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June 28, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 28, 1945

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PAGE EIGHT THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 1945 7 !h []Pri,e i Co m y $3 ly 1 i T Will e ,600 Needed By Ju st rocess Joan Anderson And another issue of our paper lueuora re amp T" ,r:, c~ .~ ITruck lDnlications Delmar White Wed reaches our readers we shall have I . ~ II ]| Largest l ver llela We vae~htW~hre2&mei:~tcho~n~ l~i ye%:houltAP:nlY For pnThi~r Tum:~Yy f~ndlSarnWeroef stU~e tho it be ~y the blood of our Among the 183 Farmers Union nerces snea vna~ our t>eiovea umma Juni - " " ~;:Se t T T ~r~ ~ * 1, . ~A ge on last Monday morning States mi-ht live an ors and ~eaaers wno attended a hard grueling campaign all the H D I.oh e I.m / ~er June ;ilnn at the Lutheran Parsonage in ~vs g u ems~, m celebratin the birthda . the Farmers Union western camp way. These closing days are the[ a u,~.u ] Billings County farmers are asked Glendive, Mont ~by the Reverend * g y of thm, the most wonderful Re---~l-' ' -" and round-up at Medora last week toughest of the all," A~e ~illings[~4t ~ ~e ~ ~ ]~ ~ [to submit evidence of .their cream Anderson, of Miss Joan Anderson world. As Jarnes GiFe~i~c ~la'~: ~ iere Mane Romanyshyn, Alt~rt County chairman stated today. /t~Ld][][ IkJrt ILgei~elJe/'~. ~and milk sales for the months of of Belfield, daughter of Mr. and cKer ann mary l~anski oI ne wrote on Independence Day,and p . . . If North Dakota is to reach its] ].April, May and June 1945 as soon Mrs. Dick Anderson of ~Medora, andwe quote." airfield 'Local', Marjome Palanluk, E Bond quota ~e people of our/ harry ~. ~.~nse, one oI 'me[after June 30th as ' tble' Delmar White, EM 2-c, of Cart-,and Cat~herine Malkowski of the state's best knownfarmers and[ poss . Cream . 'The United States is the only Gorham Local; Victoria Schaff of state must invest $3,600,000 in El . ~ stubs nm be mailed to the Coun wright. feeders, former membe, of the Y ty T " Bonds during the la~ two weeks AAA Office if it is not convenient he couple was attended by Mm~ country with a known birthday, the Saddle Butte Local all from of the campaign which ends July North Dakota A A~ ~,n~ itt~ and to brt them in an an Margaret Anderson of Modern All the rest ,began, they know not Billings County ' for rig ~,d applies- , S~ate chairman, ~' L. Conklln / three years tts.chalr,~, ha.sltion ,blank will m~n~,~t~.t,~ ~.~ sister of the bride and Jack Warbis when, and grew in~ power, they Twenty-six counties were repre- ' " '[ ~een appom~ agncmmral agen~ l ~ ~ of Bismarck, stated, r,mailed out for s~gnature. ~ettinger. ~now no~ now. n tnere had been sented in the largest ~,u~,~ ~-~*- *- ~-~lch ~- ~tm fo the Greater North Dakota As-I x~a~. ~,~,~x --. ,~ "~ ~" [ soet~tlnn ,~ ~,~+.o~, ~a = ~.^~. I - . ~'onowmg the ceremony, the bride no Independence Day, England and Union camp ever held Stark county reached its E bond quota has gOner/chairman of the "-~agricultural"~'"~"'corn- FarmAPPtY Tirest OPAnFOr and bridegroom departed for Cart- into eme,~gency action on the Wa ~,+ A d Gasoline wright, N. D and Fairview Mont greatAmeriCaas com bmedeacn acsually'W uldis, nOtTherebe sois 61had the largest representation wl~ ~ a,~,~.o. ' no l~pffblican, no I)emocrat on ~his week the Mothers' Cam~ is Bond front and is straining every [ Be nin Jul 1 farmer s"on their honeymoon, after which p og stown and the nerve to get the job done. In m~ny x am especlauy plea~sed to se-/o~,gnn ~g+ ~ +~.~ s m~s~the bridegroom reports back to his the Fourth of July--All are Amer- in r ross at Jame counties an E Bond Victory Day has cure n~rry ~o. nse a~ mLS tnne o 1 .'*~'~-~: ~ .~ ~.':~ ~*. ~.~ base next month for service. 1cans. unquote, season will close with the advanced andbeen establishedtowns are" Onclosingthis daestablishy cities gram rg~aUZeas ourGNDAsnVesmck, maJorfeedingcurrentPr " !'(Warall farm~ncetires,ana mcluding" ~auon ~oaraSthose for~ r n ~ur ocs~. . wishes, go wi~n~ me calendarOn thiSofdaYthe Of Fourall Freedoms,days on Curler ofrecreati nNorth DakotaCamp Oncampusthe Univers~tYjuly 2 ment,s farmers, are -uit~in=.~ work project," Groom. says. "I have work-!conversions of tractors and other vw~ywCUSri . ~or a rang arto nappy us not lose sight of the sacrifice~ to 7. eve~inu is bein ut aside to do ed with hun closely on many live-t farm implements from steel to ma r ea me. that have been made that we A tour of the Badlands and the gP ~ the carwassin~ which must be done stock and agricultural programs rubber, and for off-highway gas- might celebrate the event of the Chateau of ,Marquis de Mores were ' 1' to reach the E Bond auota ~.-~ ery durmg the past 20 years. He is a~ome. Reduced appropriations for ~]~~ ~r~,~ birth of our Nation following the features of the Medora round-up. citizen is called upon now ~ come practical farmer and feeder. In the AAA forces this agency to dis- l~|~ll~ld ~L~ld~lll~ travail of events which preceeded 'to the aid of his cour~try and local community ~by inves~lr~g as much as possible in E Bonds to help in this emergency. People are -arged mot to wal~ co be solicited bt~t to ~cake it upon vhemselves as citizens of our state and r~tion to do their full part. "North Dakota has always meas- ured up to its full responsibility on the War Bond front." Conklin stated. "I believe," he continued, '~that with all the effort ~hat is being put into the closing days of the Seventh War Loar~ that our people will respond to this call to duty and make the in,vestment needed to put North Dakot~ over the top." Sgt. M. Krushevsky Receives Discharge Staff Sergeant Mlke Krushevsky called at the Court House Wed- nesday to have his di~harge re- corded and ,to re-veglster with the Selective Service. ,Mike has seen a lot of war in the Pacific Theatre and has the Bronze ~ta~, Purple Heart with Oak Lea~ Closte~, six campaign riDbons end six ha~h marks to show that he has been plenty qausy. He 'has been discharg- ed under the point system and says he is undetermined as to his future plans. partnership with his fataher and continue assistance which has been brother he has operated a three rendered in the past. Leads In Reduction ghwayDeaths and a half section farm in the Apply To ODT For ) Farm Trucks ll, D. Lohse Mohall area. where it has been a cardinal princi, pal to market grain crops 'on the hoof' through live- stock feeding. ,Mr. L~hse needs no introduction to the farmers and livestock men of the State, a fact which will enable him to start constructive work without delay when he comes to ON )A on July Farmers' applications for new trucks are to be mailed directly to District ODT offices after July 1. District Office of Defense Trans- portation headquarters are at Fargo and Bismarck. "l~he AAA no longer has funds available for giving as- sistance or making recommenda- tions on farmers' applications for new farm trucks. Special Gas Rations To Servicemen, Haft Adjusters, Cattle Buyers ~asoline rationing regulations have been revised, effective June 22, to lift the 30 gallon limitation on rations permitted servicemen on furlough or recuperation and re- habilitation leave. Such servicemen will now be permitted one gallon a day for the duration of the leave, with the exception of officers on terminal leave, and merchant marines, where ~he current 30 gallon limitation remains in effect. Special gasoline rations may also be issued for transportation of con- valescent servicemen and veterans from government hospitals and re- cuperation centers, to sports events and other recreational activities, consistent with CPA's policy to continue giving any special rations 1." possible to help servicemen become Lohse, who is 47. came from Iowa established again in civilian life. with his parents in 1906 to settle The ration may also include gaso- N rth D k Still at Lorraine, in l~enville eoun~y line for the ~pplicant or driver to 0 a eta where he has since been in part- reach the hospital from his home nership wlt~] his father and broth- and return, not to exceed 100 or. They carry ~pproximately 150 miles. cattle, 700 sheep and turn off a- Hail or wind adjusters, and buy- bout 50 hogs annually. A large ers who must travel long distances acreage of corn and forage crops to buy cattle, sheep, ~ood, etc have al~ays been raised and the are now eligible for gas rations North Dakota had 14 highway farm had some 50 acres in potatoes llnaJted only by essential require- fatalities for the first five months when labor was available,i ments. Formerly persons falling in of 1945 according to Highway Pat- ~hO'. and ,Mrs. Lohse and thelrlthese categories were permitted rol Chief E. M. Klein. This is 10 five children now live in Fargo, Igas line rations only up to 825 less than for the same period of where the children are in school, !miles per month. 1944, when 24 fa, tallties were re- and where "mxs. Lohse was also a Farmer To Receive By-Products corded, student and graduated at NDAC. In Custom Slaughtering Nor, th Dakota still holds first The Fargo home was purchased place in the reduction of hlgl~way when "Mr, Lohse became a mere- fatalities for 1945, Klein ~tae~s. bar of the State AAA conunlttee. For the first four months of ~e year ,b'he state ~ as credited ~th) a redu tion of 55 in, a,-IMany Well Known Ities ~y ~he ~tional Safety Ooun-t ell of Chicago. While four f, tal-Cowboys To Show itles were reported in May, Narth Dakota's margin was such that it sedll is in first place, he holds. The nation as a whole showed only a reduction of tour per cent for the first four mon~ of the year, PLANE CUTBACKS in a~plane pax~luction, elirain~ting 17,000 planm sc~hedttled for the next eighteen moi'~, result in a saving of appro~- ely $4,000,0O0,OOO. The ~ Is poe~ble because of revl~on that was brou~ abo~ by c~sation of Im~ti~itles in Europe, and redm,m- tion in Air Force requlnmnents for one~fron~ war. LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN 1~om our pasture Thursday. June 21st, 4 two year old heifers of which 3 are ~hlte f~; 3 two year old steers; 2 four year old white ~aeed cows; 7 yearling s~eers and heifers. Eight are branded MID connected on right rlba a~l 8 are bra~ded Slash Seven R, or D over M on left ribs. Part of ~=e brands are Stash. P~eward for information leading to ret~urn or for htforrn~tion leadh~g to arrest of party taking same. METRO ~UK JOHN ~UK JOE MAK ~A~I-P~: Gorhmn. N. D. (June 28; July 5-12) At Medora Custom slau~terers of cattle and calves ha~e provided a simple method for computing uniform maximum prices for their slaught- ering services. Under today's method, the cus- tom slaughterer wiIl receive all ed~hle and inedible by-products of Loule Pelissier, Modern rancher and one of the outstanding rodeo penformers of the northwest, will be chief of the arena directors at the rodeo to be staged during Frontier Days at Medora, July 3-4. ,Loule, as he ts known to hundreds of cowboys, has taken part in ma~y of the out~anding rodeos for custom of the ,west for many years. ~ls "frozen" at the animals he slaughters as com- pensation for his services. The slaughterer must remit to the own- er of the cattle or calves the amount of money specified in the regulation for the type of establish- ment the custom slaughterer op- erates, and for the type, grade and welght of animals slaughter- ed. In the past, maximum charges slaughtering were individual slaughter- skill with a rope and a~ a pickup man, make hhn an attractiOn at every show. ~ill Otto, another Medora cow- boy, who has displayed his riding and western ~howmanship at Madison Square Gexden in ~ew York and at many of the other famous rodeo~ held throughout the country, is in charge of events. In addition to his arena work, Billy will feature his horse with the hunmn mind, an act that has brought the applause of thous- ands in the big time shows. ~ob Ask-lns, former world's champion cowboy and winner of last year's calf roping champion- ship at Modern, will again be on hand with his famous Palomino horses. Every effort on the part of Me- dora people will be made to show visitors a real holiday. Frontier Days, July 3=4. ers' March 194~ "highs.- The amount to be remitted by custom s, laughterers who are not equipped with rendering facilities the new life, and let 'us bow our Association Meets The Medora Grazing Association held their annual meeting on Tues- day with a large crowd in attend- ance. Details of the 'business trans- acted will ,be carried in next week's issue of the Pioneer. heads in a silent prayer to Al- mighty God that He, in His In- finite Wisdow, bring an everlasting peace in this war-d~rn ~vorld, and that we may continue to .be accord- I ed the well-earned right to cole-I brate the birthday of our beloved Uncle Sam. W. J. RAY Attorney-at-Law PRACTICE IN ALL COURTS Medora, N. Dak. ON Rodeo Queen To Chosen At This Time! Sp ial for best Cowboy and Cowgirl! All Class Junior and Senior Saddle Horse Show (for making edible and inedible tallows and greases) is less than that for those who do have render- ing facilities. Slaughterers will receive a slight- FRED 'SHIPMAN, Secretary WALT RAY, Manager ly higher fee for the heavier anl- muls because the expense inci- dental to slaughtering them is a andlittle medium-weightgreater than for light Boys' Special Calf Riding--Cowboys' Roping Contest SUN m MF L TO HOSE Bring the whole family and picnic in Roosevelt Park! Sunshine over long periods is harmful to garden hose, so don't leave it stretched out in the sun day ~fter day. After using, drain it and coil it carefully in a ~hady spot, or put it away in a cool, dry place, If ~ hose is kept in the garage, 'keep it away from oil or gasoline, which rots rubber. Louie Pelissier, Bill Otto and Walter Neuens, Arena Directors---Official Announcers: Col. Bill McCarty, King of the Cowboys, and Paul W. Lebo. il