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June 30, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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June 30, 1960

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UILLINGS COUNTY PIO~ER Usher Burdick Buys First 'Beef for Burdick' Ticket n,qide help. I have been told to discont nue printing articles devoted mainly to the democrat side, or at lea~t this was implied, or the paper would suf- fer. If North Dakotans can't run their own affairs and we can't hear both sides of each and every discus- sion by politicians and make up our own mind then I don't know what will happen to this state. I think the people are entitled to hear both sides Up to now, in a predominatety Republican state, this has been very hard to do. I think it should be done, however. North Dakota needs two parties, I think, so one can keep track of the other Republicans and Democrats alike can, and I'm sure do, make mistakes and we all have a right to know all about them. We believe everyone in North Da- kota is interested in good govern- ment and good representation in i congress regardless of party. We be- lieve you should check into this , North Dakota' Greatest From Coverage - Gels Besults BUYING SELLING Rotes: 14c per word first insertion-no od less than $2.80 12c per word each additional issue, $2.40 minimum SEND DIRZCT TO: BISMARCK CAPITAL and ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS Main snd l~a~ Sine# BISMAZCK, N. D. play at 26th and Ma~ ready to be moved onto a fo~ ~te unit features J~ms-Ma~ville Seven.Star produ~s, and is available in two-bedroom and three-bedroom plans. Materials include Anderson Windowalls, insulated windows, Long Bell cabinets, Jlt ssphaR sh~qdes, JM Vinyl A~bestos floor tile. Formica counter tops k/In-drled lumber and hardwood kitchen cabineis~ D~igns feature s p a e i o u s closets, hardwood flush doors, combination siorm and m~re~m doors, and built-in ovens. The units are completely wired and painted inside and out. Seven - Star Homes Available Here Mrs. Henry Larson, McKenzie, treasurer of the North, Dakota Tuberculosis and Health Associa- tion. is shown above presenting a check in the amount of $9,178.10 to Dr. Robert B. Tudor, Bis- marck, Association president. Edward L. Syp- nieski, Executive Director of the Association, looks on. The check represents Christmas Seal contribu- tions received from thirty.six North Dakota County Christmas Seal Committees for research on a tuberculosis vaccine. / TECHNICOLO I*I IALRAritlTOOBOUI "-'" 1"1"i" I mI m m I m I m ~ ~I z~ I ~1 1~ JULF 4rrH II~URSDAY 2 P.M, MAT/NU STARTS ,/~Y M JIIll SWlnl role This Morrlson Construct/on Seven-Star Hc~se is now on dis- ~pencUng has been for price supports and su,Tlt~ disposal l)rograms. (~Ye~tral Pre:~6 matter and find out to your own ~-- ,~Personal $8 personal sati~aetion just what ,is l~eal r~state for,me i ~~ VNMAltH, II~')D MOTtt~-'~ going on We called the hotel and Y,-- bet Sale: $6500.00. 3-bedro()m. All rood- I~orence Crittenton Home 711 ~13th we found out that there was a Mr. ten home in Medina, oil furnace, hot- St. So. Iaargo, North Dakota. Write t~u- n r w ter' 1 bk~k from business d strict V~ctor Johnston a d a M. Jack ~ . : ~ perinendent fo rinformation. Ai! fu- 1 interne property ~. J "ir~tu/nmnn Me-(luirles confidential. MIlIS registered at me note . lI mese din. x [),k " ' ~2 gentlemen have the power reported: -- -- . ~ HELp FOR UNMARRIED MOT~I~I in the Milwaukee Journal article, I arm Equipment eounml nd nursfng care. Write Hou~ then our state politics as well as .-7----7=- ~--:------V-7 --7 of Merey, 1506 ~th Avenue ~outh. ~ars~ . . . ' ~v~asseY tiarris commnes, ne~v. 14 foot North Dakota. PAl lnqah-k.s eonfid~tial democracy, is surety in ~anger. .~2 $5,950.00, 1~, foot Super 92 $6,700,06. If Mr Johnston and Mills are c Anderson. ~qden. lx'an: .52-]Notice 29 USHER L. BURDICK veteran working out of hotel rooms in Fargo P---~i -~~ LARGEST wholeJals SUDIy in g. S North Dakota congressman bought as was reported, I think all the vot- ~ vv l~urnltur,clothing, gppl~ne~, &UtOe and ~cce.sorles, farm equipment, tool a ticket ~o the "Beef for Burdick" era in North Dakota Republicans W;tntt~d Chew'diet Truck & Car Sales- nou,ewares, new vroducls, lmpo~ raDy [rom Burleigh County Demo- ~ and Domocrats are entitled to know man in a really good Red 1Hver VaN Freeodeta!| . Associated Whole~erl t cratic chairman Adrian R. Dunn ~ n l tha~ Ivy < ~)mmul~.ity. Must be agg'es.~ 'e and [~ex ~0fiS-BN, Sioux City 4, low&. ~t? It ano near anytnl g e se ~ may t'tn'ni.~h A-I reference, ileal ol)porttmity ~~-- The rally washeld for Burdick's = " affect their decision in this North for the ri~'ht man. Kraffenhoft,'hevrO- ale Help Wanted 25 son. Quentin, on Thursday, June 23 The following article and edi- most of it from oil sources, and I3akota senate campaign. As I said let, Northwood, N. l)ak. 52 -- at the Bismarck Ball Park. Quentin [ torial by Lawrence C. Knutson I critical observers have described before, the stakes must be high in f~-~-~-~--~ -~ EXt'ERII'~NcI'H) ME(~H4'NI(~ Wa~,/q~ S Burdick, Democratic candidate for I were printed in the June 16 I their tactics as ruthles . North Dakota this year if such a ut- l~,~:|lt~, ~O ~qD T() Sl,:lUVl('l,~ (~HI~YSI~I,)~-'p'I~[ M(~['TII VALIANT PllODIT(?TS" I~tv- the U. S. Senate in the June 28 l~ue of the Kindred Tribune t " oth I naid for their ser B are we 1 highpowered campaign is necessary, l,'or Hent: Blacksmith and machine tn#x {,laarters available, paid vacation. special election, was the guestt I vices but many candidates think If it is possible for a handful of men . sh?v fully equipped. ~. tL Groetn~medical and insurance benofits. Locat- ' i ~- al" " n Kmared 'N. DaK o2 ed in l~.ed I(iver Vnllov tow ~ with mod- elhonor at the rally. I flnteid U n|nnlsfnr t they get their money's worth " ~o control an etec~ on ~nen I t ca ~ ' --L~-- I~/u~I'O~U~ t~s~sttl'~ut~"l~"~s~ ]"TheRepublican party is short of say is "Everything is Lost". Where is 'or Sale 8 churches.~Arn fneilitb.S.This uoodean "sehOOlhe ~ permanentand four GRAIN ELEVATOtt$I&N TOLD Iv,haty~u might call'operators', this representation, by the people position with a ~'oneern of :~4 years ex- OF CARBO.N TETRACHLORIDE t Aftamnt P.nntrnl .f ~ jc;hnston said ': -and for the neonle~. l,'or Sale:t Terrific. discount o l "~''fa~:t ry ]ivo.perienee'StatePieasantOtl and plaCeAuto to(,o.workHunter~nd A warning went out recently tel nt~.t~,[J~. ~n~.-~. ~ 1 hro ~ho~o the ~me two uentlemen POI ITICS -~s everyones- business ! fl~onmade '5~ atS'r Pr]ceuj, t set. wrote or N .Dak. 51-52 ' ] ie 4z, 2 o 41 2. Cooperstown, N. -- ~y grain, elevator :perators from I ~ ! reg~sterec(at'~heGardner Hotel in The Butcher, the Baker, the Candle-I !)~w~oat (~, 5Z Business Opportunity 9 me m~lus.rzal smet. division of ~hel mflrvn II~KflT~ FfillTIP~ t Fargo" Are these the same two GOP shck maker~ Read all you can about ,w~l~n.eml~ vam0:?n~a:~ion Lur~a~illlu|t~| ,a~llv~ |~J|~.|V~ [professionals reported about in this J t:'or Sale: 27 foot Palace Wol,crlne the candidates, listen to them over traile rhouse good condition, idenl for Due to ill health must s*,II hat Ill pro,~- concerning 'he ~:se o[ eat'~)on .~e$o] An authoritative source revealed] article? Are they working to get radio and TV visit with them form I lake use or extra road office $795 O. Derous enmmunity; living quarters. ei u 1 ] ~ ,'olbe~g lhlnter N l)ak 52 I~.('asolmble offer a~(:epted. Leal Bat. racmor~ae in ?rearing grain in stor- i to the Kinclred Tribune Monday [ Gove;hor Davis elected to the U.S. - ~ ~ ' " ' age or intended for use ~s weed f-- - Senate~ Are -ou interested in hay your own opinions as [o m r q a "1 ~? " According, ~ c, ti- n-yon+ i,-n i mornlng uiat a ueauquar~r~ u~ '1/ ~ a - ifications, and vote for the man[ For Sale: 1955 32 ft. Colonial house Lea], N. Dak. ~;~ ustrial safety commissione~ of the secret pohtlcal operation was d~s- lng a few gentlemen co rol . ur YOU believe will best serve all the tc:,Aler, t't~one Nottom Bros. Garrison, FQIt ~tLl,~: MY INTERNATIONAL, people of North Dakota whether - bureau, carbon t-trachioride is ex-t covered in Fargo. Two GOP nationalt elections in North Dakota x: l,',' Fi) 7-423t 52 HAlt~, [':STF~'}~ ANt) PARMHAN'~ I~EALEI~.SH:IP. Due to ill health Dei- tre.wely poisonous and can easily/professionals reportedly are now~ he is a Republican or a Democrat. [,',r Sale: Beautiful v:'ooded 70 acre (mort Implement Co. Carson, N. D~k. be fatal if not handled properly ] operating from a hotel room in Far-. ~ Twn ont Wnrth l,oi,tt, F~ast l,ost LaKe near Fergus Phone 7561. 75-61. One-fourtb teaspoonful if vaporizedI go. These men are Victor Johnston I ~v~j~ 8g qa ~BH~ =~ v,~,n .-. V His, lots of nice lake shore, 2 cabins, one ntodern, excellent fishlng, good~; ~" ~Q--- Z~ in a space 10x!0xl0 is enough to and Jack Mills My wife and I called z ~ ~'nutson ~ ~ re*ads, ideal campsite. VVrite Erick L. produce disastrous results within the Gardner Hotel nx Fargo to see if [ ~q~ i~'~"~,~n" r'enorted that a ' -- l .hAm.~,n, Underwood. Minn. Route No. O tt T I N G. Washington Elamentax~ " " / " d ~ " " " 2. 52-1 L teaching va caneies K, tat, 2, 3 ~nd a~t eider hottr 9erred, Bryant points, these gentlemen were reglstere t Mr Johnston and Mr Mills two out- ] AIN4~" "~ '~'~ - - [fifth grades. Start ng salaries $4,~- out. there The lady answering the phone/ . " " " the I~avis for If the concentration is increased,[informed us that Mr. Victor Johns-I s~aers: are olrec~n~h nakot. I to. J ~" ~"~ ~ .77,~ ! ~,$5.000. Ortlng is in the Puyallup Valley l---it, miles from Taeom~ - 30 miles de~th can restt!t from only five son was in room 524 and Jack Mil~s ~-"= ~ " ".~'" f~ ~'~:-" ", " .~ ~ [ ~ ' ~~J,~~~'~ ~ J from Seattle. 2S t~acher school. Ad dress rain~tes of breathing the vaporized was in room 428. por~ea, per.up ha oi othert~a,~of '~ %~- I" replies to Orting School District, [ Orting, Wash. 51-52 ~c:~. If taken internally, a single he~ Jourrlal ar~cm on ,an v ~ ~' " ~,-~ 1~'% . ~ --~-~ ~ ,~+~1 ,~,~oi ~:lwln ~. t~ayiey wru,e in ~ [thispaperltnmKsnoUmmteres~au,q ',Livestock 7 ~t'warn~" [ August 22, 1956 edition of the Mil-[Republicans and Democrats in North / /t',~,-,'k ~'~-"The industrial"" " safety offlcml'' ad-l waukee Journal "San .Francisc '[ Dakota. i ~) ~ I /~ For ~aie: PUREBRED I-II~R~I~ORD tied that one of the most common ~ Calif. -- Two of the deadhest sharp- I I have lived in North Dakota most A POLLED BULLS AND H~Jl~l~I .8 injuries resulting from careless u,eI shooters in the business of politics ] of my life and North Dakotans have [,E. Nelson Wilton, N.D. $7 ~" --~ I [ or Sale: Registered Angu~ bull of the chemical is the seemingly~ are directing the renomination cam-i fought' with Bill against Bill, with unimportant contact with the skin,[ paign of Vice-President Nixon at the] Lemke against Lemke with Bur-j~~(~~ ~ i .~~, [ ~ [] years and younger. Reasonably pl~e.ed. Buy )'our bull which nu~ cause dermatitis foltcw- ~ Republican Convention. I dick against Burdick, or any other $ early while the ed by body ras~h and severe ill-[ "Both of these CrOP professionals, i politician here but we have done J choice I. good. Goldberg Angu Farm. FJox 5~4 Moorhead, Mtnn. 41-5t hess. / who are capable of turning the pol-t it by ourselves and didn't need out- Top " ~ fo ~ ~bt~ [ itics of a convention or a state up- aiders to tell us how to vote or r q~q~ll~r~ "~ I UTIseonsin ttolstein ~d C~ernsey .y, lv.s I~nd COWS ~h|Pped on aDprovTt] ~,"~ ~[i1~ ~ side down without leaving their whom. And we have always support- ~~~",hotel rooms, have Wisconsin back- ed the candidates we elected. This L eg.~.~Q. e~ 4rOt~, ~ ~ N T ] ~v~Mh~wonagb.'~4 ?i ~w,~~ ~~- J grounds. They are Victor Johnston, iS Democracy. At least the way t -- w =~,/F= }PoUnd Shorthorn Bulls: Three two rear ~@~}'A~ W -#~A| former secretary of the Wisconsin I think it should be. . An average serving (two slices)[JJ I k ,lo el eo yearlio~, Theso ~u,s epublican arty, and say vote for o.eve ,are bred righ, ,n0 hard tho o, ~F~~Vt~ r ] Milwaukee, who came up by way of~ he is the man to serve the people of of pork has only 240 calories. I ~mlll~ ~' ~r ~ ~ i~,quality and conformation We all like. ,Reasonably priced. Pour miles east of 1 ~ ~ the Wisconsin Young Republicans J North Dakota or vote for Burdick if ~" L~:i~" ~-:: ~ ~:~(.;:~":" ~i.~ ~: ~('~ii!:~:':-:i~ i~~i~:Gw :~:~:;~ : "~ ~: ~ ' " "::~'~"" :" ~'~. |wood! FessendeffshorthornOn paved Hiway No. ~ 5. Del- j~FUU ~ ~,Up at the Brown Place hotel at Den-|not subscribe to outsiders telling us ~ i~ ;! ~i~i:'~:" : :! ~ "i- [ For ~,le: Registered Mllklng~horthor-'-----~ --- the ailing campaign of how to vote North Dakota has been ~, : : - ~,~uli. o~ se~l~eable Age ~ R,s,~,~ ~rn~~ [[~,Gordon Allott for United States sen- here a long time and we've done a. ~ ;~ :::/ :~.~i :~ : : ~:~:; ~ ~: ~ ~ ~#ala ~.w~,ator. It has been charged that they[fine job to date, and I th nk WthCa~ ~ff" OCopy,i~.I~S, / soent fabulous amounts of money, continue to do a gooa ]oo w ] Seed And Feed 5 ~ .);?~,~?,i~:~?~'~ : : .~- ~!':!:~ . ~!~ i~ ":~:- !~'" ~ ")~ ~" ~:::: ~" ill ~.~lover. Callt'orCrestedwrlte, a/falflk ~ :!~ ~?::~:~ -~ ~ ~i ~, ,~ ~,: ,~. ,~upply, ~akota, N. r>ak. Phone 6441. - L,arms For Sale 2 ] :~. ;; ~ ~ ~i i:I :, : lrri ,ted F r for sale: ,I~allon, NIont;~/ut, 150 aeres nnder ':" ::::!~;:?:~i.i~. ~';~ ~; 3~t [water, balance pasture. Borders on : !!: "y~):~ ~ ~: ~(~ ,~,| Yellowstono River. 2') aere wheu, t allot- .~ .:. " . .~~:. ~ ,/ ~// ~ fnent, col n, be:~tn~ J.tnd other crop% At- -: ;. L " " : ~ = : ~ ~ ::~~' ' : tisian well. Barn, corrals and feed lot - YJ'~::.: ;~ i::,': - : :,no house. 1~ mil~.s fr,)m town, 1/ mile ' "~ ~!: : r t2 : ' :: { [ to pavement. Priced at $25,0~.~'~ $7,- ,000.00 dewn-terms. Contact :Hust~d : " ~:i ! : /Realty Co. Phi Bismarck, N,~ak. 1-1--~---~'~ EM 5-2929 n r Box 315, (t~" ' I(~lendive' Moat, '2 "~ j North Dakota Newspaper Assn Every commercial chemical spray PUt~lG~fr FELLOWSHIP---Senator J. William Fulbright (D), l or dust must be registere:l with fed. Arkansas, chairman of the foreign relations committee, l~ ] eral authorities before it can be sold greeted warmly in Cairo by United Arab Republic President,legally. THiS FICTURE-CHART ill P " 0: Gl~mal Abdol Nasser (right). (Ra41t~hoto,t 1 / ture committee that the agrlculture department .~pent. more from .~9Et2 ~ ~ I, ~Z / than it spent in all pre~ious years put together, smee 1~ Incepuon m ~.a~z. ~v~oac ux u,