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July 5, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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July 5, 1945

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2 That European n~-atlo -~ns~ ~/i" w b s ,/'COUNTY PIONEER ' " Sheers, Organdy. -" , White Eyelet. Specter 0! Stotvoti0n For Exqmslte Summer Frocks $tlk b d "E 3 J a s Lt erate Europe , By VIRGINIA VALE ~ " ' Hunger Already Rampant =n Many Nations, Ix YEAR OLD " - Beverly I Steps m Shearing Relief Depenaem on acririces of Sue irnmons' ,motion pic-/ She"- o . , IIn;,d,fno,nd P d, ure career couldn t be more t,l.t otrnpllnea v o u -.u vauaua, of a surprise to anybody than On "" it is to her. She was getting on / m a xnousana Ats By BAUKHAGE fine in first ,grade in public RuIes Are Necessary News Analyst and Commentator. SChOOl when ner mother saw ~ "~~ wl~ WNU Service, Union Trust Building I they are number one priority in denr audaivmrsaal Lw :ntedAngele s. pa-I ~~ an?e, fol!o g steps, condensed Washington, D.C. I the relief schedules of UNRRA and tre= a a. cnua aco I ~~I~ sxrnpl.lnea, are given for d- to pray xvorme ae uarm s ance and tm gui = The size and shape, of. the, ar I of the countries which pay for their dau hter in " " . provement of the shea~ . Fro.tler Gal. Beverly Sue lOOKS I thousan es one or a zooa emergency which me worm has own imports. ,g . then" technicolor e.r, wh~ther he hand] been generally and An . .- . t d sheep. " " ni take UNRRA worker m Yugoslavia a lot like Yvonne. But her mother 1 First ;fearing )s now .begin ng to . reported that he saw girls 12 and 15 was workin s . strokes are downward the New. York Times there wereto carts of supplies and hauled them ~ii:~li ~!~ t ~~ ~ ~'~ s octal d~spatcnes s~aung,~5.~ ' I over mountain roads that were so ~~~I ~ ~/~} #/~Y/~/~ 1. That the liberated European l full of bomb craters that trucks ~!~ ] ~,~.~ [// ~//A~"~ - i ~: ~i#~ natmns were meetmg m London to could not travel them ~; ~P~~~]~ [ ~ I#'" ~.~ ilk ~t~ I'.~ ~ " I::!:~:, $:::~!. ~i!~:~, hear the facts of the world food sztu- ~r~~ ~ ~,~ ~3o.]1 i~-~ ation from British Food Minister 'Iuu Mtlllon Feople i~i '1~~~,~- the delegates of the liberated coun-i on June 13 "There are a hundred :~! ~ U if" ~') ~ Jk. ~ ~=~ tries that there is in prospect a million hungry noonle in Eurone ::~2~ I ~ ~[~=~/~//~ ~ l[/~~.~-,~k world shortage ofn 2~0~0::;2~s1~ ~ today." Hope for r'elievinghunger'is' ~~ i~~ -~ :l ~~'~['~ ~---.~.~#~ ~:t~ meat, 1,000,000 to ,s " in imports this summer and next / ~~~ ~~~n line ! - ~ ~'-'(~ ,~:.~=-~,~ and 1 500 000 tons of sugar A short- winter Will the im orts be forth i::;':~ oz me jacket and cap sleeves are l "~' "~ "" "' x hat" r-: . P "! ~~'~~1 bound with pinwale,Z ~-~~ age tna~ zs, m. terms, oz v, ~s u- ' coming zrom the ~or' la outsiaev. ] ! . . p'que. Vary the ~, B V jacket with a bla ~i-" I ~ne ves~ answer ~na~ can De wartime versatilit as a ! though ~azriy neaim-g~wng u et Y double-duty ere e I given at present seems to be "not i ter, and Miss Simmons won out over: ~Y a double-duty I ~/~ . ' ." in the volume desired." To provide I 30 contestants, though she'd never ) ---~h bnl~r~~ uu,er~ uress~ o~"~ sneer I~*-^'--- I //~w ~-ff~.~,4~ ~ ~1 /~./A " enough food to bring the populations i acted in her life. She used a foun-i - -~- the-pie'- I . mum in order to offset the lack of tam " of liberated Europe and the FarI ' pen for the first time when~t lure, passes all tests for smart ~mports for their winter s food sup sh w HERE ' ' " : East up to the prewar level -- or,e rote her name on her contract / 1~! S a tremendous vogue on [ summer wear. Doff the jacket and ply. ~ even ton rather low minimum level t and all ota sudden sho was in the I fin~?r th~"white this summer. You'll [ you haves bareback dress for sum. | 3. That the new food minister of for full health and strength -- wo~/ld movies. ] e current collections a vert- J mer dances. Ruffles of nique soften ~ K2"~,; .%:~I~ ~~- France (Christian Pinaud) was bring the civilian food supplies in ~ I table snowdrift of white dresses I the neckline and add ~ ~,~;o~. *^, ~-,~--~-~ i/ ~.~'.L~ 10 ' made ol ben t" " "~ commg to the Unfed" States to urge the major nations down consider- I Nowadays the 'teen age girl / zrom ex uisitU flulmaterials, ranging / to.the slim skirt, achieving a chic / Steps in Shealring, the American food industry to sell ; ably from their present level The comes in for so much comment q e ttirny sheers organ- ] sine effect The ribbon belt i n / ' "- d l ' s ale y,awn dam ~" str food to France Br~t~sh rattan has already been re- both from ty voile swiss and the blue ros ram okes down fro I " " ' i " people who are qualified,',| g g . ~ . rn under r/ght ~ T~orti tBaha:~a rla~iie~dv~e~r~: ! i !t:C:adosnl~gs:h!~ti~na~fbcie:f: ~di tw~be~t! !!:tCt~ee%tha~hn:vetrh;::dy,W::gh~U~ot f ~!leas ~a::!~i!!t ~: oCtl~::lc~"qu:sft:~./i~t~OaevPi!oi~:reanoe?Cl~ngj::Y:; I ~eieR~e~:s:!a bk~ t~a!PoS::b:ll;t.arting ' " Y g " " I of Time s latest, [ . ",P s a star appearance ~ s~'" - Y with nearly American diet contains 3,200 calo- / ter and meat rations still fur- I "Teen-Age Girls.' It shows what ~ Strou around to the accessory dis-,in the versatile cotton pique dress,:azght - a l~otmd strokes across ries). / thor within, the last 60 days. (] they're doing, wearing, reading; ]plays and you. will become, increas. ] shown to the left This is a type nelly. ~near. reside, of right leg from in powdered 'form were shipped,tinued control on our consu.mpt!on,t make-up, . nor.y, the supremacy of the white . yled to a nicety with emphasis 6 " - States department of agriculture re- t forthcoming in the scarce food lines f- ",I /I,- ! ported that this year's output of )at a desirable rate. I t~:edW:inm~e?o Yry qu~ His sponsor J ~ - - ,l That's Merely a Brim/I Agriculture I . ~ ~y more, ana ne j food m Europe will be the smallestI Incidentally the director general I~id in fact, he's written 256 more / - - - -:- - : ~ l| Designed especial]~ for /] In the News J since the beginning of the war It n somewhat ustified ' ' co "'""' ~ " I of UNRRA, i a J " lot will have, by the 12th of August. / - -~-" :: - " -: ] II .r~ort are the new half-hats made W. $. DRYDEN I ! "! didactic vein, y p ed Ilts like eating salted peanuts, the,-:'~~- J r~ or starened pique. The unique part I |' may be as much as 10 per cent un has latel ound , der the 1944 produchon As the war bhe utterances the - . . . [ home in his pu " Imore times he sets up a crime for I - - - - - :,[ ] of it is the hat isn t all there. The j -~ nas come along, machinery is,fact that if UNRRA fails to provide [ House Jameson to solve, the more ~- - - - ],crown is missing, and for a #ood I unions worn out Factories have been kept ~ su plies it is not becauseo! reason You a ~ Next to salt t ' . " I P,lhe thinks up. I~~,h ve all the appear- ~,he world s most val- ou oz mos of Europe Dy me roCK O m s but l I UNRRA's shortc m' g,be- ~ ~ I -~- -,| ante of wearing a hat, without the ~ uab e seasoning is the onion. It has of transportation and the shortage I cause the member nations do not ~ Thanks te Merrill Mueller, NBC /- -~: - -,| discomfort of too much hat on a tor-,come to be recog- of materials. - . ~ come through with the supplies. I correspondent /n the Ph/Hppines, /~~~ |rid summer day. These little head ~ ~ nized as a leading Man ower nas oeeomo scarcer. ' " I- ~'- p flier I "UNRRA," Director General Leho I ~oldiers there have a new slang exo l~~fl~~ ]pieces aro one of the big success ~ ~ garden "musk" u me nnal agonies OZ ~ne cu~, IS ression-- NBC leave shlons of the season I man says is not a superstate with [P: . It me&ns = |~~~~ because of J~ Alexander found zarm ann~na~s were siaugn~ereu ' " th " tnelr practieali~ or z=s ~ resources and powers of ~ts own. [tl ree-day p=ss to Manll~ and began } ~1~,~~~ y as well as their,~ the onion in Egypt. smmn oy me re~rea~mg r,a ~. nacterlng wa s Some i,Far from it. It is the servant of the Iwhen Mueller arranged for soldiers ~~~~,Y are so de- ~ ~ He fed it to his ~ence r~e proauetmn or me cone-,signed the can b l - ~ -" s,governments which created it, Ire come from jungle fighting llae~ to ~~j~~ |. e.y e aid out fiat for,~ troops in Greece in non~ wm reacn me low pom~ o~ ~m Ironing The certainl is one bri-ht ---t amia th- I the capt~l city for broadcasts to }llM~ll~i~~ } ,7. .Y- y keep pace the belief that it ex- winter in the current crop year. / ~t~cru s =uu u = I ,h~ ~ a ,m ffi ~. /~~- ---t ~with 'me s~yle" bein- -=--~ ~ ~ -~ qh ,~.~ .~:m ~))~,o = )h=,eneirclin~r ~loom of the food situ- I ~ "" o. ==us=~Dt, scare usuauy /~~ - ! I ~ u ~a~n~a in } ~ ctu~a marnal ar- =v~-uts -~= uz.~ ~ clocfles, or~Iace t e -- - lasted three days, and built up " Yp s uutchbonnet dour breakdown of internal transpor,ation This is the fact that the world II~ |~~~ I ',/ " tation to move what food is pro-Ihas plentiful supplios of wheat. This I"ueuer s pepu,Ht, considerably. /~rj~~ I ~;Co;, tah~a;mmL;::e~a~.~ga::~s::n:o ) :e::a ::d::ed nA new hybrid halt dueed from the countryside into the I member of the bread grams" has ] ~ }~~|~ ,J brim at all in ~fru ou 'at me oael ~yletas" "" p38 to 1 California which cities and towns In the final phases / been produced in bumper quanhtms ]Irene Dunne, vaeatmnmg in the ~~ -: - I .I there is a dow, nange ~ m" 1597 John-ns toOerthe acre. of the war the Nazis" systematically / for several years in successmn" by I East, visited'the James Meltons in t ~~~[~~.~ ~. ~ ,| flarin-~ -- ~"'~" -,~+~^ -,~,"* -eaaoana mat 'onions were' oo ard. reported.that. destroyed railroads and rolling / the farmers in the U. S. and Cana- I Connecticut--'facmg the prospect of I ~~!~,shows the influence of the favorite / g d. agam.s.t the bmng locomotives. The result is that in allocation and full ly, ,:eatur,ng . senses ) Ison s print frocks is that they are wor'd.s are frocks of fine chambray .l,ODDS AND ENDS -- 20th Century. ~styled in such versatile ways in. me ~aczeCs or bodlce tops of which ' [ B A R BS . . . by Baukhage I |F~t~n~UT~ ~ch~L~/kn2~d ~' C2//|troducing,S t~ I t,aote new silhouettes that. give are aU-over braided in, white' Feed Needed by Cows I,',| ~ l r.t," Y ;H ~ : ~ |zest to the mode. A glowing in- ~ l In ~,lann=n ] ~' ~= "~" "~""""Istance of the trend to launch "som.-~ 1~ s. 1 "~-"~'),ul ~" " ~ "~= uaxry cows re- The Domei (official news agen- Slide faste en rs, hooks and eyes, [Merle Traver$ and b~ Bronco Busters, ]thin, new" and strikin-P- -'ist-'n^ .L~rOOmStlCJ[q ~Klrt~ [ .q rement, two. tons of good quality k-'= b-cklesand other-lo----^ -'-- iwes~ern muswat troupe, nave oeea ! ~ s # ~ ~ ~" ,~ tegume or mixed le me cy) oroaucastmg s~auon m ~o yu u ~ ~u~= ,~ems tsi~ned b-" "~-'----~"- "- J- -,- - /rive In s~,lin- tecnni~ue for ""^ One of me bl -,- - . . gu hay should 8 y ,~u~ um to uo specm~y acts . '~ ~ '~,-,= ss~ taus ot the sea De narvestea er cow reported transrmtter trouble. Statzc will soon reappear and then we 11 lin "Powder River," co, tarring Charles ]summer print is seen in the attrae- son in the campus ~ro, r, ~, h / ,~a ~,- P~ or one ton ol or B 29s~ oe au zencea m again, tarrett - - ~,~,0---- ,~,=,~,# ~esume nay or mixed - |JSGeor~e ]e~seland SmileYhas completed,Burne~teh/s""/~" ~t" ,}'|tiVeselectm deled fromPiCtured'a collectionIn thiSof gOwnmid, tobr mstickfashmn" skirt.and thriftGirls areWith makin~an eye~ sllagelegumeperr ughage'eow and three ton~ of Importers of French lace ordered A large increase in the production |picture as a producer, The Dolly Sis. I summer styles by Chicago Fashion their own this summer The sk/ry " " and paid for before the occupation of bicycles in the third quarter of [~r~,~.d had his o~ra~ extended I Industries the emphasis is on a nor- ] are usually made of pastel ts |, ~wenty. bu.she~ of corn and ~0 of France will be assisted in locat- 1945 is doubtful, according to the I ~.~, v~toruorge, o no,w now~e,p~=c~ ~row silhouetted skirt contrasted by l but any /ight-weight curtainC-a-m.~z' ~ ousnem oz oam snould be harvested in it b the foreign economic ad. WPB. So you will have to use our[~m er r~e~,ee and ~ouy ~ne war/ = .:~, n mare mr eaeb cow. In addition firm b,=h. g Y " Y m Euro as broadcast b CBS " a decided tunic flare about th~ h~ps. ,o~ w,u uu. Anomer trlc~ - ----- m/nistration. The friUs will help pay pedal ex em~t/es and not your ped. [ ~ed/n =Pro nn . ~,Ltr pc, Y L,' re- [ This love|v lady nrint frock will t seam two lar-e ,-~ Is to el~ of soybeans, whan Iflage/i pro. ~,-u,y ~=~, ,~ry ~," - ," ~ ~' a~luaresvm for the necessities, als for a little longer. ]~ Euro,-," ~ I t h- -v " I -ether to. I ca, or I~ btmhe~ where ~htlle I #, ,-- puot,aea try ~t#~. j=m oum andre, w ere er xt goes ~,=a~ermg me t o~ Into a belt. / ~ =tot avallablL /