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July 5, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 5, 1945

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/ mitt eo,Prep red to de.rt .o, W ', , f.L l iGra/t Charged fl,[ t ja anese maneuvers In L.nLna i Spurred by. charges that hun- ~ P . . . [ red, o, o, C-----" t C' "'- ling grafted on ~e eons~c~on of Betra.v/:ear . [ U. 3. Invaston, If the in'er'm'r"n 13Pe( le[" 0I 31dfVdll0fl I Unite Released by Western Newspaver Unto~ ~ the-U. S. with the Panama canal, St ' I ! d Nattons Chart Peace the senatewar investigating eom- N~Wr WHITE HOUS resentative Arends (Ill) inting. Rehef Dependent on Sacrlhces of I po p . i ~ fectly for only $2 000 000 Miles of n Tr ildinth " and virtually impassable in rn~ny ~,i vue~ scneames o~ UN~tRA aria ' tive 6 = =,- -~ e was months m Canada and the Un edl In ,Although no peace corrferenc If, ~m rr v. . the face of this situation it is '1, ' alks bberated, Europe =. oo o. =. Western(l~'nlTOR'SewNmOua2~OerN Pp w~u?~=' aa~t~tP~eav~ ~#=~' ~' ~t~r "*~" proVeLaunchedZ au bypr 3eethe warS on department,Z rezgn s n. ~? IS . -- ]the inter-American highway came in Hunger Already Rampant in Many Nations; I 1[ ]the charges with the declarationI UmtedStatesandCan/ada. " =gtor, ,tu =,pp !!i r ~:Clr ":" ~ ~ J l ~ i~F~~II~ Ithat while a private construction i ,;.'. r~ ~~-/~ z|[ ~ [~ ~.4=~jy ] !in Nicaragua for $8,000,000, army By BAUKHAGE |* ~ I/~x~: f- ~ [ ~"'-~ ~ J ~~q~, engineers laid a similar stretch per- ~ News Analyst and Commentator [-~'~~~ ~ " --~'~ J r~ ~. ~ . .: . WNU Service, Unio ust Bu g ey are number one priority in ~~Jl I~-~ iP.~i~,~l I me private joo are oz soz~ roaa ~ea Wash n D C ther [ c =X~-I~' ~ ; I I 11/~" I ~'~ ~,~, t . The size and shape of the postwar [ of the countries which pay for their ! ~~--"x ~: 11 ! ~F~ ]F~~ R I parts, he said. food emergency which the world has i own imports. ,~ ~ ~. ~, ~ ~] ~ ~ ~k [L. ~~--~k~ [ [ charges of Senaprs. Fe~- been generally . antmlpatmg and I An UNRRA worker in Yugoslavia [ ~ ~'~ ( ~ I Ji " "o~.~,]ldllt~i]'~'~l~'!guson ttvtzcnA; moore tuKm.~ ana fearing is now ~eginning to raze renort~ath~h ~o~ a,~ |.~-===~ ~'t ~[ ~~I~{~~ i Robertson (Wyo.), Represent a~ . shape. As this ts wmtten in mld-] years old carrying hundred pound [ll~ :=.~/~tll 10~ ~ tr ~'~ "=~ t .~.renas ,tts.o ~meCiareanda;*a~O:~ ;* June, a sweifing cry *s .comingI sacks of grain on their backs for |||-~ ~ - - '~':~b~'.": ~- ~1,I ~ l -~ ~ ~ me gra t ~s aae u rr g " across the Atlantic, "We re hungry. ] five kilometres. In Greece, women eytto whe[e f cont/ac:Syndu ,o?d" day's zssue oft and children hitched themselves I "" "~"" "'~'" " "~'" me t~ew ~orK Times mere were i to carts of su,~,H~ o,~a ~,~,~ a ,~. re dr. ing propaganda leaflets as web a.s bombs onJ~pan. At the government for use on a pro!- special dispatches stating" I over m .o~.~es~:,~;,=,e= u,em B-29s a PP am standing over Jap ~eader with pl,~nc~ ~ud ect. Monthly rental of a D-8 crawl- . ~' left, leaflet depleting Uncle S . m rican strength; in center, ~ fv~a f,=~ta, i q75 u~hothor h 1. That the hberated European I full of bomb craters that trucks ships, reads that w~rtords .m tscmlc.u.!& ted :n~ e:nd &t right, native feudal t ~,~,~="~~',~ ~'~'('~ th: nations were meeting in London to I could not travel them. militaxy clique is ShOWn pumng na~onu~ ; = "-~th inscri"tion quoting' / .~, hear the facts of the world food situ- ~. . . d b~ttlin moaern ~ ~ wc~,u~, w= =, sale ~ 4(1($ MI[[[O -~--ior is nicture g " " ~ " ation from British Food l~flnister ~ ~ People ;:;'sergeant on honor and logic of surrender. I TRITER" ~Tl~[]k"]P~. Llewellin. He had spent three Hungry on Continent 8-,~. JLLq, J ~ ~ ~. ~J JL JI.LJ.I.'L.L,~,J,it PACIFIC : [ held at San Francisco, the United I t~.l.$ lFl~l?~ renwtes States surveying me world picture. [ evident that, as Colonel Lle~,ellin c~ :, ~A~ ]Nations postwar organization pro- I Thousands of army troops poured It was said that.he .would ,inIorm ! told the British House of Commons otrate tv ,-uu~o mternatmnal trusteeships me aemgazes or me Hoeratea coun r~inese ] vided for" " . lint, Chicago by air, vehicle and ~ ,~ ; [,on June.13, "There are a hundred Maneuverings vY .vu ~t~: ~"~,m. ] over conquered enemy termtory ana [ train to man idle carriers and ~ ,-=, ~,=- ,~ .~^ v^,~v=~- ~ i million hungry people in Europe Ja nese troops in ~nut~ v attainment of seILrum . worlcl shortage ot z;~t~,~u zons ot :, - and pa . " th the eventual " . break the back of an extended strike I today. Hope for reliewng hunger ~s mended, the. shifting" spotlightsee~m~ in toe I or independence for so-called "sub- [ of members of two trucking unions meat :, ~:~.I 000:.~=000 tons of fats and otis ! in imports this summer and next the enemy,rran e anai Dt.K] t~R# I,Ull~ U#. ~u/gdf tt ~/IU#.t, Pacific, w~th . . on the ect' people. Under the a g " dissatisfied with a r L, . " winter. Will th " . strengthen h,s .pos'~n~t anex-I ments, the U. S. would be permitted Lruling allowing themWa: ra;b:rb~4a.~ age;edthttoisma~.n~;Ts ~u~heat, ir~S;aeL coming from thee wZmp~rtoSutsb~d: rth Asiatic mainland ag to retain Jap possessions for as- [ for a 51 hour week They asked for ~ q ~ ~" Th pected U. S. mv:~::e activityin ] fensive bases until co~:ess:::e:d /a $5 raise and*a 48-hour week. th;u~::;luYrh::::ngit;~o:g dwi:t" be [give: ate~resen~W::em~st~o ~:n":o~ Fevered J P ] to turn them over top P e , China continued as Okinawa fell and anization. / ,~,Though net.thor .the Independent tng" urged to produce to the maxi: in the. volume desired. To provide e .fled the anchorage g . " in for liti- ~mcago iruc~ Drivers umon nor mum in order to offset th^ i^-~" ^el enough rood to bring the populations the enemy r.P -- ~== *~e Ryu-In addttion to pro vtd g . po ! the Imernazional Brotherhood of . "~'~ "~ ~ of liberated Europe and the Far of 100 Alliea transports u, .~" I cal and military acuon, an mterna- [ ,r=o,~=,~ t~wr.~ "^mo~n, ~n,~ o ~mports Ior meir winter's zood sup- ! East un to th ,~rowa~ ~o,o~ n kyus and the pres~:erm :s:: wylie;;: I tional court of justice was se! uP t str'~k'e"~ome 10" =~000-of"~elr"l'~4"O00 ply. " I even toga rather low'mm'~'t~ level e tasz nest in ~ur=uu he settlement 6t legal olsput~a:' ~ - -' 3 That the n f sly ~. ] for t ~ memoers were ouc, wire non-st-rik- ew ova m]ms~er oz i for full health and strength -- would With jap-occuPtea v . nm~ ~-:s- ] among nations, wire me sec~r::~ [ ing drivers afforded police and mill- France . (Christian Pinaud) was II bring the civilian food supplies m tldered twin ae/enstv hemeland,-,it. council empowere.a, diesZ IookingenX r~towardU ~' ~! tary protection on their routes. Un- coming to. the United States to urge the major nations down non gidor Ion with the sions Speetai bo the American food indust to sell l lion a g . der federal law, union offieiers are ry,ably from their nresent level The ~elf, the enemy's movem=:r~ the social, as well as ec onor~tc d~ I liable for prosecution for ealling a food to France. I British ration has already been re- he territory apparenuy w~ I velopment or nations, a~o w .~ ~ - in t a,~ wa~om on government - managed 4. That the Bavarian food ration I dueed in a number of items --- and desired to meet me--re" " [ ta~blished i ~Uecm ~e~I ~;~: At i~t:~:::e~: ~s~i~e bi~ attack from s~a industries was down to the low mm it w ::dm bin d::: daUlt n::o :=d. MONARCHY: erWt pthlle:: ~e ;:t lurgnno Lmgetihi: ~oblea dn lr i.Ae $~r lc:1:r~.Set a :nty Ath;. d:: while ale Under Ftre the early days of the strike much " thor within the last 80 days. nicatien line the mainland con ' With ct~l:il o:~si.~ ~.~re;::~o~dg essential war and civilian freight I JV@@d 1. Ac I A good part of the answer to the orts from virtual c la Dye Rep u~ i ." . " I y unto d as the force of some i I plea of hungry Europe and the Far ith the Chinese pLayms v snoula return m,~rt Man ~tre~ flicted w e[ 1400 G.I.sand 4,000 non-strikingl Y i East depends on how much sae- sa It on the lg DOHIDer o~ his throne in z:lez " " s~" to the[ ~ " ~ dr~vers' proved inadequate. When[ The need for food is acute In [ riflce the civilians in the United w revmUsly to i u m Europe s at Linch. P g union members rsiste n Idin man Japs, andrtt~:a::eo~y ~om::aSKZoi~ng[ ~ ~i?en~ih?i::dib:t !out. 10,000 additP:~al G.d.2 whe re o~ nentYofaE~u~a:pe~, r~g?::pleth~v::;~ [ ~a~de:;: pC:es~dd:nt a2~u=~l~l~ action no - . - foiled l i~:i!ii~ ." I dered to the e=ty. The army will ] German - occupied Holland have [ issuing the report of Judge Samuel lest large-scale fight g st I the p P " ' unable to re- [ I b~r, havs or have no, been af/licted [ P,g " ins. I wsr, the Okinawa c=mp=.lgnyo - I George II finds h.imseu - . -ernal~ I bY the ma/edy. - I i In Yugoslavia, when UNRRA SUp" I Relief for liberated countries is 000 lu ~e=m n to Athens ~ecause oz m~ the Japs over 8"/, . ] tur c'=~or has f I Known o~ the b~cilh,s otC dmet~. ] I plies arrived and were being un- I not a matter of financing. The coun- ~ione, with the nsu~! sm~ [ opposinon; m xugos,~w~, .l~a~isan I [ s~uIGu~rin, orBCG, alter the Yrench [ ] loaded from the first shipme~, [ triers of western Europe have their the tMand de-i No weakling, Leopold has not I ' :=" - : : ' 8hurl line scross i"o-- seek-'1 [ TU ~.~to~.ol ~ zJo~ [ I see a single bean removed from the [ lng them from the uninvaded United prlved them of s ng - I ort of the I,vacci~ed c~tldron, ,u~ Z~ ~ [ ] scales in order to give each person,Nations through UNRRA. UNRRA of,s,0 . I" - ---I i I I no ore t ,n hi, ,ir share has financial resources contributed ties, 11,269 were killed er mum- I strong. ~a -ouc P~r er ~ [ I I t In May, the office of foreign agri by the uninvaded nation=. The the international Converse- Though the Republican minority[ been at loggerheads with MoscoW. the tracks and bridges are repaired,| bread alone. For health and vigor, lY,uchanYactio, n. grounds that it would countenance a I ground leaders after allegedly invit, and less then 500 good car= in the fats ana proteins in our diets. Will s international air. flow o! cheap goods to the U. S. in[ ing them to discus, political que.- country. More are being rushed[ we be willing to cut down on our-- ureauon ut ~ ---~-r a ~en -~-triment to American producers, [ lions first provoked a stir tn U S there but the railway u-a~port will ' by the standards of Europe--rather been established, tional economic co-operation. [ en out the tangle. I engtht had ! . L