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June 23, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 23, 1960

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BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER Brewery Constructi on Gets Underway Many local and state diginitaries attended the ground breaking cere- monies for the new Dakota Brewery in Bismarck recently. Frank M. Bauer, general manager of the new brewery is shown break- ing the ground as construction got under way. Frank Gruye, chairman of the board, said: "Today marks the cul- mination of many months of plan- ning and hard work. Thanks to our men of vision and the thousands of nge on i Nationally .syndicated columnist Doris Fleeson says North Dakota might well determine whether or not the vice presidential candidates will come from the farm belt. "If it appears to Democrats that not even Agriculture Secretary Ben- son can break the farmers loose North Dakota citizens, stockholders, our dream of a new brewery for the state of North Da- kota is to be a reality." Bauer stated: "We are proud to add to the development of North Dakota industry, agriculture and economy. Some 80 per cent of the i malting barley used by the industry! is grown in our state. We cannot help but succeed in our venture since we are located right in the heart of the barley country." The new brewery is being built by the Dakota Malting & Brewing Company, which is composed of residents of North Dakota. The brewery will be a modern structure with an estimated worth in excess of one million dollars. Dakota Builuding Systems is in charge of the construction. All equipment and machinery has been purchased and will be arriving as soon as the floors are laid and cured. Bauer states the brewery will be completed before winter and that Dakota's own beer will be available about the first of next year. [] Farm Groups Ask Yes'V0te Three' farm groups are urging farmers to vote yes on the July 21 referendum. who are from the Republican party in a presidential year, they probably will concentrate on holding the south and border states If they win North Dakota with Rep. Quentin Burdick, they could decide to take the south for granted again and capitalize on farm discontent. Republicans will need to take some risky decisions if their man, Gov. John Davis, cannot carry North Dakota. Nixon clearly has his eye on the big industrial states and may gamble on an all-out appear to them, cutting his losses in the old Republican heartland." Nearly 20 per cent of tractor ac- cidents are occurring on highways. Bulgar pilaf may boost the amount of wheat we eat. An old Turkish dish, cracked grain, cooked with spices, it has been developed as a canned, cooked convenient food by USDA. It is a high protein food. Approximately 30 per cent of farmers' incomes in 1958 and 1959 came from work off the farm. Officials of the Farmers Union Grain Terminal Assn Farmers Un- ion Central Exchange, and Farmers NDAC FLAX DISCOVERY AIDS TROPIC MEDICINE Two important problems, widely separated geographically may" be nearer to solution because of work l with flax underway in the depart- ments of agriculture biochemistry and bacteri.)logy of the North Da- kota Agricultural ExperimePt Sta- tion. The .-cIentlsts have been s~udying a number of chemical riddles pre- sented by the flax reed in an over- all effort to find new uses for flax products. A question arose ~)s to why baby chicks and turkeys do poorly and sometimes die when fed flax screenings or meal. Chem]ca~ ana:ys-.s ana experimen. tal testing revealed ,*ne presence of a naturally occurring anti-vitamin, the antipylii-oxine factor, in tim flax. Chicks fed flax cotyledons, the part SPACE WRECKER CLEARS THE SKIES--A push-away I earth and moon could provide a hazard to spacial wrecker (right) follows a dead satellite in orbit navigation. To prevent this, the wrecker would around the moon in this artist's drawing of how come up behind the satellite and attach a nose outer space may some day be cleaned up. The clamp on its tail to slow the object and make it hundreds of dead objects spinning around the fall onto the moon or into the earth's atmosphere. fPhoto ]rom Mechanic lllustratedl that becomes the seed leaf of the plant, show all of *.he symptoms of severe vitamin B-6 deficiency, even though the ration is normal in that respect. Given vitamin B-6, they IRON CURTAIN CALLERS---The nine Americans forced down in East Germany in the USAle quickly recover. C-47 look happy in Wiesbaden, West Germany, after their release. Front: Capt. Paul K. The substance has now been con- McCash and his wife, Atlanta, Ga.; behind them, Capt. James P. Lundy (left), Findlay, centrated to the point where a pinch O and Capt. George A. Jordan, West Lafayette, Ind.; behind them, Capt. William Frewen, of it added to a pound of feed will Galveston, Tex and S/Sgt. Leon Porter, RussellviUe, Ala.; top, A2/c James Morrison, bring chicks to the point of death Richmond, Va.; S/Sgt. Chester Sleezer, Galway, N,Y.; A2/c James Garvin, Woodbine, Ia, within a few days. The chicks re cover quickly when given the vita- i'~ ~'~ I MANDAN MAN UND OFFERS NEW uuv Iresses The basic impllcations of the dis- ,a,r ~ r . f,~ J Redger Wolfer, seaman appren- A new graduate program in Eng- coverT, however, are much broader, N~.~.~ tNr ||il i tice, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. fish language and literature will be and the National Institutes of Health has renewed a grant to Dr. Harold "" vv, ~v-- ~.w~! Henry Wolfer of Mandan, completed offered at the University of North J. Klosterman, agricultural chemist, Speaking at an NPL Democratic- a three-day visit to Shimoda, Japan, Dakota beginning with the 1960 sum. and Dr. Jesse L. Parsons, associate,Rall~ in Crosby, William L Guy May 19. while serving aboard the mer session, according to Dr. C. J. bacteriologist, of $7,24.S.00 to con- Democratic NPL Candidate for USS St. Paul. IIamre dean of the graduate school. tinue the study for another year, with expectations that a similar Governor said "The smell of crude oil in the air and Lush appearance grant for a third year will complete of the grain fields makes this north- the study. Union organiaztions said they are,west part of the state an exciting Remted to human health, the prob. area to visit North Dakota crude urging a yes vote this year in order lem is that in some tropical regions ~olil and ag~icuRural commodities to "hold on to the existing wheat where the normal human diet in- are our two most important ~)asic r program until there is a new presi " dent, a new secretary of agriculture, eludes large quantities of certain products," Guy said. 1 and a neWtoward farmers."attitude in Washington fsr?i~pt:= nf~sevthee l~vi~m;nXn~itl~ "Economists tell us that dollars deficiency leadina to qlne .~i from these basic products are mul- Representatives of the organiza i " event t ph'ed seven fold as fhey move up ually to paralysis even though - ' tions met in St. Paul to discuss de b ordinar ' - ~^. I tttrough the economy. The nummer tails of a get-out the vote campaign Y y standards their d~ one " " f contain enough of th~ vltnmin fn~l ~[>rODle~12 O 'DOIXI Tile Oll InQu~- in the six state region of Minnesota, r " norm~1 ~,a h~1~ I t y and the AgriCultural industry ~--m the Dakotas, Montana, Kansas and ]ls the enlarl~ement of markets for Wisconsin. It is possible that this anti-vitamin I their products. Unless Congress enacts a new factor, the only one known to occurI "Both of these great industries wheat program, wheat farmers onNAMED PRESIDENT Arthur naturally, now being isolated and I find themselves in intense cometi- July 21 decide on whether to accept %' Eckman of Cambrld-- "" s purified from North Dakota flax- t'ion with other areas in this coun- ge, ~tas quotas on the 1961 crop in exchange * ^ ~ ~.= seed, may be the same substance, or I try and with other nations. ~re f 1was named Presld=,~ ux ~v ! t r a price supp r~ I ~l"tl per [ M ther Church' The First Chttrch ne cl sely related' that is causing J need str ng representati n in Uur bushel, or end M1 wheat production J of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, the illness known in the tropics. I need strong representation in o controls and take a free market] Mass at the June 6 Amaual --~-- ]sta~e and federal $overmnen~ to ~riee. Meeting BURLEIGH FA~ [advance our North Dakota inter- "1 ~ ~ HAS P~ pLAN /es~" said Guy. Before ~ ~arm eonservation t ~tuentin Burdick working thr- iii~}iiiiii~!ii~iii!iiiililiiiiiiiiiiiii!iii}iiiiiiiiiii~ililili}i::} ~~ plan was pu~ into effect, John Ko / ought ~Fte maJori~ Demom~tic :::~ ~ !:!::::::~:i:i:i:!:~:~::,::::::::::::~ ::::.~:: ~::::.::~::::~:~~ courek, near Driscoll, had pasture [Party in congress will be in the :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~:::::::::~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::z:::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,:::::u:::: management problems. Native pas-/atrongest posFdon ~o aggressively tures were being both overmmzed Jrepresent North Dakota in oil and ~:~:::::::V ::::~ ~:~' ":":::>: ~" . ::. ~::~::::::~:::~"" :: ~:: ~: ~:~: and undergrazed, and were not [/~gricultural legislation. ~ ~ producing as they should. Also, dry, ,~/ot only is the economy of the ::~:~:;~:~:: ~:'~::~: years and lack of stock water de-Jertttre state of North Dakota de- vele~ne~ t ~urt wool and mutton]pendan~ upon grea~r m.erkets for proa~nction. |oil and agricultural prOducts, but ~~" "~! :q Now, zeemWith nehiS conservatiOnmwmg a gooaPlan ~ also the service of our state gov- completed, Kocourek has several,ernment supported by taxes are ae- ~z~ndred additional acres of all ~ pendent upon the welfare off these alfa-brome pasture planfed. He has ] basic industries.' also dug a well to go ~lth his rot-. ~ . --C3-- ation pasture setup Ov " I LANG ABOARD USS LUCID ergrazed native pasture was] Marvin W Long radioman third fenced from livestock on the KO-Jclass USN "of 7~ First st. N.E, courek farm for about 18 months lMan~an, N' Dak, is serving aboard to give ~he posture a chance to re [~ mines~veener USS Lucid ~:~:~ ~:~:~:~ ~ ?]~mt~n~ 121212~tUreresWansJn-la~r-g'ed I perating out of Long Beach, Calif. :.:.:,:.::::{:i:!:~:i:~:}:~:~:i:i:~::':~:~:~}~::':~: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .Y I~ g ,ali.a~- . " ' r ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::* ==::=::::==::::==:====== brom~, nu~,~.~ It w~ d~ ~id~ ] ~,~*~ I On April 7, the Lucid s c ew par :~:: ~:!:}i:~:!!!::~:~:;:i:~: ~:~:~:; ~:!:~:i:~:iz~:i:;:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:::~:~:i:~:~: !:!:::;:~:~:~:!:~:~:~:;:;:~::~ tWoal 60. acre. fields.166 Aae divisiOna, fence I AlliedticipatedArtist'sin themovle,fflming Otseyonat e. neWtne :~-":::;.'.:;~'~ ~.~:~;~:~:~:~f~:;~.~:~.~.~:~;~;:::. so divided a re n tire pas- , :;:::::::::::~:::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::: ~}~ - ture into ~tures of I00 acre~ and Call ', based o nthe 1~avy and Marine "'"::! ~:{:~::~:~:~:i:!:~!~:~:~:~:~:i:~:i:?:: : ::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 66 acres. Another 220 acre pastureCorps invasion of Salpan during ~ "-~ -. ":-~' .- I ============================================================================== ~ -- - - ! ~t::~:~:::~:::;::~:~:~;~:~::~ ~:::~:~:::~ ::.::::~,~:z~:a~:~.~ also was divided, world war u. ~::- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: :-:::-:.:-:-:::.::::::~::~:~.:t.::'.*':.'~>:~ o -- th ~.'.- ~:'.:':~' "I ======================================= ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: With ~hoe~ ~'hun~'p~ w~d~ ~n- In a full day's shooting off the ':":. ;~};~};~i~i~:~i~: ~/:i~}~{; '~/~!~i}~iii~!~}g~ eourek" --- is for - - Southern California coast, e men ~~ ~i :::: ~: :.::~: ~:~,~. :~:. ~ ::~:~{~ " lmen . ============================================================================= ~:~::~::: ::::~i!i~i!~i~i:i~"~'-:~:i~}~~ ~asture nroweam He nov has o of the Lucid donned he ts and ~ -~ - -" -:~ ~ii!: ii ::: !ii:'~i:i;:!~};~.:~.#.~}i~i~i~':.~ r "5"7":," T life jackets and manned their guns ~~~l~t~ ~:~:~:::~:~:~ ::~i;~r};~;~!:.:~:~i~{~}~ war~,ame ,p~n m wmcn ae can 1~ ~ :~ ~ ~:~!~i;~:::i::::i:::i.i::~:ii::~i::i~::~i~i!ii!~ii~::i::ii~ his shee~ in any of 5 nasture and in a slmuiazea genera~ quarters' [j$~:~i,~ ~i!~:~i~{:~i~::~ii~!i~ not over'raze any one ~as'--ture drill to provide the studio with an ~: ~.~:{{~ ~~~:~:::~:~:~:~:~:~:~::.~:~ ~::~.::~:~:~:~:;:~: ~:~:~::~:::::::~z --m,y "~---'t1 ea~ PJ-'~--~mms program'- " --aas authentic background.r.~ given me a chance to balance out--,~ - - - TYPHOON KILLS 108 IN PHILIPPINES-Rain still falls on Manila my unit," he says. "I will not need ~on re-use ru.Doer vanos wnen as residents of the Philippine capital look over a street that to overgraze any pasture." He ac- docking lambs wlth an elastrator. ,was partly washed away by Typhoon Lucllle. At least 108centplildled this improvement in a It may lead to tetanus infection, and Imrson~ were killed, 150 are missing and more than 20,000short time wH~/ the help of theold bands lose their elasticity and are homeless in the flood disaster. Many of the dead wereQreat PRalns program and the don't do a good job of stopping children, who drowned as their homes were swept away by South Burleigh Soil Conservation blood circulation necessary for the ~v/rUng waters. Three-fourths of the cit4r was Under water, district, operation. The purpose of the visit was the participation of the St. Paul and her crew in the annual Black Ship Fes- tival, which commemorates the ar rival of Admh-at Perry in Japan 107 years ago. ---.~ . The sooner gully erosion is con- trolled, the more easily the job can be done. Grassed waterways are be- digestion. Don't feed whole grain coming more important each year. or hay containing the seed. The program is part of a plan to offer revsied and enlarged programS leading to master's degrees. "[o make the new program availab]e, the Eng- lish department reorganized or dropped graduate courses offered in the past and added new course~. [] Wild oat seeds can survive an.~mal t~ FROM 13 MILES -- President Eisenhower used this aerial photo of the U. S. Navy base at San Diego, Calif to illus- trate his talk (right) to the nation that America must continue "businesslike deal- lag with the Soviet leaders" in spite of Premier Khrush- ehev's ~cuttling of the sum- mit conference over the U-2 spy plane. The photo was made from 70,000 feet, more than 18 miles. An expert can locate b~ball diamonds, run* ways, seaplane berths,-park- trig areas, even large numer. Sll to guide pilobl to landing.