dark soil between Oakes and F~llendale. Being offered for quick sale at $45.00 per acre Cash. Courtney Realty, Oakes. N. Dak 50-5l 24-room H(,tel ~'urnished and operat- ing, l*oor he~tlth - cheap for quick ~ale. {.-eorge Erickson. Drayton. N. Dak. 50-51 Builder's supply and butane g~u basi- nes.s doing $150.000 yearly in Okla- homa(. Priced for quick .-~tle. K'a~h- finder, Wichita. Kansas $1 Due to ill health must sell b~" in pros- perous con~rnunity; living quarters. Reason~ble offer accepted. I~ 1 Bax, Leal, N. Da~. 51 Variety and Drug Stove. Texas town on river and beautiful lake near Antonio. Good terms. I~ashfind~e Wichita, Ka~s. Implement Agency in 1Worthwost Kan- sas county seat. doing $200,000 y~mr- ly. Lease building, A real buy. finder, Wichita. IG~mas. I~I FOR SALE: MY IN~'ATIOI~A.~ HARV~STET AND i~~ I)EALE~R~HIP. Due to ill hestlth. De~ chert Implement Co, Carson, N. l)ak. Phone 7561. 7r~.~I. North Dakota Newspaper Ass~ B~ek, lq'. Dak, 19~ 51 CHICAGO ELEVATED JUMPS THE TRACK$--A snorkel Lift helps a fireman remove the injured from a teetering elevated train in Chicago. The engineer could offer no explanation for the sud- den derailment as the train rounded a curve. Two of the 32 /njured were in critical condition but passengers could be thankful that the two-car train had not plun~ed to the street.