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Beach, North Dakota
June 28, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 28, 1945

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I I II I II I II I THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER By Harry F. O'Neill A|N'T "- U6H " GIMNE TI'~TsToLELAST Wins Opening Race Jockey Bobby Permane presented this mud-caked face after he had won the openinl race st Belmont Plrk, astride "Dusty." Bobby lind tlllnt waren't lesdinl aU the way. 14 'Beavers' on Coast Guard LST I Ahoy male, fetch s lswnmowe~l These guys hsve been dod~ the I harber long enough. Serving ab~rd a eosst-luard.manned LST, these 14 J "beavers" took part In the aessult on Okinlwa. A rough and rondy J band, they c~rr7 their hobbles on thelr chlnl--the ume kind of Inxurilllt l folisge thai Grandpa used to wear. l New Twirler In wlndup act/on here Is Dave Ferrlss, sensational new pitcher of the Boston Red Sox, who has chslked up his sixth strsdght victory with s one-b/t shutout. WHAT two men would you say played the most prominent roles in making Gene Tunney the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world? It must be admitted at the start that Tunney did a fair job on his own. He was still the vital factor. He did most of the work, and most of the thinking. But he still needed some outside help, for Gene was a raw product on the way up. In his first match against Harry Greb, Tunney took the worst beating of his career. But from that fight on Commander Tunney kept moving Up. "The two men who helped me most," Tunney told me a few weeks ago, "were Jim Corbett and William Muldoon. It was Mr. Muldoon who gave me early encouragement when I needed it badly. He was also the one who gave me sound advice on physical conditioning and training, Master Boxer "What boxers need today," Tun- ney said, "is variety of attack. Jack Dempsey didn't need this so much with his devastating left hook. He could knock your head off with this one punch. And don't forget that Jack was extremely fast. I had no such punch. So I needed variety, which Corbett gave me. At least Jim gave me the general idea. For Corbett had more variety than any- one I've ever known. "After talking and working with Corbett ! went to work on several types of punches. I mean by that the b o d y uppercut, which few boxers had e v e r used. Most uppercuts are headed for the chin. There were several other punches I worked on, day after day. I might even say -- year after year. I made Gene Tunney a close study of the human body to find the most vulnerable parts. Especial- ly the nerve centers. I had discov- ered that a punch delivered to some spots would have no effect--where the same blow a few inches away could cause trouble. Fitzsimmons applied this knowledge in his famous solar-plexus punch that left Corbett paralyzed for a minute or more. Six inches to the right or left, this punch would have had no such effect. "lt was Jim Corbett to whom I went for ring advice. In my opinion there has only been one Corbett when it comes to the science of box- ing. I boxed with Corbett when he was past 60. He would feint with his left hand--and then hit you with the left. Or he would feint with the left --and nail you with a right. There was no way to tell just what he was going to do. He could mix up more punches than any one I ever saw. Corbett not only had amazing hand and foot speed, but even more im- portant he had a smart brain. Even at that age, Jim could really daz- zle you. He could still keep you be- wildered. So I can imagine what he must have been when he was 25 or 30 years younger. I can only say that Jim was always kind to me, always interested in helping." Few Vulnerable Spots "Judging a fight from the view- point of blows that hit certain parts of the anatomy is something more than you can ask a referee or any judge to consider. And yet it is a vital factor. I've heard fight crowds cheer loudly at some solid thump on an opponent's shoulder. This means nothing at all. It is just wasted effort, no matter how ef- fective it may look to the crowd. "There are only certain parts of the human body that give way to punishment. These are parts that few boxers today even know about. It was Corbett's advice that led me to study these vulnerable spots. At least Jim proved to me beyond any doubt that boxing was more of a sci- ence than mere brute strength. A scientific boxer can make a crude fighter look awkward although the latter might be twice as strong. "I've found that few of these ter- rific punchers can hit a moving tar- get who knows how to keep out of the way. You may recall how many punches Max Baer landed on Jim Braddock, who was no section of lightning. I don't believe Max landed even one solid blow in 15 rounds. But Max couldn't miss big Carnera. Boxing is one of the finest and one of the most scientific sports in the world. It would be a great help to the game if a few of the modern generation coming along were only willing to work along these lines. Which so few of them are." Return o/Lombardi When Ernest Natali Lombardi lay stricken in the dust of Cincinna- ti's home plate in the final world series game of 1939, the big fellow's career seemed to be closing out. But it is all different now. The big Giant catcher has again become one of the most valuable adjuncts to his squad, one of the strong men from either league. Lombardi, normally a .300 hitter, dropped down to a .255 aver- age last season. But now, in his 37th year, he has again been thumping the ball lustily. Gay and Practical Sun Suit for a Tot Comfortable Sun Suit SHE is much too cool and com- fortable to care what the tern- perature is! Lucky little girl to have such a sensible, practical and pretty play suit. The ric rac trimmed bolero can be slipped on to prevent too much suntanning on a tiny back and shoulders. To obtain complete pattern, cherry ap- plique pattern for pocket, finishing instruc- tions for the sun suit and bolero (Pattern No. 5883) sizes 2, 3, 4 years included, send 16 cents in coin, your name, address and the pattern number. Due to an unusually large demand and current war conditions, slightly more time is required in filling orders for a few ot the most popular pattern numbers. Send your order to: SEWING CIRCLE NEEDLEWORK 530 South Wells St. Chicago. Enclose 16 cents for Pattern. NO Name, , Address , Stacking cups one on top of the other is not good practice. Pre- vent breaking handles off by hang ing them on hooks in the cupboard. To remove cigarette stains from brass ash trays, rub the tray with a paste of salt and vinegar. Then wash well in hot water and soap suds. --a-- To repair a hole left in the wall by a nail, take equal parts of salt and starch, just enough to make a good patching plaster. Fill the holes and they will be neatly cov- ered. --o-- If the contents of a tube of shav- ing cream or tooth paste have hardened, hold the tube under hot water for a short time. This will soften the paste. A little turpentiffe on a soft cloth will remove all dirt film from and give a gloss to an enameled bed stead. Hot water is better than cold to soak dried fruit and requires only half the time for-soaking. When thermos bottles are brought home at night, they usual- ly have a scum of soup, milk or cocoa inside. Put a tablespoon of coarse salt and a little cleanser in the bottle, add water, and shake. It removes all scum. Once a week when washing the thermos, add a tablespoon of baking soda and shake well. Scald and sun. MAKE At home--Any flavor--Delicious--Smooth --No ice crystals--No cooking--No re- whipping-No scorched flavor--Easy-- Inexpensive--20 recipes in each 15 pkg. Please send this ad for free full-size sam- pie offer, or buy from your grocer. Brand Homemade Ice Cream. STABIUZER ,~N F#ANCJIOO 3, ~ILIF.